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God Says: “THE SIGNS ARE THERE FOR A REASON” | God’s Message Now For You Today

my child I see you are burdened and weary unsure of the path ahead know that I am always with you

guiding your steps the world speaks of progress and busyness yet true life is found in

abiding in me I created you to Bear good fruit to

walk in step with my spirit following where I lead the branches that remain in

the vine bear much fruit if you remain in me I will remain in you as a

Wellspring of life I Am The Gardener pruning and cleansing the branches so

that they may be even more fruitful do not despise this refining

fire it Springs from my loving desire for your joy and wholeness trust in my

ways though mysterious my thoughts Tower higher than yours as the heavens are higher than the

earth what I have planted I will not uproot you are engraved on the palms of

my hands not one who hopes in me will be put to shame have I not commanded you to be

strong and courageous I give you every place where you set your foot no one

will stand against you all the days of your life walk boldly in the power of my

spirit the path is narrow that leads to life abundant Walk The High Road keeping

your eyes fixed on me the author and perfector of your faith I will direct your steps and light

your path with my presence the way of the world is Broad and leads to

destruction follow me alone not the noise and Chaos trust in my sovereign care and

goodness I know the plans I have for you plans to prosper you and give you hope a

future and an inheritance I take no pleasure in seeing you stagnate even now fresh vision is

bursting forth lay down your mindsets that hinder and limit you have barely

tasted the breadth and length and height and depth of my love will I not cause rivers in the Wast

land and streams in the desert will I not make a way where you see no way call

on me and I will answer and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know I shall increase and expand and

Surround you with favor blessing the work of your hands New

Opportunities abound all around the Harvest is plentiful lift up your eyes

and see all of creation yearns waiting expectantly for my children to walk in

their identity and Authority as beloved heirs shake off doubt and fear do not

believe the hissing lies that you are forsaken my delight is in you and my

banners over you are love you will never be stagnant or fruitless for I tend and

keep you as the apple of my eye abide in the True Vine draw life from my Living

Waters soak in my presence daily cultivating Stillness and Deep Roots as

you wait on me I will renew your strength to soar like eagles worship me in spirit and in truth

praise me at all times blessing my Holy Name make my heart glad with with your

song speak forth truth boldly and be a blazing unwavering light shine with

compassion hope and wisdom right where you are scatter seeds freely without

worry for I determine the Harvest pray without ceasing intercede for those I

bring to mind in humility align your heart with my heart moved with the

things that move me you have my authority to push back the darkness and

above all know you are so deeply cherished my delight and pleasure is to

Lavish my love on you listen for my voice of affirmation drowning out the

accuser let Praises flow from a heart overwhelmed by my goodness cry out to me

precious one with your worries dreams questions surrender control I am for you

who can stand against trials will surely come but I have overcome nothing can snatch you from my

hand I am stirring and mobilizing my Army across this land take courage

Victory is assured all of Heaven stands behind you awaiting my commands

concerning your destiny lift up your eyes the fields are ripe and ready I am

releasing Grace upon Grace to empower you miracles will multiply as you walk

without fear and in your weakness know my power will be made perfect and my

strength is shown greatest boast all the more gladly in your need that my loving

kindness is boundless my child Rejoice your name and

place is secure in me my precious one I have carved out this quiet space to fill

you with strength and hope I know your deepest need right now is for tender comfort and Clarity so I will speak to

you like a loving father reassuring his beloved child I am currently transitioning you inwardly so I may

powerfully manifest through you outwardly I long for my nature to overflow with ever increasing

fruitfulness beloved my heart’s deepest desire is for Willing Union through affection not reluctant compliance

through dread of punishment does not my word say my kingdom flows through righteousness

peace and joy why else would I leave Majesty’s Throne to suffer Earth’s Injustice on your

behalf to reestablish an open door that companionship lost by distrust could

flourish aresh through faith that intimate exchange of eternal spirit to the temporal

body Limitless life saturating fragile frame who but love would conceive such

Extreme Measures to dissolve the distance between us in inspiration comes a glimpse of

