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God’s Message Now: I WILL OPEN DOORS FOR YOU || God Message For You ||God Message Today ||God Says

my dear child I’m sending these words to you my beloved child whether you are my

daughter or my son you come to talk with me taking a

moment to close your eyes raising your hands in expectation of my reply don’t

lose heart or feel disheartened you’re here day by day showing you’re strong beautiful and most

importantly impactful Faith that’s why I want to fill your heart with my love heal any old hurts

and make sure you always have this firm belief that I cherish you

deeply I wish for you to go to bed joyful and wake up with Solid Faith that each new day will be even better than

the last wherever you are feel my hug my hands on your head blessing your

thoughts and steering your path I’ll bless you with wonderful gifts and amazing surprises but I need you to stay

strong and not get tired of coming to me you don’t even have to speak just close your eyes and feel the love I’m sending

your way take in these comforting words let this deep emotion fill your

heart I want your happiness and peace I’m ready to end your and your

family struggles bringing in a time of abundance I understand that sometimes when you

look at yourself you might feel small or less important compared to those with

lots of material things but remember you have a more significant blessing you

truly know me and you’ve given me your heart you have a unique connection to

the spiritual realm that many might never understand I’m here to talk to you

at any time and you’re always ready to listen I’ll open doors for you that

might stay shut for others always leading you toward better choices don’t be jealous or desire what

others have and don’t follow the wrong paths what might seem appealing can end

in ruin hold your head high you don’t need to prove anything to be valued in

my eyes fear not for you are familiar with my

teachings my house is always open to you you’re always welcome here this is your

home where you’re listened to with care and attention you won’t find such pure and profound love anywhere else my dear

child my love for you is immense I’m holding your blessing right here ready

to solve all your issues come and claim it you know my love for you is real you felt it before

and still feel it deep inside even if you feel far away or if

doubts whisper that You’ failed or that I I don’t love you don’t believe

it there’s still a small light burning in your heart and a deep longing to come

back to this place that awaits and misses you don’t hesitate come closer I

understand your confusion and uncertainty you believed you had faith yet things didn’t go as planned

particularly with those you trusted deeply you felt let down thinking I

wasn’t there when you needed me but I always come at the right time I’ve

always watched over you providing the answers and help you needed even though

you might not have recognized it I’ve spoken to you with kind words but you struggled to accept them finding it hard

to believe that I your almighty God would talk directly to

you now turn around and realize you are dearly loved here this place is your

home your Refuge where you can feel safe find peace rest at night sleep deeply

and allow me to guide you into something beyond the ordinary tonight you’re going to have a

dream where you’ll be standing by a river with Crystal Clear Water looking into my

eyes I will reach out to you and as you walk Barefoot over this miraculous water

it will cleanse you of all your Sorrows angers and frustrations when you wake up tomorrow

you’ll feel renewed infused with new Strength this transformation is a gift

for those who choose to believe again who recognize their faults and ReDiscover their

faith you don’t need to search Elsewhere for comforting words I’m right here with you my words

are life and goodness embrace them let them fill your

heart and you’ll be filled with my Holy Spirit I am your sustenance and your BL blessing the genuine answer your heart

seeks declare your belief in me say it out loud think it write it down with all

your faith I am the real light coming today to brighten your life to chase

away all Darkness from your heart your home your family it’s vital for you to

seek me daily to embrace my love and will and to humbly accept my

words you are hearing my words receive them into your soul treasure them do not forget them do not

reject them retrieve your Bible and place it beside your bed rise with the desire to hear me each morning read with

faith with a longing to learn the promises I share with you

today will give you strength and Empower you so that you’ll no longer wake up feeling

desperate if my words seem unclear it’s a sign to get closer to me come to me

early and I’ll show you the depth of my love with this you can tackle your daily

activities feeling uplifted you don’t have to be burdened by anxiety or swayed by your feelings

you don’t need to start your day with fear strengthen your bond with me trust

in me in every situation don’t spend another day in worry choose to give all your concerns

to me and I’ll set you free open your eyes and look forward to

the coming months with optimism believe in me I’m showering you

with Divine encouragement and Trust in your home let the stress of financial

worries be replaced with peace and calm let love replace any harsh

words may any family Strife dissolve giving way to understanding and

forgiveness I am your shaper your guide your truth your life I desire for you

and your family to dwell under my Divine protection throughout this year your home is free from curses the power of my

blood has cleansed you of all sin and bondage to the past there is no malevolent Force

witchcraft or sorcery that can harm you dismiss false curses you have entrusted

your heart to me you are saved and sheltered you and your entire

household this is my promise do not heed those who do not love or believe in

me dive into this powerful current of love freedom and extraordinary change my

Divine light shines over your home and family believe and trust for incredible

blessings are on their way to you recall the times I rescued you from

many dangers the Miracles I performed that showcased my might write these

instances down with faith and you’ll witness my word in your life I have something crucial to tell you today

listen carefully don’t look away or dismiss these words as they are meant for your good my love for you is

constant I aim to envelop you with care imbue you with Divine

Solace so that in tough times you feel safe guided fortunate and profoundly

cherished for your inner healing be mindful of the actions I’m set to undertake

with me nothing is unachievable and during this significant period as you’ve

been growing closer to me you’ve started to see and believe in the truth of my

word it shall happen it won’t fail however there is something a miss

and I am pointing it out to you not to make you feel bad or to give up but so that you come to

me if you listen to me and obey your blessings will multiply receive and accept these words

I am giving you if you want the doors and windows of Heaven to open for you

connecting you to the Divine and Supernatural realm if you want this transformation

you must cleanse your heart of Grievances and negativity I value your faith immensely

but don’t let the bitterness of complaints weaken your genuine belief avoid holding on to negative

emotions or cynical thoughts they might grow and unexpectedly diminish your

vibrant Faith keep complaints away from your speech steer clear of friendships

that breed rumors doubt and bitterness surround yourself with wise and positive

companions decide today if you’ll trust me or turn away from the positive shifts and blessings that are on the

