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God Says: WELCOME TO MY HAEVEN | God message jesus |

my beloved child it is I your heavenly father who speaks to you now let the

words I impart fill your heart with hope comfort and unwavering faith for I have

wondrous plans in store for you from the moment you were knit together in your mother’s womb I have watched over you with a love

that knows no bounds I saw the tears you cried the battles you fought the doubts

that threatened to consume you yet through it all I have been there

steadfastly by your side ready to catch you when you stumbled to lift you up

when you fell my precious child the journey you walk is not an

easy one the world is full of Darkness pain and temptation but I tell you this

I have already secured your Eternal Victory I have prepared a place for you in my heavenly Kingdom a dwelling beyond

your wildest dreams and I solemnly declare to you now I will open the door of Heaven for you do not be dismayed by

the trials you face for they are but momentary light afflictions preparing you for an eternal

weight of Glory that far outshines them all the hardships you endure the tears

you shed the burdens you carry they are but a shadow compared to the boundless joy

that awaits you in my presence though the path may seem long and the road

arduous know that I am always with you I have not forgotten you nor have I

abandoned you to face this world alone my spirit dwells within you guiding you

strengthening you empowering you to overcome every obstacle that stands in your

way when the darkness threatens to overwhelm you remember that I am the light of the

world when the storms of life rage all around you know that I am the rock upon which

you can stand firm and when the enemy seeks to steal your hope and shake your faith declare with unwavering confidence

that I have already secured your victory for I have not given you a spirit of fear but of power of love and of a sound

mind I have equipped you with everything you need to live a life that glorifies my name so do not be

discouraged my child for I am working all things together for your good and my great purpose the road ahead may seem

long and daunting but I promise you that I will be with you every step of the way

I will guide you protect you and provide for you I will strengthen you when you are weak comfort you when you are weary

and lift you up when you are fallen and one day when your Earthly journey is

complete I will open the door of Heaven for you you will stand before me freed

from the burdens of this world adorned in the radiant garments of my righteousness your heart will be

overwhelmed with joy unspeakable as you behold the fullness of of my glory no more will you know sorrow pain or

suffering no more will you be plagued by doubt fear or uncertainty for in my

presence you will find perfect peace unwavering hope and eternal life the

tears you have shed will be wiped away and you will bask in the warmth of my unfailing love forever more oh how I

long for that glorious day when I will welcome you home your Earthly trials will Fade Into insignificance as you

experience the Splendor of my heavenly Kingdom all that you have endured will pale in comparison to the Eternal weight

of Glory that I have prepared for you so hold fast to your faith my child cling

to the hope that I have placed within you for I am faithful and I will complete the good work I have begun in

you I will never leave you nor forsake you I will walk with you through the

valley of the shadow of death and I will bring you safely into my eternal embrace the door of Heaven stands open

waiting to receive you all that I require of you is to trust in me with all your heart to surrender your life

into my hands and to follow where I lead for I am the way the truth and the life

no one comes to the father except through me lay down your burdens at the foot of the cross cast all your cares

upon me for I care for you allow my perfect love to cast out every fear

every doubt every worry that seeks to weigh you down rest in the assurance that I have

already overcome the world and that in me you too can be more than

conquerors my child type Amen in the comment box the path may not always be

clear and the journey may be long and arduous but I promise you my

child that I will be with you every step of the way I will guide your steps

strengthen your resolve and fill your heart with an unwavering hope that cannot be shaken when the darkness seems

overwhelming look to the light of my presence when the storms of life threatened to capsize your soul find

your refuge in the shelter of my love and when the enemy seeks to steal your joy declare with bold confidence that I

have already secured your victory for I have not destined you for for wrath but

for obtaining salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ I have called you out of darkness and into my Marvelous Light

that you might declare the Praises of him who has called you I have redeemed you not with perishable things like

silver or gold but with the Precious Blood of my only begotten son so do not

lose heart my child do not be discouraged by the battles you face for

I have already won the war keep your eyes fixed on me me the author and perfector of your faith cling to the

promise that I will open the door of Heaven for you and that nothing in all creation can separate you from my love

the journey may be long but I will give you the strength to endure the road may

be difficult but I will give you the courage to persevere for I am the god of all

comfort who comforts you in all your afflictions so that you may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction

with the comfort with which you yourself are comforted by God I have not called you to a life of ease but to a life of

Eternal significance I have not promised you a path free of struggles but one that

leads to the Glorious inheritance that awaits you in my kingdom so fix your eyes on the prize my

child and run the race with endurance for the prize is worth far more than the

pain of the journey when the weight of the world threatens to crush you remember that my grace is sufficient for

you for my power is perfected in weakness when the enemy Whispers lies to

shake your faith declare with boldness that greater is he who is in you than he who is in the world I am the god of

breakthrough the god of Miracles the god of the impossible I have overcome the world and

in me you too can overcome so do not lose hope my child for I have already

opened the door to heaven for you all you need to do is walk through it

trusting in my unfailing love and unshakable Promises the road ahead may be long but I will be with you every

step of the way the battles you face may be fierce but I will equip you with the

full armor of God to stand firm the darkness may seem overwhelming but I

will be the light that guides you home so take heart my beloved child lift your

eyes to the heavens for your Redemption is Drawing Near I have prepared a place

for you in my eternal Kingdom a dwelling where you will experience the fullness of my glory and the depths of my love

the door of Heaven stands open waiting to receive you all you need to do is

trust in me surrender your life to me and follow where I lead for I am the way

the truth and the life and no one comes to the father father except through me

so hold fast to your faith my child cling to the hope that I have placed within you for I am faithful and I will

complete the good work I have begun in you I will never leave you nor forsake you and I will bring you safely into my

eternal embrace the journey may be long but the reward is worth it the battles

may be fierce but the victory is already assured the darkness may seem

overwhelming but I am the light that will lead you home so take

courage my child and press on towards the goal for I have opened the door of

Heaven for you and nothing in all creation can separate you from my love

trust in me and I will guide you every step of the way May the peace of God

which surpasses all understanding guard your heart and your mind in Christ Jesus

May the the love of God which is beyond all measure fill you to

overflowing and may the power of God which is greater than all the powers of this

world Empower you to live a life that glorifies my name my child if you want

God’s grace always upon you then please consider to support our ministry by clicking thanks button I am your

heavenly father and I love you with an everlasting love I have called you

redeemed you and set you apart for a purpose that is greater than you can

imagine so do not lose heart my child for I will open the door of Heaven for

you and you will behold the fullness of my glory forever more my child remain

calm for I handle the impossible be still and have faith I have aided you

before and will do so again as the winds and storms cease at the sound of my voice so so too shall the turbulent Seas

of Doubt within your heart be stilled come to me now and I shall give you the

rest you need I will remove the Myriad thoughts and fears swirling in your mind that steal your focus I desire peace in

your days and Tranquility in your nights you are an heir to many blessings yet

sometimes they remain unseen overshadowed by fears of things that will not happen by people who cannot

harm you I ask you again be calm do not pay heed to the news

gossip or threats that others bring to you for I am the one who commands and I

have the first and the last word over your destiny though thousands may rise against

you though you may suffer the consequences of your own errors do not

fret you remain my beloved child I will shield you from harm even when the world

seems to crumble even as those around you faint from Fear be strong and

courageous do not be afraid I will not abandon you this is

the greatest Testament of love you can hear and see you know with certainty through this medium I am speaking to you

you feel my touch upon your heart bringing answers to your lingering doubts I love you and I am showing you

this right now I am lifting away the scorn that has marked you

endured at the hands of the wicked who have failed you believe this none of what you have

experienced shall be in vain today you possess

strength wisdom and maturity you are ready to fight for

those you love and assist others who have suffered as you have the time for your Liberation has come you are now

prepared to be an instrument of my love to bring light to those in darkness

yet your enemies know your potential and those have returned to cause trouble and