Glory’s fullness every moment I offer my spirit unlimited access into your life through

an open heart and willing Spirit as my power flows unhindered into you our

glorious Fusion empowers you but self-imposed walls of worry and

isolation embody rejection of the communion I offer these dead and

impenetrable zones necess itate compassionate removal so that true life

and thriving relationships May Blossom my greatest desire is for each

person to become a conduit of Selfless Love Like a clear pipeline Between

Heaven and Earth your fragile Humanity filled to overflowing with my endless

ever flowing life and power this fullness cannot be confined within Earthly vessels sooner or later it must

burst forth to overflow in blessing such is the irrepressible force of my

life within you fruitfulness is the visible manifestation of my loving

presence breaking through as experiential blessings for all willing receivers peace for turmoil hope for

despair freedom from bondages healed bodies right thinking reconciled

relationships reformed systems revived communities and restored creation you

will experience more of the good beautiful and glorious emerging to push back chaos and death as my nature power

and purposes increasingly invade dawn’s early light shines through

even the deepest night all of this happens through willing vessels conducting Heaven’s vibrant life into

the broken places crying for help and Redemption whether fragile clay or

polished gold each heart opening the door to my my knock receives all that I

am the finest wine or a simple cup work just as well to satisfy thirsty

Souls but a heart barring entrance leaves me external still so near yet

unable to bless inner turmoil cease clinging to fears beloved

swing wide your welcome receive aresh my lavish affections and joyfully partake

of pleasures of living full of my presence fear not the coming days of shaking but

fix your Gaze on me alone responding well to The Gardener skillful pruning

who can threaten one so anchored and hidden in our secret Union you shall be

a dazzling Li house at top a hill beckoning stranded ships to Safe Harbor

no storm can dim the light blazing from within your core my all consuming fire

will ignite devotion in Waiting Hearts stay fastened to the flow of life

from the True Vine however fiercely evil May shake this world you who abide in me

shall remain unshakable night soon concludes the day

star never fails to Dawn anchor deep enjoys Quiet Waters and pieces still

currents cherish each moment immersed in my life sustaining presence then throw

open your heart’s Gates that multitudes may freely partake of Love’s

outpouring my beloved child I have called you to be a prayer Warrior and

intercessor in my kingdom though this may seem a simple task know that it

carries Mighty power and authority I am equipping you to serve as my ambassador

to walk in Heaven’s ways while yet on Earth I Supply you with all the knowledge wisdom and discernment you

need to walk in power and authority this brings me great Glory as

you fulfill your purpose taking hold of all I have for you for this is why I

created you to walk with me to know me and to make my goodness and Glory known

even now my spirit rests upon you I awaken within you every spiritual gift

and blessing purchased for you on the cross I stir up my gifts of wisdom

courage confidence and obedience I will show you the assignments I have for you

and Empower you to walk them out stay near to me let my spirit guide you hear

my voice and respond in prompt obedience this keeps you aligned with my will and

my word I bless all who give out of love and faith whether resources or time or

abilities giving opens you up to receive more from me for I yearn to pour out my

blessings it breaks off mindsets of lack and limitation making room for unlimited

increase give generously for I am a lavish Giver I measure my response not

by worldly math but by Heavenly proportions pressed down shaken together

and running over those who give much will receive much stingy Souls remain in

lack for as long as the Earth endures my laws stand firm there will always be

seasons of seed time and harvest choose to live by Kingdom principles not the

world’s systems my order is one of sewing and reaping rather than buying and selling

step fully into this Divine flow and find the windows of Heaven thrown wide open over

you my precious child unlocking greater dimensions of my blessing flows not from

mechanical obedience but intimate relationship as you grow nearer to my

heart acting in sync with my spirit becomes your joy and privilege rather

than external compulsion you begin to recognize the sound of my voice as I

gently guide your steps along the path of Abundant Life I have prepared for

you this thriving in my perfect will is not rigid adherence to external laws but

responsive resonance with my living presence within you Rebellion melts away in the warmth

of my love as trust in my unfailing good goodness awakens you find yourself

eagerly stepping into synchrony with me my beloved how I yearn for you to know

my heart to receive the fullness of what I have for you I created you for

intimacy with me to carry my glory into the world around you I invite you deeper

still into this realm of Abundant Life keep your ears tuned to my voice your

eyes fixed on my face respond to my promptings with joy and

Readiness in this flow of mutual love and Delight I can entrust greater measures of authority resource and

blessing to you for your joy and success bring me joy also let us walk together

into deeper Realms of increase and breakthrough my beloved child you have

walked Faithfully with me through many seasons I have been your shelter in the

storms of life and your Oasis in times of drought even when the path grew steep

you clung to my hand and trusted in my purpose and now precious one I am

calling you up higher into new adventures and Frontiers with me the old wine skins could not contain

the new wine I wish to pour out it is time to expand your capacity so you may

receive more of my glory do not shy away from the journey ahead thinking you are

unqualified or ill equipped my grace is sufficient for you and my power is made

perfect in weakness say yes to my invitation with wide-eyed Wonder like a

little child for I choose the foolish things of this world to Humble the wise

I will Pioneer and establish new outposts of my kingdom across the Earth

the Harvest is ripe and laborers are few but do not grow weary in the labor for

the work work is its own reward when souls are rescued from darkness and as

you pour yourself out know that the wells of my spirit will continuously replenish you I set before you open

