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now to him who is able to do far more

abundantly than all that we ask or think

according to the power at work within us


trusting in the power of God within

us dear listener this verse presents an

amazing truth about God’s nature and the

extent of his power it shows that there

are no limits to what he can do in our

lives he goes beyond what we expect and

surpasses our understanding in his works

we are to understand that without God’s

saving grace and the renewing work of

the Holy Spirit we would remain

spiritually dead unable to comprehend or

experience his power however in his

infinite love and mercy God through his

son Jesus Christ has transformed us into

New Creations reconciling us to himself

he has given us the gift of faith

enabling us to receive and believe in

his promises we also have to recognize

that our Salvation And The Continuous

work of sanctification in our lives are

not accomplished by our own efforts or

merits it is a Divine work of God’s

Sovereign Grace motivated purely by his

will and purpose we are reminded that it

is not because of our own abilities or

righteousness that God accomplishes his

incredible works but solely because of

his power that is at work within us this

truth should change how we see life and

what we think about God’s plans for us

us it reminds us that we are small and

limited while God is huge and knows much

more than us it makes us humble at the

same time it gives us courage and hope

because we know that God who made

everything is helping us like if you

believe in Jesus commit your way to the

Lord trust in him and he will act Psalm

– commit your way to the

Lord dear friend one of the key messages

of this verse is the importance of

committing our ways to the Lord this

means surrendering our desires plans and

decisions to God’s control and trusting

in his Sovereign guidance it can be

challenging to let go of our own desires

and Trust in God’s plan but when we do

so we open ourselves up to His blessings


provision the second part of the verse

emphasizes the importance of trust in

God trusting in God means having faith

in his goodness faithfulness and

Sovereign power we can trust that God is

always working for our good even when we

don’t understand what is happening the

final part of the verse promises that

God will act on our behalf this does not

necessarily mean that God will give us

everything we want but rather that he

will work all things together for our

ultimate good and His glory when we

commit our ways to him and Trust in his

provision we can be confident that God

will act in ways that are best for us

like if you believe in


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