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God Says: Skip If You Don’t Respect Me | god message for you today | God Helps | God tells you P2

you’re really lucky today that you are on this video

ready to receive Abundant Blessings from Jesus because God comprehends our future our

nature and our capacity to listen he imparts precisely what we can manage in the present

God places Us in challenging circumstances Because he believes in our ability to overcome them

God fulfills daily needs each day providing precisely what is required when it is needed

God never turns away from you the choice to embrace him rests within your hands

the world’s curvature conceals the distant path reminding us that God guides us one step at a time

by playing our role we allow God to fulfill the rest God’s challenges are within our grasp

never Beyond remarkable Transformations and incredible Feats often begin with hardships

or impossibilities in the divine plan as children of God extending authentic compassion to others

especially those we may not fully comprehend is essential God possesses the ability to

reshape our past chaos into a testimony turning trials into triumphant stories

listen to God with a broken heart for he mends it and wipes away tears as a loving father

God’s word isn’t just spoken it’s lived and expressed through our actions

love people but Reserve unwavering trust for God Alone

before we can fathom God’s Grand Design we must believe in his existence and his rewards for

Earnest Seekers when we Embrace God’s joy it fills us leaving no space for emptiness

cross symbolizes both the gravity of sin and the boundless love of God replacing doubt with

faith and selflessness with service enables God’s Divine Purpose to manifest thank you for

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