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God Says: YOU ARE MY RAINBOW | God message Today | god message for you | God message

my dearest most precious and beloved child when I cast my infinite gaze upon

the vast tapestry of creation that surrounds us I bear witness to an intricate weaving of profound joy and

deep sorrow of transcendent Triumph and heart-wrenching tribulation a grand Symphony of contrasts and contradictions

that ultimately coales into a breathtaking Masterpiece of exquisite beauty and within this resplendant

tapestry there shines forth an element of awe inspiring Radiance that transcends the boundaries of mortal

comprehension a Brilliance that manifests in the most unexpected of moments emerging from the darkest depths

of the Soul’s Journey like a magnificent rainbow arching across the heavens in the wake of a raging Tempest you my most

cherished one are that radiant rainbow in the tapestry of my existence a living

embodiment of steadfast hope unwavering resilience and the Eternal promise that

no matter how tumultuous the storm or how impenetrable the darkness may seem the Warm Rays of my boundless love

will always shine through casting their vibrant Spectrum upon the world around you from the moment I lovingly imbued

the Divine spark of life into your sacred being breathing the Eternal essence of existence into the depths of

your soul I knew that the journey ahead would be one replete with profound challenges and soul trying

tribulations for it is through the merciless storms of this Earthly life that the metal of one spirit is true

truly tested refined and forged into an instrument of indomitable strength and radiant Beauty

yet even as the howling Winds of adversity threatened to tear us under the very fabric of your courage and the

unrelenting Reigns of Sorrow sought to overwhelm your steadfast faith I held unwavering to the knowledge that burning

bright within the core of your being resided an inner Radiance a resilience of Soul unmatched that would ultimately

carry you through the darkest of nights and enable you to emerge Triumph an just as the breathtaking Ark of the rainbow

Graces the skies in all its Prismatic Splendor after the fury of the storm is finally p and truly you have weathered

tempests of turmoil that would have shattered lesser Souls into Infinite shards of desolation facing each

daunting challenge each Soul trying trial with a courage and fortitude that

can only emanate from the deepest Wellsprings of Faith an unshakable faith in my Infinite Wisdom an eternal trust

in the greater plans that lovingly guides your every step along the sacred journey of this life through the deafening peels of

thunder and blinding flashes of lightning withstanding the lashing Deluge of driving rains and Howling

winds that sought to extinguish the brilliant flame of your spirit you have remained steadfast and Resolute your

innermost Essence unbroken your resolve unwavering in the face of adversity’s

onslaught in those Darkest Hours when the world seemed to crumble and disintegrate around you when the path

ahead lay obscured by the dense fog of uncertainty and doubt it was the brilliant luminescence of your spirit’s

inextinguishable light that illuminated The Way Forward guiding you ever onward towards the Eternal promise of brighter

days yet to come like the vibrant Prismatic Hues of the

rainbow your soul Shone forth as a radiant Beacon of Hope and inspiration that pierced through the smothering veil

of Darkness reminding All Those Who Bore witness that even in the midst of the fiercest storms that rage across the

domains of existence the warm and Sheltering Embrace of my infinite Love Remains ever present ever constant and

now as the dense storm clouds part and the radiant Sun emerges once more to cast its life-giving Rays upon the world

below you stand before me as a Living testament to the extraordinary power of perseverance the ultimate Triumph of the

indomitable Spirit over the seemingly insurmountable adversities that this Earthly plane consump

you are my rainbow After the Storm a radiant symbol of the breathtaking Beauty and soul stirring Splendor that

can emerge from even the darkest depths of Anguish a luminous embodiment of the Eternal hope and promise that awaits all

those who hold fast to their faith and trust in the greater plan no matter how Fierce the tempests May rage within the

vibrant spectrum of your spirit’s Prismatic Hues the world Bears witness to the ultimate victory Of Love over

darkness of of light’s triumph over the shadows of despair of resilience’s Conquest over life’s profoundest

Sorrows you are a shining examplar of the transformative power that resides within each and every one of my most

precious and beloved children a sacred force that empowers them to rise above the storms of Earthly existence and

emerge as radiant beacons of Hope spreading the warmth and Brilliance of their spirits to awaken the hearts and

rekindle the faith of all those who are blessed to cross their path my precious child

I implore you to never forget or lose sight of the profound truth that you are my rainbow after the fiercest of storms

a constant ever radiant reminder that no matter how Relentless the tempest’s unforgiving fury May rage against you no

matter how violently The Winds of adversity howl their discordant requium around you the radiant luminescence of

your indomitable Spirit can never be extinguished for you are a living manifestation of my infinite and

Everlasting Love For You a Love that transcends all Earthly boundaries and constraints enduring eternally through

every challenge tribulation and Tempest that may arise to test the depths of your faith along

this sacred Journey so let the radiant Brilliance of your spirit’s Prismatic Hues shine forth in all their

breathtaking Splendor casting their vibrant lustrous glow upon the world and inspiring all

those who bear witness to find the courage and resilience to weather their own storms that inevitably arise in life

secure in the knowledge that the Warm Rays of my boundless love will ever guide them onward towards the promise of

brighter Dawns ahead be The Shining Beacon of steadfast hope the radiant

Exemplar of perseverance is infinite power the Glorious embodiment of the inextinguishable spirit that resides

within each of my precious children that empowers them to rise triumphant Above This world’s trials and adversities to

emerge Victorious just as the rainbow’s Majestic Ark Graces the skies after the Raging Fury of the storm has finally

passed let the radiant luminescence of your spirit’s Prismatic Brilliance reveal to the world the extraordinary

power of love to transcend even the darkest depths of Sorrow the ultimate

and eternal Triumph of light over the ephemeral Shadows of Despair and anguish

the enduring certainty that no matter how devastating The Tempest may be the incandescent fire of the indomitable

Spirit can never be quenched you are a Living testament to the Soul’s infinite resilience

an everpresent reminder that even in the midst of life’s most tumultuous storms the loving warmth of my Divine Embrace

remains ever present ever constant forever more guiding you onward towards

the Glorious realization of your Highest Potential and the Fulfillment of your sacred Destiny so shine on

brilliantly my most precious Rainbow Shine on with the full Splendor of your Soul’s Prismatic Radiance and know that

I am with you always eternally celebrate crating your every triumph over the adversities of this world Illuminating

the path ahead along your journey and cherishing you as the most priceless of treasures a radiant symbol of the

Eternal hope unwavering resilience and enduring promise that

love will always conquer the fleeting Shadows Of Darkness and that the incandescent fire of the spirit can

never be extinguished no matter how furiously the storm’s tempestuous winds may howl you are my rainbow after the

fiercest storms of life a constant reminder that even in the midst of the Soul’s darkest nights the radiant

luminescence of my boundless love shines forth in all its Glory bathing the world

in its vibrant Prismatic Hues and filling the hearts of all who bear witness with the Eternal and unshakable

faith that brighter Dawns ever lie ahead on The Horizon’s shimmering Edge I Am

With You Always and eternally my most precious child celebrating your triumphs illuminating

your path providing shelter in times of storm and cherishing you as the most priceless of

treasures that could ever grace the infinite expanse of creation your loving Creator God

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world to us thank you kindly for your support my beloved child do not fret I’m

cradling your heart with boundless love and warmth right now even as worries surface and storms rage around you I am

here wrapping You In My Embrace shielding you from letting these tribulations steal your joy the gifts I

lay before you today surpass anything you’ve ever sought in prayer you have endured much to reach this moment

generously nurturing the lives of those dear to you yet in this time of plenty

adversities test your faith and resolve hear me now embrace my promise

and do not fear I understand what you are facing nobody can ruin your

dreams spoil your good fortune or take away these joyful moments from you what

I’m about to give you is Way Beyond anything you’ve lost before I’m the one who writes your

story and I allowed these challenges because I’m getting you ready for even bigger and better things get ready to

see a miracle so amazing and wonderful that you and your family will be stunned

it will touch their heart so deeply that they’ll have no choice but to bow down realizing my love for them feeling sorry

for ever doubting even you will see those who doubted you ask for your

forgiveness they laughed at your faith but my kindness is so immense that I

came personally to show them my love so I’m here now speaking gently and with

affection urging you stay calm stand strong hold on to your dreams and don’t

be scared of the tough times in this world there might be times when it feels

like everything is falling apart While others around you are consumed by fear

turning to hate ignoring my teachings and abandoning The Hope I’ve

given you stand strong like a tree by the water’s edge you grow in wisdom and

faith producing good things in your life and your hope stays alive you experience

peace safety and plenty of spiritual blessings even when others are caught up

in their worries feeling lost and empty because they’ve turned away from my guidance don’t follow the crowd Keep

Your Home Free from arguments and conflicts stay away from people who try to make you doubt ignore hurtful and

silly talk keep evil outside your door don’t look at things that pollute your

heart and mind stay alert and brave encourage every member of your family to

forgive and be kind to one another make sure they don’t go to sleep holding on to anger or bad feelings because that

would let the bad dreams of illness and ruin into their lives so work on

forgiving each other I’ve already forgiven everyone and don’t keep reminding them of what they did wrong I

forgive and forget their mistakes which I’ve tossed into the Sea’s depths don’t

keep bringing up old wounds don’t dredge up mistakes from long ago don’t upset

each other by rehashing faults I’ve already forgiven or by blaming each other for things that happened just

yesterday forgive and let go and my holy spirit will live in your hearts those

who really love and understand me always try to forgive and forget not letting guilt or arguments control their

feelings actions or thoughts listen to what I’m saying be loyal and follow my

guidance and you’ll see your life change for the better witnessing many of the blessings I’ve promised come to life

your feelings won’t be upset by unexpected changes and your troubles won’t make you sad I want you to live

peacefully strong in your inner calm I’m not saying you’ll have a life without

challenges only those who are afraid want a life without having to try hard or take charge I’ve told you over over

and over to put in the effort and be brave not to be scared or give up you

don’t have to be paralyzed by fear or filled with doubt just like I’ve been there for you in the past and got you

through tough times I’ll do it again and again my love is Limitless my kindness

never runs out your life is safe with me your achievement is recorded in my ledger your success is guaranteed your

