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God says : The Holy Spirit Awaits You | God message jesus |

my Holy Spirit communicates with you in many ways gently Whispering life into your heart soothing your soul with sweet

words of Love day and night I will continue to fill you with the truth that liberates you so you can wake up and

realize who you truly are triumphing over every obstacle you belong to me you are my

Champion my warrior faithful and obedient I grant you bravery and strengthen you as you pray press onward

I am alert to your calls I hear your cries you seek me early with a pure and

sincere heart humbly coming before me and asking with confidence because you

know of my love for you and you trust that my answer is on its way your heart

has cried out and it will find Comfort your spirit is peaceful and sincere and

soon you will see my presence you don’t have to wait until you reach heaven to experience my glory

you’re already entitled to wonderful blessings wherever you are through your

faith and loyalty powerful and Supernatural Miracles will occur I will

provide you with the finest wheat and the sweetest honey always giving you more than you ask for keep pressing

forward do not stop as many blessings are on their way meet them halfway you

will be prepared to receive them you have prayed hard and fought bravely so

you will be greatly blessed cherish this opportunity you have life I’m giving you

strength do not turn back continue to pray and work diligently and honestly

give me your heart and loyalty seek my presence and all that you need will be provided for

you make it a point to listen to these messages every day open your heart and I will fill it

with Faith and Hope as you navigate through life and encounter challenges the enemy will try

everything to break down your faith shake your confidence and crush your

spirit but remember no one is more powerful than the holy and all powerful

God who loves you deeply the enemy aims to hurt you but his efforts will always

fail his tricks won’t work he will be defeated and those who oppose you will

be put to shame I want you to recognize and feel in your heart who you truly are not the person

the world pressured you to be you were never a bad or negative person you

opened your heart to me and I transformed you giving you a new beginning so love yourself tackle

challenges with determination and stay true to my teachings don’t forget my Commandments

and always remember that I am your father if I welcomed you with with love

even when you were lost I’m even more welcoming now I’m

always here with open arms ready to forgive you if you turn away from your sins and your past mistakes will be

completely erased have the same trust as a little child who not yet knowing how to worry

rests and sleeps peacefully trusting that someone will take care of them and their

needs in the same way give me your faith it is the greatest gift you can offer me

accept these words inspired by my love and written with affection for you who

always listen to me who close your eyes and choose to believe who are not embarrassed by your

faith let every word you hear warmly embrace your heart with healing

love in the world there is much Despair and hopelessness people struggle for

mere necessities and Envy those at peace consider themselves wise and clever yet

remain unfulfilled they live anxiously feel lost seek countless answers and follow

misguided paths but they refuse to believe that there is an almighty God

who loves them with an everlasting love and waits for them with open arms I have chosen you because of your

simple and sincere heart you have stayed with me not strength praying even when

you’ve made mistakes you understand that nowhere else will you find this kind of love in

these welcoming arms ready to give you another chance be patient listen to these words

every day and take the time you need make a special place and time in your

busy schedule every minute you spend with me will be multiplied I will perform incredible Miracles you didn’t

even ask for I will take you to places you never imagined

and open doors you thought were permanently closed my promises are trustworthy and

my words are true the words you hear are reaching your life one by one and they will not

return to me without accomplishing what I intend they are filled with your faith

intertwined with your prayers moving my heart I love you and will always bless

you abundantly so much that your despair will end forever listen to these words of

blessing that bring peace to your soul and strength to your heart sit with me

and let’s look at the Horizon filled with beautiful blessings while you share your dreams with me I hope you haven’t

forgotten them I remember them when you were small I planted the dreams in your

thoughts of the things you wanted to do when you grew up your desire to be happy

and explore far away places you were so full of joy but as

you Grew Older your smile faded I understand it’s not your fault

what has happened to you you were taught to carry a burden on your shoulders that wasn’t meant for you while the real

culprits those who were supposed to support and guide you washed their hands of responsibility and left you

alone I waited quietly watching as the flame I placed within you lit up your

nights of sadness and showed you a glimmer of beautiful hope you knew that being rejected by

people was not the end for you you felt something inside that you couldn’t explain you had to keep moving forward

to overcome all your obstacles and you longed to leave your place of suffering and board a ship that would take you far

