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God Wants To Save Your Family | God’s Message For You | God’s Message Now

today marks the beginning of a

remarkable transformation within your

family as you Embrace these words you

are filled with my strength and

affection accompanying you on this


path Your Role is pivotal as through

your speech Deeds gaze character and

very being you Channel this

extraordinary change your significance

in my eyes is immense and my affection

for you is

unceasing I I encourage you to share

this love with those you nurture those

who rely on your

belief dedicate time today to express

your affection towards them to

demonstrate your empathy place your

hands gently upon their heads bless them

and offer prayers on their behalf invest

Your Love time and resources primarily

in your nearest and dearest particularly

those within your

household contemplate your parents kin

and even those distanced by past

disagreements forgive and cherish them

profoundly show kindness to all and you

will witness your family thriving in

unity enriched by your prayers and

Endeavors be their guardian and exhibit

patience Forge a sanctuary where they

can seek comfort and unconditional love

after challenging

days there will be moments for

correcting their errors steering them

rightly if they appreciate your love

they will accept your counsel if not

place them in your

prayers I am active in their hearts and

eventually they will realize their

errors and I will guide them on the


path during family conflicts I encourage

you to seek me through prayer steering

clear of anger and irritation leave such

negative feelings to those unaware of my

presence there is always a resolution

for your difficulties an answer to your

questions I am here to alleviate your

concerns seek my fortitude when tempted

to respond in Anger to avoid upsetting

my Holy Spirit within you find comfort

in me when the burden seems too

heavy cry out for my assistance and I

will respond in your most critical

moments have faith that I am perpetually

by your side prepared to assist in any

circumstance I will guide you tenderly

ensuring a sense of

security your home will be an oasis of

Tranquility happiness and abundance for

with me nothing is

unattainable trust in my everpresent

company embrace my peace and let it fill


heart wherever you are I am there with

you sense my loving Embrace in your

soul I bestow upon you the privilege of

living distinct from worldly ways to

savor this inner

Serenity this feeling is precious to me

and I hope it is equally delightful for

you we can share in this daily whether

at dawn or as the day

breaks I eagerly await our fellowship a

few moments of dialogue if you

understood the impact of these moments

clasping my hand kneeling before my

Throne you would recognize the

importance of

today I am affirming your special place

in my heart declaring to all creation

that you are mine your outlook will

transform as you comprehend my words and

the magnitude of my love for you you are

blessed in remarkable ways and you’ll

possess the Assurance to achieve

incredible Feats who can oppose you you

are my child undefeatable with my

support my love is the most potent Force

known do not compare me to Earthly

parents who might stumble I am much more

today you realize this

distinction as you internalize this

profound insight into my love take

moments to be in my

presence words are unnecessary simply

treasure our time together and release

all your worries when you step outside

you’ll radiate my peace and calm will

emanate from you the negative emotions

of others won’t affect you I’m here for

you ready each day to envelop you in

love as the day

begins my love for you is boundless and

I eagerly await your company every

morning consider my perspective how

could I not adore and bless someone like

you my greatest desire is to Grant you

Eternal salvation to live fearlessly

feeling deeply loved and safeguarded and

to confidently Traverse this world

wrapped in my love I offered my life on

the cross so you could experience exp

erience Triumph not defeat my

resurrection was to empower you to lead

an extraordinary life one that

transcends mere material

Pursuits while feelings of loneliness

rejection and pain may be common

experiences you are set

apart should you ever find yourself

feeling weak drained or overwhelmed by

emotions rise up raise your arms as a

symbol of Victory declaring to all that

you are my Offspring robust and

courageous victorious in numerous

struggles a standout among the

brave you are invincible no one can

overpower you you are never by

yourself reject the grip of depression


darkness turn to me for I am calling out

to you your destined place is in my

presence as you kneel before me my

Legions with gleaming swords will appear

they will cleave the winds demolish evil

and as your spiritual adversaries

witness the power and

Majesty that surround you they will flee


Terror they may threaten from afar but

they do not possess the Valour or

strength to inflict harm upon you I am

speaking to many courageous souls and

you are among them Embrace this message

let it strengthen your spirit

hold these words in your thoughts and

let them resonate as a melody in your

heart Raise Your Arms once more and

Proclaim I am eternally cherished by my

heavenly father my magnificent Lord and

my God I am healthy free Discerning and

wise exemplifying the strength and

loyalty of a true

Victor this is the state I desire for

