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Gods Message For You Today : Stop Worrying & Talk to God with This Miracle Prayer


do you worry about the future

have you been feeling anxious stressed

or just down lately

if so you’re not alone

millions of people suffer from some form

of anxiety or fear and while there’s no

easy fix there is something that can


in this video I’m going to share with

you a simple yet powerful prayer that

can help you stop worrying and start

talking to God

this miracle prayer has helped me

through some tough times and I know it

can help

dear Lord I believe that you will touch

the hearts of those who are meant to

help me and that you will bring a

miracle into my life

Dear God put your healing hand upon me

and let your healing power flow through

my whole being you sit in your word in

Psalms to that when we cry unto

you in our trouble you will save us out

of our distress and you will send your

word to heal us and Deliver us from our



Dear God I am surrounded by Supernatural

peace and strength I am shielded by your

blood that speaks

you are the master psychologist and you

fix anything broken within my spiritual


I come against any negative influence in

my surroundings that take a toll on my


God says type yes to claim this

dear heavenly father

I am so grateful to be in your presence


I am humbly seeking your help and


thank you for always being there for me

I love you and cherish your presence in

my life


Psalm verses to says that I lift

up my eyes to the mountains where does

my help come from my help comes from the

Lord the maker of heaven and Earth

heavenly father I Surrender myself to

your will and your ways I ask that you

take control of my thoughts and my

actions and that you would put an end to

the enemy’s plans I long for your peace

to fill my heart and mind and I pray

that you would calm any storms that I am

facing I trust that you will make me

whole again

God says something good will happen to

you in the next six hours if you watch

this video till the end


Dear God

I choose to release Prosperity into my


I am open and willing to receive

abundance in all forms I trust that the

universe will provide for me in perfect

ways I am grateful for all the abundance

I have received I know that there is

more on the way I am confident and

optimistic about my financial future

Dear God

I release all fears and doubts about

money I know that I am deserving of a

life of prosperity I am willing to

receive your blessings and I know that

you have an abundance of blessings to

shower upon me thank you for your

generosity I am grateful for your


God knows that only loyal subscribers or

children will watch this video Until the

End if you watch the whole video without

skipping it then you’ll get a magical

surprise so I will say be a loyal child

of God and watch this video till the end

God will definitely bless you in your


Heavenly Father

I know that I can overcome this canker

because I have faith in you your word

has promised that you will never abandon

your children and I am grateful for your

healing power in my life thank you for

taking control over this sickness and

restoring sanity in my life

God says type yes if you need this

heavenly father I know that the power of

prayer is always working in my life no

matter what financial situation I am in

I am grateful for the many blessings I

have received and continue to receive

because of my faith

heavenly father I know that you are

capable of Miracles and I am

in every situation I am facing today


like the video If you believe


dear God I surround myself with

Supernatural peace and strength and

shield myself with your blood that

speaks I am the master psychologist you

are and fix anything broken within my

spiritual being

I come against any negative influence in

my surroundings that take a toll on my



I come to you today as I am I am

unworthy but I am here

I am ready to receive your love and your

grace I am ready to receive your

forgiveness I am ready to be transformed

by you

oh holy spirit take complete control

over my body and my mind make the enemy

ashamed and their plans fail father let

your peace fill my inner being

calm every storm in my mind and make me

whole again

God says type Ammon to receive it

dear God I am so grateful that you were

there for me when I needed you the most

you have always been my rock and I know

that you will always be there for me no

matter what happens

thank you for being the best friend I

could ever ask for


dear God

I know that I can overcome this sickness

because I have faith in God his word is

promised that he will never abandon his


and I know that he will heal me thank

you Lord for taking away this sickness

and restoring sanity to my life

Heavenly Father

I am strong enough to overcome any

obstacle that comes my way

I have the strength of character to

withstand anything that life throws at


I am a conqueror and I will never give


I am determined to succeed no matter


I am powerful and I am Unstoppable

I am fearless and I am brave

I am everything I need to be to overcome

any challenge

God says comment amen if you agree

o heavenly father I commit my work into

your care please increase my finances

and give me the grace to succeed

let your favor rest upon me I come

against every evil force that is against

me receiving my heavenly blessings in

Jesus name

heavenly father I have complete faith

that you will be able to help me through

this difficult time

I know that you have the power to make

things right and I am grateful for your


father I ask for your guidance as I

undertake my Endeavors may your

blessings be upon me as I put my trust

in you I know that with your help I will

emerge Victorious

God says comment thank you God if you


father Lord I pray that you intervene

miraculously and silence every situation

that seems impossible with your power

nothing is impossible I trust in you and

know that you will work everything out

for good


Heavenly Father

pray that the Lord will bless me with

all the joy and peace I need

I know that I will find favor in his

eyes and in the eyes of others because I

am favored by Jesus I will go forth with

confidence knowing that I am loved and

cherished by the one who matters most

Lord restore everything that needs to be

restored and heal everything that needs

healing you are the Lord of all

and with your infinite power nothing is

impossible we ask that you restore and

heal all that needs to be in your

perfect timing and will

God says are you ready to receive it

type Ammon to receive it

Heavenly Father

I am confident that wonderful

opportunities will come my way because I

am blessed by God father Lord please

guide me and give me your peace I know

it will be much more calming and

satisfying than anything I could ever


Dear God let the Miracles flow into

every dead situation I commit my whole

existence into your hands knowing that

you will guide and protect me always


Dear God

from that moment until now wherever the

name of Jesus Christ is mentioned no

sickness or disease can withstand his

name no matter how serious and strange

the sickness is

God says type Ammon to receive it

dear God there is nothing too hard for

the Lord back your prayers with faith

and receive God’s healing power through

his son Jesus Christ


Dear God I am hopeful and faithful that

you will guide me

as God said only a few loyal people will

stay connected to this video till the

end and you are his special child who

stays connected with god Till the End

now you’ll see your life start to change

in amazing ways

believe in the power of faith and trust

in God’s plan for you you will find that

your life begins to shift for the better

and all the issues you are dealing with

will be addressed by the divine

each month brings new opportunities and

even the financial situation of your

family will improve in the future have

faith and take action and you can be the

first millionaire in your family if

you’re a true follower of God check out

this awesome new video

don’t forget to spread the love and

share it with someone special



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