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God’s Message Now: THIS IS THE LEGACY I OFFER YOU || God Message For You || Gods Message Now Today

my beloved child feel my presence at the threshold of your dwelling at the door

of your heart you may deem yourself Unworthy of my entrance yet in your

humility and Faith you have drawn my gaze captured my Divine attention it is

my fervent desire to cross not only the physical boundary of your home but to

step into the inner sanctuary Ary of your soul there in the depths of your being I

will inscribe my words of healing with a mere Touch of my hand the chains that

have bound you fears doubts and pains shall be shattered freeing you from the

shackles of Despair I am here to ease your suffering to dispel the darkness of

fear and anxiety my voice powerful and resonant commands not just the Earth but the

heavens above it is my deepest longing to see you bask in happiness to feel the warmth of my

presence In My Embrace you will come to know the depth of my unending love a shield against all evil this is the

Legacy I offer you a gift to cherish throughout your life today I call upon you to place

unwavering faith in me to welcome this blessing embrace the strength that I

have prepared for you the healing and transformative power of my holy spirit

is now yours to claim do not wander any longer in the valley of Despair reject the lie that

you are destined to Bear the scars of your past sins you may live in a world of

Trials but it is a world I have already triumphed over as a beloved child of the

almighty God this promise resounds for you in each step through the trials of

this world trust and and believe in me for you too will overcome I see your tears often shed in

the depths of confusion let me reveal to you the root of this sorrow it is the Deep innate

yearning to return to my embrace your heart aches for me your spirit Longs for

my presence knowing that without me all efforts are in vain life may seem like it’s slipping

away and the peace and joy you’ve been yearning for remain elusive as those dear to you drift

further listen closely to my words I’m right beside you offering The Waters

from the Fountain of blessing drink from this source and let it wash away your

sadness you shall never thirst again for this is my promise to you your faith has

borne fruit today I have brought you healing by opening your heart’s door

you’ve welcomed me in I shall dwell with you blessing and watching over your

family the blessings I bring are beyond your understanding today open every door

and window of your life to my holy blessing which brings Solace to your soul and rest to your heart yesterday I

purified your home from all impurities I filled each room with the Breath of Life my voice clearing the

accumulated dust of your trials you are now cleansed in forgiven

Embrace this truth I do not expect Flawless Perfection or immunity to Temptation you are my child loved

unconditionally yet human the battles will continue but with my guidance if

you seek me daily love me wholeheartedly and surrender your life to me I will

always be there to support and uplift you even in moments of faltering I understand that you will

Heir facing enemies who seek to drag you down and mock you in your moments of

weakness yet always look towards me I have sent you into this battle and it is

my role to cleanse strengthen and forgive you again you must persevere

despite the challenges your adversaries are Relentless and ruthless envious of the

victory I bestow upon you they will try to shake your new found security hear my voice understand

my message you love your family and yearn for their success which requires

struggle labor and unwavering faith in my promises you will be greatly blessed and

your enemies are aware of this they underestimated your strength and never

anticipated your turning to me in your weakness and sin therefore I have chosen to forgive

uplift and prosper you I am with you daily no one can stand against you

humiliate at defeat or overpower you and if you fall I will raise you

again this is my unwavering promise you your family and even Those Distant from

you will come to know me in a profound and Supernatural way reach out your hand to me and prepare for Triumph into your

heart I breathe the Breath of Life bestowing fresh blessings upon you while

Others May shiver in fear you stand as a valiant Warrior clad in bravery ready

for the battle ahead by day walk under my protection at night as you rest I

will whisper divine secrets and guidance to your heart my Revelations will keep you from stumbling on treacherous paths

and falling prey to Hidden enemies I will hold your hand shielding you from

the wicked lifting you high in my arms to a place of safety and blessing those

who trust in me are like eagles soaring high with unwavering focus and certainty

aware of my love and Trust in them with courage and confidence they spread their

wings piercing through the clouds rising to the supernatural realm they will find

renewed strength and an unbreakable Invincible Faith Divine and spiritual on

the Mountaintop returning to their nests they are filled with resolve continuing

to seek and serve me trusting in The Majestic word that gave them their Mighty

Wings a world different from the ordinary awaits you if you place your trust in me where others see scarcity

you and your family will be sheltered your tables always abundant with nourishment the gifts I bestow upon you

