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God Says : What You Must Know Before Tomorrow | God Message for You Today | God Says Me l

race into each new day as it unfurls

before you Embrace not only the

circumstances surrounding you but also

the state of your mortal vessel your

sacred mission is to place absolute

trust in me find solace in my Divine

dominion and unwavering

faithfulness there will be days when the

world’s demands and the Frailty of your

Earthly body seem to tip the balance

days when it feels as if the weight of

the world far exceeds your strength to

Bear it in those trying moments you face

a critical choice to surrender in

despair or to place your trust in me

even if by chance you should mistakenly

choose the former know that I will never

forsake you at any juncture you can turn

to me and I shall help you rise from the

Meer of

despondency I shall Infuse you with my

strength Moment by Precious Moment

granting you all that you require for

the day ahead have faith in me relying

on my empowering presence let not the

Spectre of your inadequacy weigh upon

your soul instead embrace it as a

conduit to my boundless

sufficiency when your own resources seem

lacking your natural inclination is to

fret and worry the most potent antidote

to this temptation is to openly

acknowledge your insufficiencies and

offer gratitude for them this liberates

you from the feudal pursuit of being

your own Savior and

provider understand that in your

imperfection you require a savior who is

omnipotent and Flawless a provider

capable of meeting your every need

access to my Limitless resources comes

through the fusion of quiet

contemplation and its action when you

spend time in my solitary company

waiting upon my divine presence your

connection with me

deepens I labor on behalf of those who

patiently await me accomplishing that

which you cannot achieve on your

own however there is much that you can

do when you engage in your daily

Endeavors drawing strength from the

Wellspring that I Supply I am glorified

and you dear Soul are abundantly blessed

in those moments when you find yourself

overwhelmed by your own own

insufficiency turn to me without

hesitation I shall lovingly meet you in

the depths of your need know this my

beloved your life can remain a Haven of

goodness even when the world seems to

spiral into chaos you yearn to grasp the

reign of your existence but I tell you

this is not the path I have laid out for

you I desire for you to learn the art of

Serenity in my sovereignty to accept

each day as a precious gift from my hand

regardless of its

contents understand that you are not

held accountable for matters beyond your

control embrace the limitations of your

finite existence and continue to turn

toward me cease your ceaseless striving

and acknowledge my Divinity the radiance

of my countenance shining upon you has

the power to infuse joy into even the

bleakest of days allow me to lead you

step by step through the intricacies of

this day as my faithful follower you

walk in the midst of Relentless

spiritual battles even the most mundane

of your daily routines may bring forth

minor scpt fishes in the spiritual realm

therefore remain Vigilant as you Journey

beside me through the Labyrinth of Life

employ The Shield of Faith to extinguish

the fiery arrows launched by the

malevolent one recognize and dismiss the

deceitful lies of the Demonic forces

that assail you day and night rest dear

child in the truth of your identity as

my cherished Offspring in whom I Delight

amen type amen if you believe

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