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my dear child I speak to you now not as a distant deity perched high in the heavens but as your everpresent father

walking alongside you in every moment of your existence I invite you to draw near to

draw from The Well of my grace that overflows with boundless salvation and unwavering

love the joy that bubbles forth from knowing you are eternally saved is a

testament to the depth of my love for you in your daily life let this truth

resonate in the very marrow of your bones for you are mine and this

connection is the source of a spring that will never run dry as you begin each day let your heart

swell with gratitude offer up thanks for the Sun that Graces the sky for the breath that

fills your your lungs and for the countless blessings that I have showered upon

you and as nightfalls and the Stars take their place let your final thoughts be

laced with thankfulness for even in your Slumber I am there watching over you my precious

one know that the salvation I have given you is not just for your Solace but also

as a beacon for others you are a vessel brimming with living water my spirit

that yearns to overflow into the lives of those you touch let this living water be a balm to

the weary a comfort to the sorrowful and a guide to the Lost call upon my spirit

within you to extend my love to others whisper the prayer Holy Spirit

think through me live through me love through me and witness how I work

through you to reach out in compassion and Grace as you allow these streams of

Living Water to flow freely from within you you become a conduit of my presence on

Earth imagine the joy that fills the heart when the parched soul is quenched

the downtrodden spirit is lifted and the wandering Seeker finds Direction This Joy my child is not only

for the recipient but also for you the bearer of my Divine

spring for in giving you too shall receive and your joy shall be made

full consider the enormity of the gift of eternal life a promise so profound

that it transcends all understanding it is a treasure beyond measure a hope that

ignites the darkest of places and it is yours freely given

because of my immeasurable love for you let this knowledge be a constant source

of comfort and strength no matter the trials you face for you are never alone

never without the Wellspring of life that is my spirit within you I beckon you to drink deeply from

the wells of Salvation Let each sip remind you of my unwavering commitment to your

well-being as you fill yourself with this living water remember that it is an

inexhaustible Source there is no drought within my kingdom no shortage of Mercy or scarcity

of Grace your cup overflows so drink and be

satisfied in those moments when you feel distant when you question and doubt come

back to the well draw again from its depths and let the cool refreshing truth

remind you of my unchangeable nature I am the same yesterday today and

forever my promises are as steadfast as the Earth beneath your feet and the

heavens above your head let your life be a testament to the joy that is found in

me share your story tell of the Wonders I have worked within your heart for

every testimony is a ripple that extends far beyond what you can see touching lives shaping Destinies and glorifying

my name walk in the Assurance of my love bask in the warmth of my grace and let

your heart be merry for you are loved you are cherished and you are forever held

within my Almighty hands Rejoice beloved for your name is

written in the Book of Life and your place is secured in my eternal

Kingdom Rejoice indeed my dear one for the joy of your salvation is a treasure

that you carry within you a Beacon of Hope for all to see a legacy of faith

for all to follow and a NeverEnding song of my unending love for

you lift your gaze unto me your maker your Confidant your Everlasting

father as the morning sun bathes the world in its golden warmth so does my

countenance beam upon you with rays of infinite love and tender

Mercy feel the Embrace of my presence let it wrap around you like a cloak

warding off the chill of your Earthly tribulation ations within the hushed sanctuary of

your heart where faith has made its home know that I the Lord of all

creation and The Shepherd of your soul reside with quiet power and Relentless

devotion my Grandeur which shaped the heavens and carved the foundations of the earth pairs with the meekness that

wash the feet of Sinners to bestow upon you a wealth beyond measure

you born into a realm fractured by sorrow and suffering often forget your

Noble Heritage you are more than a mere sourer upon this terrestrial sphere you are an

heir to an eternal Kingdom Chosen and cherished by me the King of

Kings the crown of life awaits you and the Royal Blood of Heaven’s Throne

courses through your veins as you Journey do not falter when

you encounter Valley veiled in Shadow or mountains marred by menacing

storms these moments of Despair as sharpened as biting as they may seem are

fleeting Whispers in the grand chorus of Eternity I am beside you within you

around you steadfast and unmovable my arm is not too short to

save nor my ear too dull to hear your cries when the heat of trial seeks to

sear your spirit be not dism made I have not left you

defenseless The Shield of faith and the sword of the spirit are yours to wield stand firm in the assurance that the

trials are but instruments in my hands tools to refine you to shape you into a

vessel worthy of the high calling I have placed upon your life and there will come a day oh

precious one when your faith shall be sight a day when you will step forth

from from the shadows of mortality into the unending day of my glory light in

that Eternal morning the Sorrows of this world will dissolve like Mist before the Rising Sun and Death Shall be no more No

