God Says: You Will Lose Everything If You Avoid Me Again‼️| God Says | God Message - online calculators

God Says: You Will Lose Everything If You Avoid Me Again‼️| God Says | God Message

God’s message for you today my dear

child in this precious moment I send you

a message filled with wisdom and kind

advice throughout your life you’ve faced

many challenges some hidden behind

betrayal each one testing your strong

Spirit these hardships though painful

have shaped the Journey of your life now

as you stand at an important Crossroads

facing unseen obstacles Remember You Are

Not Alone seek the light of my wisdom

deep within your soul through sincere

prayer and reflection find the inner

strength and understanding you need to

walk this path with dignity and

courage understand that things aren’t

always as clear as they seem and what’s

hidden isn’t always lost trust in my

constant presence let my foresight light

your way through these hidden trials my

treasured child child I am your solid

Fortress your constant protector keeping

you safe from harm Don’t Fear The

difficulties ahead for no harm meant for

you will succeed Keep A Gentle Spirit

not reacting with anger but with the

Limitless kindness that comes from my

divine nature love with its power to

change can melt even the hardest hearts

even though you’ve been hurt by betrayal

and suffered from careless Acts

healing is within your reach forgiveness

a holy remedy offers the chance for

healing and a fresh start in your

heart’s fertile ground I’ve planted

seeds of regret setting the stage for

reconciliation to flourish when the time

is right beloved child whether you’re in

the bright light or hidden in the

shadows of Doubt know that I am always

with you my comforting Embrace and

gentle guidance are there for you to

rely on even in the stormiest trials

your life is full of the rich blessings

of my grace trust firmly in my care and

perfect timing for I hold the design of

your destiny though storms may come and

rough Seas May threaten I am your steady

anchor your peaceful Haven amid turmoil

my promise lasts forever I will never

abandon you or let you face life’s ups

and downs alone so dear one be

encouraged and cling to the certainty of

my unwavering love keep walking the

bright path ahead for it’s filled with

Miracles waiting for you be assured that

I watch over you closely knowing every

part of you accept the plans I’ve made

for your future full of Hope success and

endless Joy may my presence shine on you

and the knowledge of my Everlasting

support give you the courage To Boldly

step into the vastness of your Divine

Destiny right now without you knowing my

spirit is arranging Heavenly meetings

with people from your past hearts that

were once hard are now softening opening

up to the chance of making amends the

wounds of old injuries don’t have to

stay lost relationships can be restored

but it starts with your Readiness to

forgive listen to my command for forgive

as I have forgiven you as you let go of

bitterness its hold on your soul weakens

instead of seeking Revenge think about

how you can bless those who have hurt

you overcome Darkness with light this is

the way to Lasting peace and deep

healing if you let my Guiding Light Lead

You Darkness won’t stand a chance my

wisdom will light up your path right now

Marvel at the Miracles happening around


my generous gifts are waiting for you to

notice them but it starts with believing

that your best days are still to come

every morning affirm with confidence

that you’re surrounded by favor like a

shield speak Words of Life hope and

blessings over your future and watch as


disappears I want to shower you with

more and more of my spirit but you need

to be open to receive everything I’ve

planned for you you let go of past pain

forgive those who’ hurt you and watch as

Beauty grows From the Ashes of

Brokenness the enemy tries to disrupt my

work in your life to harm and Destroy

but his plans are useless against those

who hold on to me I will quiet every

critical voice calm every storm and make

Darkness give way to my Shining Light

remember my precious child you’re never

alone in your struggles through tough

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