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dear listener for most of my Christian

Life I didn’t realize how much I was

wrestling with myself in prayer when I

failed to pray well by my standards I

turned against myself to try harder to

be better and to prove to God that I was

faithful but I was trying to generate

faithful prayer in my flesh rather than

discovering the truth of what God had

done for me deep down I didn’t believe

that God wanted the truth in Psalm

we hear the opposite the Lord is near to

all who call on him to all who call on

him in truth while many of us slowly

learn that we can bring God into our

struggles our sin and our Joys let me

suggest that many of us are still

failing to bring God into our prayers we

pray at God rather than knowing him in

the midst of our praying or our failure

in prayer when my mind wandered in

prayer I never stopped to consider that

God was with me in this in inviting me

to bring this to him when I fell asleep

I would apologize for not being able to

stay awake but I never talked to God

about my fatigue it was my mentor who

first told me that prayer was not a

place to be good but was a place to be

honest it was there that prayer came

alive because I discovered that God

actually wanted to meet me in my deepest

desires my struggles and the tension I

felt in my relationship with him far

from off limits these were invitations

to know his presence and to receive his

Mercy right where I needed it I truly

believe in the power of Hope forgiveness

is an act of Hope because what we hope

for with faith God will grant hope never

disappoints furthermore when we forgive

someone we set that person free of

Revenge or judgment but it’s not only

the other person we set free it’s also


every time that I forgive somebody I set

myself free what happens when we don’t

forgive if someone did something wrong

to me years ago and I still don’t

want to forgive them years later it

means I am held prisoner by my past it

is as though a chain is holding me

years in the past I am not free to

receive The Graces of today we are not

free in regards to the past when we have

not forgiven we can’t receive The Graces

of the present moment all all the

blessings God wants to give us we can’t

receive them because we are attached to

our past by this refusal of

forgiveness what does it mean not to

forgive it means that I’m holding a

grudge a judgment sometimes a hatred in

my heart and this poisons my heart my

heart is not pure it is not free it’s as

if I’m carrying poison in myself this

does harm to me for many reasons again

it keeps me in a condition of dependence

on the contrary when I forgive I am free

I am no longer in this state of

dependence I can be completely myself

and I can allow the grace of God to

dwell in me I can allow positive

thoughts and hopes instead of stirring

up a poison in myself forgiveness sets

me free be encouraged to ask for the

grace of forgiveness and practice it

when you accept Jesus as your lord and

savior you are free free from

condemnation is there something that you

feel guilty about if you have repented

the Bible says he takes your sin and

throws it as far as the East is from the

West he casts your sins into the sea of

forgetfulness God actually chooses to

forget your sins that means your sins

are completely removed in fact they

aren’t even yours anymore don’t let the

enemy dig up your past or try to make

you feel guilty for something that

happened a long time ago or even


the enemy is called the accuser of the

Brethren and he works over time to bring

you down with false accusations be

confident that God doesn’t remember your

past you are free from condemnation

through the blood of Jesus Christ the

next time the enemy brings up your past

declare that you are free from

condemnation in jesus’ name a prayer for

today heavenly father thank you for

setting me free in Jesus thank you for

forgiveness thank you washing me clean

and making me new today I receive your

grace and mercy so that I can be a

vessel used by you today in Jesus name


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