God is trying to tell you something right now I am planning a wonderful present for you and I have seen your

worries and tears so I agree that I can see you through each one have faith that

I will be there for you no matter how many tears you cry I am planning a special gift just for you my pricey baby

I have seen your hardships and the tears you have shed it’s just around the corner and you’ve been getting ready to

start a fresh massive chapter in the story of your life life because of this fresh plot knowledge you will rethink

everything all your hopes and aspirations might come true this week and you could achieve even more

appropriate success than usual because of this you shouldn’t worry about anything maybe they’re trying to tell

you something because they know you’re at a turning point in your life and want to see how you react a watchful eye is

on you at all times to prevent any trouble from coming your way watching

this film from beginning to end is a must if you want to undergo remarkable changes in your way of life in the not

too distant future your health relationships career and financial

status will all experience significant improvements along with everything else in your lives you need to be prepared

for the fact that this is going to happen in every part of your life that is in fact a blatant sign that next week

something amazing will happen to you in your job after a long period of dedicated work

you’re now on the verge of realizing a long-term goal saying thank you and having faith in your ability to realize

your goals are two ways you want to show your gratitude the ability to be thankful depends on both of them and

they both add a lot to the fun the thief said that I was crucified with Christ before but that’s not correct even if

I’m no longer physically there with Christ who is inside me I’m still very

much alive I was there we are completely separate from one another and not

connected in any way so there may not be anything that one group requests from another my faith in the Son of God who

loved me so much that he gave his life for me allows me to go on with my life

like and share this video to show your support if you agree with God I’m sending my angels ahead of you to foil

and block the enemy schemes the Lord said as he made his presence known since

I have changed everything below there is really nothing to worry about you won’t have to wait long for your heart’s

desire to come true despite the fact that you have not yet set foot in those regions people are raving about you

there huge mind-blowing changes are on the horizon for your life as a result of

God’s involvement the following is what Jesus told his followers who wanted to follow

him so I tell you whatever you ask for in prayer believe that you have received

it and it will probably be yours at some point during this time your good fortune

is going to suddenly improve everything will fall into place perfectly for you

and all your hard work May pay off you stand to gain a great deal from this circumstance and it will last for an

extremely long period Miracles will soon begin to take place in your own house so

you better be ready to comprehend the incredible moments that are yet ahead

God is making up for all the time and opportunities that we have squandered

amazing things will start happening in your home immediately according to God’s claim that I am the way the truth and the life

I have unfettered access to the father I am the only solution to this dilemma you

will experience an abundance of pleasure happiness health and prosperity in your life if you want these blessings you

must trust God that tonight is the last night you will weep fret or be anxious

the stars are aligning for your benefit when the stars align you may have a life

filled with contentment Health plenty and prosperity you will forget about all

your problems long before this weekend even comes since many first class issues

will appear in every aspect of your life the reason for this is that plenty of

amazing things may happen in any part of your life by the end of this course you

will have the knowledge and abilities necessary to develop a grateful outlook on life and to make the things that are

really important to you more tangible since God loves the world so much he

sent his only son so that whomever believes in him will not perish but have everlasting life type

if you take this as true and in line with the scriptures this literally means

that God sacrificed his most powerful son for the arena because he loved it so much if you feel like you’ve hit a wall

due to negative selft talk lack of motivation or disillusionment I invite

you to come to me according to God’s promise I will bring you Joy for the rest of time if the thoughts of Desiring

nothing being confused and being hard on yourself have worn you down to a

breaking point I am here to help in my presence I can provide you with mental

peace endless joy and extraordinary health and I can also alleviate all of

your worries fears and Problems by putting an end to every negative pattern

in your life God is giving you a fresh start get yourself ready to respond more

effectively to Jesus’s summons and make every effort to do so a new chapter of

your life is about to open up for you and with it comes the possibility of more Independence God wealth good

fortune and Authority upgradeable funds bigger smiles and more opportunities are

just a few of the wonderful things I can provide you before the month comes to a close your lifestyle is about to undergo

a remarkable transformation starting first thing in the morning of the day following today this miracle will allow

