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it is good for me that I was afflicted

that I might learn your statutes Psalm

afflictions draw us closer to

Jesus dear listener this verse reminds

us that even in our darkest moments

there is meaning to be found God allows

Affliction as a means to draw people

closer to him it can help us recognize

our dependence on Jesus and deepen our

relationship with him Psalm says

before I was afflicted I went astray but

now I keep your word we are like the

psalmist sometimes we need to be

reminded every day through pain just to

get right with him whatever may have

been the form of the Affliction it is

good for us the design was benevolent

the result is for our own benefit this

will be the experience sooner or later

resulting from all the afflictions of

the righteous that we might be brought

more fully to understand what God’s

statutes chire and that we might be led

to conform to them anything that will

lead us to obey God is a blessing and a

favor whatever leads us to secure the

salvation of our soul is a gain to us no

matter what it may cost no matter what

we may be required to give up no matter

what persecutions and troubles it may

expose us no matter what we may suffer

or how long we may suffer no matter

through poverty contempt or toil we will

be thankful for it in the end end for

nothing that can be endured in this life

can be compared with the sufferings of

the world of Despair nothing on Earth

can be compared with the glory which

shall be revealed in Us in heaven As

Romans says for I consider that

the sufferings of this present time are

not worth comparing with the glory that

is to be revealed to us share if you

believe in God be of sober Spirit be on

the alert your adversary the devil prows

around like a roaring lion seeking

someone to devour Peter let’s be of

sober mind dear friend Christians have

to be of sober Spirit we have to be

alert our adversary the devil prows

around like a roaring lion seeking

someone to devour we have to make sure

we immerse ourselves in the word of God

because it’s our sword we cannot fight

battles if we don’t have a sword we will

surely be defeated if we don’t know the

word of God we will be open to many

attacks from the devil it may be a

feeling of discouragement or we are

attacked with lust or anxiety we must

have scripture to reply with like what

Jesus did when he was tempted we have to

have self-control as well we have to be

disciplined Satan is very wise he knows

our weaknesses he will offer us anything

that creates apathy in our spiritual

life and draws us away from God it

includes loving the things of this world

and pursuing them it includes addictions

to sin that keep us from properly

viewing people and the things of god so

let’s be careful let’s guard our hearts

because Satan uses our hearts to defeat

us therefore let him who thinks he

stands take heed that he does not fall


like if you believe in


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