More Tears no more pain for the old order of things will pass away and

behold I make All Things New in this Divine Radiance you will see the

fullness of my joy the depths of my love and the true purpose of your being you

will reign with me in a kingdom where the light of my face illuminates every

corner where the River of Life flows clear as Crystal and the Tree of Life

bears fruit In Perpetual abundance do not lose heart dear one as

you navigate the troubled waters of this life keep your eyes fixed on the promise

of what is to come let Hope be the anchor for your soul firm and secure

as you await the day when you shall truly live in the fullness of my blessing the Lord bless you and keep you

the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you remember always I am with you even

to the end of the age I am your father your guide your

protector and your greatest admirer I have called you by name you

are mine you are rich Beyond Your Wildest imagination not by the world’s

fleeting fortunes but by the Eternal wealth of my unending love and

grace walk in this truth and Let the Peace of my presence be the joy and the strength of your life you are my beloved

and in my eyes you are royalty adorned with the beauty of Holiness destined for

a glory that far outweighs them all so now my child arise

arise in the courage that I have given you step out in faith knowing that I am

with you though you may stumble you will not fall for I uphold you with my

righteous right hand take each step with the confidence of one who is dearly loved for that is what you

are until that day Dawns and my calling is complete walk with me talk with me

and find rest for your soul for I am your God and you are my treasured possession the

apple of my eye do you understand the magnitude of the joy that I have laid before you it’s

like the sun breaking through the clouds on a stormy Day Casting away the darkness with its warm

embrace This Joy my joy is a beacon a

steadfast promise in the midst of Life storms calling you home to

me you see when I fashioned the universe when I painted the skies and dotted them

with stars I knew your face your name I knew the mountains you would face The

Valleys you would walk yet I also knew the joy that awaited you the

inexpressible glory filled joy that comes from walking in my presence come draw nearer let the walls

around your heart crumble and fall let your spirit soar in the vastness of my

love in my presence there is fullness of joy joy that does not hinge on circumstances

or waver with the Winds of Change it is as enduring as my love for you boundless and

uncontainable remember the cross my child remember the Thorns the nails the

unyielding wood the price of your freedom I overcame sin and death not as

a conqueror demanding tribute but as a loving father ensuring the future of his

beloved children my Triumph opened a path a

bridge from Earth to heaven for all who would take hold of my grace for all who

would believe in your journey through this world you will encounter Trials of many

kinds but take heart for the outcome of your faith the rescue and Redemption of

your very soul is safe in my hands this assurance is yours as certain as the

dawn as unshakable as my Throne trust in me your savior God and

let this trust spill over into uncontainable joy and in your joy let your light shine

let it break forth like the dawn chasing away the shadows in the lives around

you you are my Ambassador the bearer of my truth share it generously love

unconditionally and live transparently when you align your life with me you become part of a greater

story a narrative that stretches beyond the temporal to the

Eternal I came to bring truth to a world ens snared in lies to testify to the

hope that can only be found in me when you join me in this Mission you

become a beacon for all those lost in darkness with every act of kindness with

every word of Truth you reflect my light enabling others to find their way to me

do not underestimate the power of your testimony the impact of your faith for

as you live out my love in this world you are pointing to a greater love a love that hung on a cross that broke the

grave that offers eternal life in me you are more than a conqueror you are a

child child of the king an heir to a promise that cannot be broken I Am With

You Always guiding strengthening and cherishing you as you walk in the light

of my presence remember that the journey is a significant as the destination for

every step you take in faith is a step closer to my Open Arms I am waiting always waiting for you

to come home to the place where Joy is complete and my glory is

unveiled until that day live fully in the victory I have won for you and let

your heart be filled with the joy of my salvation my child the world may tell

you that Joy is fleeting that hope is uncertain but I tell you this in me joy

is your strength hope is your anchor and love is the currency of my

kingdom let these truths fill you to overflowing and may your life be a testament to the joy that I offer a joy

that is truly inexpressible and filled with Glory my dear child let your heart find

solace in this I am the Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end and the keeper

of time itself the hours days and years are but

threads in the grand tapestry that I weave and each thread has its place by my

design the clock ticks the seasons change and you my precious creation grow

and learn within the bounds I have lovingly set but remember though you are bound by

time I am not I dwell in the Eternal where time holds no sway over my actions

or my love for you understand then that your moments

are cradled in the hollow of My Hands Held with a care that knows no

falter when your heart aches with the pain of waiting when the hours seem to

stretch on like endless miles before you I am there in the silence in the longing in

the quiet pulse of time you are not alone for in my Divine patience I am

waiting with you turning every second into a step toward the Fulfillment of my plan for you my child you see The Tick