you to experience a level of success that you have never before achieved your

life’s trajectories will change in ways you’ve never experienced before if you achieve this new level of accomplishment

your life may be liberated from everything that causes you distress and you will achieve tremendous strides in

your own growth because of this miracle you may have faith that things will improve soon and that angels are

watching and protecting you right now things will start to make sense pretty soon so you may rest so that you may

immediately benefit from the instruction you have received all you have to do is

make sure that you are clearing space and that your thinking is on a solid foundation in due course you will be

presented with the chance you have been seeking something like this could happen

as a result of the practice you’ve done inspiring Miracles exciting news

comprehensive discoveries fresh ideas and many more benefits may fill the last

few days of this week have no fear I am on your side be not discouraged any

longer because I am God with the help of my right hand which is holy I can strengthen you guide

you and support you God’s words to his people do not be afraid for I am with

you they were told to stop being discouraged since God is their God for this reason hearing the message and

especially the phrase of Christ is the shest means to get the message and the easiest way to collect Faith listening

carefully to what Christ says is then the easiest method to benefit from

religion God has a purpose for your life on this planet and for the duration you’ll spend living here even before you

had a glimmer of a memory of what you wanted to do with it the time you spend

here on Earth as well as the time you spend throughout the cosmos are both included in this plan if you have faith

in God there will be times when you must allow yourself to fall short of your own

expectations if you want God to use you for his own purposes keep in mind that

God spoke the cosmos into existence which means that all of his promises to you will literally be

fulfilled you should be optimistic about the future because you have a huge reason to be through this difficult

period you should be showered with bonuses for all your hard work if you can find the will and the energy to keep

on I will be eternally grateful it is now easy to see that honesty is

reflected in his behavior as well as his unfaltering cander in his speech it is

critical that you understand this many have heard God say I want you to know

that every one of your prayers is being heard people should take this seriously

it has been revealed to you that your prayers are being acknowledged by God I want you to know that if I’m not able to

satisfy all of your demands at the moment it’s not because I’m not paying attention rather it’s because I can’t

get everything you want right now the fact that I am unable to fulfill all of your demands does not mean that I am no

longer listening to you please do not assume that I have stopped paying attention to what you are saying it

doesn’t mean I’m not listening to you it just means I can’t offer you everything you want in a vision God showed to Moses

God said I will surprise you with my goodness in my not too distant Destiny

this means that God has something more expensive in store for you in the future than what you have now and that it is

all part of a greater plan enjoy some really fantastic Good Fortune unee the promise was made to Moses by God please

calm down trust me and allow yourself to be fully embraced for the most thrilling

journey of your whole life a person must publicly profess that Jesus is the Lord

and privately believe that God raised Jesus from the grave in order to be saved according to the teachings of the

Bible no one can be saved if they deny that Jesus Christ was raised from the

dead sharing this video can help get the gospel out there according to God people

should let their inner lives flow like a Rushing River full of life-giving water

this is the Assurance I provide to Anyone who puts their faith in me since the bible promises it will happen my all

pervasive power can do that task admirably it has the potential to unleash an incredibly powerful and

natural force try not to stress yourself too much about the future future right now I have taken care of all the details

related to you is there anything God wants you to see clearly right now the

skills you already possess may be greatly improved if you start focusing more on them because dealing with

traumatic occurrences could sap Your vitality it’s important that you take it

easy and stop dwelling on the past everything has the potential to go wrong

so you should focus on becoming great instead of worrying too much

having faith in your work and giving it your all are the most important things

the season of Retribution you’ve been anticipating begins this month and it’s almost here good things are about to

start transpiring before your very eyes you can rest assured that your hard work will pay off and the completion of the

project you envision will likely occur quickly as a consequence of the artwork you created you need to keep your cool

and be strong while you think back on what happened yesterday please know that I am available to help you in any way

that I can assuming this to be true you should investigate the source of your electricity tiers Decline and address it

accordingly if you really want to succeed one of the most important things you can do is to stop letting negative

