God Says: Satan Wins If You Don’t Listen To Me | God Message Today | Jesus Message |

my beloved child today I want you and me

to have a clear and trusting

relationship don’t hide your feelings

from me and I will speak to you openly

you must allow me to cover you with love

rest in my arms and surrender your

worries in my book I have written the

destiny of the people you love and I

have a good and saving purpose for them

too receive my peace again and let this

affection bring Tranquility to your mind

don’t despair don’t get upset even those

who reject your love will reach a

Breaking Point and in their repentance a

miracle will happen in their hearts

don’t anguish over them treat them with

patience and love but never allow them

to mock the mighty blood that cleansed

and saved them all my daughters and sons

have a moment of decision everyone in

your family they have a date with me and

it will be a decisive time they will

choose the right path and you will see

the fruit of all your prayers don’t fear

what you lack I am your Shepherd I want

to bring Harmony to your family and I

also want your table to be filled with

provision step by step I have a perfect

timing for everything the confidence you

have will water the good seed that will

bring a massive blessing don’t lose

heart don’t give up believe trust my

promises are powerful and Eternal my

word is alive I tell you today and I

will remind you every day your family is

in my hands I love you all with all my

heart the answers to your prayers are on

their way I answered you from the very

first day you came to me Laden with

sorrow placing your great need at my

feet I know how you are I know what you

feel but very soon Everything Will

Change prepare for happiness open your

arms and accept what I send you for it

will will always be for your good to

bring you abundance shelter and

sustenance health and peace joy and

confidence are knocking at your door

open it now teach those you love to

trust in me and believe in my word these

are two beautiful fruits that

demonstrate devotion and Faith to me

success is not measured by material

possessions popularity or Earthly Glory

don’t waste your time chasing those

things my presence dwells with those who

truly seek me and I will bring true

abundance to those who are not

distracted by vain goals the heavens and

the fullness thereof are mine the world

and all who dwell in it I am the king of

glory how many times have I commanded

you to love me seek me with all your

might use your blessings wiiz and always

bless those in need do it and I will

open the windows of Heaven for you I

have blessed you abundantly and will

bless you even more my plans are not

your plans my thoughts are not your

thoughts can rejuvenate your ideas and

strengthen your body multiply your

Harvest and open new doors for you days

are coming when you will experience such

beauty and travel to places you never

imagined you will receive abundance and

be a blessing to people you never

thought of at that moment you will

understand that my power does not reside

in those who boast and seek to humiliate

others with possessions fame or human

titles but in those who know and

understand that all have sinned all have

made mistakes and all need a chance to

rise up the changes I’m bringing into

your life are not meant to cause you

pain I do it because I love you I’m

preparing you training you to be ready

for any challenge without fear of any

enemy that may seem greater than you I

want you to learn to wait I can give you

patience but I want you to personally

feel that satisfaction that fills you

when you choose to ignore fear and Trust

in Me Feel How Your Vessel fills with

living water enjoy the warmth of the

Holy oil poured over your head breathe

in the aroma of The Damp Earth a rain of

blessings is coming the Time of Your

Divine Harvest has arrived but wait

patiently if the day seem long let me

speak to your heart instead of thinking

about so many things that drain your

energy think about the life you can live

embraced by my love I want you to enjoy

your days instead of walking in agony

while I make the necessary changes and

perform the Miracles you await with such

devotion don’t seedily stand up and take

big Steps of Faith like a little child

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