God Says: YOU'RE Blessed If YOU Have Found This Video TODAY | Gods message - online calculators

God Says: YOU’RE Blessed If YOU Have Found This Video TODAY | Gods message

my beloved child I am here to deliver

your Victory a Divine sign is

manifesting for you in these

moments your time has arrived my

Chambers are prepared for all that is to

come at this moment a shower of

blessings descends upon you blessings

that shall alter the course of your

existence the closed doors shall swing

open what appeared impossible shall

become possible for for me nothing is

impossible I am orchestrating my work in

your life I am altering the path of

scarcity along which you were

walking in these moments you shall sense


transformation those chains that bound

you that Affliction weighing upon your

heart shall shatter at this very

instant I desire you to live joyfully to

be whole to not be concerned with

matters under my control

you are my son you are beloved you are

my daughter you are

cherished In My Embrace you shall find

the affection and love you have been

missing that understanding no one has

bestowed upon

you I have known your paths seen you

with each step aware of your distress

listened to your thoughts amidst

tears I comprehend everything about you

everything you are enduring ing

everything you have lived through

everything you have

experienced I am not oblivious to your

pain my son I am not ignorant of your

pain my

daughter you shall find in me all that

you lack just open your heart as you

have been doing be patient when things

do not transpire as you wish you shall

experience the fullness of my love and

my promises that seemingly it Eternal

pain shall dissipate I promise you shall

rise emerge Victorious and soar From the

Ashes take courage have faith be strong

keep believing and trusting continue to

pray continue to bend your knees for

your time is drawing

near the drought has ended the time of

lean cows has reached its conclusion

From This Moment onward you walk the

path of abundance and prosperity

a unique path that I have prepared for

you and yours in the coming hours the

issue for which you could find no

solution shall be

resolved I shall use my power to pave

ways where there were once Stones I

shall transform your problems into

opportunities at this moment those who

murmur against you shall fall silent

left speechless by my glorious work

within you

my angels are guarding your steps those

who seek to harm you shall have no power

over you for my angels provide

protection against all potential harm

those who aim to make you stumble shall

not succeed do not heed their words turn

a deaf ear to their utterances my light

shall dispel all darkness my light shall

illuminate your path I know your wait

has been long but your time is here and

the Miracle shall be grand

prepare yourself for the extraordinary

change that lies

ahead when you witness all that I have

done for you you shall remember this day

with tears of

joy you will recall these words and know

that I did not leave you alone that I

did not forsake you in your moment of

Agony my presence envelops you dear one

I Am with You beloved like a white

mantle that Shields you from all harm

doubts criticisms malicious comments

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