you each morning I long for this

conviction to be firmly anchored in my

word my

child my beloved I am with you you need

no one else do not seek validation or

companionship from

others my dear child I am continually

finding ways to make you feel even the


manifestations of my

love affirm your love for me

wholeheartedly I will respond to all

your prayers from the most substantial

to the smallest my answers will be the

finest and most

Splendid together we are advancing to a

new phase in your blessings where you

walk in faith not solely by sight if you

encounter challenges do not fear if you

face loss and pain do not fret I am here

with my Majestic might to Shield you

like a caring

father I surround you with tenderness


affection your greatest weapon is your

faith in the this word the Assurance in

your soul that your heavenly father

values and loves you in a manner that is

beautiful sweet magnificent incomparable

Divine Eternal and

Supernatural there is no sensation more

tender than being so adored and

protected even in the midst of the


struggles when the enemy believes he has

subdued you and even if you are marred

by the mud of your Falls stand up with

tears in your eyes for fortified by the

power of my Holy Spirit In Your

Heart keep progressing on this path you

are doing

admirably I wish for you to continue

walking in faith love devotion hope and

honesty aware that beyond the obstacles

lies a life abundant in Blessings gred

by my mercy and

benevolence I Rejoice that you arew walk

in each day with such delight and

steadfastness you are no no longer bound

by memories of the past nor do you

entertain thoughts of loneliness and

sorrow I am Overjoyed that every day you

affirm to yourself the reality of my

power and I can achieve even greater

things with you if you persist in this

Splendid Faith you offer

me it is the most beautiful gift you can

present your heart your commitment your

faith this confidence in your soul that

my response is assured

even if your eyes cannot yet see it you

will achieve Great Heights you will

soar the door to my holy Throne is

always open to you whenever you are in

need I assure you that I will answer you

I love you and forever in my holy hands

I will safeguard

you so be it now tell me that you

believe it the drought ends and the

Harvest Begins the trials you have gone

through have been preparing you for this

great blessing that is approaching I

hear you when you Despair and ask me

when it will

come I tell you once more that the

Fulfillment of my promise is knocking at


door do your part rise and open

it put your faith to work go out to

receive your blessing with the attitude

of a conqueror do not seek obstacles do

not look for excuses to stay seated do

not allow those doubts that wither your

your faith your talents and gifts are

set to Blossom here on Earth you’re

meant for a beautiful garden where I

need you you are more than just a flower

you’re akin to a robust tree offering

shade to all who seek my

presence I intend to use you as a

blessing for many to convey love to your

family to reach out and Aid those in

distress and to bring a downpour of

prosperity upon your home my cherished


gear up with your tools the Harvest time


near step out and take in the aroma of

the field prepared and ripe for your

success you are among my chosen ones I

will fortify you I will Elevate you I

will remove lack and need from your life

but heed my words now don’t be like

those who disregard me wasting time on

trivialities when things go well they

blame me they’re constantly grumbling

aiming at good people like you trying to

snatch the blessings I plan to bestow


you the fruits of this upcoming Harvest

are meant for you don’t let others take

control of the gifts I’ve given you

don’t let the Devourer near your

children keep your home safe from

destruction listen to me every morning I

will provide the wisdom you need to

advance and succeed in all Endeavors

ensuring a Bountiful Harvest

moreover this phase of your life is

setting the stage for something

incredible that lies ahead anticipate it

and expect much more from your heavenly

father I don’t just bless you with

little I shower you with Abundant

Blessings believe in it embrace it and

always affirm your love for me I will

lead you out of the Wilderness I will

guide you to Triumph and the joy you


desire I do this because I love you you

hold immense value to me and I have a

significant purpose for your life pay

close attention for the words you now

hear and read are deeply true and

meaningful I understand the difficulties

you’re facing have cast a shadow on you

making it hard to greet each day with

happiness you are moving through

challenging times but you stand on the

brink of an extraordinary Supernatural


transformation you have endured many

days of desolation and misunderstanding

yet now your Passage through this arid

Wilderness is coming to an

end the world attempted to obscure your

vision and shake your faith but you my

cherished child have remained

undefeated you have persisted through

this lengthy and arduous

ordeal from this point forward I am

ushering in brighter days reinstating

joy in your life

those around you will witness how my

strength and power have revitalized you

my wisdom will guide you through the

numerous challenges you’ve

encountered your journey has been one of

isolation and dryness leaving you

parched weary and

frail however your faith your love for

me and your commitment to your family