I will also multiply I am planting in you and your loved ones a Faith unimpeded by any

obstacle go forth to harvest extend your hand with authority and gather the

fruits the owner of this Orchard is your heavenly father leave behind fear

excuses and pretexts you are no longer bound by mere sight your perception has been

heightened should conflict arise seek solace in my word kneel and bow your

soul in silence I wait in Stillness and my holy spirit will speak to you

offering Solutions answering prayers and clarifying doubts no Army of evil or

Iron Wall can intimidate or detain you you will leap over obstacles with

unwavering resolve the Vigor of your youth will return to your limbs you will overcome

your adversaries not with physical might but through the powerful anointing of my

Holy Spirit your battles are not won by force or outcry seek me in your room in

your heart I am there call out to me and I will respond strengthening you with my

grace and love you can achieve all things your foes will flee in dread you

have prevailed through the beautiful faith that fills your heart I speak now of a thousand new

blessings that will come knocking this isn’t about luck or strength I bless whom I choose I am not

measuring your achievements or comparing you to others I come to converse and bless you out of love unchanging and

true While others perform acts to gain my favor lacking genuine Faith you

possess an honest and sincere belief in my reality you know you can walk through

fire unharmed cross Seas of trouble without sinking and calm the storms of

confusion these storms will obey you I have given you authority to express my

love with kindness to everyone you meet when you reach out with gratitude and humility willing to help and do good

Miracles will occur my power doesn’t manifest in noise or

spectacle in the quiet of your room as you seek me I will reward you as you go

into the world Miracles will follow you showing all that I am with you have you

heard this message hear it feel it embrace it let your faith and desire to

know me merge and I will will shower you with my power keep your heart humble

your spirit grateful and abundance will envelop you you need a miracle my hand

to free you from Pain confusion and anxiety you hunger for peace restful

sleep Awakening joy and love my love is yours today embrace the faith that

sustains you the promise I have made I am your Advocate your Shepherd your God

your your friend we will rejoice together when the awaited blessing arrives expect it for I guarantee it

many things will change let your thoughts dwell on my promises for they will bring you healing I yearn for you

to transform your mindset to change how you respond to Life’s challenges when You Face obstacles

remember first and foremost that I am always with you the trials you endure

may seem daunting filled with pain and difficulty but find comfort in my steadfast

presence you are well aware of my deep love for you how could I ever abandon

you my cherished child the Abundant affection I have for you is unwavering

in moments of trial when the adversary seeks to overwhelm you you might feel

drawn towards despair yet deep within you know that you are never alone never

forsaken you are precious in my sight my beloved child and I remind you of this so that

you never forget hold fast to my promises for they are kind true powerful and

steadfast my commitment to you is eternal I will always be by your

side remember you are in my hands and here under my watchful love I have been

with you always never leaving you your side you are passing through a difficult

time but this too shall pass sadness and doubt may assail you but Struggle No

More and do not be overly troubled I have everything under control never forget this day the day I

loved you with an everlasting love beside me you have the strength to rise above sadness to fill your heart with

joy with me alone you are and will always be happy

should you face the dark clouds of conflict outside trust in me and let my word light your path your enemies may

claim your defeat but my comforting word and my affirming lips are with you fear

not do not waver for I am with you in the fiercest of

storms I will carry you in my arms and when you feel the need to weep I will be

there waiting let out those tears you have held back share your feelings with

me I am listening your life is of immense value to me just as I have helped you

before I will continue to do so today and every day I will show my love for

you in countless ways doubt will not take root in your heart know that I am always by your side

Watching Over You defending you attentive to your needs listening to your words and prayers I command my

ministering angels to act and fulfill your requests I find joy in seeing your

active Faith as you come to me with your needs and desires if others have told you not to seek me only when you need

something I tell you seek me with all your heart as for the rest leave it to me

there will come a time when you realize that even before you speak I already know your

needs it is not in vain when you ask of me I rejoice in hearing the heartbeat of

your faith I see and treasure your patience especially when my responses

don’t align with your expected timeline your ability to wait and Trust in my

wisdom reflects a deep understanding that I am always working for your best

be filled with courage for I’m wrapping you in strength and

fortitude the seasons of sadness are fleeting and joy and faith will once again flourish in your life and

home my love for you and your family is eternal and I I will bless you

abundantly making it evident to the world how dearly I cherish

you my love is beneficial for you my grace knows no bounds and my Mercy is

Everlasting through these words I hope you feel a profound sense of security in your heart I am ever ready to bless you

