God Says: You Are Empowered To Fulfill My Mission | God Message Today | God Message For You Today

you know of Jesus of Nazareth how God

anointed him with the Holy Spirit and

with power and how he went about doing

good and healing all who were oppressed

by the devil for God was with him acts

dear friend when Jesus walked the

Earth he was on a mission not only did

he come to die on the cross and save us

from our sins he had a mission to set

people free from every kind of

Brokenness and oppression he was

anointed or empowered by God to fulfill

his mission notice it doesn’t say that

he went around doing good to some people

or healing some people no it says that

he went around doing good and healing

all that was his mission and he is still

fulfilling that mission in the Earth

today when you accept Jesus as your lord

and savior the Bible says that you

become an ambassador of his that means

you are his representative as his

representative you have access to the

same power and authority that he has you

are empowered to fulfill his mission in

the earth you are anointed to do good

and heal those who are oppressed by the

enemy is there someone in your life who

needs a touch from God today you are his

hands and feet you are anointed to do

good you are anointed to pray for the

sick as you reach out to others and

allow God to use you you will see his

power flow through you and you will be

empowered as you empower others remember

you are anointed a prayer for today

father thank you for choosing me thank

you for doing good in my life and

setting me free show me how I can be an

instrument of your goodness and healing

to those around me today in Jesus name

amen like if you believe in


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