God says relax and let go stop holding

so tightly trust in me I love you

God says instead of posting your life

problems on social media take that time

to talk to me about them I am the


God says Rise up right now you are

Mighty stay with me I am strong

God says anytime you fall I will raise

you up I love you

God says dark days will come but better

ones will follow if we go through them

together I love you

God says you can’t let what others have

done to you control how you treat others

around you not everyone has bad

intention towards you not everyone wants

to break you down talk to me more and I

will help you discern the good and bad

things in your life I love you

God says I created you in my image I do

not make mistakes you are who I made you

I love you

God says your body is my temple I need

you to protect it I love you

God says it’s okay to feel lost and

confused you are not meant to know

everything all you need to do is trust

in me I love you

God says your failure is not the end

hold on to me and we will break down

every wound that is in your way

I love you God says you are not weak I

made you with a spirit of power I love


God says there is still time to turn

your life around the journey can be

scary but I will walk down this journey

with you I love you that’s it for today

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