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God Says : Stop over thinking | God message jesus |

God wants to convey this important

message today my beloved child in this moment I

want you to understand that when I make

a promise it may come to fruition

immediately or it might take time but it

will never come to pass just because you

desire it to you may not be ready for it

and you may not even realize it that’s

why I always say trust me I will fulfill

my promises only when you are prepared

for them I will never make a false

promise trust me and you will never lose

what I have Destin for your

life remember I am the almighty and my

word is

truth I want you to know that your

prayers your hopes and even your doubts

are heard by me and the vast tapestry of

life I am here as your ever watchful

Guardian your trials are The Crucible in

which your spirit is forged and in your

darkest moments my promise shines the

brightest I have seen your struggles

your burdens and I am here with you

always hope even in your darkest moments

is a gift I

offer it’s the promise of a new day a

fresh start and a chance to find Beauty


adversity my love for you knows no

bounds and it remains a constant and

unwavering presence in your life in your

moments of Despair remember that my love

is your anchor and in it you will always

find the hope you

seek you are never alone for I am here

and your hope is my

promise I want you to rise with a new

day knowing that I am with you now and


embrace the new possibilities that each

day brings and have faith that good

things will happen if you

believe Do Not Go Gentle into the

night fight against the challenges of

life the Lord conveys to you my

cherished offspring that when he

provides you with a promise it can come

to fruition either immediately or with

the passage of

time the world may seem overwhelming but

I am here waiting for you to turn to me

when you shift your focus from your

problems to my presence your burdens


lighter together we can face

anything however it may not manifest

when you desire it to for you never

truly know if you are prepared for it or

not when you keep wishing for it merely


appearances God says today dear child

you need not fret about how the door

will open for you at the the right

moment I will unveil the path leading

you to the blessings I have destined for

you consider the life of Joseph who

prayed for a door to

open I made him wait and even in the

midst of his waiting he trusted me when

you observe what transpired in Joseph’s

life you’ll see that at the perfect time

I swung open a door for him to access

the blessings I had

prepared I know you two are waiting for

a door to SW open and let me tell you

this your waiting won’t be in

vain when you receive what I have in

store for you you will realize that the

waight was entirely

worthwhile it warms my Divine heart to

see you seeking Solace and inspiration

in the goodness of

people understand that your plea has not

fallen on deaf

ears I’m here to comfort and assure you

that even in the darkest of times a

Wellspring of good Ness resides within

Humanity it might be obscured at times

but acts of kindness love and unity


daily from simple gestures to Grand

life-changing actions these are beacons

of Hope proof of Humanity’s innate

goodness remember that even in the face

of turmoil small acts of kindness can

lead to profound

change your yearning for Hope is a

testament to the the resilience and

beauty of the human

Spirit hold on to that hope for it holds

the power to construct a brighter more


world may your Divine parent watch over

you and guide you in spreading this hope

to others ensuring that it flourishes

and strengthens the goodness within

Humanity in the Bible in Isaiah it


written then your light will break forth

like the Dawn and your healing will

quickly appear then your righteousness

will go before you and the glory of the

Lord will be your rear

guard beautiful children have you ever

felt overwhelmed or frightened by the

path God has chosen for you perhaps you

were pursuing a dream or a goal and

things didn’t unfold as

planned just as Joseph faced uncertainty

when he discovered Mary’s pregnancy you

too might be uncertain about the path

you’re on but God sent Joseph a message

and a dream to reassure him that he was

on the right course in the face of


circumstances let your light shine

brightly trust in me and everything will

appear easier as I am more concerned

with your righteous responses to

challenges than favorable

conditions thrive in the midst of

adversity by unwaveringly trusting me

one obstacle to transcending

self-centeredness is excessive

preoccupation with personal appearance

and others

opinions shift your focus from

self-absorption to gazing upon me asking

my spirit to free you from the shackles

of self-centered

thinking pray for help from the Holy

Spirit as living fixated on yourself was

not your intended

design Adam and Eve’s Disobedience