to Grant you peace tranquility and all good things even before you ask

everything will be all right for you and your family if you anchor

your faith in my promises nurture your soul and mind with my holy word discard the things that

plunge you into loneliness and a peaceless life and end the habits and vices that are destroying you your

health and motivation are suffering due to actions you no longer wish to partake

in decide to say no to people and situations that lead you into

temptation if someone tries to pull you into the abyss of suffering distance yourself from them I’ve already given

you my love and forgiveness now I want you to be free from all sin and error I

am here waiting for you always with open arms ready to listen and

understand I comprehend what you are going through know that there is calm

and peace waiting for you it’s time to be happy to renew your strength and to

wake up each morning with the desire to live as you leave your home remember me

as you journey through life I yearn to see your content face your beautiful

smile I long to see your eyes shining with happiness at every step feel this love that surrounds you

protects you heals you and keeps you safe from evil in my presence you will

find Freedom and joy if you allow me I can show the transform formative power

of my Holy Spirit In Your Heart come to me every day regardless of

your schedule and give importance to this time here I can speak to you and

you can hear me lay your desires before me all the good things your heart longs

for if you’re unsure what to say just be silent remain quiet and feel this

beautiful pure holy sentiment in your heart I love you and I Delight in expressing it I know you need to hear it

so today I convey it to you again in countless ways I bring you peace and

serenity restoring the sensitivity in your soul that you have always had you

are aware of this I have always spoken to you and you have felt it it pleases

me to show my attentiveness in small ways reminders of my constant presence in your life it brings me joy to see

that smile on your face when you realize I am beside you sending you something beautiful to remind you of my love a

flower a bird raindrops or a gentle breeze these are my ways of imbuing you

with renewed strength and joy my love for you is so deep that I will ensure

you always feel secure in it even amidst life’s chaos when others are burdened

with worries you will stand strong confident in every Endeavor your

foundation is solid your hope flourishing even as others lose their will you rise and continue forward

taking moments to rest in my presence regaining strength before pressing on again look at yourself and recognize

your resilience born strong incredibly Brave holding my hand with steadfast

Faith you will witness remarkable Miracles your family will be blessed and

your attitude will inspire many even if they don’t openly acknowledge their admiration especially in times of

adversity they see your enthusiasm in facing life’s challenges and know where

your strength comes from stay true to your path keep believing and never look

back you have built a life in a home full of Faith continue to pray for those

in your family who are yet to change don’t worry I’m working on their

hearts immerse your yourself in my word daily allowing me to etch my promises

onto your heart each morning look forward to further demonstrations of my

love and affection my dear child know deeply that I love you hand over your

sadness and frustration to me entrust me with those urges to surrender and

abandon everything lay down these burdensome thoughts at my feet

especially those that make you feel unworthy I want want you to experience a love like no other a genuine sincere

love the kind you’ve never encountered before this is The beautiful tender and

Powerful Love that I your heavenly father have for you continue to pray I

yearn for your presence with me you are safely enveloped in my protective

embrace the discouragement trying to assail you aims to pull you away leading

you through a treacherous desert but that is not the future I have planned for you today I speak to lift your

spirits to Grant you peace to erase your anxiety and to give you the strength you

desperately seek do you accept my love tell me now do you embrace my strength

answer me with all the sincerity in your heart affirm that you will remain in my

presence but know this even if you were to try to leave even if the enemy seeks

to snatch you from My Embrace I will not let you wander away wherever you go I am

there I will take your hand and bring you back to me the adversary May whisper

that you are alone abandoned by me due to your

imperfections but that is a lie I will never forsake or abandon you nothing can

separate you from my love not shame rejection failure or

condemnation my love for you is unbreakable Unforgettable you are aware of this I am

reaffirming it now with my words feel your heart kindling with the

flame of my eternal love I am filling you with a desire to live to endure through all the

impossible situations the formidable obstacles and the trials you face

today from this moment Everything Changes you are no longer the same

having received me into your heart you are transformed from within the past the

negativity the pain all are behind you today you are reborn ready to receive

the inheritance I have prepared for you eternal life awaits by my side but my

Holy Spirit fills you now endowing you with the strength needed for this world

when you feel feel this fire touching your soul your lips will open in praise

and you will fully understand the extent of my power I will take you by the hand and

lead you to Great Heights you will be like those you’ve dreamed of singing

joyously expressing the wonders of my love and power my dear child I assure you that

all burdens weighing you down shall vanish you will see yourself as I see

you unique and precious and I am lifting you to triumph over your struggles embarking

on a New Journey of Victory you are not among those who are ashamed to believe in my word those who wake up only to

embrace darkness and falsehood feeling abandoned by their own choice rejecting my love and affection they seek