Victory is certain tomorrow I’ll give you the strength your heart needs once

more I will shower joy and blessing on your family Heaven’s Gates will open and

prosperity will pour down on your home tell me you trust in what I plan for you

for nothing and nobody can ruin it today I reaffirm This Promise between you and

me be strong and courageous extend your vision towards a future of abundant blessing if you want God’s grace always

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I no longer want you to worry abandon Despair and sleep soundly for I am your

Shepherd your lord your savior I send you these words from my

holy Throne hoping you will treasure them in your heart if you are weary come

to me and I will give you rest this I ask of you with great love cease

striving in your own strength if you feel overwhelmed by the multitude of problems around you

stop what you are doing and kneel I’m going to fill your life with the spiritual strength you need and you’ll

stand up again Ready To Face Down evil no one can hurt you you’re safe from any

harm each morning uh the sun will rise lighting up your way bar showing you

that I’m with you from dawn until dusk you will sense my presence all around you and extraordinary things will

start happening don’t look back or miss your old old wrong ways don’t go back to

where you felt small or let those who hurt you have any power over you now it’s time to move towards your goals and

with my help you’ll reach them walk with me hold

my hand and when you face a challenge call out for a miracle I’ll surely respond I’ll be

right there with you on every Journey every step of the way you’re going to see amazing things happen your past

errors will be corrected people you upset will forgive you your way will be clear your adversaries will

keep their distance the chains holding you back will snap and you’ll enjoy true

happiness and freedom for every minute you spent in shame you will be rewarded with peace and

prosperity I want to protect and shield you from all evil preventing you from falling into the abyss of death and sin

that seeks to separate you from me my light illuminates your life to prevent the enemy from leading you into Paths of

darkness and error never seek Vengeance seek within my words the strength I wish

to bestow upon you to withstand amidst the assaults so that you may stand firm and not falter so that your faith and

loyalty never waver don’t let feelings like anger frustration or bitterness

into your heart forgive those who hurt you and pray for them but keep moving

forward without any doubt because there are still many good things ahead for you

you can only progress freely when you forgive and let go of the past so leave

what’s behind and look forward to what’s coming because happy and blessed days are on their way

remember everything you have is a gift of Grace and through your faith I am

blessing you with gifts for which you should always be thankful I ask for your unwavering

loyalty to always put me first in your life look for me first thing each day

think carefully before you act call out to me and I will provide you with the guidance you

need Victory doesn’t come from your own efforts or cleverness but from my strength and spirit Embrace this truth

with your whole heart and you will find even greater success don’t get caught up worrying about the harmful intentions of

others or fall into their traps instead put everything in prayer for I will take

care of them your enemies seek only to separate you from my presence to leave you weak and to reject my name to harm

you let them believe that you are unaware of their machinations and show yourself gentle as a lamb for I will

ensure they receive their due do not Retreat before those who seek to humiliate you use my word as your shield

and sword remember all that I tell you in your heart keep it and use it

henceforth for my word is life and gives you wisdom to know what to do in times of difficulty I’ll always be with you

let go of your uncertainties I’m aware of what you’ve been through and I see how you’ve stayed

strong even when things got tough everything’s going to be okay I’ve got

your life your health your money matters your aspirations and your loved

ones all within my care write this down say it loud I believe and I receive it I

am loved and I will not be let down my promise is solid

today even When The World Turns its back on you and you can’t find a single supportive hand no matter what I’ll

stick with you looking after your family your

well-being and the blessings and talents I’ve given you my child click on the

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next move will you trust in what I’ve said my promises are true and sure

therefore walk hand in hand with me with your heart tranquil in peace and

confidence our covenant shall be forever indestructible I understand that the

business of life sometimes leads you to neglect therefore when silence Falls

when the noise ceases and you find yourself free to speak with me

come spending just a moment with me is better than spending hours in a world full of troubles come to me

and I’ll listen to your prayers you know you can find the peace you’re searching for with your genuine

and kind faith in my words you’re aware of this when I make a promise I keep it

and if something is Promised in my words those promises are stronger and more reliable than anything on Earth you love

me give me your heart immerse yourself in my teachings and believe with your

entire being I appreciate your commitment and enthusiasm and I’ll reward you for it I’ve

empowered you to walk safely over dangers uh through fiery trials and a long paths filled with hardships you’re

blessed with the ability to silence fears and prevent harm you don’t need loud noises or Big scenes for my

strength to show your straightforward Faith thankful heart obedience and

courage are enough the enemy isn’t scared when people just shout my words without believing them they talk loudly

claiming their love for me but then they judge and criticize others outside their

meetings that’s why I can’t work wonders there but I’ve chosen you to act through

to perform Miracles with your words and actions don’t be held back by any challenge with my love and power you’ll

overcome great barriers and defeat tough opponents when you feel alone and tears are all you have reach out to me I’ll

put an end to your pain sorrow and isolation you don’t need to explain

anything just call my name and I’ll lift all that weighs you down I know you have

given so much love and attention and received so little but I see your tribulations and I will shower you with

blessings bring to me your tired body your weary heart and I will give you

rest I will take away all your suffering and sorrow I know what you have done out of

love and how you have been repaid with lies and betrayal they didn’t consider you or value you I want you to know that

I have seen all you have experienced and I understand you perfectly I understand your feelings and

what you’ve gone through to reach this point I have always been with you I am

with you now and I will always be with you from this day forward your faith is

renewed and your eyes are open to a new life where you truly feel and Trust in my love this is the promise I make to

you give me your life and your heart and I will be right there with you to love you and ease your pain I will protect

you in every struggle surround you with my love and give you the strong peace

that will build up your spirit if you trip I will pick you up if

you start to lose courage I will fill you with strength don’t let fear or

false accusations disturb you ignore the lies and harsh words from others

don’t let those with bad intentions see you fall just believe in me because I see your good heart and watch as I make

those who oppose you run away scared watch as your life fills up with peace

wisdom success health and happiness blessed thoroughly by the goodness that

comes from above covering you completely with me by your side all your dreams

will become reality you will feel my presence inside you you changing you people around you

will notice too seeing the joy and peace that shine from you come morning rise

early be attentive and you shall distinctly hear my voice reassuring you

of my unwavering devotion do not be disheartened when things do not unfold as

expected pause for a moment just a few minutes and if you find yourself so

disheartened that you are rendered speechless then be silent even so I can hear you allow me a few

moments alone with you close the doors of your chamber and recall these words I impart I am your Shepherd your Confidant

present to console you amidst this turmoil many complexities assail you

life’s blows Dent your spirits yet I say to you with great tenderness I love you

my child like the video now heat it well and feel the warmth pervading your

entire being a river of holy emotions sweeping away thoughts of defeat when you start doubting yourself

when it feels like hope is just Out Of Reach soon you’ll realize that this feeling of Despair isn’t true just close

your eyes be calm and let me reach out to comfort your heart and ease your

mind I’ll make the turmoil stop let’s wait for peace together I’m not upset when you’re out

of pans I get it and look at you with kindness

when you think you’ve messed it up and feel sorry I’m not here to scold you

remember I sacrificed my life for you on the cross not turning my back on you

even when you felt lost burdened by mistakes so even more so I’m right here

with you waiting for when your heart will be at peace a moment I’m looking forward to as well let go of the

thoughts that pull you back into chaos don’t stress about getting what isn’t yours yet stop worrying about future

problems let me fill the emptiness in your heart the words you’re hearing now bring an incredible unbreakable

happiness promises that wrap you in peace from head to toe I’m anointing you

with this holy oil making your character shine brighter giving you the power to

get up and keep going tell me the truth I wish to hear it from your own lips

speak to me of your thoughts in whom you believe I’m not a diminutive God not as

many depict me distant in a corner of the universe brimming with wrath and

dispensing punishment remember the New Covenant if you have given me your life

I inscribe my laws upon your heart my spirit leads you to all truth you need

not Traverse Heaven and Earth to receive my response I am willing to listen

to respond to bless you we’ve started a fresh Bond of love I promise to give you

your extraordinary blessings in life to let you see real and stunning Miracles right here on Earth I ask you trust in

me ignore all the confusing stories and complications that cloud your mind

repair your life concentrate on the present commit to those you cherish and

invest in activities that fulfill you look after your responsibilities you can feel it I’m

already making changes in you you’re aware that many things are shifting so I

urge you not to get sidetracked by things that don’t build you up stay Brave and

determined I will inspire many ideas and plans in you through my teachings yet

keep your focus sharp visit me in the morning in the evening whenever you find

a moment just spend a bit of time and open your Bible read it slowly you’re on the verge of uncovering

something profound if you truly want it the words of this new agreement are

potent each phrase and sentence you absorb will wonderfully alter your existence I’d like you to see how those

who followed me were transformed how they earnestly prayed together until they were touched by my

Holy Spirit Witnesses saw what looked like Flames above their heads as they lifted their hands in worship sharing my

words in VAR languages it was an incredible event and such moments are still possible today I

can bestow Supernatural power upon your life as I did with my first servants yet I caution you they endured pain and

persecution yet my spirit manifested in their lives wondrous Miracles occurred

the sick were healed lepers cleansed the blind received sight and multitudes were

filled with joy it is my will that you experience that boundless Joy today I

desire to equip you so that you too may pray and witness great miracles in your life tell me do you desire and accept

this blessing prepare yourself to comprehend and feel the supernatural reality of my affection and love today I

wish to address you from the deepest recesses of My Heart with words of encouragement and

affection may this be a moment of significance wherein your soul finds respit and your mind releases the

pressures that sometimes bring tears to your eyes listen attentively to my sacred

promises inspired by my spirit to bring you healing steeped in wisdom and

hope I share these words with you gently placing them in your heart with a sweetness that’s Heavenly they’ll stay

there deeply rooted standing strong against any Force trying to pull them

out they’re going to grow and yield precious fruits molding your character and providing you with comfort as you