ingrains selfishness but my indwelling

Spirit empowers you to live

supernaturally ask my spirit to liberate

you from self-absorption allowing you to

look Beyond yourself with genuinely


eyes rest assured in my Everlasting

Embrace and complete loving

presence turn your attention to trusting

and loving me witnessing the joy that

unfolds every

day affirm your surrender to the

universe trusting that everything is UN

folding as it should reinforcing your

belief in my

Providence stay centered and at peace in

the present moment drawing strength from


faith recognize that you are chosen like

Mary to be a vessel for Christ in the

world God’s favor rests upon you

destined to carry the message of his

love to your home workplace and

Beyond share Divine love with everyone

you encounter knowing that you are

abundantly favored every day and the

Lord is with you do not worry about the

intricacies of how and when your prayers

will be

answered release the need to understand

every detail for I am the unchanging God

and in due time I will fulfill the

desires of your

heart reflect on past prayers Marvel at

the answered ones and know that if I

have responded before I shall do so

again today listen closely my beloved

child for I The all- Knowing deity Grant

you a prayer of divine guidance to

accompany you through the Labyrinth of


making I implore you to stay with me

till the very end for within these words

lies the sacred man that shall Lead You

Through The Crossroads of life’s

choices in the tapestry of existence

decisions are the threads that weave the

fabric of our

Destinies fear not for I am here to

bestow upon you the wisdom to navigate

these choices with Clarity and

confidence as you find a moment of

solitude distractions of the world Fade

Away open your heart for within it

echoes the desires of your

soul embrace the peace that surrounds

you knowing that my Divine love enriches


always oh Heavenly guides hear our

prayer in moments of doubt and

uncertainty grant us the serenity to

pause and reflect like the calm surface

of a Still Pond reflecting the boundless


beneath type thank you God if you

believe in God and share this video with

people who need it

most let our minds be clear and our

hearts be open to The Whispers of divine

guidance guide us dear heavenly Spirits

like the gentle Breeze that guides a

bird on its

Journey when faced with choices

illuminate the path that aligns with our

highest good and the greatest purpose of


souls within the realm of choices some

are cloaked in a lure While others are


Shadows dispel the wheels of Illusion

and help us recognize the choices that

serve our growth and the good of all as

we stand at life’s Crossroads the fill

our hearts with courage Like a Warrior

facing his

foes let us face decisions with strength

and conviction knowing that you walk

beside us guiding our every

step in the face of fear uncertainty and

doubt grant us the fortitude to trust

our inner

Compass type amen if you believe in God

God speaks to you today my beloved

child I want to remind you that that

even in the face of mistakes forgiveness

is always ready when you acknowledge

repent and call out to him take

inspiration from Jonah who disobeyed

God’s command but found his way back


repentance in your journey situations

may arise to help you recognize mistakes

and draw nearer to God’s

blessings remember not all thoughts in

your mind come from him so seek his

wisdom and pray before making

decisions for those who believe in

Christianity listen attentively to these

words I’m here to encourage those who

feel overlooked dismissed forgotten or

taken for

granted holding on to faith when feeling

invisible is tough but through Christ

Jesus you can overcome all

challenges The Same Spirit that raised

Jesus from the dead resides in you this

is not the end

God has not abandoned you better days


ahead you have the strength to rise

again subscribe to the channel for

growth within this

community here are seven insights God

wants you to be mindful of this

Saturday God is actively working to

resolve the situation concerning you

your blessings will far outweigh the

challenges you

face your turnaround is coming sooner

than you

expect God is about to bless you with

abundant opportunities fresh ideas and


well-being don’t

worry God will provide in various

aspects of your

life prayer is a sacred connection that

invites God into your heart and

life remember you are destined for

greatness hold on to

Hope lastly God God’s protection and

Care are always

present trust in his

plan burdens are his to bear and the

Breakthrough you’ve awaited is

approaching keep holding on even when it


tough remember it’s okay not to be

okay this is not the end of your

journey embrace the unwavering truth of

God’s plan and Trust in his goodness

faithfulness and love stand and strong

anchored in his unwavering support

through every

storm type Amen in the comments to

receive blessings

today the core message remains focused