thoughts hold you back there are few things more important than this because I trust you and your abilities please

give my words some thought my God you can stop worrying about me now now that I have all I could ever want at this

very moment my beliefs could be significantly altered by the results of my investigation please take my words at

face value because I believe in you and your abilities carefully following other

people or objects isn’t necessarily the best course of action everything that is

meant for you will find its way to you in due course when God tells people to

accept themselves as true rather than whatever or everyone else it’s just a

count this week you may find that you have access to a lot of power that will

answer your long sought prayers however you must maintain your ability to move forward purposefully in order to receive

the answers your inability to focus on the present moment and enjoy the natural

beauty around you has been a source of contention for you God shows you that

for a long time you’ve been going through the motions you are my favorite so you can count on my help pay

attention to how your breathing system feels doing so will lead you to learn a great deal about your environment if you

ask me questions that will lead you to a place of calm I will train myself to pay attention to the Myriad factors that

might influence your environment maybe they’re struggling with their finances their health or

their relationships they might be experiencing problems with all three at once the probability that a member

member of your family will be hospitalized due to their current problems increases as time passes all of

a sudden those problems seem related to the problems they might be Experiencing God needs you to be

supportive and encouraging right now as he goes through this he needs your support and encouragement after this

call which could have been triggered by a variety of things sure in exchange for

this gift I would like you to give me the strength to remain composed as I complete the tasks you’ve given me and

to steer me in the right direction as I attempt to put the knowledge you’ve given me to good use your assistance in

answering Jesus’s call is greatly appreciated please God you should trust

me and the strategy I’ve devised for you renew your faith in me and seek a way to

enjoy life each and every day Lord even though things may be tough for you right now things will improve for you soon if

you want me to keep on living then I can make that happen in addition I am cognizant of the fact that my current

ability to control my impulses is entirely dependent on your will I appreciate you assisting me in

maintaining my power things are likely to improve in the future even though it is difficult to predict what will happen

although it is impossible to know what will happen in the future this may be real if you maintain your religion for a

few more days weeks or months praying is a powerful way to communicate with God

and he can grant any request regardless of whether you believe it can accomplish its intended purpose or not the current

state of the world is frightening but prayer can help those close to you please

God this next week has the potential to be incredibly fruitful for me which is

why I am absolutely engrossed in it I am not making any preparations to control my level of excitement or Readiness for

anything that may happen during the week regardless of what may happen this week I have no in intention of trading my

level of excitement or Readiness for it at this time you do not require any

additional assistance from me my shield has never been narrow it has always encompassed not only you but also your

family and friends and it will continue to do so into the future listen I’ve

been by your side through every mission that has come your way so take my word for it I am here to support you right

now you don’t require any additional assistance from me even in just don’t Trash Talk yourself or anybody else if

you want to avoid offending God or anyone else he told you not to the Lord your God is with you on this journey so

tell yourself what you already know to be true and tell yourself only good things because the Lord is with you on

this journey you shouldn’t be afraid of them or show signs of fear knowing that

he will not abandon you or abandon you in any way gives you the confidence to rest as well keep your cool and your

resolve strong no matter how tough things get eventually you may come to

understand that God had a purpose for your life from the beginning and that purpose included both the here and now

as well as the future also you’ll see that this strategy was for the here and

now as much as it was for the future to better prepare yourself for the times that follow you will come here to gather

the courage and strength you need yes you can rest assured that I will never

leave you or turn my back on you if you ask me to affirm this blessing I am always available to support you I can be

the solid foundation you can lean on when times get tough remain composed even when things get tough no matter

what I will always be by your side no matter what challenges life brings your way I will always be there to protect

you encourage you and help you overcome them I am the one who will hear your

prayers and console you in your time of need your prayers are appre appreciate if you’re having trouble with anything

