GOD SAYS: "MY TRUE BELIEVER WILL NEVER SKIP" | God Message | God's Message Now - online calculators

GOD SAYS: “MY TRUE BELIEVER WILL NEVER SKIP” | God Message | God’s Message Now

you’ll start to feel like God is with you watching over

you it’s like a warm comforting feeling

that wraps around you let this feeling

fill you up and give you strength

believe that there’s something bigger

guiding you and you’ll find peace and

purpose in every step you take trust in

the magic of this moment and you’ll see

miracles happen before your eyes eyes

God is saying to you today my child

embrace the journey ahead with

confidence Knowing You Are Not Alone we

will face the challenges together Guided

by hope and fueled by love trust in your

inner strength and remember I am here

with you every step of the way type yes

heavenly father if you believe who can

stop you from moving forward it’s me the

one who shapes your destiny encouraging

you to keep pushing forward and claim

the spiritual riches I’ve given you on

this Earth I am the almighty and you are

a valued member of my family a brave

soul that I proudly call my own I’ve

sent my angels to watch over you so you

can live without fear or sickness

holding you back your future is full of

Happiness where you’ll be jumping for

joy and thankful for all the blessings

coming your way remember every blessing

you get comes from me so stay humble

I’ll keep giving you even more blessings

as time goes on you’ll gain confidence

realize your own strength and be ready

to face any challenges with me by your

side leading you to

victory those obstacles that once seemed

impossible will fade away in the face of

the power inside you type yes God if you

believe now is the time to hold your

head high leaving behind the past

Grievances and injustices while keeping

your faith in me you’re meant for

greatness and with unwavering faith and

determination you will

succeed don’t look away and miss out on

all the blessings I’m ready to give you

look up and welcome the goodness that’s

waiting for you because I your God have

planned it all out my promises are

amazing and I’ll never abandon you as

the creator of everything you can see

and can’t see I promise to always be

there for you showering you with my best

gifts my love for you is Forever Strong

and I can’t wait for moments like this

I talk and you

listen just know that my love for you is

deep and you can feel it wrapping around

you through some kind of magical

kindness I want you to know I’m always

there day or night when things are good

or tough I’m here to protect you give

you everything you need and show you the

beauty in the world my Divine Touch

brings peace to your soul even when life

gets rough wherever you are just know

I’m there ready to help when you need me

these moments of connection mean a lot

to me too believe in this truth and walk

confidently knowing I’m right there with

you every step of the way trust in my

love and care because I always keep my

promises to you I’m sending you the sun

to brighten your mornings and the breeze

to Fresh in your

Dawn my love surrounds you with warmth

giving you the strength to move forward

confidently turning your struggles into

success remember my commitment to you is

forever nothing can break us

apart I know the challenges you faced

both in the past and

present today I urge you to hold on to


promises I’ve been your rock the one one

who’s kept you Standing

Tall you have a life a future and a

purpose because you are loved and belong

to me don’t let your experiences or

emotions push you away from me today I

want to remind you of my constant

presence in your life and the promises

that bring blessings and

peace let go of any doubts in your

heart don’t give into fear or

worry I’m actively working in your life

shaping your character dreams and

plans trust me and let me bring my plans

for you to life don’t hesitate to follow

my guidance and move forward with

confidence knowing that I am here to

support you with open

arms my goal is to help you let go of

any negativity that’s holding you back

and to fill you with the power of my

love stop fighting against the current

and trying to do everything on your own

let yourself be carried by my spirit and

find comfort in it grab my hand and

trust that you are safe even when things

get tough I am dedicated to helping you

succeed and feel

uplifted don’t let anyone or anything

stand in your way I want your life to be

so full of joy and love that it shines

for all to see fulfilling your deepest

desires let everyone see how much you

mean to me let me guide you away from

darkness and towards peace away from the

Troubles of the world I repeat my

promises to you today out of love

wanting only the best for you face those

challenges headon with my help and I

will lead you back to everything you’ve

lost on a carefully planned path in my

selfless sacrifice on the cross I

willingly gave up my life to pave the

way for your

Redemption Rising with boundless power I

revealed my Majesty to the world

showcasing the depth of my love for you

life can be full of twists and terms so

it’s important to be able to recognize

those who might lead you astray and

cause trouble

they want to keep you from the blessings

I have in store for you trying to make

you feel hopeless and

lost but don’t worry if you stick with

me their plans will fall apart I am your

unwavering protector surrounding you

with eternal love and

protection once you decide to walk by my

side nothing in this world can break our

bond let go of past mistakes because in

my grace they are

forgiven embrace your new identity free

from burdens and shame as a new creation

in my

image My Sacrifice for you serves as a

cleansing bomb breaking the chains of

sin and freeing you from

Darkness let go of past regrets because

I have already forgiven you start each

day with prayer asking for my blessings

on your

Journey when you feel unsure or scared

remember that I am always with you

renewing your faith strength and hope

believe in faith and

positivity if you agree type

and if you believe in God’s love

type I love you Heavenly Father for

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