God Says Receive a Prophetic Word & Money Prayer in an Hour | Don’t skip now | Powerful Blessings


what if I told you that you could get a

message from God that would change your

life forever what if I told you that in

just one hour you could either make some

money or receive a miracle message from


many of us walk through life feeling

stuck like we’re not moving fast enough

or going in the right direction

that’s what I’m talking about in this

video so if you’re feeling lost watch

this and see what could happen in just

one hour


God says believe that God will bring

back all that you have lost and you will

reclaim your strength a new dawn is on

the horizon and you will be blessed with

a fresh start get ready to celebrate as

God works wonders in your life


God says

you have been blessed with the

opportunity for a fresh start in all

aspects of Life spiritual physical and

financial take this as a sign to clear

out what no longer serves you and get

ready to move to a new level and a new

address pack up your belongings and know

that you are being Guided by the grace

of God

God is saying to you today be prepared

to embark on a journey of transformation

embrace the new opportunities coming

your way accept the blessings that are

being bestowed upon you and trust that

you will be taken care of say Amen to

the new possibilities and make room in

your life for the positive changes that

are headed your way

God says are you ready


type yes if you are ready

God says banish debt illness and despair

and open your heart up to a world of

prosperity health and joy

God knows that only loyal subscribers or

children will watch this video Until the


if you watch the whole video without

skipping it then you’ll get a magical

surprise so I will say be a loyal child

of God and watch this video till the end

God will definitely bless you in your


God says to you believe that you will be

blessed with the divine grace of God new

and unique prospects and innovative

ideas this is the time to make the most

of it let your phone be the messenger of

your success this week speak your dreams

and goals into reality and within a

month you will be on a path to success

and prosperity


God says as you embark on this new

season you will be surrounded by the

sweet Aroma of success and Triumph your

heartfelt desires will be granted and

you will be showered with blessings from

above Miracles are unfolding before your

very eyes

prepare to be overwhelmed with joy and

happiness as you celebrate your glorious


type thank you God if you believe

God says focus on the abundance of

blessings still to come believe that

something wonderful is yet to manifest

in your life and don’t let go of that

Faith allow yourself to receive all of

the wonderful gifts that are headed your


you will experience an increase in

wealth a healing of body and mind and

the Miracle of new possibilities

God wants you to hear this today

claim it and know that before the month

is over you will have a reason to

Rejoice give thanks to God for all the

blessings bestowed upon you

God says the start of the new year is

brimming with exciting possibilities and

unimaginable potential let it be a time

of powerful healing and Rejuvenation

allowing you to reap unexpected

blessings Achieve Financial abundance

and reach Greater Heights of spiritual


type yes if you believe

God says nothing is set in stone so

Embrace this opportunity to make your

dreams come true believe that you can

receive all that you have yearned for

and let the power of faith guide you


God wants you to know this today you are

about to receive resources and finances

that you never dreamed were possible

positive changes are coming your way

this month will be full of divine

blessings that will bring great

transformation to your life

a new positive journey is beginning

God says I’m here to bring you peace and


put your worries aside in trust that I

will make sure you experience Joy Beyond

Your Wildest Dreams believe in me and I

will show you the way to a brighter


if you watch this video to the end God

will give you something really

surprising today watch this video till

the end in trust in God’s power


God says you are meant to see this

you and your home are about to be

blessed I am bringing you news of Hope

from America everyone in your life will

be blessed as a result of this

your bank account will exceed any

expectations and dreams all in the name

of Jesus

God has a message for you today

the upcoming event in your life will be

life-altering and Monumental no harm

will come of it I welcome you to take

advantage of this opportunity and to

remain healthy near your home you will

find restoration and healing from what

you have gone through this month

God says

I do not know who this message is

intended for but I know that God can

mend your broken heart and bring joy

back into your life

you will be able to laugh and smile


God says type yes to affirm

God says the Lord is able to answer

every single one of your queries in ways

Beyond Your Wildest Dreams or one of the

most powerful prayers you can ever utter

is God not my will but yours I may not

be able to understand how it will all

come together but I have faith in you

God says you are not reading this by


there may not appear to be a solution

visible to me but I know that you will

show me the way

I have complete trust that you are

making a positive impact and offering

boundless possibilities in the present



God says even though it may seem Bleak

at the moment I am certain that brighter

days are on the horizon


please provide my family and loved ones

with Safety and Security

protect us and embrace us with love and



God says let us be surrounded by good

health blessings and happiness and

instead of fear stress and doubt in our

hearts may we be filled with Comfort May

whoever is hurting today be restored to

wholeness in the name of Jesus Amen


God says something good will happen to

you in the next six hours

if you watch this video to the end


God is saying to you today May the new

year bring you healing strength wisdom

fresh ideas amazing opportunities a

trusted mentor and financial abundance

as we move into September may it be full

of joy optimism and success may you find

peace and progress along your journey



God says commence this new year with a

spirit of optimism and possibility

Embrace September with a spirit of

compassion and benevolence

as we Embark upon this New Year let us

do so together uniting in the power of

love and positivity

declare your hopes and dreams with

courage and conviction and watch them

manifest before you

God says

do not become discouraged when

performing acts of kindness if we are

patient the rewards will be bountiful

persevere and trust that God will

surprise you with blessings and miracles

all of your prayers are being answered

remain hopeful and Never Surrender

type yes if you need this

God says to you this new year is sure to

be full of incredible blessings and

miracles all month long you will feel

joy and peace and you will heal and

develop into the person you are meant to

be you will achieve all that you deserve

and more


God says

with faith may all of your dreams come

true blessings and miracles all month

long you will feel joy and peace and you

will heal and develop into the person

you are meant to be you will achieve all

that you deserve and more with faith may

all of your dreams come true amen

oh God says as you enter this new year

you will be blessed with the surplus of

God’s favor in your finances you will be

liberated from financial troubles I

Proclaim that September will be the

month of your greatest financial success

this year this is a guarantee that God’s

miraculous power is at work in your life


God says believe in yourself and in

God’s plan rejoice and anticipate the

wonderful breakthrough that awaits you

be in the right state of mind and don’t

let stress take over

stay positive and motivated subscribe to

my channel and receive notifications of

new inspiring videos

do you agree leave a thank you God


God wants you to hear this today have

faith for I am here with you I will give

you strength and guide you I will hold

you up with my mighty hand

I will always be by your side and

protect you all you need to do is trust



God says I am taking the way for you to

unlock your potential and fulfill your

destiny you may be feeling burdened by

life’s obstacles but I am here to give

you the Financial Freedom you need to

achieve success

I am bringing investors who will invest

in your vision and help you reach your



finally after watching this video all

the way through I can confidently say

that I’m incredibly excited for what’s

ahead in just an hour you’ll either be

blessed with money or receive an amazing

Miracle message from God that has been

specifically crafted for you today

it’s your time now I’m really looking

forward to seeing what you have to say

about this video and what you’ve learned

from it in an hour you could get a

message from God that changes your life

where you could get a financial blessing

it could be anything so I’m really

excited to hear what you think don’t be

shy and let me know what you’ve learned

in the comments below who knows it could

be the start of something amazing

God says to you if you’re a true

follower of God watch this video and

share it with someone who needs it


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