on encouraging Faith trust and

perseverance and challenging times while

highlighting God’s love and presence in

one’s life in this message God addresses

his beloved people declaring that a door

is being unlocked and no force can close

close it he acknowledges that the

prayers and tears of his people have

reached him urging them to prepare for

forthcoming blessings and

breakthroughs the viewers are encouraged

to watch the video Until the

End the message draws inspiration from a

biblical story of Peter walking on water

highlighting how fear made him sink in


storm in challenging times individuals

may feel distant from God but the

message reassures that God is always

there and distractions should not erode

Faith the path shaped by delays and

trials is emphasized as part of God’s

plan and the viewers are urged to trust

in his timing and

purpose the importance of focusing

energy wisely avoiding pointless debates

or distractions and partnering with God

in the fight of faith is

highlighted acknowledging weaknesses

seeking God’s assistance and staying the

course with unwavering determination are

encouraged the message invites the

viewers to type amen if they are with

God and grateful for his constant

presence it emphasizes the significance

of trusting in God’s provision and

guidance acknowledging the Covenant

symbolized by the

rainbow the viewers are encouraged to

step into the new month with prayer

seeking God deepening their connection

and choosing to be a beacon of light and

darkness the message promises

breakthroughs and miracles in the

upcoming week urging the viewers to

embrace opportunities grow in the

community and prepare for an unshut door

that God is

opening the viewers are invited to

comment Amen to receive God’s blessings

and share the video with people in

need God’s message conveys an

understanding of the desires and prayers

of the cherished

child it acknowledges that while certain

requests may not be granted at the

moment this decision is not out of

indifference but rather part of a divine

plan specifically designed for the


life the analogy is drawn to the unique

plan God had for Peter and his

companions during their night of

fishing the message encourages the child

to express their belief in Christianity

and emphasizes the importance of trust

in God’s

plan it assures that the divine plan is

one of prosperity and Abundant Blessings

even if the perceived best howcome does

not align with the greater purpose God

has in

mind the child is urged to hold

steadfastly to Faith cultivate patience

and trust that the perfect moments of

blessings are on their way the

unwavering love of God is high

highlighted and the child is reminded

that they are not alone as God walks

alongside them the message reassures

that God’s plan will ultimately lead to

a life filled with joy and

fulfillment even if requests are not met

immediately the child is encouraged to

trust in God’s Divine wisdom and

timing the call to action invites the

believer to express their faith by

typing amen and to share the video with

people who may need it today God shares

his wisdom reminding that creating a

beloved child takes

time find relaxation In God’s Presence

amidst life’s busyness seek moments of

Stillness and peace and listen closely

for God’s gentle Whispers offering

guidance and

wisdom let God’s word nourish and renew


soul trust in God’s blessings and

consider subscribing to our Channel to

build our

community this heartfelt message

emphasizes Divine Providence and purpose

drawing parallels between challenges

faced by biblical figures like the

Israelites Joseph Daniel shadra mesach

and abido and the trials individuals

encounter it conveys the idea that

challenges are part of a larger plan

showcasing the importance of Trials and

the realization of of ultimate

blessings this message underscores the

notion that difficulties prepare us for

the blessings

ahead by sharing these examples the

message aims to inspire faith and trust

assuring that life events are Guided by

a divine

plan the script conveys the belief that

adversities not only shape individuals

but also help others recognize a higher

purpose ultimately the message in

encourages embracing faith and

acknowledging the presence of a

comprehensive plan echoing the assurance

that individuals are on a path towards a


purpose Divine protection for children

is emphasized acknowledging your concern

for their

well-being god holds the Purity and

innocence of children in the highest

regard acting as a Vigilant Guardian

casting a protective shield over them

and safeguarding their innocence from

the trials of the

world share this video to bless others

with divine presence and

protection just as the Gentle Wind

caresses Flower PS God watches over

these precious

Souls through life’s tapestry God weaves

threads of resilience and love around

them empowering them to face challenges

while preserving their innate

