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God wants to enter your house

son lay upon me your anxieties and

Restless thoughts both physical and

spiritual the future isn’t as Bleak as

it seems and I am always present hearing

your cries in the night and

strengthening your faith be brave for

your faith is mighty and my word is your

rock at this moment I ask you to calm

your heart close your eyes and F these

words with love letting them draw you

nearer to me I want you to relax and

listen closely to this message I bring

to you for for I know you need it and I

know even more that it will fill all the

answers your faith has been seeking feel

the divine presence the Embrace of the

heavenly father enveloping you now

soothing you with tenderness and

promising you comfort in your toughest

hours accept this invitation to a sacred

dialogue where barriers dissolve and

true communion is

established for in this exchange of

words there are the answers you seek the

hope that is reborn and the certainty

that you will never be alone even if

things don’t unfold as expected trust me

completely I am working behind the

scenes preparing blessings for you and

your household if something material is

lost reflect deeply upon it for your

life is under my

protection I desire your growth in

happiness unwavering faith and strength

and I will restore what you thought was

lost making it even better than

before my beloved child come to me in

prayer constantly day and night keeping

your Faith and Hope steadfast when you

approach me come with confidence and

strong conviction in my presence knowing

that I will answer you don’t worry or

cry over what has passed focus on loving

me loving yourself valuing your family

and following my will patiently awaiting

the blessings that are to come material

things may vanish and reappear but don’t

let that disturb you for nothing is lost

forever trust me with all your heart for

I desire to Grant you the peace you

deeply yearn for walk witnessing the

Miracles that will occur fear not for I

am always by your side fighting

alongside you my love surrounds you my

peace envelops you and my arms embrace

you I hear every word of yours even when

you whisper in despair turning your

thoughts into prayers there are no words

of yours that escape me even when it

seems like your prayers don’t go beyond

your home know that I am here seeing

everything and very much present in your

life I am here enveloping you with the

Rays of my eternal love I feel your

distress the tears that silently fall

but come listen to the voice of your

heavenly Father for I have the remedy

that heals all wounds that calms all

storms I remember your battles that

seemed insurmountable challenges that

made you question your own worth and

purpose but know that you are under my

Divine protection and I am with you

every step of the the way my remedy is

not like the remedies of the world which

only treat temporary symptoms my remedy

is the cure for the soul it is the light

that dispels the deepest Darkness feel

my comforting Embrace in the moments

when you need it most know that where

there is Faith there are Miracles and

where there is hope there is renewal do

not let the voices of the world prevent

you from hearing my gentle and

compassionate voice Whispering words of

life and hope in your heart for I have a

plan for you a purpose that goes beyond

your understanding do not underestimate

the power of your presence for you are a

Channel of my grace and love to those

around you overcome your challenges turn

your difficulties into achievements do

not allow sadness and tears to dominate

your life set aside a moment to listen

every day for I have something to tell

you words and blessings destined for you

you just need to trust me and maintain

that unwavering faith that brings me

close to you to your home to your family

let this message heal your wounds do not

cling to the deceptions of the enemy

that bring you down see beyond the

visible choose to strengthen your faith

instead of succumbing to obstacles focus

on the words I bring you extract the

promises that reside within you and

Proclaim them with conviction so that

all may hear when the enemy perceives

the strength and certainty in your voice

they will Retreat recognizing your

chance change and your firmness against

their attacks receive Now with an open

heart the fullness of my love and grace

allow yourself to be bathed in the

purifying Waters of my forgiveness and

let my peace flood your soul like a

river that flows freely for I call you

by name and you are mine precious and

beloved child beyond measure trust in me

even when your eyes cannot see the path

ahead for I am the light that guides

your steps in the darkness surrender

completely to my care and you will see

the Miracles I perform in your life for

I am the god who makes the impossible

happen The God Who turns tears into

smiles and ashes into Beauty trust in me

and you will see your life transformed

by my grace and power have faith in all

aspects of your life in work in dreams

in home in difficult days for I am with

you everywhere in my words you will find

the necessary guidance for every

challenge you face

though afflictions abound in this world

trust that none of them will break you I

have granted you a profound

responsibility your influence over your

family can bring Salvation and blessings

that will endure eternally the problems

that seem so imposing will disappear

before your eyes do not seek them out

for your attention should be focused on

matters of True Value which will build

up your life and that of your family

producing blessed and multiplied fruits

in your home tell me do you truly trust

me my

child take a moment to calm yourself

come to me and share what is in your

heart I fully understand the pain you

are facing you have tried to help many

and have given your love only to be

disappointed by others remember I too

gave everything for love I was crucified

abandoned beaten and wounded therefore

place your trust in me I understand the

intensity of your pain and when I see

you cry I fully understand do not be

afraid to show your emotions to me I

will not judge you I want to listen as

you speak under my sacred protection I

will wipe away your tears I will lift

your spirits and fill you with my warmth

Reviving The Flame of my Holy Spirit in

your heart feel blessed for in these

difficult times your heavenly father who

loves you deeply is here to comfort you

you don’t need to seek love and

understanding from others beside me you

have all you need do not lose the peace

that I generously Grant you ignore the

mockers remain calm do not be swayed by

anger or frustration and do not stoop to

the level of those who have hurt you do

not worry for the enemy wants you to

feel abandoned but I will take care of

it I will be the remedy that solves your

needs filling all the gaps in your life

come to me and remain in my presence

find rest Refuge In My Embrace when

everything seems to be falling apart do

not place all your hope and trust in

people do not entrust your life love and

future to anyone except me in the world

you will face difficulties but with me

you will always be

safe I have overcome sorrow and

disappointment fill yourself with my

presence and all will be well do you

believe receive now my blessing upon you

and your family and may my peace be

always with you today and forever for I

am the Lord your God and I love you with

an eternal love amen if you believe in

these words leave your Amen in the



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