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Gods Message for You Today: for Those Skipping Out on Today |Powerful Blessings


have you ever had one of those days

where you just don’t want to face the


if you’re feeling like today just isn’t

your day this message is

maybe you’re feeling down stressed out

or just plain tired today I want to

share a message of Grace with you God

knows what you’re going through and he

wants to give you rest so if you’re

feeling like skipping out on today know

that you’re not alone

and know that there is Grace for you

let’s get started

God says you have all the resources you

need to succeed spiritual guidance

wisdom and courage this is a challenge

that will help you grow and become even

more powerful keep an optimistic Outlook

and strive to spread positivity to all

those around you

God says no matter the wrongs done to

you remain strong and forgiving show

others that your spirit is like that of

God by keeping your anger in check

let Heaven deliver the Justice due and

in the end your graciousness will be



God is saying to you today

believe in the Angelic presence that

guides you allowing yourself to stay

true to your purpose and highest good

free from ego and judgment trust that

things happen for a reason and face each

day with confidence and faith in the


type thank you God if you believe

God says believe that this cycle of your

life is leading you to a brighter future

your angels are guiding you to make a

fresh start and take advantage of this

precious opportunity to do the best for

yourself this could be your golden

opportunity to make the most of your


God knows that only loyal subscribers or

children will watch this video Until the

End if you watch the whole video without

skipping it then you’ll get a magical

surprise so I will say be a loyal child

of God and watch this video till the end

God will definitely bless you in your


God says the wheel of life is spinning

in a beneficial Direction after multiple

hiccups your dreams and Heavenly advice

are ready to be put into motion right


the time to rehash past patterns has

gone it’s time to synchronize with your

true purpose

God says to you take courage you are

about to embark on a thrilling journey

into the great unknown don’t let fear of

failure discourage you remember failure

is only the first step on the path to


type yes if you believe


God says leave your anxieties in the

past trusting that something greater

lies ahead even though you may not see

or understand it now have faith that

your current struggles will eventually

lead to something wonderful


God says it’s all right to not be

omniscient but it’s essential to never

lose faith in those who are greater than

yourself so have faith relish the

journey and let us ask you do you have

trust in yourself and in the Divine

guidance of your angels

God wants you to hear this today with

faith and courage we declare an end to

all obstacles doubts and insecurities

let us move confidently along the Divine

path set by the creator of this universe

trusting in ourselves and in our own

strength to reach our Highest Potential

God says no more fear no more second

guessing have faith and take the leap

you are soaring to new heights fully and

completely now is your time to shine in

the name of Jesus all glory be to God

if you watch this video to the end God

will give you something really

surprising today watch this video till

the end and Trust in God’s power

God says the moment has come your faith

is now being rewarded

as you reach out in prayer everything in

your life will become aligned

take courage from the knowledge that the

Lord is walking with you so you can make

the greatest comeback of your lifetime

express your gratitude to the Lord and

know that all will be well

God wants you to know this today God has

heeded your call and is providing


believe in his divine power and know

that he bestows His blessings upon you

an immense blessing is headed your way

that will completely transform your life

for the better

God says hold your head high and keep

your faith strong

you have weathered the storm and soon

you will be restored give thanks to God

for his grace and mercy for he is

sending you endless blessings Solutions

healing love and a positive change of


God says a major life-changing Miracle

is on the way so don’t give up hope

believe in the power of the Lord’s

guidance and let Faith be your guide

know that God is providing a financial

breakthrough for you right now

God says type yes to affirm

God has a message for you today open

yourself up to his divine plan and look

forward to a greater sense of joy and


unearth the boundless possibilities that

exist within you and take the necessary

steps to achieve success pray to the

Lord for a financial breakthrough and

confidently affirm its manifestation in

your life Ammon

God says trust in God tonight secure in

the knowledge that whatever you are

thinking and worrying about is in his

capable hands let this be a reminder

that no matter what is on your mind God

listens to your prayers you will be all

right have faith

God says something good will happen to

you in the next six hours if you watch

this video to the end

God says believe in yourself for your

life is Guided by a divine power

you are surrounded by loving spirits

that bring comfort and peace you have

been blessed with the power to achieve

greatness through faith

God says receive the blessings that come

your way and know that you are precious

esteemed and deeply cherished


God says you are not reading this by

accident as you rest easy this night I

declare that God will shower you with

unexpected blessings in the morning he

will never let you down you have nothing

to fear you arrive on track and there is

no cause for delay

be trusting and await the wonderful plan

he has in store for you

type yes if you need this

God says today I bless you with

abundance I bring joy and heal what may

be broken in your life I anticipate the

good that is soon to come I declare

God’s favor upon you in this season

knowing that nothing good will be

withheld this is your season it’s time

to receive the blessings of God

God says the Lord has blessed you with a

unique personalized gift it is coming to

you and you must remember to accept it

with faith and trust in Jesus he is

restoring your life and home and you

must Proclaim that you and your family

will serve him

God is saying to you today don’t let

fear or adversity stop you from

achieving your destined success embrace

the grace God has given you and have

faith that he will cross the finish line

with strength and courage

if you agree leave a thank you God


God says be inspired by those around you

who have overcome all that has been

thrown their way they are God’s Warriors

and should be admired


God says follow your intuition you know

what is right God is encouraging you

don’t let fear stop you from achieving

your dreams make the year you reach

your true potential don’t forget where

God is leaving you visualize it and make

it a reality believe it and it will


God says God has provided so much for

you and no one can take away what is

rightfully yours

you are soon to discover the purpose for

which God has not allowed you to settle

if you believe it please share the video

God says to you take a moment to recall

your divinely ordained Destiny everyone

you encounter is not meant to be part of

your journey but each person will lead

you closer to your ultimate goal

God says God encourages us to have faith

even when it seems foolish at first he

will bring new life to any challenge we

face and is always fighting on our

behalf Even in our darkest moments

finally after watching this video to the

end it’s time to take a moment and

reflect on the message of Grace that God

has given us we all make mistakes we all

fall short and that’s why we need to

take time to recognize and appreciate

this Incredible Gift of Grace

by understanding and humbly accepting

this Grace we can learn to forgive

ourselves and others begin to heal and

move forward

now is the time to reflect on what God’s

message of Grace has to offer us we can

find Solace and comfort in the knowledge

that God’s grace is available to us no

matter what we do

even if you’re skipping out on today

it’s important to remember that God’s

grace is there for you in the comments

below let us know what you’ve learned

from this message of Grace from God

maybe it’s a reminder that God is always

with us that his grace is unconditional

or maybe it’s even a reminder of his

love for us no matter what we do

whatever it is share it with us so we

can all benefit from the knowledge and

understanding of God’s grace and love

God says to you if you’re a true

follower of God watch this video and

share it with someone who needs it


thank you

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