my dear child give this moment to me with all your heart I know you long for

me so I’m here to surround you with my love don’t turn away now trust that the

time you spend with me is never wasted after hearing my words you will feel free and complete my love supports you

my peace calms you new times are coming but you will face them with a calm spirit many around you may be driven by

fear but you will remain peaceful knowing that I love you and no matter

what happens in this world I will always be with you say it

now write it down who loves you so deeply who Moved Heaven and Earth to

bless you to soothe your grief and wipe away your tears who gave his life for you and valued you so greatly who rose

from the dead with eternal power to show that you you too can overcome all your

struggles and barriers you are a child of the Eternal holy and mighty king you

an heir to spiritual blessings you’re victorious in me you will find a safe

haven I will always be there to Shield you under my wings comfort you in both

good and bad times give you strength help you rise from Deep pits and guide you with my

light in the darkest times today I ask you you to listen to my words with a

calm heart do not fear when you find yourself on uncertain and dark paths You

are not alone my hand will always be joined with yours leading you towards a life of

Eternal blessing so rest in my unconditional love and trust that I will guide you

towards the light rescuing you from the darkness that sometimes surrounds your soul it is your faith that lights the

candle and makes clear my words it is your heart that rejoices when it

hears my gentle voice your future is safe in my hands I Will Bless You So

abundantly that you will forget your past struggles and the memories that once hurt you will fade away the world

and people might tell you it’s not worth continuing to fight but listen to me I’m telling you

that you will long to live forever once you fully understand how much I love you

and how my love fills you wraps around you transforms you and surrounds you

with peace and affection making your problems disappear and all conflicts resolve I

did not create you to suffer endlessly let your faith be ignited dare to

believe I brought you into this world to give you the keys to my kingdom so you can be brave and claim the blessings

waiting for you sitting in a corner weeping and lamenting your situation is

not your fate you have been chosen to live from Victory to Victory from blessing to blessing that is your Divine

Purpose see how gentle and affectionate I am toward you feel how my presence

covers you how gently I hold you in my holy Embrace do not be afraid as you walk

even though many try to instill fear in you to make you doubt my promises and lose

Faith but my Holy Spirit fills your soul

and when moments of discouragement come I will comfort you with a whisper of

love it is not my will for you to live burdened by sadness and

guilt yes I have forgiven your sins you owe nothing do not let anyone convince

you of guilt that isn’t yours or burden you with bitterness you shouldn’t carry

from Dawn I bless your journey I watch over you in all you do I guard you as

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