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God is telling you

God is telling you

today my beloved ones you’ve long gone

through so a great deal pain stay in the

battle do not surrender I am going to

provide you the Breakthrough you’ve got

been praying for I love

you comment I love you

father God please clear my mind from

overthinking I’m so

tired don’t get discouraged while you

feel like you’re in it by yourself God

continues to be there and will never

depart you he is all you can ever

need put your faith in God it it just

meant whole thing it doesn’t matter how

oversaturated the market is if God

called you to it there’s room for

you David fail to publish a resume

however God instructed Samuel about him

may God point out you to someone who

will take you to the next

level God is aware of you are worn out

he knows you are trying put him first

trust him he will make a

way God is cancelling each evil venture

over your life right now typ our men if

you believe

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