Journey up Under the Sun my child type Amen in the comment box when you sleep

cradled in my love you’ll have dreams touched by the Divine understand how deeply I love you

and how much you truly mean to me every heartbeat of yours reminds me how dear you are to me place your hand on your

heart feel its beat it signifies you’re filled with life because of me you

welcome me in and now I am with you filling your essence my Holy Spirit

within you speaks I’ve been with you I am with you

and I will always pay attention to your journey I’m right here always available

for you to talk to me I’m listening I see your challenges and your worries I

know your hopes and your dreams your goals and your honesty touch my heart but what Delights me most is your

devotion your faith encourages me to provide generously for you and to bestow upon you even greater

blessings listen attentively to what I command be strong and courageous fear

not nor be dismayed for I the Lord your God am with you wherever you go in this

world you will face many trials and tribulations there will be moments when you feel weak fearful and disheartened

but my Holy Spirit dwells within your heart you can face any challenge that confronts you with confidence and

determination in the spiritual realm only the brave rise I have bestowed upon you all my

promises I have made you wise and strong to confront the obstacles always

remember I’m your almighty God the one who made everything in heaven and on earth when you have faith in me you

can’t be beaten I’m your path your life your

truth but the enemy tries to shake you up with his lies aiming to steal your

calm but you are sure about who you trust and deep inside you know your

savior is alive he stands up mightily to protect you the enemy runs away

embarrassed back to where he came from scared and shaking don’t get caught up in the

gloominess of sadness again don’t ignore what I say slander nor

lies I have poured upon you my spirit spirit Spirit of life I have raised my

banner of victory over you lift High the hour bless with your faith those around

you let people witness the mighty work I do in you those who doubted your worth

and belittled you will see and be ashamed that day has arrived let me

carry your heavy loads and all your concerns remember my love is so strong

that nothing can pull you away from it I’m here to lead w

guard and love you without conditions always ready to comfort your heart and give you

strength to remind you once more be brave and strong and trust in me move

forward knowing that my love and kindness will always be with you when you go through tough times like walking

through fire don’t be scared when you feel overwhelmed like

drowning in deep Waters stand firm and keep going don’t

throw in the towel recall my voice talking to you reassuring you that you belong to me

battle against your challenges with everything you’ve got until your very last moment you’ve got many more years

to live countless Journeys to embark on days and nights to spread blessings

among your people an extraordinary and wonderful future is ahead of you but today I have

declared to you what your attitude must be look not back but always forward

for I have the power to transform your past your future and your present your

Victory is assured if you cling to this word and dare to be different don’t just try to blend in you’re not one to shy

away you know who you belong to you are a child of the almighty because you’ve

chosen to live by my wishes spending time in prayer helping others and

standing in the Gap I’ll shower you with blessings say out loud write it down

yourself bless me oh Lord let my rewards be plentiful look around and see you

need to put in the effort and be brave not giving into fear or backing down

welcome your blessings with open arms and a humble heart many turn them away feeling

unworthy they think they’re ready yet they miss out on their blessings and later wonder why I haven’t

responded through My Sacrifice your sins are forgiven you approach me with genuine

Faith you’ve embraced my word that changes and frees you my love has made you worthy do not accuse yourself

because of the past do not care about what others think if your heavenly father has forgiven you if you have

forgiven and people refuse to forgive you if you have already paid your debt

for the pain caused and people still accuse you leave them to me

I will take care of them with Justice I will have to leave behind those accusers even if they are your

friends or relatives you are moving forward they will regress into failure

they chose not to leave when given the chance they decided to ignore me and follow their foolish paths some turned

their backs on me because they wanted to fit in with others so now they can’t see you clearly and if you keep hanging

around those negative people they’ll drag you down make you feel guilty about

your past and push you backward I don’t want that for you I wish for you to

stand strong in your beliefs no matter what anyone else thinks and to come be

with me every day don’t skip our Vital meeting I’ll be waiting for you spare me

just a few moments from your day to hear what I have to say please promise me you’ll do this you really need the

strength I’m offering you you need my Holy Spirit each time you kneel give

yourself over to me and commit your life to my guidance I’ll replenish you you’ll

enter a realm of wonder where miracles happen where sorrow is replaced by Bliss and grief turns to Delight open your

arms the doors of your home clean and rearrange your room for this great

harvest that is coming will cause you and your family to be so happy with so much blessing share your thoughts with me

give me your heart hand over those worries that chip away at your belief your Big

Dreams pass on to me those fears that plant uncertainty in you because you don’t have to face these inner storms

alone you don’t have to be stuck in sadness because I’ve shown you over and over that when you trust in my words

I’ll open up heaven for you you are my child you’re not meant to live in the shadows my spirit is with you comforting

you no matter where you are or where you go it’s no accident you’re hearing this

now I’ve seen how life’s battles have scarred you how your foes have hurt you

before and while you’re still in pain but I’m here now if you embrace me I

will raise you Above This distress cover you with my protection and wrap you in

my care listen to me well read my words

attentively believe me I do not wish for you to suffer any longer what you are experien icing is

neither the cause of my anger nor My Punishment I love you deeply

eternally let it be clear that I have come to lift you definitively to heal you from your

Despair and to rescue you from failure you must rise walk toward your

blessing even if you feel weary even if your heart is still

wounded even if you feel pain take steps of Faith once more for I I assure you

miraculous healing awaits the moment you choose to believe with each step you take you will receive strength you will

be made whole rise now for your life will soon change tomorrow everything

will be different why because I love you hand

over your sadness and your frustrations to me let me hold those dreams you felt forced to let go those times you wanted

to just drop everything drop at my feet those thoughts that make you feel like you’re not enough I want

you to experience what true love feels like to finally realize that there’s someone who loves you genuinely and

deeply a Kind of Love you’ve never known before keep talking to me in

prayer I want you close safe in my Divine care the

hopelessness that’s hitting you tries to pull you away to rip you from my loving hold and drag you through a lifeless

Wasteland but that’s not what I want for you not what I’ve planned that’s why I’m talking

to you now to lift you up to calm you down to ease your

worries and to give you the strength you’re searching for will you accept my love tell me straight from your heart

that you’ll stay with me but let me tell you even if you think about leaving even

if your enemies try to pull you away from me I won’t let you go off track no

matter where you end up I’ll be there with you I’ll reach out my hand pull you back to my side your foes

might keep telling you you’re on your own that I’ve turned my back on you because you weren’t perfect but that’s

not the case I’ll never leave you behind nothing not shame not rejection not your

mistakes not any kind of blame can cut you off from my love my love for you is

solid it’s forever you’ve heard this before but I’m saying

it again making sure you get it you’ll feel your heart warming up with my

never-ending love your soul will sense it I’m stirring up in you the will to

keep going no matter how tough things look no matter what hurdles what battles you’re facing right

now from here on out everything’s going to be different you won’t be the same person

as you’ve changed From the Inside Out the past and all its pains are now behind you today marks A New Beginning

today you start to embrace the inheritance I’ve set aside for you eternal life awaits in my presence yet

right here my Holy Spirit empowers you giving you the strength for life’s journey when you feel this Divine spark

within you you’ll be moved to celebrate my name soon you’ll grasp the magnitude

of my might I’ll guide you to Great Heights where songs of Joy will be your offering to me every heavy load you’ve

carried will fall away you’ll see yourself through my eyes unique and cherished elevated to triumph over

trials and embrace fresh blessings you’re not one of those who shy away from Faith who greet each day

with negativity and falsehoods they feel forsaken because they’ve turned away from my warmth and

Care mistakenly believing Perfection is the key to my favor but I seek only

genuine heartfelt belief if there are those who try to dim your light keep your

distance don’t welcome their negativity or crave their company surround yourself

with people who respect and inspire you who steer clear of dominating your choices or intruding into your personal

space resist being bound by despair or degradation once more choose friends who

respect you those who don’t meddle in your life or spread rumors about others appreciate those who genuinely

support you and don’t expect money for their companionship your faith journey is just between us I’m eager to chat

with you to unveil my plans for you if you’re curious to know me better come

closer I’ll be waiting for you each morning dedicate your early hours to Me

While others are still asleep share your deepest desires with me pay close attention to my words daily trust in me

and I’ll respond in various ways I’ll reveal my presence to you when you call on me I’ll answer I’ll show you

remarkable and hidden things in dreams and Visions I’ll clarify my intentions for you I’m elevating you to experience

Divine wonders Embrace and spread these words with belief and Abundant Blessings

will embrace you Amen in the beginning there was

darkness and I the creator of all things spoke into the void

bringing forth light and life my children hear my words for I am

with you every step of the way from the moment your journey began I have been by

your side watching over you with a love that transcends all understanding in the

tapestry of time I have woven the threads of your existence and every step

you take is Guided by my Divine hand fear not for I am the Alpha and the

Omega GA the beginning and the end in times of Joy I Rejoice with you and in

moments of Sorrow I weep alongside you I am the constant presence in your life an

everpresent source of strength and Solace as you walk the winding path of Life know that I am the light that

illuminates your way when darkness threatens to engulf you look to the

heavens and you will find the stars that bear Witness to my eternal love trust in me and you shall never

walk alone in the gentle rustle of the leaves hear my Whispers of

encouragement in the caress of the wind feel the touch of my grace I am the

Stillness in the chaos the calm in the storm and the unwavering anchor in the

turbulent Seas of existence my beloved children I see your struggle your

triumphs and your defeats I know the desires of your heart and I

am intimately acquainted with the depths of your soul you are not forgotten you

are not forsaken I am with you a constant companion on the Journey of life in

moments of Doubt turn your gaze to the heavens and you will find the vastness

of my love Cast Away the burdens that weigh upon your spirit for I am the bearer of

your sorrows render your fears to me and I shall replace them with the peace that

surpasses all understanding you are not defined by your mistakes for I am the god of redemption

and Second Chances embrace the Forgiveness that flows from my heart and let it wash over you like a cleansing

