GOD SAYS; WARNING! SOMEONE CLOSE TO YOUR HEART WILL HARM YOU gods message today - online calculators


dear beloved pause for a moment and lend your ear to my

words imagine that I hold your heart gently in my hands there’s no need to fear for I

understand your deepest feelings I see that you’ve grown weary from confusion and troubles but I want

you to trust me for your freedom is Drawing Near I am here to mend your emotions to

sooth your pains and to lift the weight from your shoulders Let Me ease your anxiety and

guide your mind to Tranquility I will grant you the patience to hold on to my

promises while I work to liberate you from hardships remember that just as a

harvest takes time to grow I cannot bestow this great Victory upon you

overnight however know this your life is beginning to transform from this very

day you’ll notice the burdens that once felt heavy or lifting people will start

treating you differently misunderstandings will be resolved and perspectives will

change I am renewing your life and rekindling the joy that once filled your

heart my love for you is boundless that is the truth I am here to rescue you

from your situation but I won’t stop there I’ll also transform your finances

your health and your family situation I’ll open your eyes eyes to the blessings you already possess I’ve

placed you in a position to discover new opportunities and if you seek them with faith you will find

them why because I want you to prosper so that you can show compassion to my

daughters and sons who endure hunger persecution danger and

afflictions I want you to bring blessings to those in distant lands who are forbidden from hearing and speaking

my word while you listen to me and nurture your faith remember that there are people

going through afflictions you may not fully comprehend I am strengthening you to

understand their suffering and tribulations so that you may have pity and mercy for those who believe they’ve

failed me and have fallen I have come to save uplift

forgive sins and embrace with power and mercy anyone who turns to me with

repentance for their wrongdoing I’ve always known that no one in the world is perfect all have sinned

and strayed from me but I offer you the power of my shed blood to reconcile and

save you I did not come to judge or punish anyone I do not seek the

destruction of those I love please go and tell those you meet on your path that I’m waiting for them

however focus on this mission this is why I am liberating you from your enemies lifting you from the pit of

Affliction turning your mourning into joy and healing the wounds that tormented you with pain listen to my

voice feel my words deeply and receive the grace that caresses your

soul understand that I have not dealt with you according to your sins I’ve

embraced you with boundless Mercy I’ve forgotten your wrongdoings I’ve cast

them into the depths of the sea today I desire you to accept my forgiveness once

and for all and to no longer dwell on your past don’t worry about what people think

they did not give you life provide for you or sustain you grant them no power

to manipulate your emotions or shape your life no one in this world loves you

as I do no one else offers you mercy and forgiveness remember the times when you

felt shattered and no one extended a hand to you from now on give me your

attention and eagerly receive the words I offer you keep them close treasure them and hold them

dear remember them when the storms of life rage and you feel battered by the

waves know that I am the captain of your ship and despite all you see around you

you will not sink if you ever find yourself in deep Waters I will lovingly

pull you out with the intention that you also believe in the value I see in you

you are not a product of chance I’ve known you before your birth loved you

and given you a name you are my child and no one will snatch you from my

loving holy hand I have come to give you Abundant Life happiness and joy I’ll

provide you with what you need to multiply your blessings and prosper amidst global conf conflicts share this

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