God Says: Only Real Christians Will Watch This Video | God Message For You Today | Lord Helps

Jesus says watch this video for two

minutes and you’ll receive Abundant

Blessings today

in the Silence of your heart you will

hear God’s gentle whisper guiding you

towards the path of peace and purpose

trust in God’s timing for his plans are

always perfect

he knows what’s best for you even when

you cannot see it

in moments of Doubt remember that God’s

love is a steadfast anchor keeping you

grounded amidst life’s uncertainties

God’s light shines brightest in the


Embrace his love and you will find Hope

even in the bleakest of times

no matter where life takes you God’s

hand will be there to lead and protect

you on every step of the journey

when you feel burdened cast your worries

upon God and he will give you strength

to carry on with renewed spirit

God’s grace is a boundless ocean of

forgiveness and compassion

dive into it and you will be cleansed

and renewed

as you walk through the valleys of Life

fear no evil for God’s presence will

comfort and guide you to Higher Grounds

in times of Sorrow God’s Loving Arms

embrace you offering Solace and healing

for a Wounded Heart

every day is a gift from God filled with

opportunities to spread love kindness

and make a positive impact on others

thank you for watching

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Divine blessings

God bless you always

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