Horizon by letting go of grumbling embracing Faith holding on to hope and shunning negativity wonderful things

will happen blessings abundance Liberty healing peace within your family joy in your

spirit and a heart brimming with contentment these gifts flow to the

heart that chooses to believe in me I love you my child hold tightly to me

entrust me with your doubts and complaints cease striving with your own

strength give me the opportunity to bless you and demonstrate this wonderful love I have have for you tell me you

believe in me you are a beautiful person I admire your demor I’m pleased with

your feelings when you converse with me when you close your ease how I love your

tender heart when it beats with that Rhythm Of Joy filling with Divine

happiness as I satiate your being removing any discomfort pain or

ailment after hearing my message I want you to be filled with a deep sense of being loved you shouldn’t go through

your day heavy-hearted or sighing over the challenges you face I cherish you

and today you’ll truly feel that I’ll show you in numerous ways speaking

directly to your heart with my uplifting words should anyone bring Strife into

your life you’ll be enveloped in my Divine love if sadness strikes my

comforting Embrace will be there chasing away sorrow filling you with joy

you’ll be so content that those around you your family and friends will wonder what’s changed your adversaries will

Retreat realizing their inability to dismay you a Heavenly Shield will

surround you with Legions of angels stationed around your home ensuring your

loved ones safety night and day Embrace this wholeheartedly my affection for you is

profound and genuine far from imaginary it’s as palpable as the air

you breathe surpassing any wonder you could envisage my love envelops you and gives

you life this is the greatest blessing you can receive which is why I love your

grateful attitude every day when you wake up thanking me for your life and

trusting your destiny and your days into my hands you are an example of Faith

even if others laugh at you for believing in an omnipotent God whom you cannot

see but you know well that I am real that I watch over you and I am attentive

to your needs with this Faith you possess you will rise living feeling knowing that

you are a child of the creator of the universe with immense certainty in every step you take with a face shining with

so much happiness my dear child your sincere and thankful heart truly touches me you have

a beautifully kind heart tomorrow I look forward to being with you again to wrap

you in my love at the dawn’s early light before the sun begins its journey across the

sky I’m here for you always I love you and bless you today with peace calm

strength and insight I listen to your prayers hearing the quiet yearnings of

your heart brings me joy you seek comfort and you’ve come to the right place you are deeply valued

here just as you are I understand you’re not perfect but I see true remorse in your

soul you’re working to change your behavior your thoughts your perspective on life and how you

interact with others I’ve chosen a blessed life for you even though you’ve faced tough times

you won’t have to walk such hard roads anymore my Holy Spirit and my word

are bestowing upon you extraordinary Heavenly wisdom you are learning to make sound decisions not allowing yourself to

be swayed by those nefarious companions who are indeed thieves stealing your

peace your faith and your security but this shall no longer befall

you you shall stand Resolute in the face of any conflict today you have sought me out

because you need me and from here you shall run eyes strengthened my authority

shall reflect upon your countenance the sparkle in your eyes shall radiate Joy

your grateful demeanor and lovely smile shall open many doors and break chains I

shall bestow up you blessings abundantly arise and commence your day you shall

not walk alone I shall bring good-hearted individuals into your life who do not

judge you but Aid in your spiritual growth motivating you Harmony and unity

shall Prevail in your household however distance yourself from those who seek to lead you astray those who sow doubt and

Division in your soul it is true you possess faith yet

some in your family have not fully embraced it they haven’t given their hearts to me yet I want to use you to

show them my love and bring them a message of hope I’m giving you the strength and

bravery to look after your family with care always recognize your need for me

seek out my presence dive into my word and my Holy Spirit when the world seems

too tough remember that there is always hope for you and your family a solid

promise of my protection love guidance and plenty of blessings for all of

you accept my affection and love now tell me do you embrace my wonderful

blessing with happiness and belief I will remove the obstacles in your way

tear down the barriers hiding your grand future I’m lifting every harsh chain

that has wounded your hands and easing the loads that weigh down your spirit for far too long opposing forces have

battered your journey pushing you toward the storm’s Center threatening to pull you into a pit of

hopelessness today I bring you Liberation I shall breathe my Divine breath upon the temp Tempest of

malevolence the clouds Laden with fear and anxiety dissipate the words I speak

to you are alive possessing the power to initiate genuine miracles in your

life the changes you have yearned for the opportunity to start a new for which

you have fervently prayed they are forthcoming however heed this warning

you are no longer at an age to squander time avoid misusing the grace and mercy

I’ve given you feed your soul with good words and let your heart soak in Divine

sweetness pay attention to the advice you’re receiving this year is for action for applying the valuable lessons you’ve

learned every morning when you wake up you’ll focus on me and listen with your spiritual

ear if you can’t see me look for me I’m as close as your faith as reachable as

your prayer I’m ready to fulfill the desires of your heart to experience

extraordinary Miracles this year heed my guidance give your heart to me act with

Integrity entrust your life to me and listen for my voice I have been foretelling powerful

changes soon to be fulfilled my promise to you shall materialize you shall be

liberated from debts provided with employment and strength it is up to you to rise from

where you stand and confront the task I lay before you without complaint without

faltering know that in your effort lies blessing your faith is the key to unlock

doors that colossal Stone impeding your progress is no more do not fear March

forward steadfastly without losing heart my presence will be with you

filling and guiding you pause for a while with me don’t just walk away or ignore me

don’t rush through my words linger here a bit you don’t need to say anything

just be still I hear what your heart is saying even if your lips don’t move I

understand why you’ve come to me it warms my heart to know you trust me enough to lean on me and leave your

worries behind I’m delighted that you’ve chosen

to listen to me your expression of Love moves me deeply even though you come

tearfully and say you have little to offer you’re giving me the most precious gift your sincere heart let go of your

inner burdens for a moment close your eyes take a deep breath and feel the

Divine peace surrounding you this peace heals wounds eases pain restores health

and happiness and eradicates the roots of your sadness and

despair I bestowed upon you life on the day of your birth it was ordained from

the beginning of time such is your significance to me hear me attentively I

have a plan for you and it shall come to fruition at times you may feel utterly

alone experiencing the rejection of others your soul steeped in pain and

none seemed to understand you I too endured abandonment I understand you

perfectly that is why I have come feel the sacred Breeze of my Holy Spirit my

glorious light stay a bit longer before you go on with your day I want to fill your heart with this