Rob you of your peace if you allow them to disturb your rest if you forget your faith and plunge into the abyss of fear

you will be beset by anxiety once again but here’s the truth my love for you is

vast my Mercy is infinite and my holy spirit will not allow you to be attacked

a new therefore I affirm to you that even if you fail and fall

I will raise you up again do not be mistaken in thinking I have turned my gaze away from you if you stumble and

fall into enemy traps I will rescue you if your faith wains and your heart fills

with negative thoughts I will still fight for you I will cleanse your soul and fill you once more with my word I

will not permit anyone to draw you away from my love neither sword nor famine illness nor conflict danger nor distress

can separate you from it for in all these things you are more than a conqueror you have turned away from Evil

and given me your heart you have declared with your own lips your belief in me as your savior and protector you

have shown unwavering loyalty you are not like those who complain about me and deny me when they

face problems they Grumble to anyone who will listen not guarding their tongue

caring little for their life family future more blessing they belittle my

Redemption with their actions trampling upon this holy love yet I continue to

love them and do not rest you stay away from the wicked and pray for them do not

be influenced by those who scorn my word move forward

persist do not stay where you are today I bless you with immense

opportunity gifting you a strength of steel March forward with certainty and

stand bravely before the enemies and conflicts you must face you have grown strong and courageous a champion among

Champions begin each morning by igniting your faith with my word bringing before me your faith and your

petitions remember there is nothing impossible for me you have my support I

will continue to assist you in everything maintain your calm and enjoy my peace you are stepping into a

supernatural life come here I am calling you hot in my presence is your place

when your knees touch the ground in prayer with faith reverence and respect

my armies will come I command you to be still let not your heart be

troubled your soul finds peace in this loving Embrace that surrounds you tell

me you accept it I have resolved to bless you you cried out to me and I will

answer you your life will change do not doubt this I give you a new heart and

even those who know you will be astounded assistance will come from the most unexpected places be grateful for

many doors of blessing will open for you and numerous New Opportunities will come your way believe in these words and

share them never forget to pray it is not difficult to talk to me just close

CL your eyes and say Lord I need you and I will be there by your

side have faith for this is the truth my presence will never leave you as long as

you do not mock my grace or discard the blessings I bestow upon you I am always with you for your faith and disposition

please me especially now in these moments of great confusion do not open your soul to

false teachings nor let hatred take root in your heart do not align with the wicked by speaking ill of those who have

not harmed you who are not your enemies do not be swayed by every nonsense you

see hear or read if someone approaches you with gossip do not give it Credence

do not fall so easily into the enemy’s snares my eyes seek out hearts that are

true loyal and faithful those who love me but also fear the consequences of

breaking my laws I’m raising you up to build up others to encourage your family

to share these powerful and divine words and not to partake in the sins of

others I ask you earnestly if you do not understand my words because of your

worries take some time listen to them again hear all my

messages it is my will that your heart understands the signs I have sent you many times you ask me for peace and

tranquility and I will give them to you but also keep my words in your heart and

remember them when the enemy comes like a roaring lion seeking to devour and mock your faith my voice tells you and

your spirit receives it my word is a lamp unto your feet a light unto your

path my Commandments are sweeter than honey giving you the strength and courage to rise and Conquer in any

situation you face no enemy will harm you if you remain Vigilant if my word is

on your lips and in your mind day and night fear not for I will alert you when

danger lurks when evil comes against you do not be afraid I will give you

strength you will stand and by speaking these words with faith all wickedness

will flee your home will be free from misery scarcity and

sickness no one will be able to stand against you all the days of your life because my word is sown in your home and

is the protection of your family I desire to see your heart Ablaze your eyes open and your mind alert you must

be ready to welcome the many blessings ideas and the time to conquer the Earth

to reap the fruits of your sacrifice and effort nothing you have lived through will be in vain all that I do in your

life works for good you and your family will witness great miracles in your home and understand the purpose I have for

each of you to you I say respect everyone look down on no one not the

young nor the old do not call unclean what I have cleansed remind no one of

their past for I have forgiven it all support and help those you love to grow

in this way I will bless you more for I desire these blessings to be sown in

others through you from your heart will flow rivers of Living Water abundant and refreshing

even those you meet on your path They will receive Miracles wonders and

healing they will see in your smile the hope they yearn for and many who do not follow me will

understand that I am Real and True just as I have had mercy on you so will I have mercy on all those who turn away

from wrongdoings and bring their sincere hearts into my presence today I shower you with rains of love I

have pushed away the dark clouds of Despair and covered you with the shadow of my grace step out of your house look

up to the sky raise your arms and Proclaim to the Four Winds that I am your Shepherd your provider and that you

are committed to trusting in me forever and to Faithfully follow these words until the end my child like the video

now do it now receive this healing anointing feel the strength I give you

do not fear or falter keep moving forward sharing this word and holding

gratitude in your heart for all the blessings I bestow upon you today tell

me you receive them with love open your arms wide and embrace this love I offer

you feel the beautiful emotion that flows from within I saw you couldn’t

sleep I heard the thoughts racing through your mind and I’m here to tell you not to worry I am removing those

fears that lurk in the corners of your past lifting the weight of your sins

today I heal the wound wounds that remain and I break the chains that have held you captive today you can look to

the future with faith I am with you every day until the end and I will never

leave you accept my truth my love for you is so profound that I gave myself on

the cross and Rose with power so that you could have eternal life believe in my promises I will always be there to

open the right door for you and close the paths that lead to error draw near to me with firm faith in

these promises and I assure you you will receive my grace never feel alone or

confused I’m just a prayer away it is my desire that you learn to wait

confidently for the beautiful things you ask for but have yet to receive be assured that very soon you will hold

these blessings you have long awaited receive my word into your soul and believe cry out to me with all your

heart and sincerity and I will answer you seek me in this hour Learn and Grow

fill yourself with my Holy Spirit who daily reveals my affection and love to you receive the peace that strengthens

you my child I love you always have you thanked me today for

another day of life it takes so little to part your lips and express your gratitude with your own words words I am

well aware of your needs before you voice them just trust in me come and

spend a moment of Tranquility with me find a quiet moment and Ponder all the things you can be thank thankful for

today your life your family your health the air you breathe the food on your

table the roof over your head and my Supernatural protection surrounding your

home the warrior angels that encamp and stand guard watching over your dreams

ready to battle there are so many reasons you are blessed there are countless beautiful reasons to cling to

life and you must consider them daily so that your mind is filled with positive thoughts and your eyes are always open

to see my goodness in your path feeling secure in the knowledge that I hold your destiny in my hand I dwell in a grateful

heart that recognizes its need for me and seeks me with Faith and Hope knowing

just how blessed it is I see you when you’re worried about life’s happenings

but it’s normal don’t be overly concerned you feel the weight of your responsibilities wishing all to be well

to have provision in your home Health in your family and for nothing to disturb

your peace and stability yet there are dark days when you forget

to be thankful and the adversary Whispers lies turning your concern into

fear fear into dread dread into despair I am watching and waiting for

you to raise your hands and speak the words that will make the enemy flee thank me for your life your family your

health for for everything you are and have your sincere faith and thankful heart are Shields that keep you strong

in times of trial I will be there beside your bed tomorrow waiting for you to

open your eyes eager to hear your first words of the day uttered from a grateful Soul say thank you thank you for life

come to me especially on days you feel down and lay out what burdens

you I will take each feeling and transform it sorrow into Joy regret into

peace guilt into hope and that depression scratching at your mind

forcing you to listen to voices from the past that lie I’m destroying it

forever I am the almighty God you are my beloved child who obeys and Believes In Me following me

Faithfully you deserve the freedom I wish to give you freedom from all mental Affliction through the healing power of

my shed blood listen to my voice receive complete Health from head to toe

stand up where you are pick up your dreams from the dust and walk follow the

path that leads to the high mountain of Holiness to your place of Victory the feelings I am planting in your heart are

sealed by my Holy Spirit my child click on the join button to join us as a

cherished member of our community the blessing I set before you is sure and true you are receiving it if

you believe in in me and my Eternal Word you make no mistake in surrendering your heart to your heavenly father who loves

you immensely I’m not a figment of imagination powerful Supernatural Miracles will occur for everyone who

listens and dares to believe with humility and simplicity who respects my word acknowledges their

shortcomings leaves wickedness behind and decides to walk steadfastly without

looking back my child I love you I want to heal you

I am breaking Every Chain tearing down Every curse and spell with which you’ve been

deceived you’ve been made to believe there’s someone in this universe with more power than me which is the farthest

from the truth even the Earth trembles at my voice evil forces fall defeated

unable to stand before my manifest Glory there is no Being Human or spiritual

that can fight against you harm you or cause you ill because you you are no

longer alone my arms enfold you my Holiness covers you and the power of my blood

protects you day and night no more sadness no more pain there will be no

more tears and Desperation accept and feel the peace and joy I’m giving you at this moment