doors that no one can shut the old boundaries and boxes cannot restrain

what I wish to do through willing and surrendered vessels launch out into the

deep fix your eyes on me alone and cast your nets for a great catch awaits those

who Trust my leading I will shock and Astound you with blessing after blessing as you

align your steps with mine continue Dreaming With Me envisioning The Impossible made possible by my power

record the vision clearly and revisit it often watering the seeds of promise with

faith and patience there are secrets of increase yet to be discovered I will prove the

cynics wrong every time by doing the unimaginable through you your critics do not know my mind or

the thoughts I have toward you plans to prosper you and not to harm you

therefore pay them no heed when they scoff and mock their skepticism cannot

thwart my purposes if you hold fast to my words soon their sneering shall turn

to Amazement as undeniable confirmation of my favor and endorsement rests upon

you even the pharoh magicians conceited in awe saying this is the Finger of God

for false power is no match for True Authority so enter my courts with praise

and thanksgiving Make a Joyful Noise unto me as we March forward together arise and

shine be a bold and Brilliant testimony of my workmanship and glory for this is

no time to retreat into hiding but to visibly press in and possess your your full

inheritance yes persecution will come but no weapon formed against you shall

prosper I Shield you from the enemy’s attack so that you may fulfill all I have spoken with boldness and freedom

not experienced before for a New Day Has dawned gone are the days of scratching

in the dust barely eeking out an existence for I transfer you now into a

spacious land No Lack no delay No Lack no hindrance standing between what I

have promised and what I shall perform truly I tell you I Has Not Seen

Nor Ear heard all that I have prepared for those who love me but you will know

my faithfulness in ever increasing measure throughout our adventure together this journey of faith can be

lonely and misunderstood at times but true Pioneers Blaze Trails for the

multitudes to follow self-preservation shall give way to self-sacrifice rice

out of Devotion to my kingdom for he who loses his life shall find it in

abundance you may feel out of syn with the Rhythm and priorities of this world

yet take heart knowing you have joined the ancient chorus of the

redeemed you awaken to my Whispers In the Lonely watches of the night while

others Slumber on in apathy for your fellowship around my

Throne is sweet and time with me more precious than gold you perceive in your spirit urgent

needs in the Unseen Realms and travail in intercession for a fresh wave of

miracles signs and wonders shall accompany this generation as in the days of old when my power broke forth

invisible Dimensions so again my kingdom shall Advance through those who carry my

presence a awaken your senses to my leading that you may intercede accurately and release breakthrough

right on time partner with my agendas so that my will may be done on Earth as it

is in heaven for this glorious Harmony is at hand as the culmination of all

things the groaning of creation shall give way to spontaneous bursting forth

life in order surely my words shall be fulfilled in all its

fullness my promises are yes and amen to those who align with my

designs so ask of me precious one make your requests known boldly and

without apology for I take no pleasure in seeing you barely scrape by when I wish to

Lavish my goodness and Glory upon you never will you find my storehouses empty

or my arm shortened that I cannot provide therefore banish all small-mindedness and wrong conceptions

you have held of me expand and make room for increase even in the wilderness that

Rivers May flow on dry ground for Supernatural Supply precede Supernatural

Ministry did I not rain down bread from Heaven daily and water flowed from a

rock struck so shall I demonstrate my loving ways again if you only believe then align through OB obedience truly

this adventure of walking in harmony with me will take you off the beaten path and far away from lukewarm

Faith but have I not promised Springs in the valley and rivers in the desert a

table set before you in the presence of enemies an overflowing cup running over come just as you are hungry and

thirsty one come boldly receive from my abundance and be filled to

overflowing no good thing will I withhold for that is my nature I poured myself out fully that

you might live both now and throughout eternity with me for I hold nothing back

from those I love so drink deep the Wellsprings of my

spirit and unlock every compartment within you to experience more of me

surely my waves of Glory will wash away all hindrances excuses and reluctances

holding you back from possessing all I have destined for for you for I am a God

of Justice and recompense who repays effort and desire

Sevenfold did I not say he who SWS generously shall also reap

bountifully therefore be extravagant in the seeds of time trust and talent

invested along the journey soon you shall Marvel at the disproportionate yields for my

creativity and blessing my children children is Without Limits and my

capacity for increase cannot be Quantified so dream big precious one

focus on the outcome not merely the output soon small thinking will give way

to Vision that impregnates with purpose for greater increase for my blessings add no trouble

require no manipulation demand no extraction of resources causing lack

elsewhere my reservoirs never run dry nor will my oil and wine run out

therefore receive without restraint when I pour into your storehouses then Steward well distribute

and seow blessings freely for in this the kingdom cycle of risky generosity

overflows ever increasing [Music] Prosperity picture yourself at Journey’s

End looking back with deep Joy on the path chosen your present faith and

commitment will have birthed such breathtaking fruitfulness do not judge days demands through Earthbound mindsets

my thoughts soar higher than yours therefore walk by my wisdom trusting My

outcome though unclear at first light my guidance knows the way through uncertain

