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God’s Message: I’m with You | God Message Now

I am writing this letter to you my beloved child you may not have anticipated receiving it but I am I need

to inform you about my plan for you so that you may be certain of your purpose

you are able to hear me and identify my voice via my words voice due to the fact

that I communicate with you on a daily basis ever since I created you I’ve

tended to you and safeguarded you from hidden hazards and diseases I have shielded you from The Perils that you

have been exposed to opponent’s trickery as you sleep at night in the midst of your most

difficult situations I will be there with you you and at the times when you

are the happy I will share your Delight with every pulse and Every Breath You

Take taking your whole life and your family are all in indications of the profound love that I have for

you you recall all of the difficult situations and time periods that I have rescued you from don’t you beginning

your life in luxury but from the time you first saw the light you became one of my messengers to offer healing to the

people who are suffering Globe yet there is something that you

must be aware of the adversary attempted to take away your purpose distant from you my holy Angelic

forces engaged in a hard struggle to defend you from the dangers you faced

there were waves of intense anger that attempted to crush you down but I

arrived with love instead get to know me as your genuine father the one who is always there to

encourage and uplift you so that you may accomplish your mission and achieve your

destiny the adversary and his forces were forced back by the sword of my word

and I showered them with my blessings you who have a Divine anointing for

healing have led you to your destination by setting you on your feet provided you

with abilities and talents as well as directed your course with aspirations to keep in your

heart transformed you into my warrior imbued you with my soul and stoked a

flame that will never go out I have equipped you inside you to provide Solace to the Nations and to provide

sustenance to those who are suffering take my hand and remember that

I will always be at your side I will provide you with spiritual

nourishment assuring you that you are capable of accomplishing all of your goals my most heartfelt want is to be

with you I am here to care for you protect you and provide you everything

you need because I want you to be happy my love for you is genuine and genuine

therefore there is no no need to be worried because I will never abandon you I am your personal counselor your buddy

and your guardian I have shifted heaven to accommodate you leave me alone and

the Earth to guarantee your Victory I do not want you to fail and I have already paid the price for it pay the payment

for all of your sins right now is the moment to let my love and mercy into your heart in spite of the fact that

there are individuals who want for you to fail you should accept my pardon since they will

shortly examine the ways in which I may assist you in achieving success in spite of their desires and now accompany me as

we travel together put your faith in me without any reservations and let my love

to fortify and change you when I’m holding you in the palm of my hand there

is no room for melancholy or dread because I am constantly watching over you do not be afraid I will defend you

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