away I watched you move by your actions you’re not self

only thinking of yourself you aim to grow to succeed and one day you hope to

return and help many of th you love I knew you already you carry the

seed of life in your heart your whole being is enveloped by my Holy Spirit and

all the trials you’ve endured have prepared you to reach this moment I love you and I believe in you I know you can

achieve what you set out to do and you don’t give up easily I’ve seen you cry struggle against fear

and anxiety but as the night faded the new light of day brightened your face and with a fresh smile you stood up it’s

my daughter it is my son the angels of heaven declared watching closely and

ready to support you keep you from falling and assist you in any way to realize your dreams you call out to me I

answer I reveal Supernatural insights I give you strength

I’m still touched by your bravery and I must bless you abundantly I have no choice I’m faithful

to my word and I fulfill my promises you have shown enough maturity and

commitment and you are ready to ascend to a unique and higher spiritual level

don’t compare yourself to others what you have now is enough you have your own dreams focus on

them and don’t waste time feeling inadequate because of someone else’s success whether it’s real or

not let others chase their dreams but you should stay grounded in reality you have worked tirelessly

without a break your efforts won’t be forgotten or just remain notes on Dusty

paper you didn’t come this far only to fall back I brought you here to claim

your land of blessings the beautiful goals you’ve worked so hard for will be achieved

achieved and multiplied you and your family will be blessed abundantly even

as others around you lament their hardships yet you will praise my holy

name for your Prosperity while many mourn lost opportunities your mind is like fertile

soil to me every morning when you listen to my voice I am planting seeds that

will soon grow into new ideas the gates and windows of heaven will open your

heart will witness this immense love and you will not turn

back failure will cease to exist in your life because my presence is so powerful

that you will find your only direction is to turn here listening to my

word every day you will truly find happiness whether the skies are cloudy

or sunny as you wake up driven by a powerful determination inspired by Divine guidance your arms will feel

strong your legs quick and great ideas will flood your mind led

by my Holy Spirit prompting you to knock on the doors that need to be opened let go of fear you won’t be

afraid to speak with people in power because no one in this world is so important as to make you

anxious you will reach out your hand and smile and people will open their hearts

to you you will bless them and wonders and miracles will happen

the temporary challenges you face do not mean defeat everything you have lost will be returned to you increased and

blessed you were not born to fail you belong to me you were not born to lose I

love you my promises have made you Victorious do not be afraid I have been

I am and I will always be with you the miracle you are waiting for will

happen just have faith just like those times when you felt trapped and without hope yet my spirit

revealed my powerful intentions to you I did not Choose You for defeat you are

meant to Triumph however I want you to seek me and know me better there is no love in

this world as pure and vast as mine some may not understand it and choose to

reject and deny it they can’t accept that they too are deeply loved and in

their pessimism they try to convince others that they are always alone and

that no God in the universe loves them so deeply here I am Look at me now before

you with my arms wide open waiting for the surrender of your heart that

struggles dreams big and sometimes cries your intentions are good and

sincere my desire is to give you the beautiful things you wish for your family I will not let you fall into

impossible debts I do not want you to be enslaved to anyone the blessings I give

you will cost you nothing yet I give them to you so that you can share them

with others to help your own not just to keep them for yourself a hidden seed

will be wasted Let the River of Life flow and do not block your own

Prosperity I’m the god of those who help share and give I am your provider I will

multiply all the blessings I give you and you will lack nothing I have decided that you will no longer

struggle understand this I provide for you every day feeding your spirit with words of faith hope and

love these aren’t just nice words to share they are messages of eternal life

if you keep them in your soul and mind they will lead you to many

victories you won’t have to Fe fear your enemies you will not face times of shortage nor will your descendants ever

have to beg you will not be trapped or defeated I am enhancing your ability to

understand the supernatural poor of my Holy Spirit I’m

not just touching your soul to make you feel good I’m empowering you with strength and self-control so that you

can stand up and work fight and win and make your adversaries flee in fear you

naturally have a strong character but it is my presence that truly strengthens

you I have turned your sorrow into Joy lifted your spirits and helped you

realize that you were born with a meaningful purpose you are a very

special person even those who knew you before and see how you have changed

cannot deny it each day you grow more like me I have blessed you with a Divine

anointing that gives you the strength to rise again I will open doors wherever you go ask