provided the fortitude to stand up and

continue you persevered to the end now

I’m sending clouds Laden with special

rain Living Water a soothing Salve for

your soul I am imbuing your spirit with

my love the promise I made to you

remains firm I always hear you I am


attentive each time you approach me in

prayer and invoke my Holy Name you enter

a period of immense Miracles and wonders

that will envelop you and your kin this

Bears witness to your lord loyalty

Fidelity and constancy in the face of

adversity and your unshakable trust in

me committing your destiny to my

care I will not fail you for my love for

you is profound my beloved

child I am fully cognizant of my plans

for you plans for your well-being not


Misfortune I will provide what you

fervently seek from me Express once more

your innermost desires and I will heed

from the heavens fulfilling the deepest

yearnings of your

heart Rejoice my child for the time of

suffering has come to an

end the moment of your Triumph is at

hand tell me do you believe in me do you

believe that I am by your side have you

ever thought that I have abandoned you

allow me to declare this day that I have

always been attentive to your prayers

and I have always regarded with love

each tear you have shed in my

presence I am here to convey my love for

you and to affirm that you hold a

special place in my heart there is no

greater satisfaction for me than knowing

that you are my child and I am your

father your mother your brother and your

God whom you may approach with

unwavering confidence free from

condemnation I stand here with open arms

ready to assist you to embrace you and

to lift you up know that I am a

benevolent God

unchanging I am the same yesterday today

and for all

eternity I have loved you and I will

continue to love you do not hesitate to

ask of me whatever you desire for if I

have given you my son how will I not

also provide you with all things through

him today is the day of your Miracle the

day of your

Victory lay claim to each of my promises

let that ailment hear my name in your

presence let those spirits that have

sought to torment you kneel before my

name which is above all

names this day your family and financial

situation shall be set

right trust in me alone for I am your

helper the one who sustains you lifts

you up and bestows fresh strength upon

you to

persevere even if no one else is

believed in you I have always believed

in the full potential I have placed

within you the time has come for you to

rise and shine I am your God the one who


you I will never leave you nor forsake

you take my hand and let us walk

together on this day I shall reveal to

you the plans I have for you seek me in

intimacy speak to me and I shall answer

you I love you and I shall forever love

you if only you knew and felt how much I

cherish our daily conversations how

greatly they benefit you you yearn to

hear me you desire to come and spend

time with me yet at times you forget

amidst the turmoil and

weariness your mind becomes cluttered

with hurried thoughts and anxieties

regarding all that you must do but your

strength wains because your vessel is

empty you need to come come and listen

to me to bring me your petitions to

immerse yourself In this River of Living

Waters you shall witness the

transformation in your life your spirit

shall be uplifted and your body and soul

shall grow

stronger I ask but a short moment from

you I know you have numerous obligations

but I simply ask for a few minutes Ure

that you bring me your faith for it is

all that I require give it a try once

more I tell you again come in the

morning in the evening or at any time

you wish here I stand ready the source

of honey from The Rock and divine wheat

I shall nourish you in my presence where

Time Has No

Dominion the minutes you offer me are

transformed into strength encouragement

Divine Joy wonderful peace Supernatural

enthusiasm and holy

wisdom blessings shall re upon you

blessing that flow from the heavens like

Rivers Eternal and crystalline abounding


fullness when you approach me with

unwavering Faith you ascend to a higher

plane you shall feel your soul at rest

gazing upon a beautiful landscape your

mind shall find tranquility and your

thoughts shall

stabilize here is your Sanctuary stay a

little while longer open your hands and

accept all that you can carry from here

store these blessings in your heart and

fill your bag with gifts cloak your

spirit in my mantle of strength what a

wondrous beautiful sensation it is to

feel the touch of my hand upon your head

the fire of my Holy Spirit consuming all

impurity these moments you grant me each

day shape your life gradually step by

step we cannot rush you must not

hurry I want you to sense and understand

the value of this process you shall come

to know me deeply to the extent that

doubt shall find no place in your

mind even when I remain silent in the

midst of your strongest trials you shall

know that I love you and in due time I

shall extend my hand to assist

you you stand on the brink of passing

through new and Superior Gates

surpassing those that had previously

closed on you your faith and belief in

my power have been steadfast and I will

personally restore what you lost in the

past soon you will witness an abundance

of valuable blessings

accumulating stop dwelling on past

losses broken relationships or failur is

caused by your own

aor you have

repented if someone has wronged you let