I’m here to help you out in everything that you do he urges you to be courageous and fearless because he needs

you to be strong and fearless God wants you to know that you shouldn’t let fear keep you from moving on to the next

significant chapter of your life you will be inundated with so many benefits

that you will be unable to keep up and all your dreams and Ambitions will come true you have an obligation to watch

this video in its entirety if you have any faith in God after you

view the responses your account will be updated to include the terms blessed healed and exceedingly favored the next

three months might bring about huge changes in your life and the lives of the people you care about the most and

you might not be able to cope the protector and rescuer of my soul is the

Lord also known as Jehovah he’s the only one who can save me from this Catch

because I have have faith that God will no more fear for me I will place my faith in him

wholeheartedly God promises to provide strength when you need it even when you feel like you can’t go on so if you’re

depressed and in need of a pikme up you can find it in the Bible even though it

seems impossible I will grant your wish if that is your desire it is within my

power to find a way to fulfill your request you should be ready for some major changes at the this very moment

things are starting to go in an unusual New Direction which is very intriguing

changes are occurring in your life that will benefit you in the long run the

status quo is about to undergo massive change because you have faith in me they fail to perceive that you will succeed

the people who are slandering you behind your back do not realize that you will overcome this enemy according to God I

want you to know how much I care about you and that that I admire your courage has your life progressed to the point

where you could receive a gift quickly you will reap the benefits may your

lives be filled with abundance love the ability to heal and spiritual

enlightenment do you feel like you’re at a place where you can accept something because you’re relying on the Lord by

some miracle he can stop the problems you’re experiencing and make them better for you with his electricity when new

doors open for you may the Lord’s desire and compassion accompany you as well God

has assured you that you will never again have to borrow beg or fight for

anything he claims this could materialize as new opportunities present themselves to you God has promised that

everything will work out just as planned anyone who openly disagrees with you or

your current course of action will face consequences including possible censorship you should should no longer

feel that you are on your own according to Divine I am like a shadow that

follows you around so you can be sure that I will always be by your side

whether everything is going swimmingly or completely arai you can usually count on me to be by your side utilizing your

face sure I’ll make sure to provide you with what you require keeping in mind

who I am and what God is saying to you today is the finest part of my day

because you stress out too much you’re making things worse for yourself in order to overcome any obstacle that I

encounter I am capable of giving you answers you probably aren’t aware that

you might soon be getting some really valuable disclosures however since I am your God

there is a good chance that you do not know this do not lose heart or be scared I am precisely where you need me do not

let yourself be discouraged because of what has happened in order order to achieve your goals I will help you

become physically and mentally stronger a steady hand is what I’ll offer you a

reason exists for every single person in our Lives having to exist in a few

different forms for a few different reasons is perfectly reasonable so there must be a good way for the Bible to

exist right now if people are going to believe what it says about God in it physically and psychologically you find

yourself in a totally dispersed state in the shortest possible time Worship the

Lord and lend a helping hand to those in your family who are going through tough times financially you are the best part

of my day your utmost Splendor is being realized and showcased before our very

eyes your Guiding Light becomes more and more radiant as time goes on being right

here is something I respect nobody or nothing can change the course of Destiny

which means that everything that has happened to you thus far has been orchestrated to bring you closer to the

goal you have set for yourself in the near future and in your vision of your

future self this opportunity will only be available to you for a limited time

somehow you get the impression that this is going to happen to you in the not too distant future you simply cannot bring

yourself to even consider this staying in prayer and trusting in God’s will for

your life could lead to many miraculous events in the near future the changes he

is making might be visible to you in this very moment as you rightfully

deserve you will experience an overflow of Love healing and plenty right now

your life is going to be filled with healing abundance and love in terms of

Love healing and wealth today is going to be a huge day for you you’re in for a

treat today suddenly all of your problem problems will disappear your loved ones

will reap the benefits and important things will happen at the exact moment you desire them to I apologize that

things aren’t working out the way you were hoping but if you trusted me I will see to it that everything works out the

way it should I understand the way you sense and God has shown his presence

I’ll make sure everything is proceeding according to plan things are not turning out the way you had hoped and I

apologize if you put your trust in me I want I want you to know how sorry I am at this very moment the entire Cosmos is

exerting every ounce of its energy into eliminating anything that could pose a threat to you you can expect monetary