tell me you are receiving it tell me you believe bend your knees and give thanks

for the love and wonders you are about to witness I have good news for you I know you’ve been waiting I am going to

resolve every situation that troubles your soul I will bless your family your health and your

finances you’re entering a time of restoration pay close attention for here

I will show you and instruct you on everything you need to do so that nothing is lost and all turns out well

my child I adore you and I want to heal you I am destroying the lies and curses

that have held you captive believe in me in my power and know that in this

universe no power exceeds my own my love for you is immense come receive it fully

and be at peace I am here to make your spirit robust and unyielding The Winds

of Life shall no longer Buffet you about with ease no longer shall you quiver in fear upon hearing lies false news or the

hollow threats of insults when I speak Trust that what I say is true for you are not weak but

strong you are not beaten down or defeated stand up this instant from the

prisons fabricated by your foes cast off the guilt of past sins I have already

forgiven do not burden your mind with unnecessary Strife do not let bitter feelings take root in your heart do not

give space to grudges forgive those who have caused you pain and leave them in the past along with those

memories focus on the the future for it rests in my capable hands I will ensure that the purpose for

which you were chosen is fulfilled Marvels will unfold in your life and you

will witness how your family is also blessed with my love and your home is shielded by my mighty blood give me your

faith open your mouth wide and I will fill it with sweetness from The Rock and satisfy you with the finest of wheat my

promises to you are spoken daily and I am always waiting to give you more

Embrace these words that bring peace to your soul take up the shield to protect yourself against malicious

attacks I desire for the words you receive to be heard in your home for your family to embrace my promises and

for everyone to feel the tender Grace that will unfold you in Peace Day by Day

believe in the Miracles that seem impossible to you for I will pour out wealth provision freedom and prosperity

upon all those you love who else can offer you such Supernatural Joy who else

knows your thoughts and understands your needs who else can fill you with this healing peace and gentle Tranquility I

am the one who laid down my life on a cross and rose again to give you salvation I am the author of your days

the architect of your destiny and your future nothing is impossible for me many

have been deceived by the lies of the world thinking I do not love them that I

only think of punishment they refuse to accept my love preferring instead to

believe in falsehoods that keep them trapped in disillusionment but listen for you are

hearing me now which means I have something Grand and marvelous in store for you and your

family it is no figment of imagination I am your almighty God and today I’m

speaking to you with kindness and patience I reveal all the beautiful intentions I have for you and all the

blessings I am placing on your path but I ask you to truly believe in this wondrous love a love that is patient and

kind that does not envy or boast that is not proud or rude it does not dishonor others is not

self-seeking or easily angered it keeps no record of wrongs it does not Delight

in evil but rejoices with the truth cling to this love that endures through

every circumstance that has faith hope and

perseverance and never fails this love is the crown of Supernatural blessings already yours

love Hope and Faith but the greatest of these is the love that I have given you

and that I will always offer with all my heart accept it right with your own hand

I accept each morning you rise with spirit and faith and this pleases me you do not

surrender to adversity you are not one who shrinks back you resemble me in so many ways and your

heart burns the desire to do good to assist and serve to keep your family

together and in harmony to receive my blessing with the dawn’s first light

continue on this path do not lose that Faith your character is also your worship your praise you are a good

person and your actions sing to me they honor me I want to open doors so that

more people can see someone like you who has genuine faith and truly loves me I admire you greatly you who have

withstood opposing winds without answering with hatred your malice against those false friends who hurt you

they may have taken material thing but they can never steal what’s most important your faith your commitment

your determination to persist in my will come what may you are my daughter my son there’s

no doubt the word I’ve sown in you has borne much fruit and there are still

many blessings and gifts for you to harvest you have a wondrous future ahead

feel secure in knowing that you have my support in every situation you can come confidently and

pour out your soul at my altar in any need when you have doubts or if you’ve made a mistake I will remain faithful I

will never abandon you I will surround you with my presence wherever you are

and you will know it your skin will feel me your soul will receive the assurance that I am there with a thousand arms

ready and willing to help you to give you Victory against cruel foes to heal

you to take away all illness and even to empower you so that when you speak my

word forces of evil will be brought down your life your family your health your

finances and everyone under your roof will be free and will live in Triumph

your home will be filled with my Majestic glory and Supernatural Miracles will occur

daily surround yourself with a community of good people who will also be blessed by the beautiful heart you

possess I ask you again continue as you are do not turn back to the land of

disbelief take a moment come to me bow down on your knees and turn your heart

back to my words commit yourself to the simple Act of surrender where you lay down your fears and burden before me I understand

the weight you carry and I long for you to be free decide today once and for all

to strengthen your soul with my presence listen closely for my voice is

reaching out to you with unconditional love it’s my desire to guide you on a path where you can reclaim all that

you’ve lost let me take your hand and lead you down the path of peace and Tranquility within your heart you yearn

for joy and I want to restore it fully leaving behind the troubles that once

seemed insurmountable I wish to free you from the anxieties that plague your life do

not cling to those fears or hide them away I no longer want you to be compelled by fear to make poor choices

you’ve paid a high price for your mistakes but the time for suffering is over starting today your sins are

forgiven your soul is being cleansed and the chains of guilt and uncertainty you’ve been dragging around

are breaking away my dear child my cherished one my plans for you are

filled with blessings they are crafted for your good and your wellbeing not everything will be easy

there will be battles to fight but I will stand by you fortifying your spirit until the very end if you let me recover

your life Proclaim my God you are my king and my Lord whenever you come to

ask something of me come with confidence and show me your faith your gratitude is the finest off offering you can bring

our time together right now is the most beautiful thing that can happen today so come without fear I will not reject you

your sins have been erased paid for by my precious blood there is no reason for shame in my

presence even when you strayed far and forgot me I showed Mercy I sent Legions

of angels to snatch you from Evil’s grasp to clear your path so you could return to me will you come back to me

tomorrow with good news will you share the gradual unfolding of Miracles you had not seen before will

you speak of the beautiful changes occurring in your life confirm your loyalty and I will listen with immense

Joy this is why I brought you here again to transform your life I do not wish for

you to return to a place filled with hatred scorn sadness and despair hear me now

tell me will you believe me or will you believe those who place obstacles in

your way demanding Perfection when they themselves are mired in sin and flawed thoughts no one can claim Perfection

before me do not lose Faith or spirit because of those who close doors on you here you are deeply loved and there is

but one true path one Open Door through which you can enter and receive eternal life complete happiness and enduring Joy

with me my beloved child I am overwhelmed by the sincerity

and depth of your words Your Heart is Open Wide pouring out your hopes fears

and desires before me it brings me great joy to see you come to me with such trust and

vulnerability know that you are deeply loved accepted and cherished just as you

are in every state and condition your willingness to lay be your soul before

me is a testament to your faith and your desire for healing and renewal I am here to listen to your

every word word to comfort you in your times of distress and to guide you along

the path of righteousness you have been burdened by the trials and tribulations of life but

I want you to know that you do not walk this journey alone I am with you always holding your hand comforting you and

leading you toward a brighter future together we will overcome every

obstacle break every chain and emerge Victorious your faith is the key that

unlocks the door to miracles in your life trust in my love my power and my

promises and you will witness wonders beyond your imagination let go of fear doubt and

despair and embrace the Abundant Blessings I have in store for you I see

the struggles you face the pain you endure and the longing in your heart for

peace and fulfillment rest assured my child for I

am working behind the scenes to bring about a transformation in your life I will turn your mourning into dancing

your sorrow into joy and your ashes into Beauty I am knocking at the door of your

heart waiting for you to invite me in so that I may perform a grand miracle in your life will you open the door and

allow me to work wonders in your midst trust in my love my child and Together

We Will Conquer every obstacle and claim the victory that is rightfully yours I love you more than you can ever

comprehend and I am here for you always ready to shower you with my blessings and Grace come to me my

beloved child and let me work miracles in your life my dear child you will

always find love acceptance and pure holy affection you can come confidently

we day or night there if you feel down if you think you failed if you feel the

weakness that leads to Vice error and sin here you are accepted just as you

are in any state you find yourself I am always listening to your prayers of

repentance and I have another chance for you if you accept my forgiveness and want to start a new come and give me

your heart there is no need for explanations I already understand your need for my

love love and here I am loving you good

morning how are you feeling tell me everything this will stay between us

speak from your heart share what has been buried inside it’s time to let it out after you