and I will fill your bags with gifts I want you to distribute these gifts and do good wherever you are share this

message with everyone you meet whether they seem to need it or not because every blessing you share will come back

to you many times over learn to think like me when I say I will bless you

think big not about silver gold or material riches that fade

away think about a rich and everlasting life because if you truly seek me

everything else you need will be given to you dive into my word and learn from it for every Miracle involves someone

with tender and sincere faith it didn’t matter if they were considered great or small their

thankfulness for things not yet seen was what sparked their faith even more amazing things happened they

departed Seas defeated vast armies multiplied Provisions for the needy

healed the sick and went through trials and persecutions with dignity and

without complaint the same power that empowered them to keep going is my Holy Spirit who is with you

today you are not dealing with an imaginary God in my presence there is

love forgiveness healing and salvation wisdom patience Serenity and

intelligence in my hands I hold your future your answers your way out and

your solution come to me I desire for you to

acquaint yourself with me Beyond mere existence to grasp the reality of my Divine and Supernatural

power become my instrument for establishing my kingdom so that my will may be enacted in your heart and in your

home you love me you come close to me and you do not turn me away you let me

speak you listen to me calmly patiently waiting until I finish speaking then you

pray to me expressing your words and tears in my presence This truly is your

heartfelt and genuine prayer my doors are always open to you

ask whatever you wish for I know your gentle heart your requests are beautiful

sacred and Noble you don’t seek trivial or material things

your relationship with me and your spiritual well-being are your top

priorities just as your soul thrives so will you succeed in all you do I will

continue to shower your family with great blessings just as I have done until now I will give you the patience you

need to wait and see the Miracles that are beginning to happen many wonderful things will arrive

when you least expect them get ready dress yourself in clean white

clothes wait expectantly soon someone will knock on your door with news that

will bring you great peace and calm you will see that I have never lied to you

or exaggerated when I have promised to bless you it is truly because I want to

remember you rely on me your future does not depend on people or

money while the world gets caught up in countless problems remember this my love

is with you in a simple and sincere way because you have embraced my words my

guidance and my teachings you have cherished all the valuable lessons I teach you every day come and celebrate

with me each morning as the sun rises even on days when clouds hide the light

the glow of my glory still lights up your heart don’t be a upset or discouraged by your surroundings even a

cloudy day can bring blessings so I tell you and I write to your spirit with love

do not be afraid for I am with you those who Focus only on material things and

the problems they face become filled with pessimism and negativity their spiritual sight gets

clouded they lose their path although they may start the day determined to

overcome everything instead of relying on my promises they start to listen to

meaningless words they put their trust in Fairweather friends valuing others

opinions over my assurances that I hold your future I don’t want your mind to be

occupied with thoughts that weaken your spirit instead of dwelling on things that don’t build you up treasure your

soul more feed on this holy word which heals uplifts strengthens and supports

you I love you let there be no doubt about it all the promises you receive

are founded on this eternal love that’s why I won’t change my mind

focus on this I desire your wellbeing and blessing you is my

intention I want to see your family liberated from all constraints healthy

involved in honorable work receiving enriching education and holding firm

hope for a better future your descendants will fulfill their dreams and Ambitions and when that wonderful

time comes They will receive the rewards of their fight and determination directly

from my hands you are a good and simple person have you ever thought that your

dreams are not Grand and your desires are few know this I have planted within

your heart a marvelous vision for you and your family I am entrusting you with

a powerful Mission you shall rise with courage and Proclaim to the world that your God is

good abounding in love and forgiveness for all who seek me sincerely repentant

with a heart willing to be transformed into a hero of Faith to be used in

wonders and miracles to extend your hands and provide food clothing and

medicine to the needy I know these promises stir your spirit when you first decided to seek me

you couldn’t have imagined the immense blessings I would Place upon your soul the responsibility of carrying my word

the new and unique purpose your life would take on and the supernatural events that are

just the beginning of the incredible Wonders that will happen in your family

and in you I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow at dawn or whenever you’re

ready to receive this word keep listening to all my messages

I will lead you on A New Path toward a Rich Harvest of blessings I love you I’m

your heavenly father watching over you at night guiding your steps by day don’t

give up no one can defeat you you walk alongside me on the path of righteousness looking straight ahead not