promise a wonderful Heavenly feeling sacred bravery Godly might giving you

courage and lifting you high if you choose to trust me and give

your heart to me today you can walk through the doors of my grace always open to you spend time with me day daily

but be ready for I will lift many weights off you indeed I will remove your heavy loads your fears your deep

worries your unseen fears and harmful thoughts all those feelings that trouble

you and bring you down what remains will be my love my peace my gentleness and

calmness my divine presence my Holy Spirit and many other blessings I’ll be waiting for you

tomorrow I’ll be right here I love you a season of Plenty is nearing in your life

soon will come the day when the results of your efforts the tears you’ve cried

and the prayers you’ve whispered kneeling will come to fruition this is the year to reap and

gather abundantly to treasure and wisely use the blessings I bestow upon you to

value and not waste what you’ll receive from now on look at your life you are

genuinely favored realize that your situation is more favorable than many

who oppose you the most significant blessing you have is your life itself I

am offering you the chance to come closer to me daily to deepen your understanding of me to embrace my

teachings and to be enriched by them it’s important for you to recognize that

through this life I grant you you can also experience the joy of being

forgiven and the Priceless gift of Sal ation you have the gift of Life which

enables you to follow my directives to listen to my guidance and

to be liberated from any curse or harm that tries to take away your joy or

disrupt your peace what a wonderful blessing it is to be alive to breathe to love to perceive

to cry and to feel because tears are shed not only in

sadness but all also in happiness and even when you feel sadness those tears

rolling down your cheeks will remind you that you are still alive and as long as

you have life you can come to me and receive the opportunity you need to

succeed to overcome to leave behind what is causing you

harm visit me every day I’ll be here waiting for you share your tears with me

and I’ll share in your sorrow because I feel deeply too I love you immensely and

it pains me to see you so disheartened surrounded by life and Beauty yet so overwhelmed by pain that

my vast love eludes you today I want to comfort you I’m not here to blame you

for anything believe in me I am your source of forgiveness love eternal life

healing and salvation if you sense a Divine Breeze the fragrance of lovely flowers the

essence of spring enveloping you this morning know for certain that a time of sacred Prosperity is on the horizon your

home will brim with Divine sustenance a beautiful period of

restoration awaits you and your family my precious child assure me that you believe I

assure you that what is to come is something you’ve always held faith in confident that all your prayers in

jesus’ name will be met I’m here to tell you about forthcoming time times

Abundant Blessings Open Heavens and a wealth of blessings that

will saturate every aspect of your life and your home you and your family will

be immersed in peace and joy everything I’ve mentioned is Within Reach For Those

Who trust me who hold my teachings close and await Their Blessings without

faltering all I ask of you is to stay steadfast and patient

just as it takes months for a new life to emerge a seed needs to hit fertile

soil break open and change before it can Sprout and grow your blessings too are

precious and mighty and need time to unfold all must align for your benefit

and I know you grasp this you won’t lose heart but will look towards the future advancing step by step leaving your

current circumstances behind embrace the Transformations

they’re all for your your benefit I aim for you to be encircled by individuals and resources that nurture your growth

walking with me means no one can overpower you blame you or pass judgment

because I will be your protector oh my beloved child if only you could see with your spiritual eyes the celestial hosts

that stand guard around you imagine my Divine light shining on

your path and your adversaries retreating if only you could sense all that

transpires around you how both Heaven and Earth shift to support you soon I

will reveal to you in dreams such Grand things so that you may taste a pieace of Heaven here on Earth I can move the

entire universe for your blessing that’s what I do when I see sincere Faith Like

Yours fully surrendered to me as you love me with all your mind and soul I

love your Brave Faith that’s why I answer you you every day I have a

different message for you each day but I remain the same each day will come with

its new challenges but my love will cover you it will never change before

you go about your daily tasks I like to tell you that I love you but I also want

to hear it from your own lips I want to hear it tell me beloved Jesus I love you

too trust me everything will be fine you are expecting good news and they will soon

arrive my power is manifested to those who believe in me with Simplicity and

sincerity miracles happen when you entrust your heart to me when you give

me your complete faith and do not let doubts fill you with discouragement confusing your

thoughts use my words and Proclaim with faith through Christ who gives me

strength I can achieve anything and I will never face defeat I wish for your heart to be imbued with

the Divine feeling that endures subali reminding you of my commitments when challenges arise I

urge you now to focus and listen wholeheartedly when you seek me in the

morning I seek your happiness and envision for you a future filled with

peace and divine success I desire for your family to be liberated from any

negative feelings void of disputes or separations there are countless wonders

I pla to perform in your gentle and pure heart for that’s the state in which I

wish you to exist you will witness how your adversaries and insincere

companions stumble before you those who Mock You Who consider themselves wise

yet falter consistently who deem themselves clever but are ridiculed who

believe they are affluent and secure yet dwell in profound spiritual

desolation consumed by bitterness and jealousy my blessings will always

accompany you yet you will also face opposition some will confront and test

you but remember this and engrave it in your heart do not fear them they boast

of what they lack and pretend to be something they are not they are full of sin but they appear perfect on the

outside you are are my daughter my son and there is nothing and no one who can

stand against you because I am your Defender You are not alone you are

trusting in a God created by your imagination I’m a living powerful real

and Majestic God my love is true and I have already shown you all that I can do

for you do not distress do not weep nor surrender to despair because of threats

and falsehoods I I am with you I shall deliver you from the assaults of

malevolence from Perils of scarcity death and

disease hold on to my words embrace the blessings I give and affirm your faith in me I cherish you deeply and today I

want to show you just how profound my love is you can feel the authenticity of

my love in your heart take a moment to observe all the ways and signs through which I try to

amaze you and get your attention however be aware that you have opponents who are jealous of the peace you carry within

they covet your inner strength and aim to take away the blessings meant for

you they do not desire your joy your steadfast faith and your way of life

threaten their ill intentions they feel vanquished even before they confront you because they

recognize my love for you and know that I am your Shield their strategy is to attack you

with doubts and to throw baseless threats your way they congregate around you trying to convince you that you are