listen to my powerful word my Healing Hand will touch your soul giving rest to

your tearful eyes and breaking every chain that binds you those feelings that pierce your heart like steel nails can

only be dissolved by my my power I want you to regain peace to renew your faith

to feel your wings move and gain strength Embrace that old desire to soar

high and reach for your dreams I want you to feel well it is crucial that you

come into my presence every day together we will erase the dark chapters of your

life and write a new story I wish for you to see yourself as I see you loved by me a conqueror Rising

each day with a powerful reason to live live your age is no barrier to happiness

to realizing that you are a tremendous blessing to many able to support and uplift others you carry so many seeds

that you can seow before you lies a fertile field rise and look around your family

needs you Hearts both big and small look up to you the enemy has tormented you

all your life trying to clip your wings and keep you imprisoned in the cell of bitterness he almost made you believe

you were worthless inflicting wounds that seem small but accumulated they bled your heart

dry now I call upon you to believe in my words to reject the

lies and to step into the faith that will bring you back into the fullness of my love and grace here with me you will

always be welcomed always be heard and always be given another chance

to start again my dear child remember that moment when life’s

fragility was so clear and you heeded my word you opened your heart acknowledged

your missteps and with genuine sorrow turned away from your sins your prayer

of repentance so heartfelt to filled the heavens with joy we celebrated your

return to the fold with such gladness now with your faith brightly lit you are

carving a path through the struggles of life it pleases me your trust in confiding

everything to me laying be your heart without reservation I see you rediscovering the

joy of living even as you confront Hidden Shadows within your soul they must surface and in speaking

with me each day you’ll find unparalleled strength your faith will grow and you’ll

powerfully sense the burdens lifting from your shoulders lightening your soul

infusing you with pure happiness listen I have heard you now speak to me I

listen intently do not be afraid to pour out the contents of your heart I love you so

deeply I Delight in your presence when you come to receive my love and to be nourished by my word and it’s right for

you to do so you’re noticing changes within yourself yet if there remains any

lingering distress know that I am here here true there are times when feelings

overwhelm you and you feel breathless inundated by a whirlwind of thoughts but

remember each morning is an opportunity for us to Converse in prayer to set your

life on a course filled with joy free from burdens that you’re not meant to Bear any

longer consider it my child there are more significant matters to attend to

there’s no time to be lost on worries about things that will will never come to pass under my watchful care fear not

for my love and protection mean that you have everything exercise your faith and feel at ease come to me whether you kneel or

sit wherever you find yourself close your eyes with a beautiful posture of

gratitude Express Thanks for your family your work your health you don’t always

have to ask but I Delight in your requests made with trust without doubts

my ear is attentive to you my angels are ready and at my command they hasten to

your side they were created to obey and to serve you you are my child it is to

me you should turn for grace and mercy in your life so ask without fear I must

tell you again so you won’t feel bad about coming to me in need if there ever comes a day when you feel you no longer

need me that would be the day your faith has withered and pride has tainted your

life ask and I shall give you the finest wheat the honey from The Rock I will

open the windows of heaven and pour out my holy blessing until it overflows use your faith I have the

power to uproot mountains of sadness shatter barriers of wickedness break the chains of sin

addictions and deadly habits ask for all that is good sweet

kind and edifying even if it seems impossible if

it’s for your Eternal edification and Earthly well-being ask of me in my

perfect timing with love I will respond and Grant it to you my child type yes if

you agree with me I know your life your worries your feelings I’m acutely aware

of what you lack and desire I know when you cry when you feel Despair and

loneliness which is why I never let go of your hand you need me again today as

you did a short while ago when sadness enveloped you and you called out my God

where are you today I give you a sign that I hear you and I’m attentive to

your needs I’m showing you and though I cannot speak more plainly just yet as

you’re not ready for that know that the moment will come persist in prayer every

day feel my presence and learn to know me I am your father my love for you is

perfect trust me when I say I love you for I do not lie I love you immensely I

desire your well-being your strength your enjoyment of each day of

life I grant you so I will keep insisting and every morning I will be

here with words of encouragement with a message of love to plant within your heart your time has come it is your

moment you were born to witness Victory it was never my wish for you to live

defeated and disheartened I know some may have criticized you made you feel less called

you a failure but their careless words hold no power and change nothing pay them no

mind for in my hands lies your Victory I am your hope today let us end all

negative thinking all feelings of inadequacy everything that brings you

down my holy word heals encourages motivates revives your

joy and fills you with new beautiful dreams that’s how I want to see you with

that radiant smile you’re wearing now your heart brimming with joy your journey doesn’t end here your path is

long but filled with wonderful surprises and good people persist in prayer every

day feel my presence and and learn to know me I am your father my love for you

is perfect trust me when I say I love you for I do not lie I love you

immensely I desire your well-being your strength your enjoyment of each day of

life I grant you so I will keep insisting and every morning I will be

here with words of encouragement with a message of love to plant within your heart your time has

come it is your moment you were born to witness Victory it was never my wish for you to

live defeated and disheartened I know some may have criticized you made you feel less called

you a failure but their careless words hold no power in change nothing pay them

no mind for in my hands lies your Victory I am your hope today let us end

all negative thinking all feelings of inadequacy everything that brings you

down down my holy word heals encourages motivates revives your joy

and fills you with new beautiful dreams that’s how I want to see you with that

radiant smile you’re wearing now your heart brimming with joy your journey

doesn’t end here your path is long but filled with wonderful surprises and good people Now respond to me say that you

believe that you will value yourself s and that you will hold my hand and never let go I commit to loving you forever to

watching over you this holy love I give you cannot be taken away by anyone today

I shall visit your home and transform your faith you’ve called out to me in your prayers with faith and sincerity

and thus I come to you to save you myself remember it is your faith that is the

key unlocking the door to wonders know that my love for you is boundless and no

matter your state I am ever present you’re not alone in your suffering in

need of my healing Embrace which comes without judgment I am with you infolding you

with my tender presence Whispering Comfort without a word of reproach I am the patient

listener always here to hear your deepest cries silently urging you to express

your longing for me for this is your truth you’ve reached the end of your

strength and it’s time to acknowledge your need for me I see the Arid desert you and your family Traverse where

loneliness parches hope and your soul thirsts for love scorned too many times

the journey scorches and you cry out in pain with each step upon the scorching Stones I feel your

anguish but even as you walk through this suffering know that my hand is holding you I have come to Shield you

from the foes that seek to wound you you what you endure now is merely a process of purification just as gold shines

brightest after the fire so will you emerg to gleaming purified of all that

is not of Light Within you I lift you not so that you might look down upon

others but that you may extend your hand to those Fallen to lift them up let go

of anger vanity fear doubt and wavering

Faith look not to to the Past for no joy that you’ve known can compare to what

awaits you from this day forward cherish the small and significant things in life for which you

can be grateful walk with a clear conscience and hold my virtues in your heart

remember you and your family your future are worth more than money cars houses

careers employment fame or popularity do

not fear the loss of material things nor mourn for them prioritize what truly holds value love me seek me with all

your might for I am your provider now I will fulfill your needs shower you with

true blessings open many doors for you and present you with abundant opportunities be mindful of the world

around you negative circumstances can be reshaped for your benefit so do not

despair when You Face initial obstacles that seem inscrutable behind every problem and

frustration I am concealing prosperity and blessings in abundance prepare yourself to manage wisely what I bestow

upon you seek guidance in my word to grow the gifts and talents I have placed in your life but do not be ens snared by

material wealth do not surrender to fame nor be concerned with debts for vanity sake focus on what is essential strive

to live lift your spiritual life to a higher plane dedicate yourself to

learning from my word and knowing intimately I shall reveal many things to you and desire for you to witness

miraculous wonders be diligent about your health and Family Matters procrastinate not I grant you the

strength and wisdom to tackle various situations today do not wait until the last moment when desperation strikes

because you did not heed my voice leading to unnecessary frustration rise and take action be bold

your heart is brave and from my van point I see no cowardice in you no

matter your feelings do the good that needs to be done without fear you will receive much

and you will lose nothing and should you lose something or others grow angry with your wise decisions Place those people

in my hands pray for them but no longer heed their advice or

complaints those who choose their path to destruction cannot Aid you I am with you to assist in everything put me first

and I will not only help you I will prosper you and pour out blessings more precious than gold even if you feel

defeated and weary I will revive your will to live Lift You From the Ashes and

all who surround you along with generations to come we’ll see how much I have blessed you I will