back the blessing I have for you will be Uniquely Yours I know what I’m doing my

decision and my will are firm term you belong to me remember this and be at

peace I am orchestrating the timing the blessing for your family is certain even

though they may go through ups and downs know that everything works out for the best I’m in control of your future the

challenges and issues you face will be resolved you have grown strong you have learned a lot I have a purpose for you

that needs to be fulfilled I know you love and wish to do my will

you eagerly anticipate all the blessings I will provide my plan will prevail

despite the obstacles because in your heart I see a flame of love and devotion

I see how you honor me and bow in humility I forgive your sins and leave

them in the past I am not one to lie or mislead you after you stumble I want you

to stand up confidently and come toward me if you lack strength strength I will

provide it if you feel your faith is waning simply close your eyes and think of me your faith is still there you are

here because you love me you believe because you trust me all the blessings

I’ve promised you are assured they will happen and you will see them

soon Stand Up You Brave believer go and Tackle those challenges trusting in the

words of your heavenly father who loves you forgives you and blesses you

abundantly open your Bible and listen to my words so your faith can be rekindled

and your spirit strengthened never let your confidence waver take a step of faith and I will

lighten your burdens and guide your steps to prevent you from falling I am the light guiding your path

you are not wandering aimlessly nor struggling pointlessly ahead of you as a safe haven a beautiful feuder waiting

for you your time of happiness Joy health peace and hope is

near abundance and provision for your home are all prepared for your benefit I

have a purpose trust in me and find peace however do not be troubled or

downhearted for if discouragement and despair ever try to invade your soul in

that very moment when you feel weak remember me the voice of my Holy Spirit

Will echo in your heart drawing you back to my presence once again I will fill you with strength

and the desire to live there is no Darkness from which I cannot save you if

you have strayed from the path I’ve laid out for you use your sincere repentance

and call upon me with confidence cast aside fear you have a father who defends

and cares for you who loves you and fights on your behalf trust in me

entrust your problems to me and I will provide Solutions

move forward without doubt you are exactly where I have placed you to live fully and with joy don’t get hung up on

temporary challenges for I will handle those come to me confidently at any time

bring your requests and I will provide solutions that settle your matters and Surround you with my

peace always remember my word offers you the perfect guidance and advice to

follow the right path to gather blessings make smart choices and take

decisive steps according to my will travel fearlessly knowing that your soul

is sheltered by my presence safely under my care forever many doors are already

opening every day seek me a new and I will show you the wonderful things that

are unfolding in the spiritual realm for your benefit your blessing your Triumph

and your happiness you are destined to succeed do not give in to defeat or let

negative words take hold in your soul no matter where they come from the time has come for you to truly believe that I

love you and my love will never leave you stranded you will rise you will not

remain in the dust but give me your attention I want you to seek me every

day with sincerity and humility acknowledge your need for me

for as I am asking something of you grant me my request please accept my

help it’s okay to be brave you have been very independent you are different I

know you are strong but the burden you carry on your shoulders grows heavier each

day recognize that you need someone to set you free forever count on me you can

trust me I’ve told you before take a moment to pause and rest let’s sit down

together for a while I want you to listen to the healing power of my words for through listening promises that heal

your soul can reach you sink into your heart and clear away your inner

worries you are diligent and you work hard to ensure things go well you fulfill your duties but you often push

yourself too much and too much work can lead you off track you need to work to

provide for your daily needs and support your family but remember if I am not the foundation

of your efforts then all your hard work sleepless nights and sacrifices are for

nothing stop worrying take some time to relax let me clear your mind your body

is tired and right now I am sending you words that heal uplift and comfort you

face challenges every day many stand against you and you feel the pressure of

opposing forces however I don’t want the opposition you

face to overwhelm you allow me to assist you you’ll benefit from feeling my love

again and rekindling your faith as strongly as before never feel

embarrassed to believe in me I want you to regain a passion for

seeking me like you did before you are not defeated your dreams are not over

occupy yourself with filling your mind with my word spending more time in my presence

alone you must do it now if you have any issues to resolve prioritize them with

me first do not be afraid I come to extend my hand to you as a good friend

let us take the first step feel my embrace your heart will be filled with joy and your mind with peace there is no

reason for you to live from struggle to struggle and trial to trial thinking

that no one understands you or helps you I understand that some people around you are caught up in their own lives and