wrong claiming there’s no love denying that you are my beloved child arguing

that I do not exist and suggesting that there’s no meaning or destiny in your

trials but your spirit knows the truth from the moment you open your eyes you

know and feel that my affection envelops you this profound love strengthens you

lifts you up and imbus you with the energy to press forward fighting and

walking from Victory to Victory Day by do you belong to me and I shall care for

you even if storms topple mountains even if the earth trembles and its depths

open before you beloved child nothing shall harm you or your family for they

are in my hands trust in what I say rely on my

love find security in my promises and have faith in my power to heal I am the

one who provides for you the flame that Sparks your enthusiasm for Life dispels

your discouragement and rekindles your love for your family avoid lies be true

to those who believe in you don’t entertain harmful thoughts or keep destructive Secrets I am your father your your God

my love is shown through the incredible chance I’m giving you now I’ve loved you

and continue to love you despite your mistakes and will keep blessing you despite your

missteps now is the time for change to move from Faith to living

freely this message is uniquely for You Feel My Love Today come back tomorrow I

have more to share with you tell me you love me great things are on their way to you and I want you to

believe you’ve been strong in hard times and I want you to keep it up I know you’re tired and your spirit feels

drained but I urge you to keep going a new period of peace is near stay

firm in your beliefs keep fighting stand strong to win and receive the answers

you’ve been praying for this is not the moment to abandon all and surrender do not relinquish your

happiness to those enemies who oppose your blessings for I have seen all the faith courage and power within your

heart you are just a step away from reaching a place where armies of warrior angels are ready to support you in your

ongoing battles great blessings immense happiness and wonders are on their way

to you they come with responsibilities that will bring joy instead of

burdens you will achieve Victory and soon reach the place you once thought was far off it is my plan to place you

in a new setting surrounded by kind-hearted people in peace free from

debt and working eagerly toward the wonderful objectives that will soon be

part of your life no accept these gifts through faith the joy and happiness that

are yet unseen and unfelt keep fighting joyously for your dreams until they are realist accept with faith

I trust you understand you are not an accident you are my beloved child chosen

by me from the beginning of time you are well aware of this for I’ve given you many signs ignoring my words neglecting

the Miracles I plan to perform in your life and your families would be

wrong sometimes you stop at an unseen barrier but I will bless you and no one

and nothing can stand in my way I have forgiven you and cleansed you and if

there is still something you hide from me bring it forth this very day there is

no excuse or reason that should hinder you from receiving my love and forgiveness I desire to bless you and

not even you can prevent it with the love I have for you I shall remove any

obstacles you attempt to place I have sent forth my word to be fulfilled in your life and that word shall not return

to me void it shall come Laden with fruits and miracles with victories and

joys I shall reveal to you something marvelous and once you understand it you

shall never be able to stray from this beautiful love I love you today you’ll

feel the warmth of my love understanding that my plans for you are perfect over

the years I’ve watched your life’s journey with tenderness feeling each heartbeat and hearing every sigh you’ve

released least I’ve always been by your side through every situation every condition

and every mistake my love for you has remained steadfast and unconditional there was never a moment I

chose to be apart from you for no wrongdoing or flaw can lessen my love and compassion for you I’ve been with

you at every moment of your life I’ve seen your internal battles your hidden

fears and your unspoken pains I know every thought you’ve had every tear

you’ve cried every laugh you’ve shared every obstacle you’ve overcome and every

success you’ve celebrated I’ve been there for it all my heart has always

been with yours overflowing with joy every time I saw you thrive and grow my

delight was yours and your joy was mine and when you were saddened I was there

to console you that is why today I want you to know that there is nothing nothing you can hide from my love there

is nothing I do not know about you even in your darkest moments I will always be there to illuminate you with my light

and guide you towards truth and Redemption I’ll be with you always

holding you securely when you’re feeling weak I’ll Empower you with a strength

That’s mighty akin to that of a robust Buffalo I’ll light your way when

darkness surrounds you my love will find you anywhere no

depth too profound for my reach Like a Shepherd tirelessly searches for his stray sheep I will endlessly search for

you drawing your wandering heart back into my warm embrace no distance is too great no

obstacle too challenging for me to overcome because my love surpasses the skies and outreaches the vast

Cosmos so today I want you to be assured of my deep love for you and that my

blessing are continually yours I will lavish you with my gifts and Grace

abundantly with my favor and protection you will journey through life my strong hand will shield you

during hard times and support you in moments of challenge even if you stumble

I’m right there to pick you up granting you the Vigor to press on you are never

alone I’m committed to fulfilling my promise in your life my presence will surround you like

a mantle and give you comfort in The Darkest Hours I just want you to fully

trust in me knowing that I will always be working in your life for good remember that my plans for you are

of prosperity and hope for I desire your well-being in all things I will never

abandon you on your journey towards fulfilling Your Divine Purpose I will always be with you even

when you do not feel my presence for my love is constant and never

ending always remember that you are my beloved treasure and nothing in this

world can separate you from my love neither height nor depth nor any

other created thing can separate you from my unbreakable love stand firm and

move forward Strife to be an example to your siblings and love your fellow beings as I love you extending your hand

to help the needy sharing my love with all whom you encounter on your

journey show my love in every kind act and caring gesture you make because my

love shows through when you are giving and kind be thankful every day for the

blessings you have and those yet to come always remember everything you own and

who you are is a gift from me see my presence and all you do

and I’ll guide you to be a blessing to others today let your heart be open to my compassionate love and you’ll find

the strength to overcome any challenge love the life I’ve given you today and

treasure every moment as a precious gift each day is a chance to grow in love

forgiveness and wisdom to impact others lives positively and to show your

respect for me through your deeds and thoughts know that I’m with you always

until the end of time whenever you feel lonely or in despair call out to me and

I’ll reveal to you wondrous things you’ve yet to discover for in me you will always find peace and the happiness

you deserve my love for you knows no bounds I loved you before you were born

I love you in this moment and I will love you for all eternity receive these gifts my grace

and blessing flow like an inexhaustible River for your life

today I want to remind you how deep is my love for each one of you and how

unwavering is my commitment to protect you the Bible is full of stories about

how I look after my people and I promise that will never change my word tells you

