God Says: MY LOVE FOR YOU IS UNWAVERING | God Message Today - online calculators

God Says: MY LOVE FOR YOU IS UNWAVERING | God Message Today

my beloved child yes you cherished by Heavens stand on the cusp of receiving a

gift so wondrous for it is your due your journey marked by steadfast Faith

bravery and resilience through storms of Trials shines brightly in the celestial

realm you embody Valor your spirit Unbroken by the tempests of life my love

for you a love so deep and tender reaches out to touch the very essence of your being stirring emotions so profound

they could move you to tears you with a heart attuned to the Divine perceive my presence enveloping

you and even in the midst of spiritual warfare you stand

firm you do not falter you do not flee therefore brace yourself for what

lies ahead is magnificent with blessings of immense proportions ready to Cascade

into your life my love for you is unwavering manifesting in countless ways

particularly through the trials the sorrows and the nights filled with my gentle

consolations each morning you awaken stronger your purpose more defined your

glorious Destiny unveiled it is your remarkable faith

that beckons forth this Deluge of heavenly blessings upon you and your loved

ones now is the Divine season for healing a sacred time to come into my

Embrace releasing every burden every Shard of bitterness and every chain of

unforgiveness that weighs heavily upon your heart this moment calls for a leap

beyond our differences beckoning a journey towards a beautiful heartfelt

reconciliation Embrace this blessing I offer and in doing so let me work

through you granting you a bounty of wisdom this wisdom will fortify your

soul enabling you to grasp my teachings more deeply and to become a Guiding

Light for those you hold dear within your circle there may be

those who hesitate to walk my path yet as they observe the profound transformation my love enacts within you

their hearts will open to reconsider their stance fear not for you will stand

dignified and unashamed should anyone dare to ridicule or trouble you meet them with kindness

and respect leave the outcome to me banish grievances from your speech

instead Feast upon the richness of my Commandments and treasure my words deep within your being love and honor

yourself as deeply as I cherish you extend this love and patience to

your family and all you meet mirroring the patience of I’ve shown you act now

and the Miracles you’ve been yearning for will unfold before your eyes even those with the most resistant

spirits will experience a change of heart and the lost will find their way back to the warmth of your

home upon their return let them see in you a Beacon of Hope and Grace do not let fear deter them from

seeking your guidance welcome them with open arms showering them with the same

unconditional love and understanding if they draw near refrain from harsh words

or judgments instead offer your prayers and support with a Gentle Spirit free of

reproach or condemnation this is the way of love the

path I lay before you filled with hope healing and the promise of

renewal as if drawn by the Timeless tale of the prodigal those you Love Will Find

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