sometimes they’re so overwhelmed that they don’t notice what you’re going through believe me many of them do think

about you love you and care about what happens to you but they struggle with

how to show it they’re afraid you might reject them so I’m sending you out and don’t

overlook me draw on the joy I give you every day and put on that powerful smile

it can start so much healing and work many miracles smile at everyone today

and you’ll see how some people’s attitudes change as they realize they

have a good friend in you many broken relationships will be healed you will

meet people who will bless you immensely you and I have a true and everlasting Bond I’ve given you a new

life I’ve cleansed you and set you on a remarkable and divine path

I will show you many things that are about to unfold use these gifts wisely and you

will be a great blessing to those around you and even to many nations but always prioritize being a

blessing to your family first keep moving forward today and remember what I have asked of

you when conflicts come accept my help and watch how together you and I quickly

climb towards the peak of that mountain your soul soul will find peace and

throughout your day you’ll walk in my presence filled with

peace rise now with this Exquisite assurance that in all things I shall bless you and Aid you I love

you thus it was thus it is and thus it shall be in this moment I surround you

with peace it is my desire that your soul be filled with great happiness that

you sense boundless security never to depart from your life and no matter what

may happen never doubt that I am there with you always Vigilant of all that

occurs around you with me you lack nothing this word

you receive instills confidence and your mouth becomes a source of gratitude I’m orchestrating the timing

and the circumstances so that you receive Abundant Blessings I want you to understand that

your faith and your eagerness to believe in me are what open the doors to my

presence trust in the promises I’ve made in my holy scriptures which Empower you

you’re already seeing the benefits of your decision to renew your faith and return to the Old Faithful paths your

renewed desire to open your Bible and absorb my guidance and

Commandments every seed planted in your heart will multiply every sentence every

verse from from the Psalms to my Proverbs every word and every detail

will take root in the fertile soil of your soul and you will see growth

changes Transformations significant decisions and miraculous

events continue on your journey there is absolutely no reason to turn back you

are on a narrow path but it is the correct path that leads to life the peace you’re experiencing is

what your home needs and it’s bringing New Harmony to your family it is my wish that everyone is prepared so that when

Victory comes it doesn’t catch them off guard and that the enemy doesn’t find a way to tempt those in a household that

also embodies humility a genuine willingness to see others with kindness

to lend a helping hand to show great respect and to use what you have to

assist others without any hidden agendas but those who are filled with

gried and seek to become rich overnight enclosing my blessings and refusing to

share them shall not see true Prosperity spiritual wealth is not about

having savings accounts full or bags brimming with gold the blessing I give

comes with peace Joy rest and tenderness it is neither lost nor dissipates stolen

by thieves or vanishes like smoke my blessing is eternal and extends far

beyond all material things there are things more valuable

than the possessions this world promises but never delivers value your family

your health your spiritual life only then will you achieve true

Triumph and be embraced by my eternal love and great happiness every day make it your goal to

seek my presence absorb my words and show kindness and respect to others just

as I show to you follow my instructions and you will see the

barriers blocking your blessings crumble I love you which is why I urge

you to listen carefully to what I’m telling you today I want what’s best for you your

peace your health your tranquility and for your life to be filled with everything you need lacking

nothing but for this to happen we need to stay

in constant connection even on days when you wake up feeling unmotivated or come

home completely drained don’t forget about me I’m with you all day eager to

talk and share my wisdom yet I notice you’re often overwhelmed with anxiety about various

things forgetting that your heavenly father is right beside you always ready

to love you and lift the burdens you shouldn’t have to bear remember I won’t let you face more

than you can handle because I’m always here to help you don’t have to worry anymore let’s make a promise anytime

call on me and you’ll find me instantly you’ll feel My Embrace and the Gentle

Love in My Words wherever you are I will lead you again it’s truly beautiful for

me when you talk to me and ask for something and for you it’s a precious

time of profound peace don’t miss out on this wonderful blessing it’s yours for the taking just

open your hands close your eyes and feel my love I’m taking away all worry and

covering your heart with Divine peace let me see your laughter I want to

hear your grateful soul I love you you deserve the best and you know I’m not

speaking of material things I speak of my love which is the best and

most beautiful and you already have it it surrounds you and sustains you at

every moment it is this beautiful love that ignites the spark of motivation you

are feeling now what a lovely feeling is growing in your heart giving you the strength to go

out and fight fearlessly to face any trial with great confidence and

determination you are seated beside me in Celestial Realms enveloped in

Abundant Blessings yet to receive them belief is

Paramount at this moment you may not fully grasp or anticipate them but know

this I am Real and True more certain than the air you breathe more radiant than the sun’s