compensation for the problems you’ve caused it could be a short while before you feel an overwhelming amount of love

for the people in your life you’re about to encounter a length of your life that will feel completely different from

anything you have ever experienced according to the Lord nothing you have ever experienced in

your life’s journey has compared to This Joy for the day I’ve taken care of

everything so there’s nothing to be afraid of I will discuss the factors that have led to your recent experience

of increased tension in order to ensure that we reach our desired destination as

a couple by proactively clearing the way and introducing you to people I can

clear the way for you to follow I can lend you a hand improving your sense of

self-satisfaction is possible for many reasons that is First Rate data it is

the end of your long drought along with a plethora of blessings love and grace

you will also experience profound changes in your life thrilling New Opportunities and healing on all levels

the answer to your prayers will bring you the highest possible good because they are being heard maintaining

composure and waiting for what matters most to your you at this moment will help you get through this difficult time

it would be futile to try to find them avoiding it isn’t always a good idea but

obtaining it is absolutely part of God’s plan therefore it is highly probable

that it will be yours if that is what God wants it won’t be long until he hands it to you personally make no

mistake your Celestial Watcher is making every effort to establish telepathic

contact with you so he can warn you about possible adultery scandals in the not so distant future it might be a

blessing that the angel watching over you is trying to warn you about approaching Shady scandals take comfort

in the fact that guardian angels are always with you they will now stop at nothing to ensure you stay safe even in

the most trying of times they will never be far from one another even if you don’t feel like it you can always count

on someone to be by your side even if in the darkest of times there may be

someone who is cheering you on your feedback has been carefully considered by our team of workers we are completely

transparent with you right now our whole focus is on pouring our immense love

onto you if you see this it’s a sign that you might become extremely wealthy

in the next to days therefore to reap the benefits of your approaching Good Fortune you should watch this video

in its entirety you will soon find find yourself in the fortunate position of

having an extraordinary opportunity presented to you so be prepared to take advantage of it it lets me take full

responsibility for everything so you better be ready for it to have a major impact on your life in every way also

please give me enough notice so I can schedule our meeting at the most convenient time rest assured your

disappointment will be entirely Justified even though the reason you might be annoyed is because you’ll have

to wait at this very moment your path is becoming more apparent you have been

given this recommendation by God there is no longer any doubt that all restrictions were lifted at this point

things are looking up for you right now and they’re only going to get better from here on out you might experience a

surge in speed that you can’t possibly recover from maybe getting out of this

isn’t possible now is the time to begin receiving in order to reap the benefits

to the fullest extent possible through faith may you be blessed abundantly in

all areas of your life and may you receive all the wonderful blessings that God has in store for you please if you

are willing listen to my requests and respond for me if you trust me I will

find a solution to your problems that you can live with and alleviate your concerns assuming you no longer have

faith in my abilities I will be unable to handle the hassle along the way God

has promised to lead your family to greater things this promise has been made by God to you and your family all

of your difficult situations Financial emotional physical and professional are coming to a close no matter how bad

things have gotten they are finally starting to improve for you you can tell that things are improving for the better

because of these signs when it comes to your life goals I want to see you succeed rather than fail so that I can

give you hope and a future instead of avoiding your plan so that someone can give you this stuff I’m looking forward

to planning a good way to increase your because I care about you and what may

happen to you as a result of my concern for you I have put these safeguards in place in the area you needn’t worry

about being scared or alone because I will always be here to support you because of this you shouldn’t be scared

or feel alone keep in mind that that everyone you come into contact with is

dealing with their own unique set of challenges and limitations in life this is something that you should never lose

sight of even the most valuable members of our team here don’t have a complete

grasp of everything at their fingertips every single person on this planet is in desperate need of Jesus

