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God’s message for you

today God is saying to you today change

is coming I will cause opportunities to

find you unexpected blessings are coming your

way you will suddenly meet the right

person suddenly your health will

improve suddenly you will have enough to

pay off all your bills and do something

extra for your children

I Am shifting things in your

favor this week God will demonstrate his

unwavering support in your

life expect a turnaround in your health

career relationships and

finances God is about to work wonders in

your life this

week pray with me dear God your word

promises to supply all our needs

according to your riches and Glory by

Christ Jesus I believe in your promises and trust

that what you say you will

do God has a plan to transform your pain

into joy and open doors of opportunity specifically for

you this week everything your efforts

into will prosper your relationships

finances health and businesses will be

blessed with peace healing Miracles joy

and favor like never before

the universe is sending you signs that

this is your season finances are about

to Blossom love is about to overflow

Victory is on the horizon and good times

are on the way the right people

appreciate you they value you your

energy and your

time they cherish you they believe in

you and support you however they

can they don’t make excuses and they’re

actions speak louder than

words that’s how you know who’s meant to

stay in your life be

patient everything’s coming

together whatever you are waiting for is

on its way to you the blessings God has

in store for you and your family exceed human

imagination your tough times are ending

and better days are

beginning despite your financial

emotional and physical struggles this

year God is preparing to Grant you a


breakthrough claim it with faith and

gratitude your pain heartache and

sleepless nights will soon be a thing of the

past God will pour out his blessings of

love good health and prosperity from the

heavens God says I will restore and heal

you just as I’ve done before and I will do it

again this week prepare to receive a

miracle that will completely transform

your life on every

level remember I am more powerful than

any opposition sickness or enemy triple

just when it seems like everything is

falling apart God will send a

life-changing miracle that will

transform your life

forever May bring you Abundant

Blessings love Beyond Comprehension and

prosperity beyond your wildest

dreams and I will make a way for you

even when there seems to be none for

every tear sleepless night betrayal

sacrifice God has a lifechanging

blessing in store for you I will bring

to fruition everything I’ve started in

your life turning delays into Miracles

and filling your heart with a new new

song this is a season where you will

witness my goodness and favor with your

prayers being

answered together let us pray dear Lord

as I enter this new month I declare that

something good is moving in my

direction your mercy is fresh and your

word still brings

life I speak miraculous breakthroughs

and extraordinary blessings over my life

believing that nothing is impossible

with you on my side in jesus’

name I will restore you and heal you

just as I have

before I will completely transform and

change your life on all

levels even when you feel stuck know

that nothing is impossible for

me salvation is available to all who

confess that Jesus is Lord and believe

in their hearts that I raised him from

the dead

believe in your heart and confess with

your mouth to receive the free gift of

Salvation you may face challenges in

your life such as illness adversaries or


difficulties but remember that I am

greater than all these

challenges I am more powerful than

anything you may encounter and I will

make a way for you hold on to hope and

trust in me to bring you through release

anxiety fear stress and pain and receive

my peace love healing and

blessings I declare that you will

receive good news regarding something

you’ve been patiently waiting for work

things in your

favor prepare for a sudden breakthrough

and a life-changing Miracle

soon trust that the healing and

financial relief you need are on their

way even when it seems there’s no no

way I am oping remarkable doors for you

providing the favor resources needed to

achieve your

dreams through prayer faith and

determination you can experience healing

Freedom abundance and positive

relationships God is preparing to shower

you with an abundance of blessings and

favor despite the trials heartaches and


God has a lifechanging blessing waiting


you the best thing I can do today is to

enjoy what’s here in my

life I have so many blessings right in

front of me that are waiting to be

enjoyed a grateful heart attracts more

to be grateful

for I am

free from everything that used to weigh

me down and cause me

stress this chapter of my life is the

the greatest one yet don’t lose

hope no matter what challenges you face

God always has something better waiting

for you after

this after the hardship you’ll find a


job after the loss you’ll meet the right

person after the sickness you’ll emerge

stronger trust in his timing for he

knows what’s best for you keep a

positive attitude and don’t let negative

thoughts consume

you remember God is greater than any

problem you may

encounter whatever you have prayed for

believe that it’s already yours and it

will come to

fruition When you pray believe without

doubt for doubt is like a wave tossed by


Wind Trust in God’s promises knowing

that he has a plan for your

life his his love for you is

unconditional and

unending take comfort in the fact that

he will never leave or forsake you keep

your faith strong and your heart open

and you will find true happiness and

fulfillment God

says you are going to be telling a

different story very

soon a story about how Miracles have

found you a success story filled with so


inspiration you will give so much hope

to so many people when they see how much

you overcame and still came out on

top your life is a

movie type yes if you needed

this I no longer need hardcore proof to

validate what my intuition tells

me if something feels off about a person

slpl SL thing it’s because something is

off I I’m not sticking around to

discover what it

is my time and my energy are way too

valuable type yes to affirm

this very soon you will be promoted to a

massively good place for you you will

experience so much happiness that

everyone around you will be filled with

joy and

Faith be

receptive be

ready today I come before you with a

heart full of praise and

gratitude thank you for all that you do

for me and for watching over me with

your loving

eyes if you are feeling unwell I speak

against the root of your illness and I

declare healing by the power of the holy

spirit in jesus’

name rejoice in the Lord at all times

regardless of your

circumstances place your trust in the

Lord Praise praise him for his goodness

and you’ll find unending

peace remember whatever you ask for in

prayer believe that you have received it

and it will be

yours let’s pray this now Lord when

others doubted me you encouraged me when

they attacked me you taught me to stand

strong when they hurt me you showed me

the way to

forgiveness now when they see me they



as a new week begins expect to find

yourself in a position where you no

longer need to struggle or borrow and

your hands will always be filled with an

abundance of

money surrendering yourself to God will

allow you to accumulate Treasures in

Heaven open the floodgates of prosperity

here on

Earth today pray for the grace and

dignity you need to release what holds

you you back from finding what makes

your heart full and your soul find its

peace you have what it takes to move

past this moment to happier

times you are enough and you are doing

the best you

can trust your ability to focus on how

to create

more you are very capable of finding


Solutions your self-compassion is

essential to your

thriving the Bible tells us that without

faith it’s impossible to please

God you must believe that he exists and

rewards those who earnestly seek

him sometimes we must simply pray

entrust everything to God and leave it

in his

hands when we have nothing left but God

that’s when he begins to work miracles

in our


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