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God says:- Those Who Skip will be Punished | God Message Today | God Message for You Today.

God has a special message only for you

he has been waiting to communicate with

you watch the entire video to receive

his hidden message dear beloved child in

the vast expanse of time and space

amidst the Myriad galaxies and

constellations that Adorn the heavens I

extend my Divine hand to you Reaching

Across the infinite Chasm to touch the

depths of your soul for I am the Alpha

and the Omega the beginning and the end

the Eternal Essence that permeates all


in the sacred Symphony of creation I am

the conductor orchestrating the dance of

life with a divine grace Beyond mortal

comprehension my beloved child as you

navigate The Labyrinth and corridors of

existence know that you are not a drift

in the void of solitude my presence

surrounds you infolding you in a cocoon

of love and light guiding you through

the vicissitudes of Earthly existence in

the tapestry of your life I have woven

the threads of Divine Purpose each

strand intricately connected to the

Grand Design of the cosmos belief in me

is not merely a matter of blind

adherence to Dogma or doctrine it is a

profound recognition of the

interconnectedness of all things a

surrender to the cosmic flow of Destiny

when you Embrace Faith you align

yourself with the divine order

harmonizing your will with the rhythms

of the universe your belief becomes the

Bedrock upon which you build the edifice

of your existence sturdy and unyielding

in the Fai face of life’s storms walk in

my footsteps dear child and you shall

Traverse the path of righteousness and

wisdom Embrace compassion as your

guiding principle extending kindness and

empathy to all beings who share this

sacred Journey with you for in the act

of giving you receive and in the Embrace

of love you find Solace let your words

be gentle as the Whispering Breeze your

Deeds Noble as the Towering Oak and your

heart as vast as the infinite sky prayer

is the sacred dialogue between the

finite and the infinite the mortal and

the Divine in the Silence of solitude

offer your supplications unto me and I

shall listen with the ear of compassion

pour forth your hopes your fears your

dreams and your Sorrows for nothing is

hidden From My Sight through prayer you

forge a connection that transcends the

limitations of time and space weaving a

tapestry of communion Between Heaven and

Earth no my child that I am the ultimate

Arbiter of Justice the dispenser of

Retribution and reward every action begs

its consequence every choice its Ripple

in the cosmic ocean for I am the witness

to all Deeds The Keeper of the scales of

divine Justice walk uprightly upon the

Earth for I shall weigh your heart

against the feather of Truth let your

conscience be your guide your moral

compass in the sea of Temptation yet

fear not for I am also the Fountain of

mercy and forgiveness though your sins

be as Scarlet they shall be washed away

in the Crimson Tide of my love seek

repentance with a contrite heart and I

shall open wide the gates of Grace

welcoming you into the Embrace of divine

compassion for in The Crucible of

suffering you shall find Redemption and

in the ashes of remorse you shall rise a

new and as you Journey Through the

fleeting Mists of time remember that

your life is a precious gift a

shimmering jewel in the crown of

creation treasure each moment each

breath as a Priceless gem for they shall

never come again live with purpose and

passion with courage and conviction for

in The Crucible of adversity your

character is forged and your destiny

fulfilled in the grand tapestry of

existence you are but a single thread

yet your essence is woven into the very

fabric of Eternity embrace your Divinity

my child and soar upon the Wings of

Faith for in believing you become and in

becoming you transcend walk in my

footsteps pray with sincerity and know

that I am with you always guiding you

guarding you and loving you beyond all

measure amen

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