Tock of the clock and feel the weight of time as it slips through your

fingers like grains of sand too fine to hold I see it too but where you see

uncertainty I see opportunity for growth where you see delay I see the perfect

moment just on the horizon poised to Break Forth in a down of my making so

trust in me and let the worries of when and what but fall away place them at my

feet and I shall pick them up and mold them into a future you can scarcely

imagine consider the farmer who plants his seed with care he tends the young

Sprouts watering and watching yet he cannot Rush the crop to

harvest it must unfold in its own time Under the Sun and rain that I provide

the farmer trusts in the seasons I have ordained and in due time his barns

overflow so it is with the seeds of your life planted and nurtured by my hand

they will bear fruit in the season I have chosen ripe and ready for the Harvest of your soul and you my love

when the Shadows grow long and you yearn for the light of resolution know that the Twilight is not

a sign of my absence but the herald of a transformation just as the Dust gives

way to Dawn so too will your times of waiting yield to moments of Revelation

and joy it is in the waiting that your faith is stretched and grown that your spirit

is refined like silver and your heart becomes a mirror of my own the bride awaiting her wedding day

the patient awaiting relief the student awaiting graduation each in their turn

they wait but not not in vain for I am weaving the tapestry of their lives with

threads of gold and silver crafting a story that will tell

of my goodness and their growth wait with a heart of expectancy

knowing that in the fullness of time all will be revealed and all will be made

whole pour out your heart to me for I am your refuge and strength and everpresent

help in times of need bring me your anticipation your dreams

your fears there is nothing too small or too grand for my care and in the

waiting find your peace in me do not be troubled by the ticking

clock for In My Kingdom a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years are

like a day my perspective is vast and in it I hold the perfect timing for every aspect

ECT of your life remember my child the words I spoke through my Prophet Jeremiah I have loved

you with an everlasting love therefore I have continued my faithfulness to you

Jeremiah my love is not bound by the constraints of time it is eternal

unwavering and unending he is the Bedrock upon which you can stand when time seems an

uncertain sea so Rest In My Watch care as a child rests in the arms of a loving

parent I have carved you in the palms of my hands your walls are ever before

me the whats and the Ws are known to me and they are safe in my keeping walk

with me through the unfolding of time step by step Heartbeat by heartbeat

knowing that each moment brings you closer to the heart of my will the depth of my love and the joy of my

presence for you are mine and your times are in my hands now and forever more

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speak to you through the Whispers of your heart through the beauty of a Sunset and the Stillness of the early

morning I am always with you guiding you and infusing your life with my eternal

hope let me share with you the Deep Wellspring of joy that can sustain you

through all trials and tribulations for in me you find the strength that

undergirds the Universe the peace that surpasses all understanding and the hope

that lights every Darkness always be ready my child to share this hope that stirs within you it

bubbles up like a spring in the desert surprising even you with its persistence and its

power when others gaze into your eyes let them see the reflection of my

love when they question your joy be ready to open your heart and reveal the

source of your light remember my presence is a treasure within you a lamp

unto your feet and a flame that warms the cold night of someone’s Soul even when you find yourself wearied

by the burdens of the day when each step feels like a March through heavy clay

lift your eyes to me it is precisely in these moments when

your spirit feels stretched thin that your words can carry the most

weight in your vulnerability my strength is perfected your trials become the very

soil from which hope blossoms vibrant and Vivid capturing the Gaze of those

who have become accustomed only to the gray judge not who is worthy to hear of

this hope I tell you it is not your role to sift through Hearts as though they

were grains of sand I am the creator of the human heart the one who formed it

from the dust who knows its complexities and its yearnings it is I who can call forth

streams in the desert who can write a message of Redemption on the blank page of a soul deemed unreadable by the

world so speak of me of the hope you have to

everyone for in the Kingdom of Heaven There Are No poor candidates only beloved children yet to come

home living in awareness of my presence my child is like walking through life

with a constant companion who knows every beat of your heart trust in me

your hope and let that trust be as natural as breathing it will steady you as surely as the

Sunrise follows the night when the path ahead is obscured by Mists of

uncertainty or the climb steepens steady Yourself by reflecting on the truths of

the Gospel it is the rock upon which you can stand when all around you is shifting