Christ there was absolutely no reason for me to believe that this became even somewhat possible remember how important

it is to keep your mind and heart open open so that you can make the most of every opportunity that comes your way I

wish you the ability to seize every opportunity that comes your way I have a plethora of exciting things waiting for

you on the street God cares about you and is aware of the suffering you are currently experiencing in this life so

that you can focus on other things place your trust in him and confide in him

about all your problems it is possible that your mind might be free free to remember other things finally keep in

mind that he is standing right beside you just a few feet away no matter what

he’s never Far Away by the end of the trial you will have a compelling story

to tell which you can share with others people may look to you as an example of

how to stay because of everything you have been through if you want them to follow your lead and enjoy desire and

blessings from Heaven they may follow you that way everyone around you will

emulate your behavior because they will take cues from how you live your life

and believe that imitation is the best form of guidance set yourself up for

success and growth by locating yourself in an ideal environment the changes God

has planned for you will cause a lot of Chaos in your lives but they will be good changes God has also told you that

this is going to be a great transition with a surprising and very noticeable increase in the amount and quality of

the things we’re talking about something that even if you could have foreseen its significance and meaning turned out to

be more important and meaningful to you than you could have imagined sharing

what you have with others or showing love doesn’t have to make you feel bad because better things are on the way

numerous blessings are on the way to you if you put your faith in God’s plan he

is going to bring you big grins Financial breakthroughs and opportunities you will receive these

things because they are what God has promised God has made it crystal clear to you that you are the Sole Provider

for your family in terms of Eternal Health riches and fulfillment and he is

eagerly anticipating your arrival on top of that God has already expressed his

enthusiasm for this as soon as the sun comes up the following day you can anticipate unexpected Financial benefits

and you might even even see them manifest immediately though I know this is not what you were hoping for you will

be able to do this as soon as the sun comes up I want you to know that I am completely focused on you please do not

be concerned about anything I will be watching out for you pray that you won’t worry about anything because God loves

you I am providing you with the tools and information you need to become financially independent according to

what we have heard from God for your dreams to come true true you must have faith in me we have Divine confirmation

that I am equipping you with the knowledge and resources to become financially self-sufficient make sure you don’t feel

overworked despite the amount of work you know you have to do everything you’ve done so far has been excellent

and you’ve already closed a First Rate deal you have completed a great deal a great deal of satisfaction has already

been yours as soon as you regain control and redirect your attention to the

present moment take a few moments to relax and breathe deeply before moving on take a moment to

think about all you’ve accomplished and how far you’ve come in your life you need to make an effort to overcome your

tendency to be overly self-centered all the time we are commanded by God to stop

behaving so rudely toward him and his introduction you must immediately cease

such foolish conduct if you really want to relax it would be better to take a few few deep breaths and trust me more

than to keep pushing yourself the way you are what gives you the confidence to think that I am beautiful if that is the

case spending the day with you is the best part of my life if you need

assistance presenting you can count on me to provide it and I might even surprise you I beg you God to be an

affected person alongside me I am making every effort to be ready for what you have in store for me even as I

anticipate your optimal timing and get ready for what lies ahead please keep my

request in mind and do me the favor of your time listen to my plea and bestow

the virtue of perseverance upon me God wants us to be so devoted to his plan that we refuse to let things go wrong

even when things aren’t going according to plan if you think the heavens parted and God poured out everything then God

said my beloved child I will open the heavens and pour pour out everything you

have been waiting and praying for this means that God will listen to all of your requests and respond to each and

every one of them my beloved child I will open the windows of heaven and pour

out all the things you have longed for and prayed for throughout your lives God declared every obstacle that has come

your way I have been there to help you overcome you can reach me at any time

according to the Lord you must have faith in me because I have been your your support throughout you no longer

desire My assistance I can feel it in your bones I promise to keep an eye out

for everyone you care about including your own family this is something I’ve been doing and I assure you I will

continue to do so everything that has happened to you in the past few days is something I’ve been trying to keep up

with for your benefit I promise to use every effort to make this a reality

whatever is holding you back from living the life you want to live I’m here to help you overcome it I am here and I am

fully aware that right now you might be sick or suffering from a major illness

now that I know you’re going through this I feel terrible however you shouldn’t feel down just yet I the

miraculous healer have come to lend you a hand as it progresses I will be here

to assist you the word of God has come alive and Jesus Christ the son of God

said I’m about to take you from being beaten to overflowing with nothing that will ever put you in danger or cause you