change your garments Crown you with honor and clear your path your home will

be filled with my glory trust in me for it shall be

so I love you my child I wish to enter your home to

perform a grand miracle I stand at your door and knock will you let me in to do something new

wonderful powerful and Supernatural in your life I have observed your plight

and I will never allow scarcity to befall your household my dear your faith is a beacon guiding you through the

darkest nights and the fiercest storms hold fast to it for it is the key to unlocking the treasures of Heaven

believe in yourself as I Believe In You value yourself as I value you for you

are fearfully un wonderfully made in my image take my hand and never let go for

I will lead you through valleys and over mountains through trials and triumphs my love for you knows no bounds

and and I will walk with you every step of the way trust in me and

Together We Will Conquer all obstacles that stand in your path I will shower

your family with a deluge of blessings you have been faithful to me for many years praying fasting weeping

and putting me first in your every deed and thought the time is near to reap what you’ve sown I will fill your home

with abundance Joy vigor and health rest your heart on my word

for all that I have promised you I will fulfill do not cling to the old ways of

living where worry and discouragement were your companions with my blessing you receive

not only provision but wisdom power and the capacity to make wise decisions to

nurture and multiply what I have entrusted to you let it become a source of blessing for others as well be

thankful and Trust for I am reshaping your life I am preparing you for a Time fast

approaching a place brimming with opportunity your heart has been a fertile ground where seeds of Faith were

sown I have seen you carry burdens and face trials yet never did you doubt my

power or my presence you triumphed because you believed in me and in your

faith I found joy extending my grace and mercy upon you now with my mighty hand I

will cause those seeds you planted to grow and and bear fruit in abundance not just for you but for

everyone around you the time is near to harvest the fruits of your steadfastness what I am bringing into

your home is far greater than you can imagine you deserve the best and even more because your faith is precious your

humble spirit will carry you far prepare for I am opening new doors introducing

you to new places bringing Prosperity into your home I love you my son my

daughter how are you today no problem shall overcome you as long as you stand firm in faith certain that I hold your

future in my hands all provision comes from me I am the one who blesses your

life stay in my presence find refuge in my shadow in times of anxiety come to me

and you will receive my peace do not be deceived by the enemy into believing that your problems outweigh my power for

my power is greater and your faith is mighty it is in me that you must trust

not men not your job not luck to bring you the health joy and peace you

seek turn to me in your needs and provision will come but do not merely

sit and wait rise and walk in faith towards your destiny even as the world around you

shakes you will not depend on its whims your strength comes from me

the only one in the universe who can truly sustain and fortify you remember the times in the past when you cried out

to me in your pain feeling for a second I came to you lifted you up and showed

you the depth of my love I have continued to show you every day since then so do not doubt me now especially

when you are on the cusp of achieving so much it is not the time to Halt or let doubt take hostage of your thoughts the

steps of the past occurred when you acted impulsively without reflection or prayer seeking distance from me but I

never left your side I urge you again to lay all your burdens on me let your soul

be at peace today I fill your heart with courage so that you may go where you need to

go speak to whom you need to speak and fight for what you must I will be with

you your dreams will be realized for I am your almighty God

if you have me you have everything you called for me cried out my name in

desperation and I am here to offer you comfort and the answers you have sought your trust in me pleases

me you have prayed kneeling to call upon my name in every situation and that speaks volumes of

your character even though I knew what you would ask before a word passed your lips

I Delight in your prayers they rise like sacred incense a pleasing Aroma before

my Throne stirring my heart your steadfast unwavering faith knowing well

how much I love and desire to help you calms your spirit you shall receive what

you have asked for you and your family will not suffer from these troubles again I will grant you

wisdom growth and understanding and the gift to discern the enemy schemes before

they unfold have faith go out and claim the blessing I have prepared for you I

will place on your heart the names of some people you may not have seen or spoken to in a long time I send you to

them because through these individuals I will bless you and you in turn will be an answer to their

prayers this is how it works my child my blessings flow to all who

believe and seek me with an honest heart I’m opening a vast door in your life but

remember to keep your humility so Pride does not impair your future open your Bible immerse yourself

in my holy word to strengthen your faith and see your trust come and listen to me each morning

treasure my words and hold my promises dear in your soul you see during my time on Earth I

walked among the people sharing their burdens feeling their pain and offering

them the hope of eternal life now I have entrusted you with the same mission to

be a vessel of my love a beacon of my light in this world that often walks in

darkness remember how I the Lord Jesus was sent by the father in the same way I

send you the world is full of souls who are blind not just in sight but in

spirit their hearts are shuttered against the light of my love they stumble lost and Afraid in the darkness

of their own making unaware that their salvation is but a whispered prayer away I healed the Blind and opened their

eyes to the world but you my precious one are called to open their eyes to the

truth to a hope more brilliant than the dawn you

wonder perhaps how you can accomplish such a task it is not by your power but

by mine that you will pierce the darkness just as I spoke to storms and they calmed to sickness and it healed I

will speak through your words act through your Deeds love through your

heart your life a testimony to my presence can be the instrument through

which the blind of heart will see the dawning of my light you carry a Divine spark within

you a light that is meant to shine forth as a city on a hill cannot be hidden I

urge you not to dim that light not to hide it out of fear or doubt but to set it high for all to see in in your

kindness to the stranger your comfort to The Grieving your presence with the lonely you reflect my love each Act of

compassion each word of Truth you share is like a candle flame in the night

guiding the Lost back home to me as you go about your days be ever mindful that I am with you

you are not walking alone just as I listened to the cries of the poor healed

the sick and dined with Sinners I am calling you to look beyond

the surface to see the hidden Brokenness in the world around you and to touch it with my Healing Hand

do not grow weary in doing good for in due season you will reap a harvest if you do not give up the road may be

difficult the burden heavy but I am here with you yoking my strength to

yours in every encounter let your words be my words your touch my touch your

love my love for every heart you help to free every life you touch with my

message becomes part of the Great tapestry of redemption I’m weaving through history hear

me for my presence envelops you closer than the whisper of your heartbeat I am your creator your

Redeemer and your steadfast comforter I know your struggles and the

burdens you carry for I am intimately acquainted with all your ways what is it that wears you down as the

sun travels across the sky what troubles chase you into the corners of night

stealing the peace I so dearly wish for you is it fear that clutches at your heart or perhaps

loneliness love that enshrouds your spirit I see you I see the heaviness in

your steps and the weariness etched upon your face it is not my desire for you to

live in bondage bondage to sin to sorrow to the

Relentless pressures of a world that can be unkind and unforgiving I came to this world out of

an unending love a love so vast and deep that it chose the path of sacrifice for you I

walked among men and women not as a distant deity but as one who shares in every aspect of The Human

Experience I too have felt hunger weariness and the sting of rejection I

have wept my heart has been moved by compassion I have reached out my hands

to heal to restore and to offer hope in my

words there is life life more abundant than you have ever known I call you to come and drink

from the Wellspring of this life I beckon you to let go of those heavy chains you have no need to

Bear my yoke is easy and my burden is light when you

take upon yourself what I offer offer you will find rest for your soul

rest oh precious one that the world cannot give and cannot take

away why do you linger in the shadows when I offer you the light step out

reach out and I will meet you there you do not need to cleanse yourself before coming to me for it is I who will

cleanse you you do not need to wait until you are free from sin before seeking me for it is I who will set you

free my words are not just ancient texts confined to the pages of History they

are the very essence of life and power able to break the strongest of bonds my

words are spirit and they are truth they transcend time and

Circumstance reaching you right where you are as you absorb them let them become

part of you transforming and Renewing Your Mind remember you are never alone

in your battles for every moment of every day I am with you in the Stillness

of the morning and in the chaos of the day my hand is upon you even as you

sleep I watch over you for you are my cherished child now I ask of you let my

love pour into you and then let it flow out to others as I have set you free seek to be

a vessel of my love and freedom to those around you speak life into the desolate places bring hope to the broken and

carry my light into the darkness for you are my Ambassador a bearer of the good

news so come to me my child with all your fears your doubts and your

pain lay them at my feet and I will give you rest trust in

me lean on me and watch as I work all things together for your good I am your

your Shield your strength your portion and your exceedingly great

reward in me you are more than a conqueror for nothing can ever separate

you from my love as you navigate the tides of life I watch over you with eyes

full of an unfathomable love a love that stretches further than the vast expanse of the heavens in your moments of Doubt

