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God Says: Skip If You Don’t Respect Me | god message for you today | God Helps | God tells you

Jesus says watch this video and you’ll

be blessed today

God says in times of uncertainty trust

in my plan for I hold the future in my


God says you are never alone for I Am

With You Always guiding your steps and

filling your heart with love

God says your worth is not defined by

others opinions you are fearfully and

wonderfully made in my image

God says do not be discouraged by

setbacks for I am your strength lifting

you up and renewing your spirit

God says in moments of Doubt look to me

and I will reveal the path that leads to

Abundant Blessings

God says forgive others as I have

forgiven you for forgiveness paves the

way to True healing and freedom

God says Embrace kindness and compassion

for in doing so you reflect my love to

the world

God says seek my wisdom in all things

and you shall find the answers that

bring Clarity and understanding

God says your past does not define your

future I offer you Grace and a new

beginning in every moment

God says do not be anxious about

tomorrow for I am already there

preparing the way for you

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