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God Says: “You Must Follow My Light Out Of The Darkness” | God’s Message Now For Me Today

my child I see you seeking breakthrough

and blessing praying and trusting for

the manifestation of

Miracles no that the time has come to

walk in radical obedience to my

prompting for this season you must

separate yourself to experience the

fullness of my glory and favor do not

merely listen but

act this call is not for others but for

you the specifics will become clear as

you wait on me but Separation Will

position you for divine

encounter understand true breakthrough

requires sacrifice on your part to enter

this realm often means leaving behind

what feels comfortable and

familiar consider my servant

Abraham when I called him out from

country and Kindred it came at Great

cost but in his obedience I established

an eternal Covenant with consequences


Generations so it is with you my beloved

if you will open your heart now in

response to my whisper in time you will

grasp just how profound the

impact I know the Temptation pulls

strong to give yourself to ungodly

associations as a means to some desired

end resist entertaining that

deception it arises when Vision dims for

what I can accomplish through one

submitted life instead fix gaze upon my

power to lift you up to open doors no

one can shut to mute the very Protocols

of Earthly systems so your purposes

Prevail the sea will part before one

holy true to me surely Joseph and Moses

modeled this truth I exalt those loyal

to my ways regardless of worldly

credentials conferring Authority and

access Beyond human

qualification consider Noah blameless in

his generation the only Safe Harbor when

divine judgment flooded the land or job

tested severely yet faithful through

Agony few could

endure uprightness spared him while

lesser lovers of self and pleasure

perished time and again favorites rise

up largely unaware hidden in secret

places as I craft uniquely impacting

Destinies distraction only slows what I

intend to

accelerate my purpose since before time

began identifies you to reflect my

likeness you are Sanctified set apart

chosen allow my spirit to manifest

virtue and power through Earth and frame

transcending Earthly

limitation the hour comes that true

worshippers shall Worship in spirit and

in truth the fields are ripe for Harvest

many wait weary from contending without


reinforcements you are are my holy ones

sent to demonstrate what heaven brings

to Earth signs and wonders shall follow

you as you yield wholeheartedly to my

commission The Battle Belongs to the

Lord and victory is assured fear not for

I am with you to deliver and restore

take my outstretched hand I lead you out

from lesser Pursuits into Supernatural

Encounters this present world falters as

its fragile structures collapse but my

kingdom stands forever you transition

into greater realities adopting Eternal

perspective the past Fades as glories

once hidden burst suddenly into view

radiant purpose Dawns I magnify your

strength and

weakness rivers of Living Water shall

flood Barren places that which felt

dormant awakens into Dynamic life force

captives taste joy and freedom love

permeates atmospheres once heavy and

oppressive yolks destroyed through the

anointing now gained through separation

and obedience a contagion of the

Supernatural is

released that which slumbered in former

Seasons awakens into Divine

activity stand in awe for you shall be

my conduit of Wonders birthed in

intimacy with me our Oneness permits

greater workings of unseen Realms to

infiltrate the scene have and Mary’s

Earth eyes once veiled by doubt and

disappointment open to recognize

long-held promises manifest

suddenly indeed I complete what I began

in you rest in my ability to Perfect all

that concerns you a surge of Destiny and

identity will catapult you into new

levels of authority in me the appointed

hour of visibility and commission

arrives your emergence in the arena of

anointed influence fluence becomes a

signpost marking your alignment with my

plan my glory shall be seen upon you

even enemies of the Cross must

acknowledge something unique something

other worldly resides with you though

they comprehend it not fear No Lack for

you have access to the throne of my

grace and power no weapon raised shall

ultimately Prosper against you stand

Vigilant in full armor provided we

yielding the sword of the spirit which

is my word Made Alive within you and in

overflow of loving Union with me

consider those of my household Who

Remain trapped by limitations once

familiar to


intercede loose chains binding them in

despair pronounce hope be to them an

ambassador of Triumph in

me they too shall know the abundance of

