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God Says: This is STRANGE, but… | God Message Today | God Message For You | God Message For Me

you are hearing from God angels are now

saying that when it comes to difficult

transitions picture a scenario in which

a loved one decides to leave you and

follow a different route they genuinely

believe that you in all your Splendor

deserve nothing less than someone who

embodies unwavering Financial Security

profound compassion and boundless love

permit these three thought-provoking

ideas to settle into your spirit God

speaks to you and says the the Eternal

presence of God envelops you an

unwavering companion and solace in the

stormy seas of life when you are at your

lowest point your heart is overflowing

with sorrow and you are crying

uncontrollably his constancy assures you

that he will be there for you at all

times providing you with a pillar of

strength and comfort put your worries in

God’s capable hands and he will utilize

his power to make your trials become

victories join the channel to support

the growth of this community on this

holy day dear children of God I reach

out to each of your minds and ask for

your undivided love and gentle

compassion in addition even though it

has been two Millennia since I first

walked the planet my message of Love and

Hope is still relevant today

Illuminating the paths of the

Contemporary world would you kindly like

this video If you believe in Jesus I

came to this planet as a Divine

messenger with a sacred Mission

according to the great tapestry of life

I have been given a holy Mission by the

almighty to illuminate the Limitless

depths of your emotions with the

Ethereal fires of compassion and mercy

in order to expose the secret path that

leads to eternal life I walked around in

the midst of your hectic existence

offering you an everlasting love talking

to you and curing your wounds although I

had modest Beginnings when I entered

this world my thoughts had an influence

that was far far more Universal than

space and time embrace the Exquisite

tapestry of Love declares God in a world

where people’s hearts ache for

connection and where compassion serves

as the Cornerstone of relationships my

profound message finds resonance allow

the light of your inner self to fill the

souls around you let your spirit be

woven into the very fabric of Life by

the threads of Love in This human dance

love your neighbor as yourself for it is

in their joy and sorrow that you find a

mirror of your own Spirit but see the

true Power of Love Lies in its

willingness to embrace both the known

and the unknown love knows no boundaries

therefore Embrace those whose Hearts

stray and who are your opponents since

they are also components of the cosmic

picture it flows fearlessly and extends

compassion to those who have unfairly

injured you in the face of persecution

your love will not waver rather it will

shine brilliantly as an unwavering

symbol of Hope proving the human

spirit’s resilience so my dear fellow

Travelers in spirit may this be the

anthem that never Fades love one another

in all shapes and sizes for it is in

this boundless network of love that we

discover the true essence of what it

means to be human if you enjoy watching

our films and would like to support this

wonderful Community we kindly ask that

you subscribe to our Channel respect the

individuals who are distinct and accept

the Magnificent variety as a tapestry

there’s a huge chance to find love there

so open your heart to the weak release

love without boundaries or demands and

observe its transformative power in

action unending affection will show you

the path to God’s holy presence to

indicate your belief in Jesus type amen

believe that your deepest desires and

thoughts are known by the heavens and

that they will in their Divine wisdom

hear you out and Grant your requests

with divine grace at the very moment and

in the way that the heavens deem fit

Envision my beloved that a Celestial

light resides profoundly within you it’s

a whisper from above a gentle reminder

that you are all precious children of

God made with unparalleled creativity

you reflect the Splendor of heaven and

bear the stamp of the almighty in the

sacred fabric of existence the thus even

in the midst of life’s intricate dance

never forget that you are all lovely

creatures created in God’s image to

indicate your belief in Jesus enter amen

remember this each and every one of you

is a Priceless cherished and immensely

adored thread in the vast tapestry of

humanity embrace the beautiful fabric

that is life what Hue your skin is what

color your gender is what your religion

considers holy or what socioeconomic

level you belong to are all irrelevant

salutations stray from the immense

fabric of existence whence each of you

United by the indestructible bonds of

humanity Twirls as Celestial siblings we

beg you to make kindness a habit in this

Afterlife by making compassion kindness

and empathy a part of everything you do

allow your spirits to harmonize for

inside this Cosmic Family the sum of

your love’s tones willum umate the

universe’s darkest corners to show your

faith in Jesus type amen Jesus says my

dear child an inexplicable love blossoms

only for you from the bottomless depths

of my heart nothing on Earth can truly

convey the breadth of it I ask that my

love’s radiant Wings soar above all

words and entwine themselves throughout

your entire existence I ask the gods to

help me deliver my message which is a

stunning SYM Symphony of unwavering love

and unwavering hope May the Heavenly

notes pierce your hearts with each

breath I take and Kindle a Heavenly

light that will illuminate your path

forever as you navigate the wide

tapestry of existence make this fact a

part of the fabric of your heart

remember always that I am eternally

connected to you and that the Divine

love and boundless Grace that surround

us are a representation of God’s Eternal

presence type amen if you agree with

Jesus see nothing less than the Divine