if you make the most high your dwelling you will rest in the shadow of the almighty this means if you come to me

for safety you’ll be protected under my care when tough times come and you feel

surrounded by danger remember you can always find shelter in my love and rely

on my comforting presence my protection is like a shield

around you you won’t be scared of dangers at night or arrows during the day of diseases that stalk in darkness

or disasters that strike at midday my dear children be at peace even

when the world seems dangerous for I will never leave you un protected I’m your shield and firm

protector day and night my promise to keep you safe is steadfast a true

commitment from me to you I am your safe place and strength

always ready to help in times of trouble when you encounter challenges I

shall be there ready to assist and fortify you you shall not be alone in

your battles for I am your champion recall the example of Daniel in the

Lion’s Den his steadfast faith in me shielded him from

harm just as Daniel trusted in my faithfulness so too can you trust that

when you confront difficult situations I shall stand by your side to rescue and

deliver you from any pit of adversity remember how David faced

Goliath despite the odds David trusted in me and I delivered him

similarly when you confront your own Giants know that my power is with you to

conquer them I promise to protect and care for you no challenge too big no

moment too dark I’m always there an unbeatable Fortress for you I am your

safe place your shield and your guide every step of the way let this assurance fill you with

hope and confidence in me don’t be afraid for my protection surrounds you

like a fortress rely on my Everlasting Love and you will find calm even in the

midst of turmoil trust is the core of our bond in Proverbs I advise you to

trust in me with all your heart and not to rely on your own Insight in all your

ways acknowledge me and I will straighten your paths this means despite life’s

unpredictability you can be sure that I will direct your journey my love for you is unchanging

and my wisdom is infinite if you place your trust in me you shall not be

disappointed the mercy I have towards you is a gift I offer generously despite your weaknesses and

errors my Mercy is continually renewed there is no sin too great that

my love cannot forgive through prayer and sincere repentance you will always find my Mercy

awaiting you remember that Grace is the most precious gift you can receive just

as my servant Paul wrote in the Bible for by Grace you have been saved through

faith and this is not your own doing it is the gift of God not the result of

works so that no one may boast my kindness is a gift you haven’t earned

offering you rescue and a chance to be right with me again you can’t work your way to it it’s a gift you need to accept

with a humbl and thankful heart as you walk your Christian path

remember you’re not on this journey alone I’m always right there with you loving you giving you trust mercy and

kindness no matter how tough things get or how big the challenges

seem be sure my love is always wrapping you up so I encourage you to trust in me in

every part of your life to accept my Mercy humbly and to be thankful for my

kindness when life’s troubles seem too much remember my love is bigger than any

problem and my strength knows no bounds let these words bring you hope

and remind you how valued you are I’m always here to lead you to forgive you

and to shower you with my endless kindness I love you my child I am the

Lord your God the one who knows your thoughts and looks into your heart

I’m the one filling your life with blessings and mercies it was I who tested your faith amid your trials and

you have not disappointed me for with courage and determination you have

strived remaining steadfast on the path of Truth willing to sacrifice much

solely to please me by keeping my word you have not faltered but with

courage and dedication you have borne living test testimony to my gospel you have not been ashamed to Proclaim my

word nor have you been swayed by the currents of this world instead you have

stood firm in faith not allowing the pleasures of the world or the desires of

the flesh to drag you like a Rushing River so my child because of your strong

faith your courage dedication and hard work I want to tell you today you have

earned my favor my approval and kindness to bless and prosper you in everything

you do I will bless you in extraordinary and miraculous ways I will make your efforts

fruitful providing all your needs my blessings will shower upon you

you will be a source of blessings for others and help those in need you’ll experience plenty and joy

enjoying all the wonderful things I’ve set aside for you I will ensure you have

health strength and more than you’ve prayed for I will steer you toward a future filled with achievement and

wealth your work studies and business ventures will flourish under my care

everything you undertake will be successful you will be blessed in your

daily life and in all your endeavors I’ll lead you to opportunities that will help you grow and succeed you shall

abound in wealth and health in love and joy you shall be a light in the midst of

Darkness an example of strength faith and patience beloved child I will give you

much more than you can imagine not only shall you receive great material and spiritual blessings but you

shall also have peace joy and Lasting happiness today I ower you to overcome

any barrier move forward and enjoy the rewards of your efforts raise your hands to the sky and embrace

the blessings I your father give you my son my daughter accept these blessings

with faith and always remember my heart’s desire is to enrich

you to cover you with kindness and mercy to make you successful in every aspect

of life I ask only that you march on with bravery and resolve do not grow

weary or let down your guard remember I am with you I’ll be by your side

wherever you are I’ll be your shelter and strength a Dependable support during

tough times rely on me and I won’t let you down or leave you for I am your

powerful God omnipresent in all things and places I’ll never leave you just as I

was with the prophets I will be with you know that you’re my child my precious

one in the hush of your time I listen to you if you wait I shall provide for you

and if you believe I shall fulfill every promise the words I speak to you are

alive and shall not return to me empty my Holy Spirit scribes this letter

to you each day my angels bear it placing it in your hands for your heart

to read and be filled with joy for you are about to witness great and marvelous

Miracles unfold you must be well informed of all that is to come

the times draw near to fulfillment and I hold a sacred and beautiful purpose in your life that I desire to

fulfill please don’t dwell on the negative things around you keep your

spirit strong even if your finances aren’t great right now or your health is challenging you don’t let these stop you

from planning a bold and resilient future dream big because I allow you to

ask for what seems impossible today your grateful attitude and growing Faith are

just what you need for miracles to happen in your life every day people will notice your success and come to

learn about it honoring my name in awe of what they see in your life you’ll be

the messenger spreading this good news far and wide but remember walk your

journey one step at a time don’t hurry you’ll reach your goals when the time is

right according to my plan not a moment sooner or later trust that I have a timing for everything and it will unfold

perfectly I urge you now to speak words of faith and praise from your own lips

use your hands to write your comments giving thanks for the blessings I have already bestowed upon you but also

praising me the courageous may enter but those who spend their days in tears and

lamentation refusing to believe they are loved by their Heavenly Father shall continue living from defeat to defeat

