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GOD WILL BE ANGERY IF YOU SKIP | God message jesus |

I pray that my relationship with God

will become closer and stronger in

no matter what comes my way in

I know that God has my back prayer for

today Lord help me to put you first in

everything I do in

protect me from the schemes of the

enemy and keep me in your perfect peace

help me to be a light to those around me

and to show the love of Jesus to those

closest to me God wants you to trust his

timing he is bringing all the pieces

together God wants you to know he is in

control God is going to use you to prove

that he is still a miracle worker never

get tired of asking God to guide

you God please clear my mind from

overthinking I’m so tired thank God for

what he is about to do today’s prayer

dear God amidst the storm of

overthinking anchor my Restless mind

help me trust in your plan release my

anxieties and find peace in your

unchanging trust remind me you hold

tomorrow guiding every step God did not

bring you this far to leave you or

forsake you things might be hard for you

to handle but God will still make a way

for you sometimes God takes you on a

journey you didn’t know you needed to

bring you everything you ever wanted

trust the plan dear dear God please calm

my mind heal my heart and take away my

worries God is good all the time comment

amen if you agree share this with

someone you care about

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