Perfection thinking it’s the only way to earn my grace but all I ask for is simple sincere

faith if there are those who try to steal your joy do not not entertain them

their gifts or their friendship seek companionship with those who uplift and

value you who respect your autonomy and don’t intrude into your life or family

decisions resist enslavement to negativity reject words of

defeat find friendship in those who respect you and speak truth not those

who meddle or spread slander bless those who sincerely encourage you who don’t seek personal

gain from from your friendship this journey of faith is between you and me I

am eager to speak with you to reveal and share my desires for you if you seek to

know me more come to me in the morning dedicate Time To Me While others

rest bring your prayers listen closely to my daily words have faith I will

respond to you and your family in many ways I will reveal myself to you answer your cries and show you great and

marvelous things in dreams and Visions I will unveil my plans for you I’m

elevating you to witness Supernatural Miracles Embrace and share these words with faith and vast blessings will

surround you you will face challenging days but never a day without my love

attacks may come but you will never be alone always wrapped in my love and

protection as you listen to me now close your eyes accept these words and pray

dare to ask for what you need provision healing courage and wisdom pray for your

family and loved ones hard times will come and go but my presence is constant

I am close your softest Whispers reach me I Am with You When You Weep When you

pray your Crees never go not a said I have every reason to listen to you you

come to me because you believe in my word you’ve left behind bitterness and

resentment understanding the power of forgiveness your grateful attitude makes a difference your prayer is potent your

faith-filled requests are beautiful to me I receive them with love and send

answers with affection await them patiently with gratitude be thankful for the impending

blessings I am working in the hearts of those you love show them their importance let them see your Comm

commitment to me impacting those around you the world may lead them astray but

you are a Guiding Light leading them back to me I am here waiting for all of them I

protect even those who don’t believe because of your love for them I will bless and keep them from harm and they

will come to understand they live by my love not by chance one day they’ll appreciate your

sleepless nights of prayer your tears shed their salvation storms will arise

the Earth May Shake but those who seek me find Hope and Faith others accept

defeat and confusion but you will be strengthened amid turmoil your boat with

sturdy sails will be guided by my breath when troubles arise face them with

courage cling to my hand and walk boldly embrace my truth

seriously if you truly believe hold your head high and battle fearlessly I fill

you with bravery and Assurance leading you to a land of blessings keep your

focus on my word ignoring empty threats recognize my presence Proclaim it today

I believe in you my God affirm with conviction that I am your Shepherd your

provider even amid chaos find peace beside Tranquil Waters nourishing your

soul with Heavenly sustenance I will guide you along righteous paths keeping fear at Bay for

my love surrounds you you understand this as unwavering Mighty Faith lifting

you in the darkest times Trust in Me While others falter

and I will bless your life with peace and abundance my Commandments and guidance illuminate your

path your face will glow with Heavenly anointing as goodness and mercy follow

you my word will resonate in your heart and you will dwell in my presence all

your days believing is not difficult it requires humility and recognition of

your limitations when you falter I will strengthen you I will carry you to your

destination when anxiety grips you I will bring peace to your mind and heart

even surrounded by enemies and fear you are never alone I am your Shield defending you

with my love I will grant you peace peace allowing you to walk confidently your

smile reflecting Tranquility people will Marvel at your Radiance and you will

declare my omnipotent God loves protects and cares for me all my trust is in him


amen my beloved I am the gate the portal to

Salvation the lone gateway to the Eternal journey of Life those who

Traverse through me shall find Redemption from their transgressions consider the spiritual

odys as a grand Ascent akin to scaling a magnificent Peak many are the paths that converge at

the summit and it is often asserted that all ways to Divinity are of equal worth

yet let it be known such a notion veers far from the truth salvation true and

unequivocal can only be attained through me the solitary uniring

gate once you have traversed this Celestial threshold you shall stroll along the path of Life Guided by my

unwavering presence I make no promise of a journey devoid of hardship but I pledge to