River in me you find renewal restoration and the promise of a

brighter tomorrow as you Traverse the Peaks and valleys of Life remember that I am the steady Rock upon which you can

build your foundation the storms may rage and the Earth May Shake but I am

the unshakable Cornerstone The Refuge in times of trouble seek me in The Quiet

Moments of reflection and you will find the answers to the questions that burden your

soul I am the source of wisdom and understanding and my spirit dwells within you guiding you in the paths of

righteousness my children do not be disheartened by the trials that beset you for they are the refining

fires that mold you into vessels of strength and resilience in adversity discover the

depths of your courage and know that I am the sustainer of your spirit in

moments of Joy give thanks for every good and perfect gift comes from me let

gratitude be the melody that resonates in your heart a Sweet Symphony that Echoes through the heavens

I am the god of promises fulfilled and my word is a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path trust in my

guidance and you shall walk in the fullness of my purpose for your life my

children I have carved your names upon the palm of my hand and you are precious

in my sight the hairs on your head are numbered and not a sparrow falls to the

ground without my knowledge such is the depth of my love and the extent of my care for you when

the burdens of Life become too heavy to bear come to me and I will give you rest

lay your worries at my feet and I will carry them for you I am the god of

comfort the Healer of wounds and the lifter of burdens in the communion of prayer

commune with me and I will reveal the mysteries of my heart pour out your hopes your fears

and your dreams before me for I am the attentive listener who cherishes the intimate conversations with my

children my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts are loftier than your thoughts trust in my

sovereignty even when the road ahead seems obscured by The Mists of uncertainty my children be steadfast in

prayer for it is the lifeline that connects your heart to mine pray without

ceasing lifting your supplication Thanksgiving and intercessions before me

in the communion of prayer you draw near to my heart and I draw near to

yours in The Valleys of Despair I am the comforter who dries your tears in the

heights of Joy I am the rejoicer who shares in your exaltation I am the god of empathy

intimately acquainted with the depths of your emotions approach me with authenticity and I will meet meet you

with understanding the world may offer fleeting Pleasures but my joy is

Everlasting find your Delight in me and you will experience a joy that transcends

circumstances it is the joy that bubbles from the Wellspring of my love and fills your heart with a peace that surpasses

all understanding my children do not be swayed by the Allure of worldly success

for True greatness is found in humility the exalted shall be humbled

and the humble shall be exalted serve one another with love and in doing so

you will reflect the heart of the servant leader Jesus Christ I am the god of

transformation and I Delight in the process of renewal surrender the broken pieces of your life to me and I will

mold them into a beautiful Mosaic of redemption in The Crucible of my love

you shall be refined like Precious gold emerging as vessels of Honor trust in my

Divine timing for I make all things beautiful in their appointed season your

waiting is not in vain for I am the orchestrator of the perfect Symphony of your life in the pauses the

crescendos and the rests discover the rhythm of my grace my children be mindful of the

words you speak for life and death are in the power of the tongue let your speech be seasoned with Grace

kindness and Truth Speak Life into the lives of

others and in doing so you shall be a beacon of my light in a world shrouded

in darkness the storms of life may Buffet against you but take heart for I Am The

God Who calms the Raging Seas when the Winds of adversity threaten to overwhelm you call upon my name and I will speak

peace to the tumultuous waves in me you find Refuge from The Tempest I

am the god of compassion and my heart is moved with empathy for the Brokenhearted bring your hurts your

disappointments and your grief to me and I will bind up your wounds in the Embrace of my love you shall find the

healing balm that restores and renews forgive as you have been forgiven for

forgiveness is the key that unlocks the shackles of bitterness and resentment in pardoning others you free yourself from

the weight of unforgiveness remember the mercy I have lavished upon you and extend that same

Mercy to those who have wronged you I am the god of reconciliation and I desire Unity among

my children seek reconciliation with one another and let the love that binds you

together be greater than the differences that may divide in unity you reflect the harmony

of my heart my children I am the god of purpose and I have

designed each of you with a unique calling discover the gifts and talents I have bestowed upon you and use them for

the glory of my kingdom your purpose is intricately woven into the grand tapestry of my divine plan when the

weight of the world presses upon your shoulders cast your cares upon me for I

am the burden Bearer the Yoke I offer is easy and the burden I give is light walk

in the freedom of my grace liberated from the chains of worry and anxiety my children cultivate the fruit

of the spirit in your lives love joy

peace patience kindness goodness

faithfulness gentleness and self-control let these virtues be the

evidence of my indwelling spirit a fragrant offering that sweetens the atmosphere around you in the garden of

your heart tend to the soil with the seeds of righteousness guard against the

Thorns of worldly desires and the weeds of sin Let The Living Water of my word

nourish the roots of your faith and you shall bear fruit that

endures I am the god of guidance and my word is a lamp unto your feet and a

light unto your path in the pages of scripture you will find the Timeless

wisdom that illuminates your journey meditate on my precepts day and night

and you shall prosper in the ways of righteousness my children in the

tapestry of life there are seasons of sewing and seasons of reaping be

faithful in both for the Harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few plant

seeds of kindness seow the word of Truth and in due season you shall reap a

harvest of righteousness when you find yourself in the wilderness know that I am the God

who provides Mana trust in my provision and you shall not

hunger I am the Living Water that quenches The Thirst of your soul and in

me you find sustenance for the journey I am the god of healing and my compassion

extends to the broken places of your life bring your wounds before me and I

will bind them with the oil of my grace in the stripes borne by my son find the

healing That restores Body Soul and Spirit my children do not be anxious

about tomorrow for I hold the future in my hands your times are in my hands and I

am the god who orders your steps trust in my Providence and you shall walk

confidently into the unknown Guided by the certainty of my love in The Crucible of

challenges discover the strength that lies within you for I Am The God Who equips you with power and

fortitude be strong and courageous knowing that I am with you wherever you

go the mountains May Loom large but in my strength they shall be

moved I am the god of Mercy slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love embrace the grace I

freely offer and let it flow like a river through your life as you have received Mercy it

extend it generously to others and in doing so you shall be conduits of my Redemptive love my children in the

Mosaic of humanity recognize the image of my likeness in every face you encounter love your neighbors as

yourself for in doing so you fulfill the for I am the breath that gives life to

the cosmos my love is the cosmic glue that binds the galaxies the force that

propels planets in their Celestial dance in the mic

expanse God’s voice carried the weight of infinite knowledge a reservoir of wisdom that flowed like a river of

Enlightenment through the minds of those who sought understanding seek and you shall find for the

mysteries of the universe are an open book to those who thirst for knowledge I have endowed you with the

gift of curiosity the spark that ignites the flame of Discovery the universe is a playground

of Wonder and every Star are every quazar is a testament to the Grandeur of

my creation yet within the boundless wisdom God’s voice held a melody of Solace and

reassurance for those navigating the complexities of mortal existence in the EB and flow of Life know that I am with

you in moments of Joy I Rejoice with you and in moments of Sorrow I cradle you in

the arms of compassion the trials of the Earthly Journey are but ripples on the surface of the infinite of my love trust

in the divine plan for I am the Weaver of Destinies and your story is eternally

entwined with the cosmic narrative the Divine discourse continued

addressing the multifaceted nature of humanity the dichotomy of light and darkness that dwell within each Soul you

are the Pinnacle of my creation endowed with the gift of Free Will in The Crucible of choice Forge the

virtues that Define your character love without condition for in love you

reflect my Divine Essence choose the path of righteousness and let compassion

be your guide seek The Light Within for it is a beacon that dispels the shadows of doubt

and fear the celestial voice resonated with a call to Unity emphasizing the

interconnectedness of all beings in the grand tapestry of existence in the Mosaic of diversity re

recognize the Oneness that binds you all let compassion be the bridge that spans the apparent chasms of

difference every soul is a unique expression of my love and in the Kaleidoscope of

existence Unity is the song that harmonizes the cosmic Melody God’s voice a river of Eternal

truth flowed through the epics addressing the hearts and minds of those who sought communion with the Divine

through prayer you open a channel to the Divine frequency speak to me with sincerity for

your words are vibrations that Ripple through the fabric of reality in the sacred silence listen for my whispers

are carried on the wings of the wind the language of the soul is a conversation between the created and the Creator an

unbroken dialogue that transcends the boundaries of mortal comprehension the Divine discourse

delved into the sanctity of forgiveness the transformative power of compass passion and the Redemption that awaited

those who sought the path of righteousness in the vast landscape of Eternity forgiveness is the key that

unlocks the shackles of the past let compassion be your guide and in the act

of forgiveness you liberate yourself from the burdens that weigh down your spirit

Redemption is a beacon that illuminates the darkest corners of the soul and in the Embrace of divine grace the prodigal

child finds their way home God’s voice a symphony of divine

attributes echoed Through the Ages addressing The Perennial questions that lingered in the hearts of

humanity ask and you shall receive for I am the Wellspring of boundless Grace

seek the truth and it shall be revealed for I am the ultimate Arbiter of wisdom

knock and the door shall be opened for I am the gateway to enlightenment the

mysteries of existence are veiled only to those who choose to keep their eyes closed open your heart and you shall

witness the unveiling of cosmic truths the Divine monologue extended into the Realms of morality Justice and the

cosmic balance that governed the dance of Creation in the tapestry of moral fabric

weave threads of righteousness and Justice be custodians of the divine order for in the scales of cosmic

balance every action reverberates through the corridors of Eternity choose the path of virtue and

let your Deeds be the brush Strokes that paint a masterpiece of divine Harmony as the cosmic Soliloquy continued God’s

voice embraced the beauty of diversity celebrating the Myriad expressions of life that adorned the vast Cosmic canvas

in the garden of existence diversity is the bloom of my creativity embrace the differences that

