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God Says Today | God Is Clear: You Will Be Punished If You Ignore This Urgent Message


do you feel like you’re being punished

even though you haven’t done anything


well you might be surprised to learn

that God is actually clear on the matter

if you ignore his Urgent Message you

will be punished I am not joking around

this is serious I am warning you now so

that you can avoid the consequences but

if you choose to ignore me the

punishment will be severe I hope you

Choose Wisely in this video I’ll share

what that message is and why you need to

take it seriously

let’s get started

God says

the shepherd’s love for the Lost is a

beautiful reminder of how much God loves

us spend quality time with your children

talking about the amazing people in the

Bible and teaching them to make

decisions that will please the Lord

doing so will ensure that they stay

close to God’s loving embrace


God says trust in God for guidance and

his grace will bring you to a place of

righteousness let Faith be your starting

point and he will come running to you

with an outpouring of love just like the

father of the prodigal son he will never

leave you feeling judge

God is saying to you today no matter

what life throws at you you can always

find a source of profound inner peace

when you choose to put your faith in God

when we open our hearts to Jesus and

accept him as our Lord and savior the

holy spirit will fill us with a sense of

assurance and contentment

God says type yes to affirm

God says believe strongly in a merciful

god he will provide you with Solace the

Lord will inspire you with his love

Jesus destroyed the shackles of

seclusion by standing in between us and

the Lord

we will never feel isolated

for Jesus is always with us God knows

that only loyal subscribers or children

will watch this video Until the End

you watch the whole video without

skipping it then you’ll get a magical


I will say be a loyal child of God and

watch this video till the end God will

definitely bless you in your life

God says do not be afraid of the

nightmares that come instead entrust

them to the Lord and Revere him alone

the Lord is with you worry can take away

the happiness of life but thank the Lord

for changing your worries and granting

real Serenity to your heart


God says to you as we open our hearts to

accept God’s love we can find the

strength to bless those who curse us and

to pray for those who mistreat us we are

humbly grateful for the incredible

sacrifice of God’s blood shed on a cross

to protect us from the adversary praise

be to God

God says

something good will happen to you in the

next six hours

if you watch this video to the end


God says once God has worked his wonders

in you your life will be a true

Masterpiece without a shadow of a doubt

vanish any worries that haunt you have

faith in God’s goodness and the strength

of your faith in Christ charged through

this day with the courage of a lion

God says

fixing our eyes on God and walking

boldly forward in reverence we can be

sure that the Divine blessings he

bestows upon us will shine with his

beautiful light let us keep pressing

ahead with faith and we shall receive

his glorious gifts

put your faith in the Lord and He will

be with you every step of the way he

will part the Red Sea fend off lions and

bring you out of the fire unscathed

trust in him

and he will protect you

tight yes if you need this


God says aspire to live a life of

Greater purpose and Joy by directing

your focus to the enduring Radiance of


dismiss Earthly possessions and instead

concentrate on expanding her faith

God says the more you trust in God’s

goodness the more blessings you will

receive cultivate a strong belief in

divine power to receive the Limitless

abundance of God’s grace

God wants you to know this today God is

an incredible force of transformation

and Liberation a Beacon of Hope and a

protector of promises you can have faith

that he will perform wonders for you

the Lord is eager to look after you and

provide you with all that you need

therefore place all of your worries in

his hands


if you agree leave a thank you God



God says embrace the life that Jesus

Christ offers to us all he has

graciously provided a path for us to

receive His blessings and live a life of

abundance all you need to do is have

faith in your loving father in Heaven



God says when we ask for the Lord’s

strength through prayer his Spirit of

power will come just as he did on the

day of Pentecost God can turn even the

most difficult of Trials into a blessing

all you must do is earnestly seek his



God has a message for you today to

combat the falsehoods of the enemy it is

essential to become acquainted with the

word of God the ultimate source of Truth

only through discovering the truth in

God’s word can Freedom be found


if you believe it please share the video

God says the unparalleled love of Jesus

is so strong that you are compelled to

devote yourself to him

you are his beloved and he eagerly

desires to commune with you

God says living a life of righteousness

before the Lord brings his unwavering

attention and guidance to even the

smallest details of our lives have faith

that whatever you ask for will be

granted to you he will make a way out of

a crooked path

God says you are not reading this by


stay confident in God’s power even in

times of hardship he will provide a

miraculous solution

to your problems God says

you will accomplish remarkable Feats

throughout your life and the positive

impact you make will be passed down for

generations to come

with the Lord’s support you can achieve


God says type Amen to receive it

God says I am filled with immense

gratitude for all that you have done for

me Father you have remembered me and

kept your promises despite my many



God is saying to you today you have

remained faithful and have showered me

with grace and mercy I am forever

thankful for your unconditional love and

unwavering faithfulness

God says equip me to carry out the

mission you’ve given me strengthen the

works of my hands and let my name be

associated with all that is good

type amen if you agree

God says protect me from Injustice and

wrongful accusations shelter me from

avarice disheartenment and acts of

sabotage I embrace chances to flourish

and develop Lord watch over my words

today and examine my soul


God says to you trust in yourself and

never give up hope for even when the

odds seem insurmountable a miraculous

turn of events may occur believe in

yourself and remember that when all else

fails God will provide you with a divine



God says allow yourself to blossom into

an even better more stunning version of


tap into the joy love abundance strength

understanding and Grace that you possess

and become a beacon of light for those

around you

share this with someone who needs it

God says

you’re so special to me and I want you

to know that you can make the most of

every moment your father is so dear to

my heart and I want you to know I am

always here for you

God wants you to hear this day

living within the will of God is always

the best plan as it leads to Eternal joy

and peace

when we are tempted to break away from

God’s plans we should remember that

Satan was the first to try to live

outside of God’s Will and this brings

about damaging consequences


the gates of hell are locked and there

is only one entrance to heaven and that

is through Jesus the one who gave his

life for me and has forever changed my

heart don’t ever go to battle without

wise guidance and make sure to always

surround yourself with God’s love

thank you

God says allow yourself to be filled

with joy and love as you submit your

life to God he will honor your humility

and make your name great

comment Ammon if you agree

God wants you to know this today

as you open yourself up to the grace of

God you will experience increasing glory

the lord takes Delight in you and will

fill your mouth with laughter and songs

of Joy embrace the love of God

and allow yourself to be lifted up


finally after watching this video to

this point you are filled with a sense

of clarity and understanding about the

importance of this message

while I may not fully understand what

God’s punishment might look like I can

say that I am grateful for the reminder

that I should take this message

seriously and act accordingly

now it’s your turn to chime in tell me

in the comments section of this video

what message you are taking away from

God’s warning we all can learn something

from this Urgent Message so don’t be shy

and share what you have taken away we

can all help each other grow by sharing

our thoughts and opinions it’s easy to

brush off warnings but we must remember

that God is clear punishment awaits us

if we ignore the message it’s up to us

to take this to heart and make sure we

live our lives in a way that is pleasing

to him so don’t be afraid but share your

thoughts in the comments and let us all

grow from this lesson

God says to you if you’re a true

follower of God watch this video and

share it with someone who needs it



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