goodness your prayer has been heard and

God’s Eternal embrace will cradle every

child shielding them from

harm Faith and Action are emphasized

urging individuals to move Beyond

contemplation and take action when

Flawless opportunities

arise Windows of Faith are highlighted

as rare and valuable encouraging

Believers to share the video with

people who need it most God invites you

today to seize the opportunity to

embrace the Abundant Blessings awaiting

you in this impactful

video explore how the love of the Divine

can Infuse your life with joy and

hope remaining steadfast in faith is

crucial so it’s urged to watch this

video until its

conclusion your life is on the brink of

transformation and if you find yourself

at a Crossroads uncertain of your next

steps take inspiration from the journeys

of great figures like Abraham and

Daniel Abraham patient trust in the

divine’s plan and Daniel’s unwavering

focus on guidance LED them through

adversity their stories remind us to

Center our attention on the divine’s

wisdom and

guidance tap a like button if you share

a belief in the uplifting teachings of


Christ as you navigate your own path you

may encounter obstacles that lead you


stuck in those moments shift your focus

away from The Challenge it’s self and

onto the divine’s purpose for your life

know that every event in your life

unfolds for a higher purpose and by

embracing this truth you’ll find the

strength to overcome any hurdle that

comes your way trust in the divine’s

plan and together you will journey

through life’s ups and

downs for those seeking wisdom and

guidance consider subscribing to this

Channel and sharing it with five others

who may benefit

Hebrews reminds us that unwavering

Faith brings favor in the divine’s

eyes understand that the Divine exists

and rewards those who earnestly seek his

presence today God emphasizes the

unwavering power of Hope especially in a

world filled with

uncertainty God is the steadfast anchor

of Hope providing stability when life

feels overwhelming

when faced with discouragement direct

your attention toward God the source of

hope that holds your future

securely rely on God’s promises which

remain true and unchanging despite any

circumstances remember God is with you

every step of the way guiding and

empowering you as Jesus said only those

truly committed will stay engaged till

the end

listen closely to his teachings and at

this crucial stage in life persistently

pursue the goals set by Christ

Jesus type amen if you believe in God

and share this video with people who

need it most today God invites you to

place your desires in him for he can

turn Darkness into light and

impossibilities into

opportunities let Hope rise within you

propelling you forward

God is working all things together for

your good with a beautiful plan for your

life let Hope be your constant companion

guiding your path and filling your heart


peace in challenging times God will be

with you guiding and supporting you your

trust in him brings comfort and

everything is going to be

well God is creating a path for you and

blessings will come in unexpected

ways your prayers have been heard and

transformation is

underway prepare for a shift in your

life despite the challenges you faced

greater things are

ahead affirm that your life is Splendid

and that you are on a journey of growth

believing in sudden Miracles and


blessings your words and actions hold

great potential to impact lives

spread love and bring light to Darkness

walking in love and kindness reflecting

God’s character to the

world Embrace moments of Stillness where

you can hear God’s Whispers of

guidance trust in his plan even when it

differs from your

expectations if you are in the midst of

a transition to a higher stage

challenges May surround you but you are

being strengthened from

within prepare for the blessings that

are coming your way a breakthrough is

imminent remember Psalms

which says a th may fall at your

side , at your right hand but it

will not come near you trust in God for

he is proud of your efforts in

surrendering your challenges to him

address the concerns troubling your

heart each day Embrace God’s presence in

your daily tasks and find joy and

optimism in this

moment together face these challenges

and move forward toward your

goals trust in God’s plan even when it

doesn’t align with your

expectations shift or happening and

blessings are on their


affirm my life is

Splendid I am progressing and

growing everything is working for my

good unexpected Ed Miracles and benefits

are coming my

way share this message with others to

bless them as your words and actions

have the power to influence lives

positively walk in love and kindness

shining a light in the darkest

places Embrace Quiet Moments of

reflection prayer and

gratitude in these moments you’ll hear


guidance type amen if you believe in God

and share this video with people who

need it most

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