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because if you confess with your mouth

that Jesus is Lord and believe in your

heart that God raised him from the dead

you will be saved for with the heart One

Believes and is Justified and with the

mouth one confesses and is saved Romans

salvation through genuine Faith dear

listener this passage teaches us that

our Salvation is solely dependent on our

faith in Jesus Christ it is not by our

own efforts or good works that we are

saved but through the belief that Jesus

Christ is Lord and that God raised him

from the dead this belief however must

be a true and genuine faith that comes

from the heart as it says in the passage

for with the heart One Believes and is

Justified this means that lip service

without true faith in the heart is not

enough for salvation genuine Faith

necessarily leads to confession as the

passage says with the mouth one

confesses and is saved confession here

means not just a verbal acknowledgement

but a lifestyle that reflects our belief

in Jesus Christ as Lord True Confession

includes both an intellectual

understanding and a heartfelt trust in

Christ it is the heartfelt trust that

saves for the heart encompasses the

center of our being our mind emotions

and will don’t skip if you love

Jesus finely Brothers whatever is true

whatever is Honorable whatever is just

whatever is pure whatever is love lovely

whatever is commendable if there is any

Excellence if there is anything worthy

of Praise think about these things


carefully evaluate your thoughts and

actions dear friend in our lives we

often encounter instances where we

question if our decisions align with

God’s will as Believers it is crucial to

acknowledge this uncertainty to prevent

drifting away from our relationship with

God when faced with confusion let us

reflect upon the teachings of

Philippians if our thoughts or

actions are true honorable just pure

lovely commendable excellent or

praiseworthy then they are in harmony

with God’s will this verse reminds us to

carefully evaluate our thoughts and

actions as it says think about these

things whenever we encounter Temptations

feelings of depression or confusion let

us turn to Philippians we must

evaluate our thoughts and actions in the

light of the this verse guiding us to

remain on the right path and Safeguard

our hearts when thoughts or situations

arise it is vital to consider whether

they meet the criteria enumerated in

Philippians always remember to guard

your heart like if you believe in



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