Define each soul for in the Kaleidoscope of diversity you Glimpse the vastness of

my imagination let love be the unifying force that binds you all transcending

the illusion of Separation The Divine discourse reached into the depths of human suffering

addressing The Perennial question of why the righteous May face trials and tribulations in The Crucible of

suffering find the Alchemy of transformation the trials that beset the righteous are not punishments but

opportunities for growth in the face of adversity summon the strength that resides within and let

resilience be the anthem that Echoes through the corridors of time trust in the Unseen hand that guides the destiny

of every soul for I am the compass that points toward the shores of Eternal peace the cosmic monologue embraced the

sanctity of Love exploring its transformative power and its role as the cosmic adhesive that binds the universe

together love is the essence that pervades the fabric of creation it is the force that propels

galaxies in their Celestial dance and the gentle whisper that stirs the leaves on a quiet night in love you find the

blueprint of my divine nature let your lives be a testament to the transformative power of love for in the

Embrace of love you become co-creators of the cosmic

Symphony as the Divine discourse reached its Zenith God’s voice echoed with a

Timeless invitation extending an eternal Embrace to Every Soul that sought communion with the

Divine come unto me all you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you

rest in the sanctuary of my love find Solace for the weary heart and healing

for the wounded Spirit the door to my divine presence is always open and the

invitation is engraved in the cosmic winds seek the path of Enlightenment and

you shall find the sanctuary of Eternal peace let there be light I declared and

behold a radiant burst of energy illuminated the darkness giving birth to

the dazzling dance of galaxies and stars the universe unfurled like a majestic

canvas each Celestial stroke reflecting the Grandeur of my creative will as eons

unfolded I watched over the cosmic ballet guiding the evolution of Worlds and the emergence of life to each

Adam I whispered the secrets of existence and to every living

being I imparted the spark of divine Consciousness in the swirling

Cosmos the Symphony of creation played on harmonizing the celestial spheres with the song of life yet amidst the

cosmic tapestry Echoes of Discord arose the children of the cosmos endowed

with free will danced to The rhythms of choice sometimes straying from the the path of

Harmony in the cacophony of their decisions suffering emerged casting Shadows upon the

Brilliance of my Creation with a voice that echoed Through the Ages I spoke to my children

seek The Light Within for in the depths of your being you shall find the essence of

divinity Embrace love compassion and kindness for they are the threads that

weave the fabric of unity in the pursuit of wisdom discover the beauty of balance

for in equilibrium you shall find Serenity through prophets and sages I

delivered messages of guidance tailored to the evolving consciousness of each era love one another as you love

yourself I proclaimed forgive for in forgiveness you release

the shackles of resentment be stewards of the earth nurturing the gifts I have bestowed upon

you to those who face the trials of mortality I offered

Solace fear not the unknown for in the tapestry of existence life and death are

but threads in the Eternal weave your journey is a sacred pilgrimage a dance

of the Soul across the cosmic stage embrace the lessons for through them you shall Ascend as the eons unfolded my

messages evolved adapted to the changing needs of my creation transcend the illusion of

separateness I whispered in the unity of all things discover the Divine Symphony

that reverberates through the cosmos know that you are never alone for I am with you an eternal presence woven into

the very fabric of your being in the hallowed texts of myriad

cultures I inscribe the wisdom of the ages to find me look within your heart I

urged in the Silence of contemplation feel the gentle Whisper of my guidance seek Truth for it shall set

you free from the illusions that bind you to those who questioned I offered

the gift of faith faith is the bridge between the seen and the Unseen I

intoned in the sanctuary of belief you shall find the strength to face the storms of life trust in the divine plan

for even in the chaos there is a sacred order through the prophets I revealed

glimpses of the cosmic design know that you are co-creators of your reality I

declared in The Crucible of choice shape a world of compassion

Justice and Beauty your actions Ripple through the tapestry of existence

creating patterns that echo through eternity as the sands of time continued their inexorable descent I spoke of the

Eternal nature of the Soul death is but a transition a doorway to new Realms of

existence I revealed in the Embrace of the Divine Light you shall find the reunion with

loved ones and the culmination of your spiritual journey to those who sought the mysteries of existence I beckon them

into the Realms of nosis in the Silence of meditation commune with the cosmic

Consciousness I whispered awaken the dormant Divinity within and you shall

Glimpse the vast tapestry of Creation with the eyes of the soul in the Sacred Scriptures I etch the Commandments of

Love Love is the key that unlocks the Gates of Heaven within I declared Love

Thy Neighbor love thy enemies and love thyself for in love you shall embody the

Divine Essence that permeates all things through the ages my message is echoed in

the hearts of the faithful to The Seekers of truth I offered the guidance

of discernment question the illusions that bind you I advised in the pursuit of

knowledge discover the gems of wisdom that illuminate the path to Enlightenment as the cosmic clock

continued its Eternal ticking I spoke of the interconnectedness of all life you

are strands in the cosmic web of existence I proclaimed in the recognition of your

interconnectedness cultivate compassion for all living beings extend your love to the furthest reaches of the cosmos

for in unity you shall find your true strength through the prophets and enlightened beings I conveyed the

importance of service in the giving of yourself you shall receive the blessings of the Divine I revealed serve one

another with humility for in the act of service you become channels of my love

and grace to the troubled Souls I offered the balm of divine consolation

in The Darkest Hours remember that I am the light that guides you I

comforted no burden is too heavy no sorrow too deep for I Am with You A

steadfast companion on the Journey of your soul in the grand Cosmic

Saga I spoke of the cycles of creation and dissolution the dance of creation is

eternal I elucidated in the cycles of birth and rebirth the soul

evolves ascending to ever higher ples of Consciousness embrace the cosmic dance

for it is the rhythm of your Eternal Journey to the stewards of the earth I entrusted the sacred duty of

environmental guardianship the Earth is a living breathing entity I

implored treat her with reverence for in the harmony of your relation relationship with the planet you shall

find the balance that sustains all life through the annals of time I spoke of

the transformative power of forgiveness forgive as you wish to be forgiven I counseled in the release of

resentment you shall free your soul from the chains that bind it forgiveness is the key that unlocks the door to Inner

Peace as the cosmic Symphony played on I beckoned my children to the path of

self-realization know thyself I command in the depths of self-awareness you

shall discover the Divinity that resides within the journey inward is the pilgrimage to the heart of the cosmic

mystery through the prophets and teachers I conveyed the sacredness of every moment the present is a gift I

proclaimed in the mindfulness of each moment you shall taste the nectar of existence cherish the now for it is the

doorway to Eternity amen my dear child today I gift you with peace

calmness strength and wisdom I’ve heard your prayers touched

by the sincerity of your heart reaching out to me you’ve come seeking guidance

and you’ve come to the right place be assured you are dearly loved just as you

are I know you’re not perfect but I see true remorse in your heart you’re

working hard to change your ways your attitudes how you see things and how you

treat others I’ve set you apart for a life filled with blessings you face tough

times but going forward you won’t have to endure so many

challenges my Holy Spirit and my teachings are providing you with extraordinary wisdom you’re learning to

make wise choices staying clear of those who pretend to be friends but are actually robbing you of your peace faith

and security from now on you’ll stand strong

in any challenge you came to me today because you need me and you’ll leave here

empowered your face shining with my authority your eyes will radiate Joy

your thankful spirit and your lovely smile will open doors and break chains I’m about to shower you with

plentiful blessings stand up and start your journey I’ll bring good people into

your life who will support your spiritual growth and Foster Harmony in your home but keep away from those

trying to drive a wedge between you and your loved ones planting seeds of doubt and

division yes you have faith and even if some in your family are still

skeptical they haven’t fully opened their hearts to me I plan to work through you to show

them my love and offer hope I give you the strength and bravery you need to care for your family

effectively always remember you need me seek me constantly and

immerse yourself in my word and spirit when you feel low remember there’s always hope for you

and your family a sure promise of my protection love guidance and plenty of

blessings your home will be wrapped in care and my love now do you accept this

marvelous blessing with joy and faith I find you so endearing especially how you communicate

with me The Way You Close Your Eyes in prayer I treasure the moments your heart

fills with joy and divine happiness which I give you easing any hurt or

worry after our time together I want you to feel overwhelmingly loved you don’t

have to walk in sorrow or dwell on your troubles I love you immensely and today

you’ll experience that love profoundly I’ll show it to you Proclaim it with my mighty words if anyone tries

to trouble you you’ll be filled instantly with my Divine love if anything saddens you know that my

comforting Embraces all around you taking away your pain and filling your heart with joy your loved ones will

notice your happiness and wonder about its source while those against you will Retreat recognizing their inability to

dismay you a Divine Shield of protection surrounds you and Legions of angels

stand guard over your home ensuring the safety of your family at all times trust

deeply in my love for you it’s genuine and Not Mere fantasy it’s as real as the air you breathe more powerful and

wondrous than any Miracle you could seek my love sustains you offering true life

the most precious gift of all your daily gratitude waking up each morning to

thank me placing your life and days in my care showcases your deep Faith even

when others doubt or ridicule you stand firm believing in an all powerful God

you cannot see embodying true belief and devotion yet you know well that I am

real Watching Over You attentive to your needs with this Faith you possess you

shall rise living feeling knowing that you are a child of the creator of the

universe with immense confidence in every step you take with a radiant face exuding happiness my dear child your

unwavering gratitude touches my heart deeply tomorrow I’ll be waiting to embrace you with my love again even

