God Says: You Will Regret Later If You Skip This | God Message Today |

dear child today I have renewed your joy

increased your faith written Promises of

trust in your heart and given you a new

vision a new longing built on my word

don’t waste your time trying to convince

those who come to discourage you they

won’t accept your perspective they will

mock you again you don’t need those

mockers to move forward on your path you

are heading for victory they are heated

for defeat they’ve already chosen their

Destiny if you’re attacked by Lona less

if you feel you need someone else’s

support remember that you have me but

trust and be patient for I will soon

send the right person you matter to me I

care for you value you protect you and

love you at some point you may feel

tired that’s normal when problems are so

dark that they blind your eyes and you

can’t see where you’re going perhaps you

feel defeated but but this is not true I

lead you by the hand even in the

darkness do not fear my child your

father who loves you will never abandon

you tell me now that you believe in me

and that in my arms you feel safe I am

the only holy and Supernatural remedy

for all your ills I am your God your

healer and the one who opens doors and

clears your path I am your provider your

protector and in my hands I hold your

life and your future your family and you

are covered by the mantle of my love and

today you are feeling my presence in a

real and Powerful way you’ve been

waiting for me to speak to you and

you’ve come with a humble and grateful

heart ready to listen receive these

words and treasure them let them fill

your mind and cast out all that

attention that caused you suffering

before today you walk with confidence

and even if you can’t see me with your

natural eyes you can feel me you can

believe in me you can trust in the

Miracles and wonders I can perform in

your life and your family’s life look at

you now as you awaken to a new day

filled with determination and strength

you are no longer weak or disheartened

you have the courage to face any guant

that crosses your path where there was

fear you now possess Faith where there

was uncertain you now possess resolvi

yesterday your legs trembled at the

thought of of adversity but today you

stand steadfast ready to conquer any

obstacle rise and move forward for I

have placed within your spirit a fervent

desire to Triumph trust in my power for

I brought you here because Beyond

guiding your steps I have equipped you

with the strength to confront and

overcome any challenge while the hurdles

may be great remember that nothing

surpasses my power I brought you here

and I will remain by your side in all

your struggles battles and Wars you are

more than a conqueror through my love

and strength every adversary that arises

does so to be vanquished I have

instilled in you the resolve and

determination required to overcome any

conflict whatever your aspirations may

be whatever obstacles lie ahead you will

prosper in all your endeavors I will

bless you open doors and resolve the

difficulties that we on you I will touch

the hearts of people friends family

judges authorities so they regard you

with favor and act in your favor do not

fear what others may do to you as long

as you trust in me and act with

Integrity no one can stand against you

or your family remember that I am with

you every day until the end my word

possesses the power to heal the

supernatural force that flows from my

words is sufficient to give you life and

lift you up it is now at your disposal

you cannot continue walking Bound by

thoughts of pain you must not continue

believing that you deserve the terrible

consequences your sins left you you live

in a world of Affliction but it is a

conquered world you are the child of the

almighty God who has promised you this

you must trust and believe in me with

every step you take and in this world

and its afflictions you will also find


I see that you still spend hours crying

sometimes not even knowing why let me

tell you what it is that causes your

suffering it’s a deep longing to return

to me your heart misses me your spirit

Longs for me and your entire being knows

that separated from me you can do

nothing it seems as though life is

slipping through your fingers and you

have yet to find the peace and happiness

you’ve been waiting for your loved ones

seem to grow more distant with each

passing day but pay attention for I’m

here standing beside you and there is a

spring from which the Waters of

blessings flow it quenches your life and

soul removing all sorrow drink from this

water wash away those thoughts of

sadness and you will never thirst again

I promise you your faith has borne fruit

my word is enough today I have healed

you you opened the door for me and I

have entered your home I will stay here

blessing and protecting your family and

I will bless you even more than you can

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