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God Says: “YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO SEE THIS” | God’s Message Now For Me Today

my child come sit beside me for a

while I know your spirit grows weary and

your hope flickers

low you have poured out questions

seeking answers to the pain and

disappointment that has drained Joy’s

color from your

world why the adversity the opposition

the delay of promises once vibrant

within you why has your pathway into

purpose been blocked at every turn by

circumstances beyond your control

where are the dreams that once stirred


passion why has their momentum slammed

against impenetrable walls no amount of

effort can break

through I see you

beloved I know the anguish of dying

visions that once held such life within

them I see the scars from careless words

and accusations that struck cruel blows

to the tender soul I cradled

close I grieve each time rejection icy

darts or disappointments bitter arrows

Pierce one I cherish stealing

convictions of worth significance

belonging when you lose sight of my

delight over you you lose Hope’s fuel

that Kindles creative

fire so let us talk you and I lay bare

your wounds so I may heal them name the

losses that have emptied your cup so I

may fill it again to

overflowing cry out the dream dreams

that have died so I may Breathe new life

into their

ashes allow me to speak truth to combat

the harsh lies you have listened to you

were handcrafted in eternity past

delightfully and purposefully

designed my song Still sings over your

soul my dreams still stir within your

spirit my plans for you will not cannot


thwarted take down the walls around your

heart Brick by Brick reject thought

patterns poisoning your mind drop by

drop renew your sense of identity value

and purpose day by day as you release

these to me healing will come wholeness

will be restored and together we will

walk into the fulfilling

future I ordained long before this world

began here is truth dear one

you came to Earth on purpose deliberate

design conceived Before Time itself was

breathed into being cell by

cell I knit you together in your

mother’s womb every detail and gift

chosen I scripted the days of your life

before you uttered your first cry you

emerged among Humanity as unique

expression of my

creativity starting your journey on

Paths of divine death Destiny until

cruel voices convinced you did not

belong false narrative said less then


disqualified so you made yourself small

though A Warrior’s Heart pounded within

you muted not just stilled songs but

abandoned dreams and

callings my precious child I weep to see

you losing sight of your Radiance

because others words dimmed your

light you still glow within though

blanketed in Pain’s numbing

fog I will fan Embers back into flame

again sink into my delight be warmed by

my pride in you I do not make mistakes

Your Design was intentional dare again

to shine unfettered believing my view

that no opinion outweighs mine I declare

You Beautiful whole treasured as my

cherished one my dreams still stir

within you awaiting your yes say the

word take my hand and Trust again I will

unravel distortions together until you

stand confident in who I say you

are then freely wildly you will beam

blessings bright again I never stop

delighting in you beloved even when you

stop delighting in your own

existence my loving gaze never ceased

embracing you even when you pulled away

unable to believe one so imperfect

deserved unconditional love and my

desire never wavered to see you step

boldly again into confident courage and

purpose written for your days before

this world was

formed now I come to unlock doors once

welded Shut by words that cursed that

crushed that told you someone else to

find your

worth I come with hope to wake the

dreams again sto broke dying Embers back

into fiery passion I come to align your

perception back to

truth I speak identity belonging and

purpose over

you listen to me to truth not to

deception that muzzled your voice

stunted your growth and benched you from

Adventures I designed to bring your soul

satisfaction you don’t end where


began there are no limits to what I can

do in a yielded vessel it is time to

unlock gifts stored for too long in


freeze it is time to sing the song

buried in your soul again it is time to

laugh without

restraint it is time to embrace your

Divine Design

again my child let us linger here a

moment to see beneath life’s churning

currents in Stillness perspective shifts

loss may prepare unseen blessings ings

winter nurtures Spring’s

Awakening you felt abandoned in

obscurities lonely night awaiting a long


promise my plan for your life holds

goodness purpose hope will you walk with

me into unknown places on paths I alone

foresee in quiet surrender you cultivate

Soul Space to resonate with Heaven’s

frequency attuning your vision with

Mine by faith Embrace this SE season let

delayed appointments prepare you richly

for Destiny awaiting unveiled deeper

lessons take root through patient

waiting that launches you

further let go rush and strain my

rhythms require soul rest as much as

diligent labor what I ordain unfolds on

time perfectly fashioned through loss

lack and long deferred

hope the greater the hunger developed in

parched ground the greater the bounty

once floodgates open to quench thirst at

last you have what’s required within to


Wilderness together we will tend the

dormant Orchard until

Harvest consider the seed how it rests

dormant for a time before explosive

growth beneath nurturing

care or little ones born in proper

season who must wait through years of

nurture and development before moving

into life’s sweeter

freedoms there are appointments on

Destiny’s calendar that cannot be rushed

processes that cannot be sidestepped

preparation essential to uphold you

through future tolls strength will fail

if it has not been tested stamina grows

through resistance overcome so I allow

the waiting the obscurity the wondering

why my beloved your most powerful work

emerges from the

pit perhaps current landscape AP feel

devoid of purpose numbingly

monotonous perhaps you perceive this

season as delay denying talents

expression but what if a quiet winter

nurtures you for abundance unveiled in


season consider the deeper work taking

root beneath frozen

ground while you await breakthrough in

one realm I develop richer layers in you

so that you can withstand The

Accelerated responsibility coming growth

un holds according to my Seasons not

yours but take heart spring always

follows winter light perpetually

conquers Darkness your tears summon

Joy’s arrival soon here is a sacred

exchange awaiting you the ashes for

beauty the spirit of Despair for

garlands of Praise instead of

mourning broken things made whole even

barrenness of wash in life’s fullness

soon are you listening for my voice

calling you higher deeper away from

smallness into expansive

possibility beloved nothing is beyond

reach of my

Redemption no one too soiled for


restoration and no mortal words carry

enough power to revoke what I have

destined for your days you emerged among

Humanity wrapped in Divine belonging

stand now it is time to reclaim the

identity given from the foundations of

the earth significant seen and

cherished I am unlocking that door once

welded Shut by words intended to

crush just as I protect a flickering

Wick and nourished to vibrant flame

again I Shield your soul and fan into

full stature dreams temporarily

deferred I know the way through this

Valley of

Shadows I I go before you to prepare the

brighter broader Vista still obscured

from view but your eyes will soon adjust

to astonishing revelation of new Vistas

filled with possibilities you had not

dared to Hope still lay before you the

wastelands gray monochrome landscape

soon yield to Destiny’s vast Horizon

shimmering in full dimensions of

color the desert blooms with life’s

varied Hues and textures my love

specifically chose for you

listen for my voice singing over your

soul beloved drown out blaring false

claims that cannot silence the shout of

Truth declaring you belong to me let

Broken Dreams become seed beds for

longings now blossoming into maturity

long prepared for I make dead things

live again Beauty rise from Ash heaps

water and life burst forth from parched

ground and fruit ripen slowly into

exotic sweetness

in Rich due season you shall soon taste


last my precious child take comfort in

this your winter is passing the

wastelands fade as Destiny’s Horizons

Shimmer into view at

last what once seemed dormant stirs with

new life beneath nurturing

care my declaring your worth Rings

louder drowning out words that

crushed you already wear victory’s Crown

as my beloved chosen to display my glory

now lift your eyes expectant and

believe your moment is coming my child

The View ahead will leave you breathless

with awe let your spirit soar confident

on those wings of purpose I fashioned

long ago just for you

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