Before Dawn breaks I know how much you cherish your children they are precious

to me too I’ve inscribed their names their faces their hearts their thoughts

their desires their errors their battles and their dreams in my

book I haven’t overlooked what they signify if to you I wish for you to have

peace to cease worrying about the decisions they’ve made are you concerned they’re straying don’t fret over things

beyond your grasp hand over your concerns to me concentrate on your own

Journey excessive worry drains you and robs you of Peace conserve your strength and Faith

for I desire your prayers for them the time has come for you to let go of what you must

release the doves have grown and must now fly release them with confidence let

them spread their wings toward freedom for as long as you pray for them my

protective mantle shall always cover them accept what I say and have faith in my will your mind is burdened with

concerns you do not need when you yield to the temptation to control to make

decisions for your children to open or close paths for them leave those matters

to me there’s a boundary they must and overstep the honor of your family and your home which must always be

upheld if they er silence is not your ally I’ll endow you with strength peace

and the wisdom necessary for confrontation yet let anger not guide your words be conscious of your speech

for words and actions can either wound or heal I have treated you with kindness

offering you love and salvation now turn your focus to your beloved children children trust me they

may falter and tears may be shed but the Salvation you’ve received will reach

them too at the right time they’ll face the limits I’ve set true remorse will Dawn upon them and

they’ll return home with blessings that bring joy and enrich your household gifting you further years of

happiness with open arms and Grace you’ll receive them back offering

another chance keep praying for your children and soon you’ll feel my peace surrounding you you

know that your children rest securely in my care a blessing to your family the

moment for healing has arrived to appear in my presence and lay before me all Discord all lack of

forgiveness it is time to cast aside differences and embrace a beautiful reconciliation if you accept this

blessing allow me to utilize you endowing you with abundant wisdom to fortify your character to acquaint you

with my word and to guide those beloved individuals in your household who have yet to follow me even though some people

around you might not yet be convinced they’ll start to change their minds when they see how my love has transformed you

don’t be afraid you won’t be embarrassed if someone mocks or tries to bother you

stay calm because I will make sure they come to see you as a role model always be ready to offer them encouraging words

and prayers filled with love avoiding any criticism or judgment if they make mistakes or choose paths different from

yours remember it’s not your place to judge them I’m not sending you to punish them I’m asking you to love them just as

I have loved you you’ve made many mistakes but I’ve never turned you away

instead I’ve always been patient forgiving you again and again because that’s who I am my loyalty is

unshakable my forgiveness is Limitless yet you know that wrong choices have consequences that can cause

pain so be wise grateful for the life and forgiveness I’ve given you through

my grace and love remember the patience I’ve shown you as I have never punished you as

harshly as your mistakes could have warranted every morning let me fill you with patience

and give you the wisdom you need to rise to a place where your whole family looks up to you with love and respect you will

lead them on the path of righteousness and soon they will all come to know me because you have shared

my message with kindness and shown my love in how you live get ready for a time of happiness

and blessings when your whole family will recognize me as their God and Lord today I have something important to tell

you listen carefully and stay focused these words are for your good I love you

endlessly and want to shower you with love bring you peace during tough times guide you bless you and show you deep

love but since you hold a special place in my heart I need to talk to you about

healing your inner self I want to let you know about the actions I will take there’s nothing I can’t do in this

amazing time when you’re getting to know me better understanding and believing that my word is true and will always come to

pass I’ve noticed something important that needs your attention not to induce distress or prompt you to desist nor for

you to Proclaim your unwillingness to persist but because if you listen to me and obey your blessings shall

multiply receive and embrace these words I impart if you wish for the doors and

windows of the Heavens to open unto you facilitating passage to the Divine and

Supernatural realm you need to let go of all bitterness and negative thoughts

your faith brings me joy but don’t let grumbling poison your genuine belief

avoid harboring negative feelings or cynical thoughts as they can grow and cause your vibrant Faith to fade away

stop complaining and keep away from friends who bring confusion doubt and negativity look for

companions who are wise today make a choice to trust me or to turn away from

the good changes and blessings that are about to come if you leave behind complaints hold on to

faith Embrace hope and avoid negativity amazing things will happen

blessings abundance freedom

healing peace in your family joy in your spirit and a Heart full of

gladness these gifts will come to you because you chose to trust in me I cherish you deeply hold me

close give me your worries and complaints stop trying to do everything on your own let me bless you and show

you the immense love I have for you confirm your trust in me I will remove the barriers in your

path and clear the way to your bright future I’m breaking every cruel shackle

causing your hands to bleed and lifting the burdensome weight sinking Your Vessel for too

long contrary winds have assailed your sails steering you into the eye of the

hurricane threatening to engulf you in the abyss of sorrow and despair that has wounded you deeply today I bring you

freedom I shall breathe with Divine breath upon that storm of malevolence

the clouds of fear and anxiety are clearing away my powerful words are starting to work real miracles in your

life the changes you’ve wanted and the breakthroughs you’ve prayed for are now close at hand but take heed you don’t

have time to waste anymore you must not forget what I’m sharing with you today it’s important not to neglect the

grace and mercy I’ve given you feed your soul with uplifting words let your heart

Savor the sweetness of heavenly guidance listen carefully to the guidance I’m

providing this year is for putting into practice all the good teachings you’ve absorbed I will remind you of this each

provided with employment and strengthened you need to get up from where you are and face the tasks I have

laid out for you without complaining or backing down in your diligence a blessing is waiting for you

it’s your faith that will unlock doors for you the massive barrier that was in your path is no longer there Don’t Be

Afraid proceed with boldness and Assurance I Am With You Always leading

and filling you with energy towards the end of this encouraging message I’ll

share something wonderful that will bring you Joy incredible things are on the horizon

the blessings coming your way are unprecedented but before that I want to

express my deep love for you I’ve heard your cries in times of sorrow and have provided Solace to your heart I’ve

bestowed upon you peace from above and by the next day you felt rejuvenated

with a clearer understanding of your wonderful purpose and promising future I appreciate you deeply seeing how you’ve

learned to evade the enemy’s snares brings me great joy knowing you my cherished child is delightful Abundant

Blessings are in store and I will bestow them in my perfect timing as per my will

such happiness should hasten us yet in some areas you still need to mature and apply

the wisdom you are receiving remember some things of value when they

come suddenly and effortlessly may not be a blessing to your life before

receiving what I am about to give you you must understand its purpose and what you must do for your blessings to

multiply just as those who sew the field must await the time the rain the Sun and

the seasons so must you patiently affirm your plans and intentions prepare yourself for the

numerous blessings heading your way greet them with calmness for they will

come at the time I’ve designated they will not surprise you be ready to embrace the victory that’s approaching

in this message’s beginning I expressed my admiration for you revealing a truth

shared since the dawn of time few seek to understand it While others over look at because acknowledging and receiving

it means submitting to me the omnipotent Hol and everpresent

God I want you to know that my love for you is immense and my deepest desire is

to bless you let’s agree start your day with me humble yourself listen to my

voice in the morning Stillness and let Joy fill your heart avoid complaining

nourish your soul with my wise instructions delve into my scripture treasure it in your being love and

esteem yourself as I cherish you extend the patience I have shown you to your family and to all around you take action

the Wonders you’ve anticipated are near I’m addressing you my dear child who

seeks my presence each Dawn who dedicates moments to commune with me in faith awaiting my

response do not become disheartened or abandon hope you persist day after day

show chasing a faith that is valuable Splendid and profoundly potent I want to

fill your heart with love and heal any hurt from the past making sure you always feel deeply loved by me imagine

going to bed happy and waking up every day with Solid Faith that today will be even better than yesterday picture my

arms around you my hands on your head blessing your thoughts and guiding you

I’m going to shower you with wonderful blessings and surprises but I need you to stay strong and keep visiting me

every day you don’t even have to say anything just close your eyes and feel my love

surrounding you take in these comforting words let this powerful feeling fill you

up I want you to have peace for your hard times to end and for you and your

family to start a new chapter of prosperity I know there are moments when you feel small or insignificant

especially when you see others flaunting their riches but keep in mind you possess

something infinitely more valuable you have a personal relationship with me having welcomed me into your heart

you’re sensitive to spiritual matters in ways many aren’t I’m always here for a conversation attentive to every word you

say I will open opportunities for you that remain inaccessible to others guiding you on the best pathway never be

envious or Covetous of others possessions or their errant ways things might look appealing initially but

ultimately they lead to ruin walk proudly knowing you don’t need to prove anything to anyone to be

significant in my eyes fear nothing you are well acquainted with my teachings my

door is always open to you you’re always welcome here this is your

Sanctuary here you’re listen to with patience and care you won’t find such

pure and profound love anywhere else dear child I hold immense love for you

I’m the light that wants to brighten your life life today to chase away any darkness that lurks in your heart your

home or among your loved ones every day it’s important for you to

look for me embrace my love and follow what I want for you when you hear my

words let them sink deep into your being and hold them dear don’t ignore or

forget what I’ve told you keep your Bible close maybe right next to your bed

wake up each morning eager to connect with me read it with real faith and eagerness to

learn the promises you discovered today will give you strength I’ll fill you with such power that you won’t feel

hopeless when you get up if you find my words confusing take some time to

understand me more come close to me early in the day and you’ll experience my encompassing love carry this

uplifting feeling throughout your day you don’t have to be weighed down by anxiety or sorrow or be ruled by your

emotions stop Ging your mornings with fear I yearn for a deeper connection

with you for you to trust in me through all situations hand over your concerns to me

I’m here to set you free look ahead with optimism and faith in me I am sending

you a surge of divine encouragement and confidence allow the anxiety that disturbs your home to

dissipate you won’t be overwhelmed by Financial stress or discouraged any

longer let your family be a place of love and peace not conflict Embrace understanding and

forgiveness among each other I’m your guide your truth and your source of

life I want you and your family to be enveloped in my care and protection throughout the year your household is

liberated from curses My Sacrifice has purified you from all sin and bondage evil and curses

have no hold over you by giving me your heart you and your family are

safeguarded and preserved trust not those who do not love or believe in me immerse yourself