[Music] sand take heart and Ponder on these truths I have loved you with an

everlasting love before I formed the mountains I knew you I have seen your

struggles and I am acquainted with all your ways in your moments of joy and in times

of Sorrow I am there gaze upon me your glorious hope

and be filled with a sense of wonder at the love that spans eternity this hope is not a fragile

thing my dear one though it may sometimes feel like it is held together by mere

threads it is as strong as the most ancient forests and as resil iant as the

tides that sculpt the shores hope rooted in my presence does not deny the reality

of suffering nor does it ignore the pain that life can bring instead it looks

suffering in the face and Whispers a truth that has the power to transform Hearts you are not the end of the

story so I say to you as Peter once wrote be prepared to give an answer for

this hope that you carry it is not a hope built on the transient on the fleeting Whispers of

this world but on the Rock Solid Promises of my word for I am the same yesterday today

and forever the hopes of this world will fade like the grass of the fields but my

words my promises and the hope I offer you will never pass away in Romans you

are reminded that hope does not disappoint because my love has been poured poured out into your hearts this

is not a mere trickle but a deluge an outpouring that fills every crevice every corner every hidden

space you are immersed in my love and it is This Love that fuels your hope that

enables you to face each new day with courage and with joy and in the Psalms

you find a beautiful invitation to seek my face to dwell in my house all the days of your

life to gaze upon my beauty this my child is the essential

preparation for giving an answer to anyone who asks you for the reason for the hope you

have for as you dwell in my presence as you gaze upon my beauty you will be

transformed your face will reflect my glory and your words will carry the weight of

Eternity so walk in this hope my child a hope that is an anchor for your soul

firm and secure it reaches into the very presence behind the veil where I am

where you will one day be with me forever carry this hope out into the world Let It Shine through your words

your actions and the very essence of your being For You Are My Messenger of Hope a

beacon of light in a world that so desperately needs to see the face of my perfect love be at peace my beloved for I Am

With You Always even to the end of the age and this hope I have placed within you

will never disappoint it will rise within you like the dawn a promise of a new day a

testament to the unshakable love I have for you share it freely share it boldly

and watch as it changes the world one heart at a time my beloved child in the quietness

of this moment hear me whisper to you for it is I the one who mold the stars

and set the heavens into their glorious expanse who speaks to your heart I am

the author of Life the creator of all that is seen and unseen and I have shaped you in my own image breathed into

your very being the breath of Eternity I am ever with you as close as

the air that Embraces you as near as the pulse that dances in your wrist you dear one are the bearer of my

Divine spark and inheritor of a promise that transcends time that stretches

beyond the Mortal coils of this Earth the eternal life I give to you is

not just a gift it is a covenant a joining of my spirit with yours that shall never be sundered you shall never

perish for how can eternity wne how can the boundless fade no power in existence

can snatch you from my hand for my grip is sure my strength

unfailing consider the L IES of the field how they grow they toil not

neither do they spin and yet I tell you even Solomon in all his glory was not AR

raay like one of these if I so clothe the grass of the field which today is alive and tomorrow

is cast into the oven will I not much more clothe you oh you of little

faith trust in my provision lean into my love and let your heart not be troubled

in the world you have tribulation but be of good cheer I have overcome the

world you may face trials face heartaches that seem to press the very breath from your lungs but within these

trials lies the making of your faith the deepening of your Soul’s Reliance on

me the gift of eternal life illuminates your path a beacon in the darkest night

a comfort in the fiercest storm it is a light that not only shines but

also warms a Perpetual presence that chases away the shadows of

Despair do not let the Thorns of Life deter you they are but brief they are

transient the glory that awaits you outshines every fleeting pain every temporary

loss it sparkles on the horizon calling you beckoning you to press on to endure

with Joy the vistas of heaven await filled with a Radiance that dims the sun

humming with a Melody that soothes every woe and yes there will be deep

Waters you may sometimes feel the waves lapping at your soul threatening to

overwhelm but remember this my precious child when you pass through the waters I

am with you and through the rivers they shall not overflow you you are not

abandoned never forsaken my hand is there for you to grasp firm and

unwavering hold on to me clasp onto the shity of my love I have engraved you

upon the palms of my hands your walls are ever before me know that nothing can

separate you from my love not tribulation nor distress nor persecution

nor famine nor nakedness nor Peril nor sword for for in all these things you

are more than a conqueror through him who loved you let not your heart be troubled neither Let It Be