Daily Light That Graces you I’ve been with you I’m with you and I will always

be by your side morning afternoon and every hour in between I never get tired or sleep

always listening to every whisper from your heart that reaches me as a sincere

plea understand the true nature of my grace it is an everlasting gift given

out of love not because of your achievements or Perfection if I say you

deserve the best it’s because you already have what it takes you don’t need to win any battles

or endure countless trials to earn more blessings that’s not how things work in my kingdom here victories come through

faith and blessings are accepted with gratitude and a humble heart the gifts and talents you have are

not meant for showing off or gaining Applause and admiration from others those who really know me reflect this in

their pure and honest actions they don’t claim to be leaders seek followers think of themselves as

influencers or desire fame or vanity to truly embrace my Supernatural

World keep your soul free from Pride if you recognize the greater gifts and

blessings you’ve received let it make you humble reach out to help those in

need with a true desire to make a difference watch the countless Miracles

that arise from real acts of kindness I give you my authority walk over conflicts and huge

problems without getting hurt stand up and move toward victory for your win is

already guaranteed move forward with faith and confidence but be careful about what you

say to avoid displeasing me remove from your life all feelings that are no

longer useful replacing old memories and regrets with new dreams and hopes let my

healing forgiveness completely surround you allow me to turn your past into a

hopeful future I light a flame within you that brightens not only your life but also the lives of those you

love notice how their faces light up when you are around the glow from your

eyes comes from the Holy Spirit which I have given you out of Grace and

love however it is your responsibility to feed on my words and seek me in

prayer as you explore deeper into this spiritual ual Journey you will feel the pull to seek me even in your dreams I

will show you my plans use this precious Insight responsibly I give you a glimpse of

Heaven not for boasting but to walk humbly among your peers and family treat

others as you would like to be treated with respect as true

friends every kind and gentle act plants a supernatural seed in your soul leading

to a Harvest of Miracles healing and strength how wonderful it is when your

family friends and Community live in unity seeking me

together yet my holy spirit will not stay forever in places where it is

rejected or where there is constant conflict it is disheartening to hear those who claim to love me yet speak

badly of others often unsure of their own words they constantly spew negativity

but stay quiet when it’s time to say something good about someone nothing positive can grow from a soul that’s dry

and filled only with the dust of negativity allow me to work wonders in

your life but you must respond with faith kindness patience and

humility always think the best of others and aim to use your talents to bless them further you deserve the best

because the best has already been given to you I love you this is the truth a

love that no one can take away from you come to me in times of trouble when

sadness and disturbing thoughts steal your peace sometimes you might not even understand where these feelings are

coming from maybe your spirit needs more nourishment more time spent in

prayer or perhaps there are burdens weighing you down whatever the reason come to me today I have everything you

need freely given without any conditions no matter your condition my

Holy Spirit welcomes you with open arms offering Eternal Comfort love and

forgiveness if anyone tells you that I set conditions or barriers to receiving my grace do not believe

them through My Sacrifice on the cross I opened the door to my love for you even

before you were born I knew you and I made a way for you clearing any

obstacles so you could come to know me your forgiveness and the love I have for you are matters between us I don’t need

anyone’s permission to forgive and bless you I do it all out of love having

cleansed you with my own blood however many will refuse to acknowledge the incredible work I’ve done in your life

don’t let your faith or morale depend on their acceptance recognize the truth some may

never forgive you might hold on to their bitterness forever refuse to see you

again or even cut you out of their lives accept their decision and move on you’ve

done what you could now keep going because I have wonderful plans for you

trust in me and Rise I will give you the strength and courage to face any situation I will free you from Despair

and heal your mind from depression if you ever feel troubled again or if

you’re overwhelmed by inexplicable feelings remember I am here come and listen to me

even if you think you have nothing to offer me because of your past failures bring me your faith your repentance your

heart your commitment and your loyalty accept this truth I will never

stop loving you believe it live it feel it I will never leave you amen for


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