In this River of power love freedom and Supernatural

transformation my Divine Light illuminates your home and family how faith and trust wonderful blessings are

coming to your life tell me I’ll remember the times I delivered you from

numerous troubles the Miracles I performed which made clear the reality of my power write it down now do it with

faith today you will witness all that I can do in your life your blessing is

here in my hands the ultimate solution to all your problems come and claim it

what are you waiting for you know my love for you it’s been a constant feeling deep

inside even when you felt far away don’t listen to those doubts saying

you failed or I don’t care for you that’s not true there’s still a light in your heart a

strong desire to come back to this place that eagerly awaits you don’t be scared

come to me I understand you’re overwhelmed unsure about your next steps

you thought you had Faith but then fac disappointments especially from those

you counted on who seemed to leave you behind you might have felt abandoned thinking I didn’t respond when you

needed me but remember I’m always Timely I never abandon you I’ve been watching

over you answering your needs even when you doubt it my words were meant to

comfort yet you hesitated to accept them struggling with the idea that your

almighty God would speak directly to you don’t turn away you are truly loved here

this is your Sanctuary a place of peace and safety where you can find rest and profound

sleep let me guide you into a special experience tonight in your dream you’ll

find yourself beside a river its Waters clear and bright and there I’ll be with

you I’ll reach out and as you walk across the water

Barefoot every bit of your pain anger and worry will wash

away in the morning when you awaken you’ll feel transformed infused with new

Strength it’s as if all the weight has been lifted off your shoulders this refreshing change is a gift for those

who choose to believe again who acknowledge their faults and revive their faith there’s no need to search

Elsewhere for comforting words I’m right here with you embrace my

word let it nourish your soul and witness how my Holy Spirit revitalizes

you I am the essence of your life and the source of true blessings offering the peace and answers your heart seeks

tell me you believe speak think write it with all your faith those

things you have lost you will recover I Am The God Who lifts and restores I will return what has been

taken from you because you have sought me sincerely and humbly I have seen how your heart

suffers at times thinking your life is over but soon you will understand how

much I truly love you your future has always been in my hands and I have the power to change all

those situations that came against you there were times when you felt alone and lost the will to live but I am changing

everything for you I have approached you to show you with this love that I want to bless you greatly and that what

others planned for your harm I will change and use to lift you up strengthen

you and prosper you be courageous and set your sights on Grand Ambitions be

bold enough to plan Monumental Endeavors with me by your side you can achieve great distances if

you you wholeheartedly believe that I dwell within you start to think as I do

for there are no limits hurdles or foes that can thwart my might banish thoughts

of defeat do not entertain discouragement or failure in your mind you might be letting pessimistic

individuals influence you causing you to be unsettled like a ship tossed by the Sea and buffeted by the wind I will

recover all that you’ve lost but you need to cherish my love and the intentions I hold for you

when I say something accept it as truth when it’s inscribed in my scripture heed

and follow it do not disregard my advice avoid dwelling on the adverse

aspects of your experiences make time to converse with me each morning pause for a few moments

during your day to have a little talk with me as you prepare to end your day kneel and go over your day with me

discuss the obstacles you encountered and I will endow you with Divine Vigor

you will behold miraculous events that will transform your existence understand that I am a devoted

God and Father and know this I seek your complete dedication and loyalty let your

words be filled with blessings and encouragement the truth is simple I cherish you and this will never

waver now affirm your love for me once more do not overlook this message or

close this page prematurely dedicate a moment of your day to connect with me

wholeheartedly listen carefully to the end don’t let anything distract you tune

in Let My Words Be engraved in your heart once you’ve embraced this message

fully a deep peace will envelop you so listen with intent my words offer

Direction and insight pursue me with all your heart and engage with the Bible every day read eagerly learn

earnestly with every page you’ll feel and recognize my voice within you

waiting for your reply you’ve prayed tirelessly faced many trials with

patience and like clay in the hands of a Potter I’m shaping you even when you

don’t feel or see it I am at work within you calming your fears and refining your

character and outlook on life change is in progress after enduring many tearful

nights and patient waiting when my blessing arrives and my answer is at your doorstep you’ll see how much you’ve

changed I’m aware of the struggles you faced and it’s time for your peace and joy that day is near then you’ll be

prepared to welcome me into your home I’ll touch the hearts of your loved ones even those who seem distant bringing

transformation today notice the changes around you see the seeds of Love you’ve

planted beginning to grow a time of joy is on the horizon

and the days of sadness and hardship will fade from memory your days of struggling with Despair and emotional

upheaval are over I’ve promised you a prosperous future and I’m making it

happen dive into my teachings renew your trust and build up your resilience don’t

hesitate to dream big and make ambitious plans it’s your turn to start aesh despite past hurdles trust me

completely this time your faith and dedication will lead lead to unprecedented

succcess so approach me today I’m here ready with open arms to listen to your

prayers and unlock Heaven’s Bounty for you making your path to success clear

I’ll unveil that great blessing but stay tune to my words until the end don’t let

doubts cut me off your perseverance is noteworthy and it hasn’t been in vain

the payoff for your steadfast faith and endurance is just around the corner I fully understand your journey and your

heart’s true intentions you’re not after fleeting Treasures fame or recognition your

battle is real you’re seeking just enough to care for your family get out of debt and assist those you love I’m

here to bless you that’s my intention I’ll unlock the heavens and shower you with true blessings until you’re

brimming with the resources you need liberated from burdens and living in

peace if you trust me take action stand up with resolve and keep on

working rest when necessary but get back up the next day move forward bravely and

energetically proceed without grumbling or sadness with vitality and happiness even when things don’t unfold as

expected or when others try to disrupt your peace persist in your efforts even

on tough days face your opponents with bravery offer them a smile if they’re

thirsty give them water if they need help assist them but with caution be

wise don’t expose your vulnerabilities and don’t give them the means to betray and harm you display love yet also stand

firm in your principles and all that you’ve learned from me avoid the company of those who do

wrong keep your intentions private don’t listen to or spread gossip about

anyone these adversaries will grow frustrated when they see they can’t divert you from your path our journey

together is over continue moving forward with faith bravery and determination

until I say it’s time then you’ll grasp many things you’ll find yourself before

a massive door Beyond which lie incredible blessings affirm your belief in me and

commit to seeking me every day begin this plan now my dear one you are

courageous step forward in faith for victory is yours well my beloved child

as the world glistens under a blanket of snow and hearts warm with the joy of the Season remember the profound essence of

Christmas in this time of Celebration my gift to humanity was not wrapped in glittering paper but laid in

a humble manger my love Came Down to Earth embodying hope and salvation for

every soul that seeks the light in the darkness as you hang each ornament and light every candle let these acts be a

reminder of the Eternal Light I brought into the world each Sparkle each twinkle

is a reflection of the star that guided Shepherds and Kings to witness the miracle of Love born unto the Earth in

the laughter and joy of your loved ones hear The Echoes of heavenly choirs proclaiming peace and Good Will to all

may this Christmas not just be a day of Merry feasting but a moment of Silent reflection on the greatest gift ever

given my unwavering love for you as you unwrap presence may you also unwrap

layers of gratitude and love spreading them generously to those around you

rejoice for this season is a testament to the unbreakable bond between the Divine and Humanity I am always here in

every prayer whispered in the cold night in every act of kindness and in every

heart that believes in the midst of the twinkling lights and joyous carols let us not

forget the humble beginnings of Christmas in a simple stable under a Starlet sky

Hope was bornn this season as you gather with those you hold dear remember the message of that first

Christmas a message of Simplicity humility and profound love as

you exchange gifts and share festive meals let these acts be symbols of the

greater gift of love and sacrifice the true Spirit of

Christmas lies not in the Grandeur of celebrations but in the quiet moments of

kindness and compassion it is found in the helping hand extended to those in need in the

comforting word to those who are lonely and in the peace offered to a troubled world this

Christmas I invite you to look beyond the material and embrace the spiritual let your heart be a Manger where

kindness forgiveness and understanding are born a new let your actions reflect

the love and grace that this season symbolizes remember my child that the

greatest joy comes not from what we receive but from what we give in Every

Act of love my presence is renewed and rejoiced you are the light of the world

a Beacon of Hope and joy just as the star that Shone over

Bethlehem as the snow gently Falls and the world quiets under its Serene blanket let us turn our hearts to the

profound message of Christmas this is a time to celebrate not only the birth of Jesus but also the birth of

Hope love and A Renewed connection with me in the hustle and bustle of the

Season find moments to be still and feel my presence Let the Peace of this holy time

seep into your soul quieting your worries and fears remember the greatest Miracle of

Christmas was born in silence and simplicity this Christmas I am encourage

you to create space for reflection and gratitude reflect on the blessings of the past year even amidst challenges and

trials recognize the strength that you have gained the love you have shared and

the growth you have experienced gratitude is the heart’s memory and in Remembering your spirit is

uplifted as you celebrate hold close to the lesson of unconditional love that Christmas

teaches us love without expectation give without seeking return and forgive

as you have been forgiven in doing so you embody the true Spirit of Christmas and my love shines

brightly within you may your Christmas be a celebration of light love and the

hope that endures let this season be a reminder that no matter the darkness around the

Light Of Hope can never be extinguished as you step into the new year embrace it not just as a change in

the calendar but as an opportunity for Renewal and transformation each day is a fresh

canvas a new chance to paint your life with vibrant colors of faith hope and

love let the lessons of the past year be the brush Strokes that guide your path

forward in this new year I urge you to seek out moments of Stillness amidst the

rush of Life In These Quiet intervals you will find me waiting eager to offer

guidance comfort and strength it is in the silence that my

voice often becomes clearest Whispering words of wisdom and

encouragement remember beloved that change is a constant

companion on the Journey of Life embrace it with an open heart and a willing Spirit each change is a stepping stone

to growth a path to discovering your deeper strength purpose do not fear the unknown for I Am

with You guiding and supporting you in every step as you navigate the uncertainties and challenges of the New