Afraid as the mountains surround Jerusalem so I surround you now and

forever the challenge is ahead they are but opportunities for you to witness my

faithfulness to experience the depth of my love to grow in the grace and knowledge of your lord and savior walk

with me not in the shackles of dread but in the freedom of

Grace embrace the adventure the Divine Journey that is your life in me your

days are not a series of chances but a tapestry woven with Divine

Purpose each thread each color vibrant or dark has its place in the Masterpiece

I am creating with your time on Earth and so as you navigate the EB and

flow of your days as you climb mountains and Traverse valleys remember who you are you are mine

beloved and cherished you are the joy set before me as I endured the cross

despising its shame you are the reason I Proclaim it

is finished for in my Redemption lies your victory in my resurrection your

hope draw near to me and I will draw near to you speak to me in the quiet

places and I will listen look for me in the the ordinary and the mundane and you will find glimpses of the

Eternal for I am not a distant deity but a present father a Relentless lover a

steadfast friend in your waking and in your resting in your laughter and in your

tears I am there cast all your anxieties on me for I care for you with an everlasting

love and when the last page of History turns and time yields to the age to come

you you will step from Glory into greater glory and you will know as you have been

known so come take my hand let us journey together for in my presence is

fullness of joy at my right hand are Pleasures forever more and it is there

in the Embrace of your father you will find true life eternal unshakable

unending therefore do not fear for I Am With You do not be dismayed for I am

your God I will strengthen you and help you I will uphold you with my righteous

right hand fear not for I have redeemed you I have summoned You by name you are

mine and this is the heart of the Gospel this is the essence of the good news I

give eternal life to you and you will never perish no one will snatch you out of my

hand lend me your heart Harden your ears for I am here to fill the expanse of Silence that your worries cast upon

you just as the shepherd knows the Meandering paths that the Sheep cannot discern so do I comprehend the intricate

map of your life you may find yourself in the shadow of uncertainty where the next step is

hidden by the mist of life’s complexity but remember I am the light that guides

you through in moments when the ground beneath you you feels as though it will give way when you tremble at the thought

of an unseen tomorrow reach out and you will find my hand already extended to

you grasp it tightly and let me lead you for my hand is steady and my grip is

sure do not look to the right or the left but straight ahead where my light is brightest leading you

home as the stars are fixed in the heavens by my command so are your days

numbered and your your path set you may gaze upon the stars and

wonder at their purpose but they follow the order I have given since the beginning of

time so it is with you my child your path may seem to twist and turn but

there is an order a Divine Purpose to every step you take even when you cannot

see it when the night is at its darkest that is when The Whispers of Doubt grow

the loudest but listen to my voice voice instead for it is then that I speak into

the depths of your heart fear not for I have redeemed you I have called you by

your name you are mine when you pass through the waters I will be with you

and through the rivers they shall not overflow you when you walk through the fire you

shall not be burned nor shall the flame Scorch you yes there will be times when you

feel alone when when the silence around you Echoes louder than Assurance in

these moments remember that I am closer than your very breath in the quiet in

the Stillness I am there you need only to be still and know that I am God I am

the one who has never left your side the one who has seen every tear that has fallen from your

eyes speak to me not in formal platitudes but as a child speaks to

their father with openness and Trust pour out your heart to me for I am

listening and my ear is inclined to you the most important conversation you

will ever have is not with the powerful or the influential but with me your

creator your father your friend do not be disheartened by the

uncertainty of life for like a tapestry you see only the Twisted threads on the

reverse side while I see the beautiful picture that is being woven one day you will see this tapestry

from my perspective and Marvel at how every thread was necessary how every

color was needed to complete the Masterpiece that is your life I

understand that there are days when the clouds hang low and the rain obscures your

vision but the rain also brings life it Waters the parched Earth and causes the

hidden seeds to burst burst forth into bloom so too will the trials and the

storms in your life bring growth and New Life trust in me for I am the master

gardener and I tend to you with love and

care walk by faith not by sight for faith is the Assurance of

things hoped for the conviction of Things Not Seen have faith in my love

for you you faith in my goodness and faith that I am working all things together for your good for those who

love me and are called according to my purpose not a single detail is left to

chance as you hold on to my hand remember the promises I have spoken over

you they are yes and amen my word is a lamp to your feet and a light to your

path so even when the path grows dim my words will guide you hide them in

your heart for they are life to those who find them and health to all their

flesh come now walk with me talk with me and let me lead you through the

Landscapes of your life with each step know that you are never alone for I Am

With You Always even to the End of the Age let my presence be your comfort and

my word be your guide for you are my my beloved and you are safe with me



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