can work out an amazing metamorphosis in

the realm of celestial wonder where

chaos dissolves and art blossoms

Misfortune lurks and a story of

inspiration is told where a person’s

resolve is put to the test and

unwavering resolve triumphs and where a

broken heart finds Solace and a Victor’s

Laurels crowned Victory emerges because

it is only in the hands of the Divine

architect that the ordinary becomes

extraordinary the that the ordinary

reveals magical secrets and that the

downtrodden reach the highest point of

Triumph we come to a remarkable

realization when all appears lost and we

are at the lowest point of pessimism

when we meet face to face with the

supernatural in these lonely moments Our

Lives start to magically come together

within the Embrace of God’s presence we

receive unexpected Miracles that vibrate

through the pathways of our being and

forever alter the course of our life

type amen if you would dare to approach

Jesus fear not for in when a horde

of wicked beings is gathered motivated

by a Sinister desire to inflict pain and

destruction upon your life God will take

up arms on your side and protect you

from any evil that dares to come your

way even though I reject their bad aim

in the strong name of Jesus declare with

courage that Jesus is the Lord and that

he is the ruler of Heaven and Earth

because of the power I have under

Unleashed then know with unwavering

certainty that God will give Jesus New

Life once the kingdom of death has

embraced him the celestial Gates of

redemption will open as a result by

accepting this sacred Covenant you will

ensure your Eternal salvation by having

your life woven into the fabric of

redemption should you enjoy watching our

videos and feel compelled to support

this Divine Community please think about

subscribing to our Channel give up

worrying and doubting yourself because

there’s a hidden truth that could alter

your course in life accept the

invitation to participate in the

Symphony of Redemption where the

announcement that Jesus the Messiah his

Lord Supreme is heard at the cran when

you are surrounded by faith declare his

Heavenly Authority with parted lips and

let the sound of your words reverberate

across the cosmos igniting a Celestial

dance that lasts for all of eternity but

there are other methods to reveal R the

mystery of atonment then a holy

metamorphosis that takes place deep

within you is required simply saying his

hallowed name is insufficient let your

heart become a furnace where the

unfathomable power of resurrection and

the steadfast core of belief meat have a

sincere belief that the creator of the

universe breathed life into the savior’s

corpse dispelling all darkness and

Illuminating the path to Redemption

there is a deep transformation in this

Divine marriage of confession and

conviction your lifp threads are

intricately rewoven with the golden

strands of Grace and forgiveness your

soul which was once burdened by sin is

now lifted to the celestial mountains of

Eternal Bliss On Wings Of Paradise for

those who have the courage to embrace

this amazing reality salvation is only

around the corner a call has gone out

over the years for everyone who has been

waiting for deliverance to come into the

great light so cry out out from the

rooftops let your heart rejoice and know

that this Holy Covenant will always save

you to verify this enter amen life is a

wild and unpredictable dance composed of

a symphony of unexpected meetings that

catch us off guard like a mystery clown

God declared it Delights in delivering

us a range of unexpected turns and

twists sometimes rendering us stunned

and our emotions achingly painful but

have no fear life’s hard punches are

only fleeting winds that won’t crush

your resilient Spirit be certain that I

am a devoted comrade who will never Le

your side and serve as a permanent

barrier to any forces that would dare

threaten your very being I will always

be by your side in the wide fabric of

existence where galaxies Collide and

stars ignite a steady Presence by your

side from the first bright rays of dawn

to the Eerie Silence of dark through all

the highs and lows of your journey the

Heavenly hug can offer much needed

Solace when your heart hurts and you’re

by yourself thus if you’re feeling

incredibly disoriented and perplexed

raise your gaze to the dream realm where

God’s unwavering presence illuminates

your path and assures you that you are

never alone amen please if you believe

in God find the light of heavenly

companionship in the resonating passages

of your heart where the sounds of

longing ReSound and the Spooky Shadows

of loneliness dance to a sad beat when

life feels overwhelming and your

shoulders start to hurt look up into the

sky for God is waiting for you there

swaying amid the celestial Symphony

allow your faith to be a vibrant thread

that is woven into the Divine fabric of

life’s difficulties and hardships seek

refuge in God’s Loving Arms which are a

source of wisdom and consolation God is

like a steadfast Lighthouse Illuminating

the turbulent Waters of life and

comforting you that you’re never alone

even when the storms of uncertainty and

despair rage like a comforting whisper

carried by gentle winds the Heavenly

presence soothes your spirit with every

glimpse of divinity offering sanctuary

and Solace the holy Essence surrounds

you with its compassionate arms when you

are at your lowest and everything seems

to be crumbling around you because the

spirit of God is dancing in that Divine

communion turn within whenever you’re

Soul yearns for companionship and it

feels as though the emptiness could

swallow you whole you will feel a strong

connection and an unwavering divine

presence in that Sacred Space God is

your Eternal companion supporting you

and quietly reassuring you that you are

never alone type yes if you believe in

the existence of God lord Jesus I ask

for all of these things in your Holy

Name yes do declare your faith in Jesus

the Lord


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