go of any bitterness clear your heart of

thoughts of hatred and re in if you were

deceived you have already surmounted the

grief and now you understand whom to

distrust do not linger in the past

insteed focus on the new blessings I am

eager to Grant you let’s Advance towards

Victory on a fresh path look towards the

horison a mountain is rising on the

other side approach it with bravery and

resilience for Beyond it are Fields ripe


harvesting my dear child you are

alive I desire for you to realize your

immense value to me and to also love

yourself honor Me by adhering to my word

nurturing your soul spirit and health


morning awake with the Divine certainty

that a fruitful life and a purpose I’ve

already designated await

you the Triumph of your family your

success and your Prosperity are in the


you already possess the wisdom needed to

bring joy to suffering

Hearts as you heed my words your mind

soul and spirit will be infused with

Supernatural happiness any lingering

depression or discouragement within you

will evaporate at this

moment these beautiful emotions entering

your life are manifestations of my grace

mercy and

love numerous Miracles are imminent and

your surroundings will be profoundly

influenced people will gaze upon you and

recognize the Majestic light that

radiates from you nevertheless remain

Vigilant and protect your heart from

Pride I aim to show the world that I can

Elevate the poor the needy the fallen

and the rejected those who have been

judged and condemned without being truly

known all that is forthcoming is a

testament to my power I am the king of

glory holding your family and your life

in my hands I have extended Mercy to you

accept this love with

humility permit me to bless you further

for it is my will heed this message stay

and listen Until the End do not allow

distractions to deter you refrain from

filling your heart with complaints and

frustration this is a test of your

patience I want to see if you can listen

receive cherish and Faithfully obey this

holy word that I’m instilling in your


today when you rise each day come to

hear me I know you face many trials and

sometimes lack the strength to think in

this exert effort and show courage a

word of faith can heal uplift and bring


Prosperity it is possible it is true

choose today to believe wholeheartedly

that I can change you with my love

tenderness patience Commandments and

counsel I can turn this period of

tribulation into a new day of joy and

blessing you are very important to me

and to many

people even if some are ungrateful and

do not appreciate your affection I see

your efforts and admire your commitment

to love without expecting anything in

return I record in my book everything

you do for them you are not alone I am

with you you also also have a multitude

of witnesses who support you from Heaven


Earth there are Warrior Angels ready to

fight battles to defeat enemies to

remove stones and obstacles from your

path there are people who love you and

pray for you your name is mentioned in

my presence every day I gave my life so

that you may receive salvation and

freedom and so that in the midst of

Affliction you may experience peace and


in the coming days I will reveal to you

the power that my blood holds to bring

blessings to your family and

you I want to help you but I like to see

your attitude and sincere desire to

progress I love to see how you strive

for victory promise me that you will

believe in my word make a commitment to

come and listen to me every morning open

your eyes wide with the expectation that

you have a life ahead filled with with

blessings I am here to remind you that

you are not

alone yesterday brought tears due to


hardships things didn’t go as planned

you felt abandoned and betrayed by those

you thought loved you particularly in

your time of

need I comprehend your pain but be

assured your tears and cries have

reached the Heavens to my sacred

Throne this is the place where your

future is molded

where ailments are cured where your

challenges are met and where I provide

solace in your

distress remember you are not

abandoned I have stayed by your side

even though those you counted on may

have with drwn I continue to be with you

my love intense siing with each passing

day and it will remain so forever rest

in the knowledge that I am always ready

to listen to you through the power of my

blood you gain direct entry to my


domain in my presence you may lay forth

your petitions and I will attend with

patience and affection like a devoted

friend do not suppress your tears let

them be released and purify your spirit

Paving the way for my

peace yet know this after tears Joy will

emerge and your joy will be immense for

now is the time of your

blessing you are are primed to fully

cherish what I grant

you everything you faced has prepared

you for this long awaited

instant now is when the heavens open

raining down copious blessings upon

you in Stillness you will discover my

peace even if others leave I am here to

comfort and assuage your spirit each day

you become more resilient deepening your

understanding of me seeking my count and

my word this demonstrates your

faithfulness wisdom and insight as you

close your eyes today and reflect on my

words once more you will sense

envelopment and healing by my

love you are never alone my presence

fills your being with

gladness before closing your eyes tell

me that you believe in me and say a

strong amen


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