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God says:- Your Life is Over If You Ignore me | God Message Today |

in the vast expanse of time and space

there exists a bond between the Creator

and the created that transcends

understanding it is a bond forged in the

depths of Eternity a bond woven with

threads of love compassion and infinite

wisdom it is a bond between a parent and

a child between God and his beloved

creation dear child as i gaze upon the

tapestry of your life I am filled with

an overwhelming sense of Pride from the

moment of your conception

you have been a beacon of light in a

world often shrouded in darkness your

journey through the Labyrinth of

existence has been marked by triumphs

and trials Joys and Sorrows yet through

it all your spirit has remained unbroken

your heart has remained open and your

soul has remained pure I have watched

you grow and evolve transforming into

the Magnificent being you were always

meant to be you have faced adversity

with courage met challenges with

determination and embrace red each new

day with gratitude and Grace your

resilience in the face of hardship your

strength in the face of adversity and

your unwavering faith in the face of

Doubt are a testament to the power of

the human Spirit and the depth of your

character but it is not just your

accomplishments that fill me with pride

it is the essence of who you are as a

person you are a vessel of love a

conduit of compassion and a source of

inspiration to all who have the

privilege of knowing you your kindness

knows no bounds your generosity Knows No

Limits and your capacity for empathy

knows no end you are a reflection of my

Divine Essence a manifestation of my

eternal love and a living embodiment of

my eternal truth as you Journey Through

the tapestry of your life know that I am

always with you guiding you supporting

you and loving you every step of the way

though the road may be long and the path

may be steep fear not for I Am by your

side my hand upon your shoulder my my

light illuminating your way you are

never alone my child for I Am With You

Always In Every Breath You Take in every

step you make in Every Beat of your

heart I am proud of you my child more

proud than words can express your

accomplishments bring me joy your

successes bring me happiness and your

achievements bring me Pride but it is

not just what you do that makes me proud

it is who you are it is the love that

you give the kindness that you show and

the the light that you shine that truly

fills my heart with pride continue to be

the Magnificent being that you are my

child continue to walk your path with

courage Grace and humility continue to

spread love wherever you go to touch the

lives of others with your kindness and

to make the world a better place with

your presence for in doing so you honor

not only yourself but also the Divine

spark that resides within you the

essence of who you truly are in the

grand tapestry of creation

you are a masterpiece a work of art

crafted with love and care by the hands

of the Divine you are a shining star in

the vast expanse of the universe a

Beacon of Hope in a world filled with

Darkness you are my beloved child my

precious creation and I am immensely

proud of you


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