God's Message: I have Good news for you | God Message Now - online calculators

God’s Message: I have Good news for you | God Message Now

just my word is enough to heal you the power that comes from what I say can

bring you life and lift you up you might think you’re not worth

having me come into your home but I’m telling you now your faith and humility

have caught my eye I want to come into not just your home but your heart

too there I’ll write the words that heal you with just a touch I’ll break the

chains holding you back I’ll take away your pain and all your fears worries and

troubles will fade away because even the sky listens when I speak I’m speaking directly to you

because I want to see you happy when you spend time with me it lets me hold you

close and show you how much I love you keeping you safe from harm this is what

I want to give you in this life so I’m asking you to believe with all your

heart and accept it the strength you’re looking for is ready for you to grab it

to wrap yourself in the healing and changing power of my Holy Spirit which is right here for you you don’t have to

keep living with the pain of the past or think that you have to face the bad

things you’ve done alone you live in a world full of trouble but remember it’s

a world I’ve already won over for you you’re a child of the almighty God and

that’s a promise trust me in every step you take and in every challenge you face

because you will come out on top I know there are times you find yourself crying for hours sometimes not even knowing why

let me tell you it’s because deep down you’re longing to come back to me your

heart misses me your spirit is searching for me and everything in you knows that

without me you can achieve nothing it feels like life is slipping away from

you doesn’t it the peace and happiness you’ve been longing for seem just Out Of

Reach every day feels like your loved ones are drifting further apart listen

to me I’m right here with you right beside me there’s a spring of blessings

waiting to flu your life with everything you’ve been missing ready to wash away all

sadness dive into these Waters and let them clear away the sadness from your mind you won’t ever feel empty again

that’s my promise to you your faith has made things happen my word is all you

need today I’ve brought healing into your life you opened your heart to me and

I’ve made my home with you and here I’ll stay I’m looking out for you and your

family ready to bless you more than you could imagine invite me into your home

today open up every part of your life to me let my blessings flow in bringing peace

to your soul and comfort to your heart I’ve purified your home from all its faults with my breath I’ve brought life

into every corner I’ve cleared out the Clutter and the mess left by your trials

you’re clean and forgiven now you just have to accept it I’m not saying you’re perfect or that

you won’t face Temptations you’re my child and I I love you but you’re also

human there will be struggles but I’ll always be there to help you up and support you as you move forward even

when you slip up yes you’ll make mistakes on your own I know fighting your battles might leave you feeling

down mocked and ashamed as if you’re covered in mud once again but keep your

eyes on me I’ve called you into this battle and it’s with my strength that

you’ll be cleansed empowered and forgiven over and over again keep going

no matter what stands in your way your enemies full of Spite and without a shred of regret are jealous of the

victory I’ve wrapped you in they’ll do everything to attack you trying to shake the peace you found in me you’re hearing

me and I know you get it you love your family and want them to succeed which

means facing challenges headon working hard keeping faith and believing in what

I’ve promised you you’re set for blessings and your enemies can see it which is why

they’re out to block your path they underestimated you thought you were too

weak never expecting you’d turn to me admitting your flaws and

mistakes that’s when I decided to forgive you lift you up and bring Prosperity your way I’m always with you

no one can make you feel small beat you down or defeat you if you stumble I’ll

pick you up this is my pledge to you your family even those far off will

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