accompany you through every trip tribulation regardless of the obstacles

that beset your path remember in my presence there is boundless Joy each

stride brings you closer to your ultimate destination the Heavenly

Abode at times you may require Aid even in beseeching my

assistance amid the ceaseless clamor of multitasking as you Accelerate from one

Endeavor to the next the Discord escalates with each ring of your telephone

the sanctuary amidst this tumult lies in cessation cease all actions draw deep

breaths and softly invoke my name acknowledge your dependence on my

guidance throughout this day and I shall gently lead you along the path of righteousness for the sake of my

name when confronted with daunting tasks you often enlist my

Aid yet in your everyday Pursuits you fre frequently plunge unaided presuming

self-sufficiency how much wiser it is to approach all things with humility relying upon

me when you find yourself in the mode of precipitous descent implore my guidance

and allow me to illuminate the way ahead I shall steer you along the most

auspicious course for your life I beseech you to draw from the

Wellsprings of Salvation with boundless Joy these Wells are unfathomably deep

brimming with my blessings the value of your salvation is beyond Reckoning

surpassing all the riches of the world past present and

future when your Earthly sojourn reaches its culmination you shall dwell with me

eternally in a Flawless realm radiant with resplendant Glory among countless followers love

shall flow in one wondrous abundance and your love for me shall be met with an

immeasurable outpouring of my love unto you the Assurance of the Eternal

Pleasures awaiting you in the heavens can sustain you through the trials of this Earthly

realm I understand the challenges that beset you but remember I am your strength and The Melody of your

heart I am strong enough to carry you when you believe you can Journey no farther I Empower you to harmonize with

me in both joyous and arduous times I your Eternal Melody shall fill your

heart with unceasing joy your competence emanates from me therefore Pride finds

no place in your achievements it signifies that you are endowed with far greater capabilities

than you fathom a fusion of your innate talents and my Supernatural

empowerment I have summoned you to dwell in joyful Reliance upon me

therefore do not hesitate to implore my assistance strive earnestly to discern

my purpose for you through the exploration of scriptures and the quest of my

countenance seek the counsel of wise brethren for I shall illuminate the path

you are destined to tread according to my wisdom and divine intent implore my spirit to guide you

along the path I have ordained for your life this holy guide shall equip and Empower

you to fulfill my designs in your life offer gratitude for all the gifts I

have bestowed upon you the opportunities before you and the spirit’s empowerment for significant Endeavors in my

realm stay in communion with me cherishing my companionship as you Traverse the path of life in my presence

you shall find boundless Joy through me the The Sovereign of Glory who loves you immeasurably you

shall Triumph overwhelmingly regardless of the turmoil besetting this fractured world or your

personal trials victory is yours I have already secured this

Triumph through my sacrificial death and miraculous Resurrection my enduring love has

achieved this marvelous Conquest elevating you beyond mere

Victory you have become an heir to the kingdom of eternal life and boundless light nothing shall sever you from my

love reflect upon the profound meaning of my love as the lover of your Eternal

Soul Your Soul the imperishable core of your being eternally intertwined with me

transcends the reflection in the mirror or the perceptions of others it is the

essence of your transformation from glory to greater glory therefore be not not disheartened

by your perceived imperfections but Rejoice for you are continually being shaped in my

image as you increasingly fix your gaze upon me I become your Perpetual

focus in today’s world Myriad distressing events clamor for your

attention overindulgence in these distractions may plunge you into

despondency yet the one who is Ever present calls out I am here Direct your

gaze toward me beloved and discover boundless joy in my

presence my presence can bless you ceaselessly even when it lingers in the background of your

Consciousness learn to remain mindful of my presence amidst your daily

Endeavors The Splendid mind I have endowed you with can engage on multiple

planes simultaneously during tasks demanding intellectual rigor

your awareness of my presence May remain subtle but comforting an unwavering

source of encouragement making me your joyous focus is not an escape

rather it empowers and emboldens you to confront life’s challenges the more

steadfastly you fix your gaze upon me the more effective and joyous you shall

become in the present moment I draw near to you in Endeavor to relish my presence

in the here and now trust and gratitude are your most faithful allies in this

Quest dwelling on the past or fretting about the future dims your awareness of

me trusting me wholeheartedly enables you to dwell fully in the present where

my presence eternally abides converse with me frequently

Whispering I trust you Jesus I love you oh Lord my

strength these these brief prayers shall keep you close to me assured of my unwavering vigilance over