to suffer nothing ever can as a result your taale is becoming one full of joy

tremendous edible events and real fortune for its protagonists because I am your Sanctuary

my guardian angels will always be by your side keeping bad energy at arms length and shielding you from harm no

matter what you will be protected no matter where you are or what you’re doing no matter where you go or what you

do they might still be by your side knowing that I can keep you safe and

warm in my hands at all times means that no matter what happens they will never be able to separate you from my side you

have the option to relax and release your worries as you go about your daily activities I urge you to grab this

opportunity consider that wonderful surprises are on their way to you and be

prepared to receive them when they arrive as you go about your day remind yourself that big things are about to

happen humans are no longer seen by God as play things and he no longer assumes

that they should be treated with the decency befitting the occasion it is absolutely essential that

you listen carefully to what they have to say because I have treated each person’s story with the same level of

care as the others it was never my intention and I certainly never needed you to be for you to be better than the

rest of us I never set out to achieve any of those objectives in most cases I

am able to love and identify you to show your support for our Christian Network please subscribe and like our Channel

rumor has it that you can better prepare yourself to be happy with everything that lies ahead in the future if you

concentrate on being thankful for what you currently have the stars are aligned

ing in your favor and good fortune will soon Follow You are not alone in the

difficult times you’re experiencing God knows all about them and has promised to

bless you and your family abundantly while also healing whatever is broken he

continues by saying that God knows all about the problems you’re facing right now I know how difficult things are for

you and I’m well aware that life’s twists and turns can throw you curveballs at the most inopportune

moment but know that no matter what I will never leave your side or the problems

you’re facing always keep those things in mind as you go about your day I

humbly request that you remember this information always keep this in the back of your mind that is what I’m asserting

here as being right although there may be times when you feel like you have little control over the path your life

takes you should always remember that I am in charge of everything

I always have greater plans for you than what you have planned for yourself says God God has warned us in the following

verse no matter what you do my plans for you will always be greater I can give

you the courage to push through any difficulty and the strength to overcome any challenge that comes your way in

addition I will bestow on you the courage to overcome any obstacles that may arise not only can I give you the

courage to tackle any challenge that comes your way but I can also give you the determination to triumph over any

obstacle because of our love for God people will tease and abuse us and God

has left us no choice but to accept this reality always keep in mind that I am

here to support your courage strength and determination to keep going if I

have a chance to succeed in my Endeavors I beg you not to give up now in the midst of what feels like an endless

cycle of pain there is always the chance that there will be a a brief moment of complete Joy by assisting you in

realizing your goals and becoming more famous I vow to compensate for your unwavering commitment I’ll give it a

shot by giving you more energy your presence brightens my day after you come

to believe that Jesus is the Lord you will no longer feel overwhelmed by choices but rather have an abundance of

them at this stage of your life it begins to sound like success and good fortune are on the horizon

however the way things turned out is really excellent if you put your trust in things that cannot be seen if you

have more faith than doubt and if you continue this new chapter of your life with God the next chapter will be a

blessed one I ask for the fortitude to see this project through to completion

and the insight to see the value in its intricate workings pay attention to my

request and provide it I implore you to hear my request and provide them all my

sincere hope is that you will grant my humble request also I beg you with all

my heart to give me the fortitude to see this journey through to its conclusion I

ask that you guide me so that I may always stay on the path that leads to peace and love I implore you to hear my

plea and Grant it please God by the end of this month you should have achieved

significant improvements in the vast majority of the sport thoughts you have participated in throughout your life

generally speaking things are moving along much more smoothly than you could have anticipated if this were the case

you wouldn’t believe how much easier everything is going than you would have thought their current overall

performance is above and beyond your wildest expectations what I want you to

do is agree with me as God says as he speaks to us through all of your endeavors I have stood by your side and

offered my support report earlier in our chat I brought this up and I’ve made it clear that I need your confidence in

this always and in the most stylish way I promise to attend to all of your needs

manifesting may it be so much obliged for your time get more messages from God

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