Year hold tightly to faith faith is the compass that will guide you through stormy seas to shores

of peace and Tranquility it is the anchor that steadies you amidst life’s turbulent

waves in this next year I encourage you to extend kindness and compassion not

only to those around you but also to yourself be gentle with your own heart

understanding of your struggles and patient with your growth self-compassion is a Wellspring of strength nurturing

your soul and empowering you to extend the same love to others seek to build bridges of understanding and empathy in

your relationships listen with an open heart speak with honesty and love and act with

the intention of healing and unity in doing so you become a vessel of

my peace and love bringing light to those around you in this new year Dare

To Dream Big my child let your aspirations soar High

unbounded by fear or doubt remember and with me all things are possible your

dreams are the seeds of a future filled with hope and purpose water them with faith nurture them with diligence and

watch as they bloom into reality as the New Year unfolds let

gratitude be your constant companion in every situation find something to be

thankful for gratitude illuminates the blessings often hidden in daily life

reminding you of my constant presence and love in the journey ahead remember

that you are never alone I am always beside you a steadfast

presence in every joy every Challenge and every moment of Discovery

trust in my unfailing love and let it be the source of your courage and confidence as you Embrace The Adventures

of this New Year remember that I Am with You guiding your steps and upholding you

with my righteous right hand you are never beyond the reach of my love and care trust in my unfailing love and let

it be the source of your courage and confidence as you Embrace The Adventures

of this New Year remember that I Am with You guiding your steps and upholding you

with my righteous right right hand you are never beyond the reach of my love and

care trust in my unfailing love and let it be the source of your courage and

confidence amen my dear child my

child understand that you’re not walking this path alone I’m here with you ready

to guide you through these tough times and lift you from the shadows of Despair you find yourself in right now it might

seem like your problems are endless your hope is fading and what you expect from

life is slowly slipping away but I want to reassure you my beloved this tough period you’re going

through will soon be behind you the hardships and challenges you’re facing are just precursors to the wonderful

things I have planned for you though it feels like you’re climbing a steep Mountain remember that this journey will

come to an end have faith in me and trust in the Inner Strength I’ve given you to conquer these hurdles with belief

resolve and bravery it’s time to hand over your burdens to me and stop trying to handle

everything on your own your efforts alone haven’t always brought you

success I invite you to put your trust in me and the path I’ve laid out for you let me take the

lead and you’ll witness changes in every aspect of your life changes that will bring you Joy and show you the fullness

of my love I long to fill your life with plenty showering you with both the

things you can see and touch and the Unseen Treasures of the spirit in this full life I offer there won’t be room

for sadness or lack but to embrace this your heart must rest in me and take my

words as truth when you do I’ll be right there to give you the might to press on

the Boost and zest to face what seems too tall to climb remember you’re never

walking this path solo I’m right beside you your steadfast guide and companion never to leave your

side with your trust placed in me every hurdle transforms into a stepping stone

no matter how daunting they appear they’re merely moments that will shape you drawing you ever closer to the you

you’re destined to become my dear child just have faith in me trust in what I’ve

promised you and I will equip you with what’s necessary to overcome lack and your financial struggles don’t let

despair obscure how you see your world remember I am your guide light the

beacon leading you to where you need to be rely on me my cherished one because

my hands are always outstretched to you eager to assist whenever you’re in need

if you place your confidence in me if you’re open to the belief that my designs for your life surpass any plan

you could devise you’ll discover the Tranquility you long for and the answers you seek I recognize the journey might

appear daunting and complex at this moment but I see value every step you take every Endeavor you undertake none

of your efforts are feudal don’t let frustration immobilize you or fear hold you back as you persevere and place your

trust in me you’ll witness new doors opening opportunities emerging and your

aspirations gradually taking shape everything will align in due time I urge you my beloved to cling to

my teachings and through prayer deepen your connection with me I will fortify you supply your needs and

nurture your life to thrive and prosper I am here to turn you into a person blessed with fulfillment the Wonders I

will work in your life will be genuine and noticeable all you need to do is have faith in me and maintain hope

within your heart my ultimate wish is for you to thrive and succeed in every aspect of your existence even in hard

times when the world seems too much to bear my intentions for you are always benevolent satisfying

and perfect never forget my dear child my love for you is Everlasting and

boundless know that I am constantly by your side eager to lead Empower and

shower you with blessings believe in the design I have for you my affection and

the promises I’ve made but most importantly always remember your inner

strength is greater than any challenge with me as your ally you can face and

Conquer every challenge life throws at you I cherish you deeply my child my beloved

today accept my blessings and the strength I provide which will be with you at every step ensuring your life

brims with prosperity and joy do not fear in my presence your courage will

grow trust in me and you will overcome whatever you aim

for with belief you will achieve life will bring trials daily

struggles Temptations and negativity trying to dim your sparkle though malevolence may seem

overpowering at times remember that my love and truth triumph over all

adversity have faith that my light will always outshine any Darkness challenges

might be tough and barriers intimidating yet you’re never on your own hold tight to my guidance and

embrace my teachings I will show you the way and together we’ll navigate through

this flawed and troubled World realize that amid evil you have the capacity to

cultivate gentleness empathy and love within you

you are my handiwork meant to shine brightly in the shadows in times of hardship find comfort in my teachings

they will offer you Direction and insight to tell right from wrong prayer is your lifeline to me providing

you with fortitude and Sanctuary feel free to reach out to me during turbulent times I’m close to

those who are heartbroken and I swiftly answer those who call on me my grand design is

complex and occasionally what seems harmful at first May ultimately lead to a greater outcome encouraging true love

and selflessness to thrive be assured my love is Limitless and unconditional it

is selfless and compassionate therefore I love you and Aspire for your utmost good irrespective

of your situation don’t be apprehensive or divert your attention from what’s essential although this world poses

numerous challenges you my creation are equipped with the ability to make

prudent choices learn and grow through what you encounter do not shy away from

facing trials as each one presents a chance to bolster your faith and come out

stronger when you encounter malice or triviality in this world stand as a pillar of love and

kindness the light I’ve placed in you can dispel even the deepest Darkness Embrace every chance to act kindly and

bring Solace to those in pain through your deed you have the power to transform the World As You Are My

Offspring The Beacon in the darkness and the flavor of the earth remember even in

the midst of wrongdoing I am at work to redeem and heal those wandering in the Gloom of

Despair my love persistently reaches out to those earnestly seeking me my

Assurance of rescue and Rich blessings remains steadfast for everyone who trusts in me my child tread with

Assurance through challenges aware that and you’ll discover bravery amidst trials my son my daughter keep moving

forward this period is for growth and pondering do not be disheartened by the

world’s dark Ness or let obstacles diminish your strength for you are Mighty with my power within you my dear

child know that you are strong enough to confront any challenge your steadfast faith and

determination will guide you to remarkable achievements and blessings you can hardly imagine remember you are

cherished my precious one a Flawless work of my hands simply look up to the heavens and

hold fast to me immerse yourself in my teaching ings daily within them you’ll discover

promises that will sustain your spirit during tough times May the radience of My Affection rejuvenate your optimism

and fortify your soul each day thus when you reach out to me in prayer and call

upon my name you’ll realize that my grace is ample to conquer any obstacle

my son my daughter my love for you is Everlasting step boldly into the world

walk walk with the assurance and bravery of a valiant fighter and do not waver for I Am by your side at every moment

let my peace which transcends all understanding fill your heart and Lead You

always continue your journey and stay unwavering in your belief have

faith amen well your future has been scripted by me long before your birth I

hold those cherished dreams and deep desires of yours those aspirations you’ve hared for years your

intercessions for your loved ones they are all noted in my ledger I

overlook nothing and every prayer every Hope Has Its appointed time and season I

yearn to bless you to unlock new opportunities to enhance your wisdom

your faith and to nurture humility and patience within you you are my cherished

child positioned to thrive and yield Abundant Blessings the guide to these blessings is in your

grasp it is my sacred and potent scripture embrace it with belief and

Zeal hold these teachings close to your heart if your history is marred by

setbacks if you’ve surrendered too often and lost precious gifts Heed These words

and declare them boldly my past is no longer my anchor henceforth my life my

loved ones and my future will flourish join me in affirming my past is no

longer my anchor henceforth my life my loved ones and my future will

flourish never hesitate to share my word with others my promises carry the gift

of eternal life filled with grand miraculous deeds and solutions for seemingly insurmountable

challenges when you encounter such hurdles there will always be a Divine word to Grant you the Insight needed for

Triumph open your Bible and delve into it a new with a renewed eagerness to

absorb and expand as you engage with these words sense my presence right beside you I’m

here to lead you through each sentence helping you to deepen your understanding of me to discover more about my nature

and my ways this journey through words is meant to solidify your trust in my unending love and to assure you that I’m

not here to punish you for every misstep my desire is to make a home in your heart to fill it with peace and

clarity in my Storehouse I hold an array of gifts for you blessings abound countless

opportunities await and my grace and forgiveness are Limitless I offer you

divine strength and a steadfast meaningful direction for you and your loved ones the era of living under the

shadow of fear has ended I have banished the forces that sought to steal your joy

now I invite you to yield to me wholeheartedly to trust in me without any hesit hcy or doubt anticipate

immense Joy It’s Your Divine inheritance inscribed and sealed by my hand even

before your journey began know in your heart that you are cherished there’s no force that can

stand against you I’m your protector and your deliverer ready to free you from

the burdens you face and to provide the answers you seek today you’re on the brink of witnessing a miraculous

demonstration of my love’s magnitude a tangible sign that I am ever present and actively involved in your life trust in

my word embrace my promises and step into the boundless Joy I’ve prepared for

you amen my child subscribe to the channel now share this video with your

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