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God Says : This Message Has Been Trying to Reach You: Don’t Ignore the Signs | Powerful Blessings


have you been feeling like something’s

off but you can’t quite put your finger

on it

maybe you’re just ignoring the signs

have you been feeling like you’re in a

rut or like something is missing in your


maybe you’ve been procrastinating on

your goals or you just feel like you’re

not moving in the right direction

whatever the case may be the universe

might be trying to tell you something

in this video I’m going to talk about

some of the signs that life is trying to

send us and why we shouldn’t ignore them


God says

believe in the power of your dreams and

know that God is here to help you he is

sending you a financial breakthrough

right now so have faith and trust that

he is working in your favor speak your

desires into existence and rest in peace

knowing that whatever you have asked for

is in the hands of the almighty Ammon


God says pay attention to the signs that

the universe is sending you they are

there to guide and support you on your


God is saying to you today

believe in yourself and what you can

achieve through Christ Abundant

Blessings are coming your way you are

worthy cherished and deeply loved may

God bring you a fresh start tomorrow

filled with amazing surprises and

miracles he’ll never let you down


God says believe in the power of faith

in Jesus name you are on the brink of

success so don’t give up with God’s

grace you can persevere and make it to

the end

take yes to claim this

God says stay the course and Trust in

the Lord’s plan for you may his Divine

blessings fill your life with joy and

contentment let go of any worries or

delays and be confident that all will

work out in your favor believe that the

good that is meant for you will arrive

swiftly and with purpose


God says to you this season may the

blessings of God overflow in your life

he will bless you with all the good

things you deserve and with the gifts of

his love it is your time now

a special blessing awaits you crafted

just for you with love believe and


God knows that only loyal subscribers or

children will watch this video Until the


if you watch the whole video without

skipping it then you’ll get a magical

surprise so I will say be a loyal child

of God and watch this video till the end

God will definitely bless you in your


God says be inspired by those who

persevere through life’s hardships let

their strength be an example and a

reminder of the power of God

he has blessed them and you should trust

your intuition he is showing you the way

God says this month will be your best

month of the year just believe in him

God wants you to know this today

fear should not be a factor that stops

you from achieving greatness this year

be bold and live up to your full

potential trust that God is leading you

to a wonderful place

visualize your goals and make them clear

speak positively and confidently about


and they shall come true


God says you have been gifted with

something special

and nothing can take that away

be prepared to experience the miraculous

power of God

he will not let you stay stagnant and

will always provide an opportunity for

transformation one wise choice can alter

your life’s trajectory and open a world

of possibilities


God Says with the Lord in your corner

wisdom and understanding will become

your constant companions allow the Holy

Spirit to lead you to make decisions

that are pleasing to God and your

journey will become an incredible

Adventure no matter what challenges you

face God has promised never to abandon


type I believe in God to affirm

God has a message for you today

he has brought you to this point and

placed the dream in your heart for a

purpose you have a significant role to

play in this world

believe in yourself and have faith that

you have the strength to succeed

trust in the Lord and know that he is

your Defender even in moments when you

least expect it he will provide for you

God says take a step back and remember

that you have a purpose in life not

everyone is meant to accompany you on

your journey God assures you that he has

already prepared the way have faith in

God’s plan and never give up hope

someone is sending their prayers to you

and you will get through this storm

God says God is with you always he will

bless you with the marriage that you

have been dreaming of and it will be

through his grace and benevolence not

anything you have done

regain your passion nothing is finished

until God determines it to be so

reinstill your faith reignite your


type Amen to catch these fives


those who trust in the Lord on the other

hand will have their strength restored

they will soar on wings like eagles they

will run and not grow weary they will

walk and not faint


God says you are not reading this by


chase after what God has placed in your

heart don’t be concerned with what

everybody else is doing God will honor

your sincerity we can be sure that God

has a special plan and that even in the

toughest times he is with us let’s

express our gratitude and appreciation

for all the blessings he bestows on us



believe in yourself and know that your

biggest breakthrough is right around the

corner rise and shine and have faith

that God is with you when it seems like

there is no hope in sight turn to God

and trust that he will show you the way

God says take a moment to appreciate his

presence and know that together you can

make anything happen focus on the

individuals who have been a part of your

life Journey they have had experiences

and taken risks that you may not have

been able to

say thanks to God for everything he

gives you

God is saying to you today take comfort

in the knowledge that faith is all you


even the size of a mustard seed can make

a difference believe in yourself and

move mountains you can do anything you

set your mind to there will be times

when you must go it alone without

support from friends and family but you

can always rely on the Lord

God says everything that happens in life

even the toughest trials happens for a

reason God can take even your biggest

mistakes and greatest sorrows and use

them to transform you into a stronger

better person

be confident and accept that you are


don’t Define Yourself by someone else’s



um God says surround yourself with

people who appreciate you and give you

the love and respect you deserve when

given a second chance seize the

opportunity and make the most of it

don’t allow past mistakes to affect your

present he won’t let you miss out on the

blessings he has in store have faith and

keep pushing forward

God says are you ready to receive it

God says to you you will be rewarded

soon enough

facing difficult times remember to ask

God for guidance he is the only one who

can truly provide the answers you need

believe that all is happening for a

reason and all will work out in the end

we can always draw strength from the

past while embracing the present and

dreaming of the future

God says

there is so much Beauty and loving today

and having hope for tomorrow that will

carry us through any challenge

you can accomplish anything be joyful

and trust that he will answer your

prayers in due time his Divine timing is

perfect and his plans are far greater

than anything seen before


God says believe in what God has planned

for your future it will be even greater

than you can imagine never give up even

when you feel like God is making you

wait for his favor he is only doing it

to show you how powerful and special his

grace is all of your Skeptics family and

colleagues will be unable to contest the

incredible Feats God will accomplish in


striving forward


type Eamon to receive it

God wants you to hear this today you are

on the brink of something extraordinary

the Divine will open its doors to you

granting you a blessing beyond your

expectations you’ll be overwhelmed with

all that you have asked for it’s within

reach God will bless you abundantly

finally after watching this video up

until now I’m sure you must have gotten

a sense of what I’m trying to tell you

this message is for you and it’s very

important your current situation may not

be ideal but if you stay open-minded and

ready to take on different opportunities

great things can happen

I’m here to help you along the way so

please don’t hesitate to reach out if

you need any help or advice

finally it’s your time we’ve been trying

to reach you we hope you don’t ignore

the signs tell us in the comments of

this video what lessons you’ve learned

we’d love to hear your thoughts and

experiences everyone has something to

share and it’s always inspiring to hear

what others have been through in their


what have you learned

what advice would you give to others who

have been in similar situations

share your wisdom and let it help others

we can all learn from each other and

continue to grow and develop

don’t be afraid to tell us your story


God says to you if you’re a true

follower of God watch this video and

share it with someone who needs it


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