Mists I lead not into circles but emergence upon mountaintops with vision

encompassing vast terrain follow my lead into regions Beyond present understanding for I make

mystifying Miracles normal as we walk this Glory Road together I make a way

where you see no way I open up opportunities and access invisible Realms presenting options never

considered before for I have declared over you radical increase in Supernatural Surplus new wine bursting

old wine skins certainly I watch over my word to perform it delays merely signal

release of Greater Bounty for Harvest weights on the other side of nurtured

maturity just when you’re stretched as far as can be endured just when all seems uncertain and insecure just when

systems fail and strip you down to core Essentials just when critics Mock and

Friends withdraw in doubt just when enemies rally to attack without cause

suddenly I burst through mightily in answer to sustained trust in my goodness

for my ways are perfect my timing impeccable therefore live your gaze often to me alone let my fire be the

central fuel igniting your passion soon adversity melts in the fervent heat of

this holy furnace I tend within you no Rising storm can quench these dancing

flames of purified desire and Delight in me my footsteps through history reveal

Beyond question my commitment never falters when anchoring hope in my word

until fruition why limit the Holy One based on your past performance I make All Things New

in every season so lift your voice confidently declaring my goodness and

greatness faithfulness and unfailing love advancing my kingdom into

uncontested spaces do not flinch its seeming defeat and

skirmishes The Battle Belongs to Me the Victor already determined Lift High your

Shield of faith un sheath the sword of my spirit advancing boldly into enemy

territory take back plundered possessions stolen by deception set

captives free to awaken transformation my kingdom is forcefully

advancing so stay with me precious Warrior see every obstacle as an

opportunity for even greater demonstrations of my power and might through your surrendered life

for continued decrease gives way to deeper trust in my strength While others

question and mock your call take comfort that my blessing and favor confirm your election and empowerment for my sheep

know my voice recognize my leading and respond accordingly while strangers scatter in

doubt and dismay for who but God could accomplish such Supernatural Feats

through ordinary Earth and vessels surely Heavenly power shows up clearest

weakness so do not boast beloved in your own wisdom or might for you shall know

beyond question my loving hand lifts and leads you on this Faith walk into

unknown Realms of blessing stay near to me alone not darting to and fro seeking input from

others attempting what only I fully know and understand let not man’s logic Veil your

eyes to my true perspective their facts limit my truth

expands come walk with me emitting only responses born of time resting at my

feet not reactions rooted in worldly biases for one flows from Union the

other tainted mixture one resonates Heaven’s sound the

other discordant noise my lifegiving words proceed from Pure light and reveal hidden Mysteries

ushering peace and insight nourishing the hungry Soul so tune your ear

to my voice lifted above chaos that threatens confusion Be watchful be wary

of advice that sounds wise but leads away from my heart the enemy cleverly

disguises deception through subtle twists of Truth seek discernment to

recognize anything not rooted in love my words bear the fruit of blessing so let

my love and affirmations drown out condemning voices hold unswervingly to

Vision birthed in my heart for I cannot deny Myself by failing promises rooted

in my character my commitments stand tested by time and unwavering through

every generation surely my goodness shall follow you all the days of your life and

you will dwell in my house forever so let Praises well up and overflow walk in joy and confidence that

my hand is upon you favor goes before you and greater work shall you do by my spirit’s

empowerment within and with you beloved lift your gaze The Horizon Ablaze in

radiant Glory together we shall advance from strength to strength victory to

Victory this is but the beginning mere first fruits of the exceeding abundance

reserved for you in my storehouses a vast inheritance of blessings and

breakthrough awaits never doubt my commitment to extravagantly provide all you need to fulfill the destiny I have

prepared your life stretching to infinity and beyond is only just

commenced with joyful expectation run your race Crossing Milestones marking

another season of exponential increase completed yet the standing invitation

remains open come up higher enter the more I have for you here in

this place of Joyful surrender to love himself you are utterly safe no assault

can breach the Fortress of My Affection surrounding you the distorted threats

whispered by the enemy fade into distant Shadows outside the brilliant light of our intimate

Fellowship as you continually commune with me perspectives shift and dimensions expand ever outward into

Fuller measures of blessing and Destiny but for now just rest In My Embrace my

dear one rest and know you are loved

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