you already know who they are do not let them influence you I forbid you to

forget everything I have told you upon completing this message and rush to seek their counsel you have no need to seek

guidance from the foolish who lead you astray I am here always ready to respond

to your petitions I will send you my word for guidance as you walk through tough times

don’t be scared of failing or think about without giving up how many times do I have to remind

you your heavenly father the almighty God protects you every day with his love

and watches over you each night what’s there to fear except the outcome of not

listening hurting others disrespecting yourself ignoring my love or rejecting

the care I offer you’re not meant to be stuck in Endless sadness surrounded by despair

you weren’t made to constantly struggle with negative thoughts when you’re

feeling empty come to me and I’ll quench your thirst with the Water of Life I’ll

fill your mind with joy and your heart with gladness and you’ll see that negative feelings don’t have to control

you I Empower you to stand strong against every challenge listen to these words again

hold them dear and you’ll grow stronger and more courageous your spirit will be

resilient you’ll walk proudly and your adversaries will back down when they see

your renewed strength you won’t be bothered by others loud words or feel drowned in sorrow you

won’t rely on others approval seeking companionship or approval at the expense of your dignity even now where you stand

take a moment and thank me for these words you have received today in the coming week I shall send you many signs

to reassure assure you that you are not alone and that these words I speak to you are not in

vain for my promises shall soon be fulfilled I love you I am your God

extending grace and mercy to your life I lift you from the pit of despair I’m the

only one who extends a hand and AIDS you in times of pain I strengthen you like

the eagle I heal your afflictions I nourish you with my Everlasting word

I’ve unlocked the door to a miraculous realm for you giving you the authority to overcome dangers and threats ensuring

nothing can harm you the messages I send you today are to

comfort you eliminate uncertainties and bring calmness I’m focused on your

Redemption on the well-being of your soul as the final days approach I

understand your everyday battles you face Temptations and adversaries aiming

for your downfall you’re surrounded by challenges often uncertain about who to trust you

may face hostility from enemies betrayal from friends and abandonment from family

when you most need support yet I am Forever by your side my

affection for you deepens continuously do not set your heart solely on unreliable people and fleeting material

things today I am here to reconfirm my unwavering Devotion to

you as you navigate life I am with you I clear away your guilt forgive your

wrongdoings and shower you with my Holy Spirit those who confront you will be

overcome and those who try to block your path will face judgment many will attempt but none will

succeed in bringing you down many shall seek your downfall and suffer great shame they shall even attempt their own

lives none can snatch you from my hand Lean on Me trust in all the

promises written for you receive these words that Herald my Mercy open your

ears let your thoughts be transformed by my Divine breath you have many years yet to live

many things yet to accomplish there exists a sacred and wondrous purpose that you must

fulfill however your support and strength do not reside in this world or

in the people surrounding you if you truly seek to receive great and enduring

blessings if you’re longing for significant changes in your life for a

transformation within your family I am your best choice keep moving forward on

this path love me deeply put me first in your life I want to be your main focus

all I ask is a bit of your your daily time to start and trust me once you feel the

profound joy in my presence you’ll want to stay longer on your knees in prayer don’t squander your time draw strength

find encouragement and be filled with bravery stand up invigorated to claim

your victories and face any challenges that come your way you’re already embraced and chosen

because of my sacrifice and Resurrection you’re not perfect but I am

your shelter you’re not condemned to live in sin’s despair turn to my word for direction

open your Bible when in need of wisdom or advice consult my faithful followers who can

lead you I will speak to you through many means you must be attentive I will

assist you in achieving success you already know well that I have never promised you an easy life but

responsibilities and concerns you will always have yet there’s a vast difference when

someone like you trusts in me sincerely I am breathing life and joy into your

soul I’m placing a crown of Victory upon your head right now I clothe you in

white garments I give you Authority skill and bravery to leap over walls and

Traverse a thousand boundaries to go to distant places and

show the world my exploits I’m giving you the power to succeed and stand firm in your faith to

be a beacon for others who might falter or dwell on their past not realizing the

immense blessing I’m offering them it’s my delight to clear your way open doors

for you hear your prayers provide answers Empower you and Lead You Through

challenges I desire your growth face your troubles with a willingness to

learn from them if you let me into your heart I’ll reveal feel a path filled with wonders where what seems impossible

becomes doable where people transform where hard hearts become

tender where your needs are met abundantly where debts disappear where

sorrow is replaced with joy my love and kindness will forever

accompany you even when you can’t see me I’m actively involved in your life I see

every tear and cherish every smile when dark thoughts Cloud your mind I am your

illumination when you feel weak I am your might in times of uncertainty I am

your Clarity place your trust in me relax In My Embrace allow me to guide

you gently towards a joyful life say it wholeheartedly now I will trust in you

dear heavenly father before stepping out of your home each day talk to me first make me the

recipient of your initial morning words as you wake in your bed before any other

action or word converse with me from your soul with heartfelt words of

Praise do not venture outside without expressing gratitude for all things

there are adversaries eager to see you forget the source of your blessings thus

set aside time each morning to meet with me amidst your busy schedule Mark a specific moment to boo

in my presence with all your concerns your family your work your entire being

indeed I cherish you you are immensely precious to me everyone in your household is dear to my heart that’s why

I urge you not to replace me with anyone else in the reverence that is solely mine if you seek Triumph joy and

resilience you must embrace my word you cannot Overlook my messages I’m planting

Clear Directions in your soul Soul so that with faith and certainty you can

find the way out and solve your troubles and Sorrows but if you lose sight of this unending love that yearns for you

and watches over you if you let the negative influence of others plant doubts and Discord in your

mind and among your family the worries that once overwhelmed you will

return you’ll forget the source of your deliverance so listen closely bring your

plans to me me commit your ways to my guidance have trust and patience and

I’ll handle all your concerns I’m not saying I’ll make everything effortless but I will Empower you through every

challenge you’ll be endowed with authority intelligence and wisdom you’ll receive immense blessings and my potent