when you feel the weight of your imperfections remember my words through Solomon

For Whom the lord loves he corrects just as a father the son in whom he

Delights understand that the journey you are on is not just about accepting who you are but realizing who you can become

in me the essence of your being your very core is my

craftsmanship a unique creation fashioned with purpose and Care yet as

with any Masterpiece the process of refinement is ongoing a continuous

reshaping towards the image of my son Jesus the road to change is steeped in

Grace it is true that you see areas within yourself ripe for transformation places where the light of

my presence seeks to penetrate deeper yet this awareness should not breed

discontent but rather a hopeful anticipation of what is being wrought within you when I call you to change it

is not a rebuke but an invitation an invitation to shed the old way way that hinder your walk with me

and to embrace the new to step into the plans I have for you plans for welfare

and not for evil to give you a future and a hope this is not the condemnation

you fear but the gentle guide of a father’s hand my dear

child as I have walked among you as one sent by the father I now come to you

through the whisper of the spirit and the echo of the word to extend my invitation to join in my eternal work

you who are fashioned in my image are called to share in my mission the mission of

redemption and Reconciliation do you know the weight of chains the ones unseen that bind the

soul do you understand the Captivity that sin imposes on the hearts of my beloved ones sin in snares and

entangles but I’ve overcome the world on the cross my arms were outstretched not

only to Bear the weight of sin but to embrace all who come come to me seeking freedom in the beginning I spoke life

into existence and light pierced through the darkness in the same way my

words alive and Powerful cut through the chains of those held

captive when I walked the earth I met Mary Magdalene a woman plagued by

darkness and through my love she was transformed zakus a man lost in greed

found salvation when I called him by name the Samaritan woman who came to draw water from the well left with a

spring of living water bubbling up from within each of them like so many others

tasted the sweetness of true Freedom now you stand as a beacon of that same freedom in your hands you hold

the key that unlocks the prison doors the good news of the Gospel as I have declared Liberty to those held in

bondage I Empower you to do the same Speak Life speak truth speak love for in

these the chains Fall Away let me tell you about the thief on the cross who in

his final moments found Redemption there is no heart so hardened

no soul so far gone that cannot be rescued by my grace it is never too late

I am the god of ofour Miracles I am the god who leaves the to seek out

the one I urge you beloved to look beyond the surface to see the invisible

chains that people wear chains of despair of addiction of Brokenness do not be daunted by the

depth of their bondage for there is no Darkness too deep that my light cannot

penetrate be bold in proclaiming the path to Freedom let your words be filled with

the same love and power that I have imbued in them that prayer you whispered on your knees holds immense power keep

praying like that my beloved when you think you are at your lowest in that beautiful

humility you are actually reaching up to heaven my hand will caress your head with my love and all of Heaven Echoes

Amen to your heartfelt prayers now go my child and proceed with courage through

your day my angels are with you my love Watches Over You amen my beloved child I

I speak to you from the depths of my heart for you are dear to me listen to these words with your entire being for

they are meant for you alone I ask for just a moment of your precious attention to hear my voice above all

distractions what I wish to share with you is of Greater importance than anything else that occupies your

thoughts stay with me a little longer and open your heart let me take away the pain that burdens your soul and banish

the melancholic thoughts that haunt your mind I hold you close offering you

Serenity and peace like no other come trust me with your heart allow yourself

to be loved I am a keeper of promises and my words hold a profound purpose I’m

here to lift your spirits to bring a smile to your face every morning as you seek me know that I love you truly and

deeply I want you to not only know it and believe it but to feel this Sacred Love within you so you can find

happiness once more I have never left your side and I will never forget you

this is an unshakable truth you are secure in my hands sheltered and

protected place your trust in me completely my arms are forever open to you I listen attentively to your cries

and prayers as you welcome each new day open your eyes take a deep breath and

feel my encompassing presence I Delight in your morning greetings filled with confidence and Trust

you know that I’m here to listen to answer every benevolent request you bring to me it warms my heart when you

pray for your family for it holds great significance do not let your focus drift

to trivial matters when life’s tribulations leave you feeling lost seek solace in me find a way when you feel

overwhelmed and surrounded by conflict I am your solution I do not want anxiety

to enslave you or baseless fears to consume you you’ve placed your trust in me because

you know I will not let you down hold on to my word treasure it within your soul

keep it close to your heart and remember the wondrous things I have done for you in the past I rescued you from

adversaries saved you from the clutches of death extended my hand and delivered you

from Peril even in the most dire moments when all seemed lost I returned with my

powerful word performing Miracles Beyond imagination there are still Many Wonders

I can work for you have confidence in me let me continue to assist you I desire

to protect you day and night do not allow despair to take root in your soul for I love you deeply I want you to

receive my peace and find lasting happiness I see your tears and hear your

prayers for the well-being of those you hold dear often you kneel and intercede for others

yet you rarely ask for anything for yourself your attitude of worship and gratitude is deeply cherished when you

come before me focus on praise and thanksgiving for all your blessings I

take Delight in your reverent spirit so even when you don’t explicitly make

requests know that I will bestow upon you blessings greater and more marvelous than you can fathom I want your faith to

remain unwavering I will fulfill every promise I make to you when obstacles try to BL block your path do not be

disheartened I hold your destiny in my hands you will reach your goals you will

release the dreams within your heart nothing and no one can steal your blessing but your faith loyalty and

sincerity are crucial seek me every morning and as you open your eyes let

gratitude and praise be the first words on your lips do not let negativity overshadow the light that brightens your

days I want you to embrace the opportunities I bring into your life I will grant you the supernatural ability

to see beyond and understand the plans and thoughts of goodness I have for you I know recent days have brought you pain

and at times confusion May clouds your thoughts but I tell you now no harm will

befall you you will not be put to shame you will conquer the enemies that surround you and emerge Victorious

against every threat it’s time for you to recognize your Worth to see yourself as the Beloved child of the almighty God

no one can Prevail against you no one can stand in your way you are already triumphant over all challenges

acknowledge your Victory do not dwell on defeat I will move mountains and you

will rise with unwavering Faith your prayers will be filled with conviction and the assurance that I will answer you

will walk with determination and strength in your heart there is no room for discouragement and sadness anymore I

understand that Family Matters can bring you distress and hurt sometimes you need moments of recovery rest and prayer

taking a moment of silence Solitude and communion with my holy spirit is soothing for your soul you

were not created to live in tears sorrow error or failure you may

suffer and weep but I continue to love you you may think you can’t carry on but

I come to lift you up you will not live defeated your heart is beautiful and

pure do not keep it in the darkness step into the light let your face radiate

with joy and people will cry out my name Jesus with joy in their hearts you are

my beloved child a reflection of my love I have done much for you and I will

continue to perform Supernatural Miracles so that you understand how significant you are to me I have been

telling you that you no longer have time for discouragement or Retreat you are like a sharp spearhead that cuts through

the winds opening Pathways to the land of blessings I will give you I will

expand your spiritual understanding so you realize that you are a parent of generations do not be concerned if no

one notices you today do not be discouraged by the blows you receive even if they hurt do not squander the

gifts and blessings I bestow upon you for everything has a purpose I have have

everything under control but your attitude matters your faith and belief will Elevate you to a higher level Feast

on my word when you feel weak kneel down and if you feel you can’t go on look to

the sky I am there and I also dwell in your heart my blessings are not distant

they are right before you your salvation is at hand your mountain of problems

will crumble your enemies have been defeated now answer me do you believe and do you

love me upon receiving your response I will perform a great miracle

in you here are three things you must do today to calm your soul and banish anxiety one give me your heart

completely and sincerely without reservations or fear my purpose is to Grant you eternal life and

happiness I have never intended to inflict punishments or trials upon you for your pain my plans for you are

prosperity and blessings an Abundant Life filled with love and care Surrender

Your Heart To Me kneeling before my Throne willing to do my will to nourish

your spirit with my word and to trust me wholeheartedly doubts may come and go

and challenges may arise but my written word will be the anchor of your faith providing the strength to

persevere yet if you choose to offer me your heart only partially or when it suits you your faith will lack a solid

foundation your life will be tossed about by the waves When Storms Come and your thoughts and emotions will run a

muck I do not want this for you I ask that you give me your heart and maintain unwavering loyalty and Faith decide now

