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God Says: YOU Are So Blessed If You Found THIS VIDEO | God blessings message

my beloved child I am Christ in you the

very essence of your existence the

source of your hope and the radiance

that surrounds you as I speak these

words may they caress your soul and

soothe your weary heart hear me not from

distant Heights but from the sacred

depths of your being where my spirit

dances in Eternal communion with yours

know this dear one you are never

alone the hand that crafted the cosmos

and cradled the universe is the same

hand that reaches out to you in the

darkest of nights and the brightest of

days this connection is not a fleeting

touch it is a firm and unwavering

promise that I am with you within you a

part of

you my presence a radiant light shines

within you dispelling the Shadows both

within and

without come let us sit together in the

silence as you do the profound reality

of my life coursing through your veins

becomes clearer can you sense it the

beat of my heart synchronizes with yours

birthing the joy of the Lord your


strength I the god of Hope lavish upon

you an abundance of joy and peace as you

trust in me so much that hope over flows

Within You by the power of the Holy

Spirit you my beloved are the canvas

upon which I choose to display the

Magnificent richness of this Divine

mystery to the

world let the Nations Marvel for Christ

in you is the beacon of Glory a

testament to my love and

omnipotence you bear this treasure

within you a vessel of divine presence a

Covenant of Grace Illuminating the path

for others I speak to you with a heart

overflowing with love and understanding

I implore you to hold fast to your faith

and nurture patience within your

soul do not let concerns about the

uncertain future consume your thoughts

nor pursue fleeting and Hollow desires

that bring only

discontent release anything that

obstructs our connection lay down those

burdens so that I may shower you with my


blessings draw away from those who do

not share your faith and persist in your

prayers for in those moments you draw

nearer to

me place your trust in my Divine timing

and do not lose hope for I have Abundant

Blessings in store for you the

challenges you face today will soon be

Distant Memories cling to your patience

fear not and never forget that I am

Forever by your side

understand that I am fully aware of your

needs the burdens that weigh upon your

heart the anxiety that grips you when

your finances falter and the fear that


brings yet I urge you to open your heart

to my promises heed my guidance and

immerse yourself in my

presence in due time I will Usher peace

and serenity into your life my blessings

will rain down upon you for trusting in

me remember remember I am a god of

Miracles and boundless power I shall not

only bless and heal you but extend my

grace to your family your children and


parents trust in my timing and cling to


patience refrain from seeking shortcuts

for they may lead you away from me and


destruction never cease to pray and

continue to delve into my

word this will shield you from the

Allure of false Doctrine

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