you furthermore cultivate a spirit of gratitude for a grateful heart is

essential for residing close to me in gratitude is displeasing to my

divine nature and saps your spiritual and emotional Vitality always remember that you are

inheriting an unicable Kingdom irrespective of the circumstances that

in velop your life or the world’s upheavals this dear one provide is an

everlasting unwavering cause for gratitude anchor yourself in me basking

in my presence by offering thanks in all circumstances I am the Alpha and the

Omega before all things and in whom all things cohere I have existed for

eternity and shall endure eternally all of creation whether in

heav heaven or on Earth visible or concealed was brought into being by my Divine hand I reign supreme over

creation the church and the entirety of existence worship me as your vivacious

Lord the Living God I long for my beloved to thirst for

me as a deer pants for streams of water do not be content merely to contemplate

or comprehend me intellectually crave experiential knowledge of my boundless

love grounded in the Bedrock of divine truth seek to know my love surpassing the

limits of mere knowledge you shall require the assistance of my spirit for this

endeavor you must be fortified with Mighty Power by the Holy Spirit who resides in the deepest recesses of your

being invite him to empower and navigate you on this Amorous Odyssey yet bear in mind I am the

ultimate destination of your quest in your Pursuit let me remain

Central when you seek me with all your heart you shall find [Music]

me walk in the radiant light of my presence for such a way of living entails exalting me rejoicing in my name

and reveling in my righteousness to exalt me is to praise me fervently sometimes with jubilant

exclamations and Applause when you rejoice in my name you find joy in every

facet of my being your savior and Shepherd your lord and God your

Sovereign King and your friend bound to you with love that knows no end you can Revel in my righteousness

for I have bequeathed it unto you though you may stumble in this world

my Flawless righteousness already stands credited to your account as you tread in the Luminous

light of my presence my blood continually cleanses cleanses you from every

transgression strive to live in close proximity to me acknowledging your

continual need for forgiveness ingratitude is offensive to my divine nature sapping your spiritual

and emotional Vigor remember you are inheriting an unshakable Kingdom

providing you a constant and unassailable reason to be grateful walk with me in the light my

dear friend luxuriate in my bright and affectionate presence to those who conquer I shall

bestow the fruit from the Tree of Life in The Paradise acal realm beloved you are already victorious

in one sense for those I predestined I called those I called I Justified those

I Justified I glorified I have rescued you from the abyss of darkness ushering you into the

kingdom of boundless light the victory has been secured through my completed

work upon the cross yet in another sense you must contend throughout your Earthly sojourn

to attain victory in this world you shall encounter fiery trials and temptations

unveiling your frailties and sinfulness these may seow seeds of

despondency as you grapple with your numerous shortcomings you might even question

your belonging in my fold however be not deceived by your feelings cling resolutely to my hand

trusting in the Glorious wonders of paradise that await you the Brilliance of the Heavenly City a glow with the

radiance of God’s glory and illumined by the lamb is

beyond compare I am the Lord your God who takes

hold of your right hand and utters these words do not fear I will help

you recognize and believe that I am not solely your savior but also your

God many attempt to cast me as a model human a martyr who sacrificed everything

for the sake of others yet were I merely human you would

remain ens snared in the chains of your sins the one who clasps your hand

calming your fears is the Living God rejoice as you Ponder this astonishing

reality Revel in the mysterious wonder of the Holy Trinity father son and

spirit one God set aside moments to linger in my presence confide in me your

troubles pour out your heart before me hear my words do not be afraid beloved I

am here ready to help you I do not condemn you for your fears but I desire

to replace them with hope and trust in me as you place your trust in me my

unwavering love descends upon you when your spirit wains it is I who discern

your path this is one of the blessings of weakness it underscores your dependence on

me if you find yourself weary or bewildered you can turn away from those feelings and direct your heart wholly

towards me pour out your heart unreservedly then rest in the presence

of the one who knows your path perfectly leading you to the very Gates of Heaven

carry forth this practice of gazing upon me even in moments of strength and

confidence for it is during these times that you are most susceptible to veering off course instead of presuming

knowledge of your next step train yourself to seek my counsel bear in mind that my thoughts

and ways transcend yours as the heavens are higher than the Earth

let this knowledge draw you into worship for I am the high and exalted one the

inhabitant of Eternity the one who Stoops to assist you may these words

resonate within you kindling The Embers of profound connection and understanding



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