Surrender Your Life For Eternity and each passing day will not be one less

but truly one more because you will be with me forever experience the incredible wonders of the universe

everything will be more beautiful and better than you can imagine you will receive countless

blessings enjoy a harmonious family and face all challenges together my

blessings will reach you and those who seek to harm you will

flee the reward for those who follow me is eternal Victory which is already been

secured your part is to give me your heart faith and loyalty

I ask you to do this today two raise your hands if you can or close

your eyes and dedicate some time in silence to offer heartfelt gratitude compile a list of your

blessings both current and expected as well as those received in the past

include even the seemingly small things that give you strength and purpose Express gratitude sincerely and

completely even if you believe you have no blessings give thanks for your ability

to give thanks this act of Thanksgiving will bring healing to your soul removing the

blindfold that obscures your vision The Horizon will open revealing the many

blessings that have already reached you and surrounded you sustaining your life and providing reasons to continue and

fight they give you the strength to rise each morning and persevere challenges and struggles may be present but if you

look closely you will see the wisdom and growth gained through each experience and how your faith has

blossomed now Express gratitude to me let me hear your voice and your sincere

words give thanks for life for the air you breathe for your family for your

current circumstances even if they are not as you wish them to be give thanks soon I will provide

guidance on your path I will reveal new maps and correct routes to help you reach your

destination but for now be thankful here and now be thankful even when your soul

weeps be grateful when you are joyful be grateful when your heartaches give thanks for the

challenges the failures the bitter trials look at yourself in the mirror

and thank yourself your attitude of gratitude is powerful today you will begin to witness

Miracles and significant changes in your life because of it three lastly share

these words with others many are around you may appear content but their souls carry suffering and they Teeter on the

edge of Despair they may struggle to find a true reason to live go and reveal this miracle of love

that is happening in your heart share the happiness that fills you and the goodness my presence can bring to their

lives as you share love I will envelop you with peace

Harmony prosperity and blessings free from anxiety or

debt your actions may be met with laughter but the hearts of those who hear you will ache they are in need of

what you have found they need to know they are loved and cherished spread this message of hope

and love understand that I heard the prayer you whispered before falling asleep last

night tears dampened your pillow as you pleaded for courage

strength peace and Assurance to face the challenges of life look at you now as

you awaken to a new day filled with determination and strength you are no longer weak or disheartened you have the

courage to face any giant that crosses your path where there was fear you now

possess Faith where there was uncertainty you now possess resolve

yesterday your legs trembled at the thought of adversity but today you stand steadfast

ready to conquer any obstacle rise and move forward for I have placed within your spirit a

fervent desire to Triumph trust in my power for I brought you here because Beyond guiding your

steps I have equipped you with the strength to confront and overcome any challenge while the hurdles may be great

remember that nothing surpasses my power I brought you here and I will remain by

your side in all your struggles battles and Wars you are more than a conqueror

through my love and strength every adversary that arises does so to be vanquished I have instilled in you the

resolve and determination required to overcome any conflict whatever your aspirations may

be whatever obstacles lie ahead you will prosper in all your endeavors today and

always for I am with you keep your gaze fixed on me and I will guide you through

the storms leading you to safe harbors and Green Pastures trust in my unfailing love for

it will sustain you through every trial and tribulation I will bless you open doors

and resolve the difficulties that weigh on you I will touch the hearts of people

friends family judges authorities so they regard you with favor and act in

your favor do not fear what others may do to you as long as you trust in me and

act with Integrity no one can stand against you or your family remember that

I am with you every day until the end my word possesses the power to heal the supernatural force that flows

from my words is sufficient to give you life and lift you up you may feel unworthy for me to enter your life but I

assure you your faith and humble attitude have captured my attention I desire to enter not only

your life but your heart as well there I will inscribe words of healing and break

the chains that bind you with a gentle touch of my hand your pain fears

anxieties and troubles will flee for even the heavens heed my voice I speak

to you with Clarity because I desire to witness your happiness inner peace and

the Assurance of a bright future when you spend time with me you

offer me the opportunity to embrace you to assure you of my realness my profound

love and my protection from all harm this is the inheritance I long to bestow

upon you believe in me wholeheartedly and accept it your strength is prepared

and waiting for you to lean on it to be clothed in my love and to be transformed by the healing and transformative Touch

of my Holy Spirit now stand up and move forward equipped with the power of my

Holy Spirit when you encounter challenges no one will be able to overcome you you are not weak you are

strong you possess my love and unwavering faith Faith always remember this for those who believe all things

are possible I love you and you will be all right trust in me my timing is

perfect as I prepare to bless you I am arranging circumstances so that when the

time comes you will receive those blessings effortlessly I grant you patience and peace use them

wisely do not react impulsively to situations fueled by emotion do not rush

ahead or make significant decisions without consulting me I do not wish for you to become ens snared or embroiled in

misunderstandings do not strike deals with false friends I confirm through this message that I will indeed assist

you please be patient avoid accumulating debt you have had your share of it I do

not want you to encumber your future soon your life will be illuminated and you will experience my

grace and kindness I will shatter chain and bondages enabling you to live a life

of Freedom independent of anyone else together we will chart A New Path

for you to follow this is our secret something shared only between you and me for a Time keep your plans and projects

close to your heart do not reveal our intentions for there are many envious

and Indiscreet individuals around you they will ridicule you as they have in the past and attempt to dissuade you by

recounting your past failures but that era is is over your heart has been

transformed and now you depend on me you will flourish in all that you Undertake

and as I previously mentioned you will be blessed doors will open and the

challenges that weigh on you will be resolved I will break chains and bondages delivering peace prosperity and

freedom from the burden of anxiety or debt do not be swayed by the actions of

others as long as you trust in and act with Integrity no one can oppose you or

your family know that I am with you every day until the end my word is

sufficient to heal the supernatural power that flows from my words is sufficient to give you life and lift you

up it is now at your disposal you cannot continue walking

Bound by thoughts of pain you must not continue believing that you deserve the terrible consequences your sins left you

you live in a world of Affliction but it is a conquered world you are the child of the almighty

God who has promised you this you must trust believe in me with every step you

take and in this world and its afflictions you will also find Victory I

see that you still spend hours crying sometimes not even knowing why let me

tell you what it is that causes your suffering it’s a deep longing to return to me your heart misses me your spirit

Longs for me and your entire being knows that separated from me you can do

nothing it seems as though life is slipping through your fingers and you have yet to find the peace and happiness

you’ve been waiting for your loved ones seem to grow more distant with each passing day but pay attention for I’m

here standing beside you and there is a spring from which the Waters of

blessings flow it quenches your life and soul removing all sorrow drink from this

water wash away those thoughts of sadness and you will never thirst again I promise you your faith has borne fruit

my word is enough today I have healed you you opened the door for me and I

have entered your home I will stay here blessing and protecting your family and

I will bless you even more than you can imagine today I sense a hint of sadness in you I

see your downcast face and I realize you need strength to continue on your journey with

enthusiasm come with confidence there’s no need to go through your days without motivation or hope after all I am your

father and I do not reside in a distant place where you cannot reach my affection I am here by your side where I

have always been though you sometimes forget give me your hand and now rise I

want us to walk for a while along the pathways of your thoughts and tell me what do you fear why do you no longer

wish to live why do you want to discard your destiny it’s true the world can be

cruel when you were a child your eyes were curious full of hope for the best

in life you offered your pure smile in Friendship to those you called friends but lies and betrayals later

annihilated your hope extinguished your laughter and shattered your desire to

live your love darkened and you stopped trusting and believing in me but believe

me now I understand you and I know you as well as I know the sky just as I call

each Star by its name I know every burden in your life every

wound even your smallest pain we speak the same language and I know exactly what will

comfort you give me your hand and as we walk I want to tell you about a place

where you are deeply loved where you wear Royal garments where your name is

known appreciated and admired in that place a loving gaze

rests upon you every minute of your life day and night like a hungry little bird

your soul is nourished there you are who you truly are the child of the almighty

created in the image and likeness of the creator of the universe do not forget

even if you stumble in the most beautiful place in the entire universe you have your own place just for you and

from here nothing and no one will ever remove you that place is yes deep within

my heart where you are protected you have every right as my child to come and talk to me every

morning even if you feel unworthy do not be deceived by lies with my blood I have

bought your life scratch away your past with it once more I repeat from here no

one will ever pull you out nothing will ever remove you and no one will ever separate you from my heart you will

