God Says: This Will Be Your Biggest Mistake If You Ignore Me | Jesus Affirmations | God Message Now - online calculators

God Says: This Will Be Your Biggest Mistake If You Ignore Me | Jesus Affirmations | God Message Now



beloved child soon the sad tears will

turn into happy tears the Dark Nights in

your soul will end and the light of my

presence will shine on your life pay

attention because I have good news for

you open your eyes and see when you have

a new problem remember what I said I

promise you we’ll always be happy pay

attention to my voice as I talk to you

with love and reassurance that I am the

answer to your problems and suffering

believe in me let me take your heart

come to my side when you’re tired and

feel like you can’t go on I will make

you strong and calm give me your heart

trust me have faith and wait when you’re

tired remember that I’m here to give you

strength and peace do not be afraid

because beautiful and wonderful

blessings are on the way the words you

hear every day day are planted deep in

your heart they grow bigger and stronger

taking root and taking care of the

fruits of your prayers your Harvest is

coming and it will be plenty you’ll be

so happy that it will be impossible to

measure your mouth will be full of

laughter and your heart will be filled

with praise so don’t let the shadows of

bad things that happen to you sometimes

bring you down know that my word will

not go back to me empty-handed it will

bring about big changes in your life

your finances your family and your

spirit a flame that had died out will be

rekindled giving your body new energy

you are given a new life but you have to

believe in it don’t keep thinking about

the past my Holy Spirit lives inside you

and changes you into something new use

your newfound strength to get ready for

the Harvest that’s coming soon remember

that your time in this world is short

the years go by quickly but your journey

lasts a long time time I’m telling you

these things to make sure you value your

time and hold on tight to the faith that

lives in your heart write down all of

your hopes prayers and dreams on a piece

of paper bring them to me every morning

and go into each day with faith and

excitement stay alert because I will

open doors for you keep going and never

give up persistence is on your side

amazing changes are already happening

with the people you care about I fix

your finances and put things back in

order so that your home is once again in

Balance I speak to you every day in

Divine words that will make your soul

wiser find people who share my peace and

love and who aren’t afraid to say the

powerful name of Jesus let them not say

anything bad or false with their words

may their actions show how good I am

because when two or three people Gather

in my name I come down to heal and give

life you are about to enter a time of

Miracles put your worries on me and find

Comfort pay close attention to what’s

going on around you and you’ll be able

to tell when a new era has begun one

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