God Says Today 🙏🙏 | Jesus; I Am Begging Your 1 Minutes Today | God Msg

do not skip this video if you love God

do good things listen to God’s message

stand firm and you will give a good


God says you may be in a tough time but

the devil always fights you’re the

hardest when he knows I have something

great in store for you don’t give up

never stop praying never stop believing

God will answer your prayers and the

prayers of someone who is praying for

you God is good all the time

God says your life is not horrible get

up from that bit of misery I have

promised you to give you the victory

don’t allow Satan to bring you down get

up and keep fighting I love you

God says I am proud at the fact that you

are still fighting continue to fight the

good Battle of Faith you are stronger

than you think I love you so much

God says regardless of whether you are

able to recognize the deed of God and

irrespective of whether you believe in

the existence of God there is no doubt

that your faith lies within the

ordination of God and there is no doubt

that God will always hold sovereignty

over all things

God says don’t be afraid because I am

with you don’t be intimidated I am your

God I will strengthen you I will help

you I will support you with my

Victorious right hand

that’s it for today

type Amen in the comments and get

blessed today


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