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God Says, You Can’t Make Satan Happy If You Love Me! | God Message Today |

my dear child I vow to be your strength

and support especially when life’s

challenges seem

insurmountable embrace the battles ahead

casting aside any fears of what tomorrow

may hold prepare to combat Despair and

trepidation with your full might

acknowledge your faith in me and our


Victory your dwelling

health and spirit will be under my care

with your family’s fortunes improving

marketly witness my ethereal might

manifest before your very

eyes understand my deep affection for

you and Trust in its

genuiness every Dawn seek my wisdom let

my word ignite a Relentless Faith within

you overcome your fear

with this inner Blaze ensuring they

don’t deter your progress remember

yielding to falsehoods and intimidations

will obstruct your path to the promised

land and ultimate

Triumph courageously offer me your

trials and tribulations for I am here to

carry you through dismiss any skepticism

about the blessings posed to Grace your

life recall my sacrifice for your sins

ensure your freedom from guilt in the


domain AO seeking validation from

detractors their aim is to usurp your

destined greatness absolute faith in my

guidance is your Shield against

malice Victory wisdom and serenity await

you each morning as I whisper

affirmations of Love promising strength

and happiness within your household

embrace my blessings have you felt their

presence with each new day deepen your

love for me for today Herald’s Abundant

Blessings as your Shepherd I assure you

a life devoid of want providing all your

needs out of my boundless


believe in my unwavering promises for my

word is infallible despite the

impossibilities know that I am always

your steadfast supporter I’ve

demonstrated my love

unequivocally even when you felt

undeserving due to your

transgressions where others may have

deserted you I remained offering

compassion forgiveness and Hope

fear not nor Harbor doubts Proclaim your

trust in me and deterred by life’s

trials for you are destined to emerge

victorious in all Endeavors my love for

you is eternal I will never forsake you

regardless of

circumstances stand firm in your faith

vocalizing my promises especially in the

face of


and now as a token of your belief and

acceptance of my love I invite you to

partake in a special Journey engage with

the daily manifestation for you Channel

ensuring our connection remains vibrant

this platform will serve as your daily

source of inspiration and

guidance after absorbing the first


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