light will shine on your household and your loved ones continuously

amen my beloved child today I want to talk to you about the transformative

power of forgiveness forgiveness is one of the greatest expressions of love and

compassion you can offer to one another it is a precious gift that liberates

both the forgiver and the forgiven Paving the way for healing and

Reconciliation forgiveness is not just an action it is a state of mind a

conscious choice to release resentments hurts and the need for

Revenge when you choose CH to forgive you are choosing love over hatred peace

over bitterness and freedom over the imprisonment of the past allowing yourselves to break free from the chains

of the past and pave the way for a future filled with hope and peace I understand that forgiving can be

a difficult task sometimes you may feel hurt betrayed or wronged and the idea of

forgiving those who have hurt you may seem impossible however I want to remind you

that forgiveness is not about denying the pain or injustices you have faced it

is about choosing not to let those experiences control your lives when you choose to forgive you are

choosing no longer to allow the wounds of the past to control your lives you are choosing not to carry the weight of

resentment and bitterness anymore but rather making room for love compassion

and he in forgiveness is an act of self-love as it allows you to break free from the

emotional prison that hatred and resentment build around the heart it is important to understand that

forgiveness is not synonymous with forgetting you are not denying the injustices suffered or erasing painful

memories instead you are choosing not to let those experiences Define who you are

you are choosing not to let the past dictate the coures of your futures remember my words in Ephesians

be kind and compassionate to one another forgiving each other just as in

Christ God forgave you just as I forgive you so you must

forgive those who have hurt you do not hold resentment in your heart for it

will only bring suffering and anguish sometimes forgiveness is an internal process a Sol solitary journey

toward emotional freedom however in other cases forgiveness can lead to

reconciliation and the restoration of broken relationships whatever the outcome the

important thing is that the act of forgiveness brings healing and Liberation to truly forgive it takes

courage humility and compassion it requires looking beyond

the destructive actions of others and seeing the shared Humanity that we all possess it requires recognizing that we

are all fallible that we all make mistakes and that we all deserve a

second chance my dear child know that just as you are unconditionally loved by me you

are also called to love and forgive one another forgiveness is an expression of

the Divine love that dwells in your hearts and it is through forgiveness that you will find true peace and

happiness May the power of forgiveness guide you in your lives empowering you to leave

the past behind and embrace a future of love compassion and Harmony may you find

the courage to forgive not only others but also yourselves and walk toward the light of the divine grace that always

awaits you I told you in Matthew chter if your brother sins against you go

and confront him alone if he listens you have won your brother

over but if he does not listen take one or two others along with you so that

every matter may be established by the testimony of two or three Witnesses if he still refuses to listen tell it to

the church and if he refuses to listen even to the church treat him as you

would a pagan or a tax collector this passage underscores the

significance of reconciliation and forgiveness in your relationships it shows that even in

conflicts you should seek peace and restoration of fraternal bonds practicing forgiveness as Guided by love

and divine Justice when you choose to forgive you are choosing love over hatred compassion

over resentment and freedom over the prison of the past forgiveness is a journey of healing

and transformation and it is a choice you can make at any time

no matter how deep the wound or how much time has passed there is always room for

forgiveness forgiveness does not mean ignoring the pain or injustices you have suffered it means choosing not to let

those experiences Define who you are or how you live your life when you release the burden of

resentment you’re making space for inner healing and peace of mind remember my words in Matthew

chapter for if you forgive other people when they sin against you your

heavenly father will also forgive you forgiveness is a Divine virtue that

reflects my infinite grace and mercy by forgiving you are following my example

and allowing my light to shine through you I understand that forgiving those

who have deeply hurt you can be difficult but I want to encourage you to

remember that forgiveness is not a sign of weakness but of strength remember that you are loved beyond

measure and I am always by your side guiding and sustaining you every step of the

way know that forgiveness is not just for those you forgive but also for

yourselves by forgiving you are choosing to release the burden of the past and

embrace the light and peace that come with forgiveness when you choose to forgive

you are choosing not to be prisoners of the past anymore you are choosing not to allow

pain and resentment to control your lives anymore forgiveness does not erase what

happened but it frees you from the weight of the past as written in Matthew

chap therefore you shall pray like this Our

Father in Heaven may your name be honored may your kingdom come may your

will be done on Earth as as it is in heaven give us today our daily bread and

forgive us our debts as we also forgive our debtors this passage teaches us that

just as you ask for forgiveness for your own shortcomings you must also forgive those who have wronged

you it is a powerful reminder that forgiveness is essential for a life of

communion with me and with our fellow human beings it is important to understand

that forgiveness does not necessarily mean reconciliation with those who have hurt

you sometimes forgiveness is a solitary act a decision to let go and move

forward even if the other person does not apologize or acknowledge their

wrongdoing it is a gift you give to yourself a chance for peace and

healing be like the prodigal son who was welcomed with open arms by the loving

father even after he had made mistakes and sinned just as the father forgave his

son I am also ready to forgive you regardless of what you have

done my love for you is unconditional and eternal and nothing can separate you

from it amidst the complexities of life it is easy to be weighed down by resentment

and bitterness however it is important to remember that forgiveness is a gift it

is an act of courage and compassion which frees both the offender and the victim forgiveness is not easy but it is

powerful remember that forgiveness is not a one-time event but a continuous

process it may require time and effort but every step taken towards forgiveness

brings a sense of relief and freedom as you release the burden of

resentment you make space for love compassion and joy in your lives do not underestimate the power of

forgiveness to transform lives and restore relationships forgiveness is a journey

and it may take time and effort to fully reach it sometimes it may be necessary to

forgive repeatedly As Old Wounds resurface but know that I am by your

side every step of the way guiding you with my grace and strengthening you with my

love as it is written in Colossians bear with each other and forgive

one another if any of you has a grievance against someone forgive as the Lord forgave you

forgiveness is a sacred Commandment that emanates from my unconditional love for

you just as I grant forgiveness to each of you regardless of your faults and

mistakes I ask that you practice the same towards Wards one another may my

peace which surpasses all understanding be with you as you tread the path of

forgiveness know that I am always with you enveloping you in my unconditional love and sustaining you with my divine

grace understand that forgiveness is not just an act of Mercy but also a

demonstration of humility and Love by forgiving one another you

reflect my grace and kindness forgive as you have been forgiven for

only through forgiveness can you experience the fullness of my grace and live in true communion with one