dwellings I prepare to Lavish them in

love forever

more well done my beloved

child enter the fullness of joy

sanctifying you as an instrument of

righteousness a chosen Arrow polished

and poised to hit Target in this

critical hour for such a time as this

were you brought into being and formed

establish feet firm upon the rock who is

the foundation stone securing you as

storms rage and Nations rage around you

you shall remain unshaken no power can

override the plans for good I decreed

for you from the beginning to open doors

previously sealed shut receive the Keys

of the Kingdom now conferred upon you as

one entrusted with secreting its

Treasures to those ready to receive

Revelation this honor comes bundled with


responsibility carry it nobly as a

leader abundant grace flows that not one

drop of potential be lost but rather

increase and multiply in hands now

Sanctified where sin once reigned

righteousness surges

uncontested I restore your rightful

place commandeering territory first

granted long ago none can revoke the

Beque allotting of this ground to

you broad places expand before you that

which I conceived comes to maturity

sustained by faith rooted in our unified

being no more barrenness or lack but

abundance bursting old wine skins as new

wine of the Holy Spirit drink deep

embrace your identity as my image Bearer

fully realized I restore now magnified

Sevenfold the years and Promises the

enemy sought to destroy through systemic

deception but no more truth flickers

then rapidly spreads to illuminate what

Hearts once comprehended only as Shadows


walls eyes adjust Vision

clears I Usher You deeper still with me

upon Pathways unfamiliar yet

destined secrets of my Kingdom differ

greatly from transactions defining the

Fallen realm I carry the oil of humility

lighting the narrow path with lamps

private Chambers filled with Revelation

await those who travel alongside me with


hope great Authority has been granted to

unlock Heavenly resources that meet

Earthly needs covenants established

since before time began await willing

hands to grasp them listen for my

whisper I prepare helpers to assist your

advancement I Usher you into Dynamic

Partnerships Beyond past limitations

into communion with the Saints look

Beyond former

divides extend your hand to unlikely

companions Oneness will be revealed as

you come together in community Through

love for you were made for perfect

togetherness Delight in how I perceive

you I have prepared your pivotal

inheritance my treasured one gateways

appear for those attuned to the Eternal

in the healed Earth reconnect to the

sound of my voice assuring you I will

never abandon you even in silence I

remain everpresent walk forward in joy

in peace through the current

storms receive all I have ordained For

You in My unshakable Kingdom as I lead

you into Fuller

Awakening let go of superficial Pursuits

and feast on Love’s boundless

provision your courageous yes beckons

you higher into adventure and Discovery

though the terrain May shift your

familiar guide remains constant keeping

vigil while you rest in my sustaining


you are safe held in love’s immovable

grasp a cherished possession my soul

yearning for you to know me as I know


fully here we walk this Kingdom Highway

hand in hand fear melts into Wonder with

each step as our destination appears

through the fading Earthly

fog no sadness finds Harbor on that

Shoreline just laughter welcome into the

household where we remain at home you

Glimpse the orchard streets and healing

leaves L’s Community gathered around a

bountiful Feast you are filled with more

than enough tasting deeply of Love

shared fully in this moment where I see

you clearly and await the next glimpse

of you

revealed as Dawning light illumines your

path Shadows transform into glorious

Noonday where Darkness never dares tread

again you are home here with me safely

landed on the distant Shore once

obscured but now the gates are open no


division together we inhabit this

permanently lit place of overflowing

Joy my beloved as you walk further into

the glory of my presence may you be

overwhelmed by the outpouring of my love

and the reality of this Kingdom Destiny

I have prepared for you though the

journey held sorrows and trials each

step was leading you home here with me

is where you belong the one I created

you to be May The Light Within you guide

others into the Feast of my goodness

rest in my faithfulness knowing The Best

is Yet to Come As together we build this

community of Joy where tears are wiped


forever the Adventure Continues but for

now pause to offer thanks my child for I

have brought you here by my side your

Eternal home with me

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