God Says Today 🙏🙏 | Jesus; I Am Begging Your 1 Minutes Today | 💕God’s message for me today💕God

don’t skip this video if you love God

God’s message for you today

my child I love you whatever you ask for

in the prayer believe that you have

received it and it will be yours trust

in me

no man can ever claim you unless he

claims you from me I reserve the man for

you who has my heart and loves me more

than he will love you

soon you will know him I have the

perfect time you are my princess

my daughter let no Prince claim you

unless he asks you from my hand for I am

your father the King of Kings you my

princess are worth loving and deserves a


God says listen to this two more minutes

God’s word for you today today God wants

to know that this message is like a

little hug hugs tell us many things that

we are loved that we are important today

God wants you to know that it’s okay

just rest for a moment it’s okay yes

things are crazy yes the world is going

nuts yet deep underneath the stormy

waves there is a core of your being

there is a pure silence pure love and

it’s just okay

that’s it for today type your prayers in

the comments and get blessed today



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