another always remember that I forgive you infinitely and I ask you to follow

my example forgiving one another with the same unconditional love may the act of forgiveness be a

blessing to your souls and a source of peace and Harmony in your hearts

amen my beloved child in this special moment I want to address

you with words of love and Trust allow me to envelop you in my grace and reveal to you the beauty in

trusting me in surrendering your plans Into My Loving Hands know that trust is a Sublime

demonstration of Faith a bond that unites our hearts in an indisoluble way

from the beginning of time I have taken care of every detail of your life every

breath every beat of your heart Echoes my constant Presence by your

side Amid uncertainties and challenges I want you to know that you can trust me

completely trusting in me is not only A wise choice but also a testimony of your

faith in my perfect plan for your life I understand the longings of your heart

the doubts that seow uncertainties and the storms that sometimes darken the Horizon of your life

but my beloved I want you to understand that trusting in me is placing your

anxieties at the feet of my sovereignty trust is the foundation of

our relationship and I understand the struggles you face in deciding to entrust your plans and concerns to

me however I want you to understand that the love I have for you is infinite and

perfect there is no doubt in my heart about how much you are loved

in many passages of the Bible I extend the invitation to trust in

me Proverbs and remind us trust

in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding in all

your ways submit to him and he will make your path straight these words are a promise that

by trusting in me your paths will be guided by my wisdom and love here is the secret

to living the best possible life believe in me I came and gave my life to

reconcile you with God now trust in me with all your heart there’s not much

left after that I understand that often the world around you may seem tumultuous

and uncertain however I want you to trust in my sovereignty in Proverbs

I affirm a man’s heart plans his course but the Lord directs his

steps trust that the plans I have for you are for your good and for a future

full of Hope even if you don’t understand my beloved child everything I

plan for you is the best path to follow by trusting in me you are

releasing the burden of trying to control every situation in Matthew

I invite you come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you

rest let me be the god on your journey relieving you of the worries that weigh on your

shoulders trust is an act of surrender and I know that at times surrender can

feel like a leap into the unknown however trust is not blind it is

grounded in the certainty of my goodness in your journey I understand

that you will encounter challenges and trials there will be moments when the weight you carry will seem overwhelming

and the storms that arise in your path threatening however I want to assure you that every

dedicated effort every shed tear and all sacrifices made have a

purpose each adversity will shape and strengthen you turning you into someone more resilient confident and

wise trust does not mean the absence of challenges but a profound certainty that I am with you every step of the way in

Isaiah I promise fear not for I am with you be not dismayed for I am your

God I will strengthen you I will help you I will uphold you with my righteous

right hand trust that my presence is the light that dispels darkness and the strength

that sustains you handing over your plans into my hands is not a sign of

weakness but an Act of Faith in Jeremiah I declare for I know the plans I

have for you declares the Lord plans for welfare and not for evil to give you a

future and a hope trust that the plans I have laid out for you are filled with

love and purpose live each day trusting in me with unwavering Faith do not give up for

your significant blessing is at the door be strong and courageous for the best is

about to manifest keep your heart open and receptive trusting that all things will

happen in the right time I bless you with my love and peace assuring you that I will always be present guiding and

supporting I will take care of you being your constant support trust in me with

all your heart surrendering all your concerns into my hands under my protection lack and

scarcity will not afflict you for I will fulfill your dreams and strengthen your family

ties now is the time to trust fully letting go of emotions that cause pain

and Lead astray leave behind the anxieties that cloud your life and create internal

turmoil even though you have given much and faced pain in me your suffering

comes to an end my love for you is deep even if it is sometimes difficult to

comprehend you are a treasure acquired by my precious blood trust in me and

experience the fullness of my grace I want to encourage you to surrender to my

love and Trust even when circumstances seem challenging in Romans I promise and we

know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him who have been called according to his purpose

trust that even difficult moments will be transformed for your good trust in me

my beloved child believe in my words today for I do not make empty promises

of Happiness as your father I have loved you since your conception

ception do you remember when I breathed the first breath of life into you it was an act of pure love and with

each New Dawn I continue to sustain that Divine gift of existence I bestowed upon

you so when the weight of life feels overwhelming trust that I bear each

burden sometimes the answers to your prayers may not be immediate but trusting in me is believing that I am

always working behind the scenes my timing is perfect and every weight is an opportunity to grow in

trust in spiritual maturity in uncertainty seek me with an open

heart my answers may come in unexpected ways but know that each response is

imbued with Divine wisdom trust in me is not a sign of weakness but a

demonstration of spiritual strength amidst the storms trust that I

am your safe shelter just as I calm the Raging Waters of the sea I can calm the

storms in your life trust that I am present even in the darkest nights

Illuminating the path with the light of my presence when the journey seems too

difficult remember that trust is like an anchor that keeps your soul steady amidst

turbulence trust for in every challenge in every Joy I am working all things for

your good open your heart to my love allowing grace and favor to fill your journey

lean on these words my dear do not shrink back from the path I have laid out for you be courageous do

not fear the Spectre of failure for within it lies the seed of learning the

courage to rise and the determination to move forward with greater discernment

and resolution at this moment I invite you to surrender complet to me let me be the

author and finisher of your faith by trusting in me you will find a

peace that transcends all understanding therefore my beloved Son

my cherished Daughter by trusting in me you are surrendering to a love that is

eternal unshakable and full of grace do not fear entrusting your plans

to me for I am caring for you with a love that surpasses all all

understanding my promise to always be with you is eternal as a loving father I am present

in every tear shed and in every laughter that Echoes even when it seems like I am

silent rest assured that I never abandon my children believe trust for I will never

disappoint you I will fulfill all my promises this truth should be enough for

you to understand that nothing Rising against you has the power to hinder what is propelling you forward because I am

taking care of everything trust in my word believe in

me with all your heart nothing cast against you will prosper neither the

arrow that flies by day nor the arrow in the darkness the Eternal decree is upon

you irrevocable there is no stopping it if I call you if I command if I say to jump

close your eyes turn your back and leap into my arms like a child leaping into

the arms of their father May the peace that surpasses all understanding guard your heart and mind

in Christ Jesus trust in me for I am the god who never fails and my love for you

is eternal

[Music] amen [Music]

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