always be the same to me my little one my beloved child you have not been

defeated you keep fighting and you remain alive you are still standing

because you chose to believe in what I promised you that fills you with Divine and Supernatural strength that nothing

can overcome nothing can defeat you remember these words well and keep

resisting the Relentless attacks of the enemy trying to make you abandon all your dreams but it won’t

succeed you belong to me I protect you with my mighty hand and I defend you

with my shining sword your Victory will always be in my word look at yourself in

the mirror of my powerful promises and be sure that for me you are greatly

esteemed and valued the greatest battle is against your own emotions which

sometimes confuse lead you to think and feel things that are not true and if not careful can bring you

down do not be guided by your feelings do not think that you are defeated by the problems you see do not be filled

with fear over bad news or situations that seem negative for I always have control over your life I transform all

things for the good of those I love and you are among the chosen ones with my

blood I have washed you with my spirit I have filled you I’ve given you the power

to be victorious in all things hold on to me with your sincere heart take refuge in my love always and in this

moment as you receive my word be assured that even your own mistakes will be turned to your benefit you will suffer

no more your family will be well and as the days go by you will continue to see

how you progress toward those dreams you have longed for at some point

you may feel tired that’s normal when problems are so dark that they blind your eyes and you can’t see where you’re

going perhaps you feel defeated but this is not true I lead you by the hand even in the

darkness do not fear my child your father who loves you

will never abandon you tell me now that you believe in me and that in my arms you feel safe I am the only holy and

Supernatural remedy for all all your ills I am your God your healer the one

who opens doors and clears your path I am your provider your protector and in

my hands I hold your life and your future you and your family are covered

by the mantle of my love and today you are feeling my presence in a real and

Powerful way you’ve been waiting for me to speak to you and you’ve come with a humble and grateful heart ready to

listen receive these words and treasure them let them fill your mind and cast out all that attention that caused you

suffering before today you walk with confidence and even if you can’t see me

with your natural eyes you can feel me you can believe in me you can trust in

the Miracles and wonders I can perform in your life and your family’s life give me your hand and let me guide you

patiently and gently along the path of love where my will Reigns the storms quiet down and the

Seas calm when they hear my voice you walk under a protective mantle and your

peace and security are so great that the noises of the night no longer frighten you do not let the confusion of this

world make you lose your way never let go of my hand or divert your attention

each day is a precious opportunity to keep fighting and the problems the

falls the discouragements and the complaints of the past are gone

remove them from your mind you don’t have to carry a burden that makes it impossible to renew your way of

thinking start with your words don’t hurt yourself with what you say don’t

defeat your own land foolish words can destroy innocent lives Tire families on

and plunge many into depression let wise sayings come from your lips words for

growth and edification do not let the enemy convince you that you can’t change that

your future is filled with defeat and problems and that your destiny lies in depression and Oblivion for with me

there are no impossibilities hold on to this truth whatever happens do not forget that your

life your future your character your finances your marital

situation your family conflicts however difficult they may seem I can change them

and if you ask me I can start today I’m not saying it will be easy I’m giving

you my promise that you have my help my support and my power I love you and I

want you to be well always the miracle you need I want to and can make it

happen believe me believe me walking with the cross on my back had a purpose

suffering the cruestv through a path of lashes and

Scorn you have endured so much suffering caused by people but

today I will remove all discouragement and frustration from your heart I already suffered and gave my

life and Rose for you so you could have the opportunity for an abundant free and happy

life but believe my word so that your mind can undergo a true transformation

and a river of clean thoughts flows where there was once only confusion where there was sorrow

there will be Joy where there was depression there will be a strong desire

to live love and forgive yourself I have long since forgotten

your mistakes give me your heart my child let your eyes look at my ways you

will keep fighting and sewing in this world where you are a pilgrim but my blessing is your destiny

I want your feet to walk on the path of my love I ask you again and very seriously this time to give me

your heart today and I will fill you with joy remove those afflictions that have

saddened your face and give you the strength to overcome the things that have been attacking you since your childhood you know what I mean you know

what it is I have loved you as you are but I chose you to have Victory to

conquer to guide others on their path to their Destiny so that many can see how

my will is done in Someone Like You with a simple heart maybe it’s difficult for you to

accept so much spiritual richness what I give you is not empty wealth accept it

humbly and be filled with courage because I will bring many changes around you I am your life give me the chance to

show you that I can change you completely so much so that many won’t recognize you they will Marvel at the

tenacity the strength and the happiness they see in you accept my invitation

give me your heart today I begin a powerful transformation in you your family and you will be surrounded

by Harmony peace and blessings I will rescue you from the

storm with victory in hand I love you and at this very moment right where you

are I want you to feel it your heart is filling with this beautiful and profound

emotion which fills you with joy and banishes your sadness feel as the weight on your

shoulders lifts and there’s a lightness in your step a new found strength to

carry on stand up now you cannot give up now that you’re on the verge of Triumph even when the storms rage and

the winds shake you under my wings I protect you and my hand guards

you I also know what pain is I know what it feels like for those you trusted to

abandon you when enemies pierce your soul with the nails of hatred and tear

your back with the whips of compassionless I know what it’s like to love unto death and give your heart even when met with disdain I understand you I

know exactly what you’re feeling I want you to know that you do matter that when your tears flow like a

spring and your soul is filled with sadness and anxiety I won’t judge you for your moments of weakness I want you

to understand that only I can help you when danger looms remove thoughts of death and defeat from your mind when danger

approaches the darkness is gone and now you can walk confidently today I

have renewed your joy increased your faith written Promises of trust in your

heart given you a new vision a new longing built on my word don’t waste

your time trying to convince those who come to discourage you they won’t accept your perspective they will mock you

again you don’t need those mockers to move forward on your path you are heading for victory they

are headed for defeat they’ve already chosen their Destiny if you’re attacked by loneliness if you

feel you need someone else’s support remember that you have me but trust and be patient for I will

soon send the right person you matter to me I care for you value you protect you

love you in a few more days you’ll have victory in your

hand I’m never late I always arrive drive on time when you truly need me at the best moment the weight is hard

and you’ve been thinking so much about what might happen it’s tearing you apart on the inside that’s why I want you to

give me all that weight you carry on your back with great pain living in distress over the future

is not the life I have for you you also can’t lower your gaze or get distracted

by your worries and thoughts I have said that I will perform the miracle you ask of me that I will open doors that I’m

always with you and I do not lie the days are mine I am the creator of the

nights I see that sometimes you can’t sleep tossing and turning your mind

racing over things that I already hold in my hands when anxiety strikes resist

when it screams in your ears speak to it and tell it aloud that there is no fear in your heart because you have decided

to trust in your best friend in your God and Lord you you will see for yourself

how fear flees and your soul is free from so much fear you can enjoy my Peace at Last live your life fully and be

happy I am promising you that in the midst of your struggles I will remind you with my Serene voice that my hand is

upon your shoulder and that against all attacks I will give you the strength you need to

resist tell me that you believe me and obey me if I’ve convinced you to return

to my word fill yourself with my promises and believe in me in those difficult moments you will

encounter on your journey you haven’t fought so hard to give up now you must keep going I’m speaking to you today to

fill you with faith courage and strength to learn to wait for me even when it

seems your strength is failing from waiting too long stay calm talk to your heart and tell it that there’s nothing

to fear the control of your life your dreams your destiny is in the hands of

of your loving father The Winds of the world want you to forget those moments when I always helped you but I command those winds and

storms to stop right now I love you I will never fail you and I won’t be late

I’m here ready to give you my hand and rescue you answer me with your heart who

loves you more than I do your trials have been difficult I see your struggles your efforts and your desperation do not

forget that you have been very brave throughout your life think of the situations that seemed impossible to

resolve and yet you managed to overcome them all since the day you surrendered

control of your life into my hands you have not lost a single battle so rest your heart and continue

to trust I know that sometimes it can be difficult just to rest and not lose

Faith especially when everything seems to be going wrong and conflicts come knocking at your door trying to consume

you entirely but in those moments my child

cover your ears to the voices of the enemy do not accept the threats of fear and

insecurity keep walking and Trust in my promises you were deeply loved by me and

before you were even born I already had something great in store for your life

never will I abandon a defenseless child I’ve been taking care of your life in a very special way I am looking after

every detail every second I am always present do not let sadness take up more

space fill your heart with joy and keep walking with the eyes of Faith because Victory is

certain and what I have prepared for you is greater than you can imagine I love you amen my child subscribe to the

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