God’s Message Now: TODAY I WILL TOUCH YOUR LIFE || God Message For You || Gods Message Today || God

today I call upon you to reflect within your soul as you hear my

words and let my message become a part of you trying times are fading and

better days lie ahead the challenging moments are nearing their end and you

can trust that your heavenly father will always Stand By Your Side life may bring trials challenges

and situations that dim the once bright flame of faith in your heart my desire is for your faith to

shine with fervor and compassion remember that your spirit motivation and desire to live are gifts

from my love it’s time to return to the path of Hope nourishing your spirit with

my promises and truths even as you walk through dark valleys fear no evil for I

will always be with you guiding urging you you to overcome obstacles protecting

your aspirations and helping you achieve your dreams this world is filled with

hardships but trust in me for I have overcome pain I hold the keys to life and I want

you to live it with great joy your Victory one after another is my will may

your future be filled with success and blessings and may you never face defeat

do not forget these words for as you become happier and more blessed Envy may

try to witness your downfall it’s a law of the supernatural

life I am here to uplift those I love but adversaries may arise to hate them

because of their happiness and Faith fear not for no harm will befall you as

long as you walk in my will it’s neither difficult nor impossible I don’t demand Perfection

from you I understand you are human and you may falter sooner or later I only

ask for your heart and that your eyes remain fixed on this sacred word I also desire your

loyalty you may seek and love me when things go well but even in times of

adversity when things go arai do not stop your journey and prayers keep

walking and praying with unwavering Faith you may shed many tears whether it

rains or storms but persevere without faltering and I will calm the storms and silence the Seas I will command your

conflicts to cease and I will address your problems however I wish to see an

unwavering attitude of loving and seeking me always giving me the first place in all you do you will find that

this faith will become a sword that conquers evil overcomes your weaknesses and provides spiritual and

Supernatural strength to help you conquer Temptations fears problems and

any challenges that come your way before leaving your home bow your

head for a few minutes dedicate your plans and all your Affairs to me and

pray for your family speak words of faith and peace Rejoice for I am your

Shepherd and you shall not want you are my sons and daughters my beautiful

little sheep I will lead you to Lush pastures and Still Waters there will be no more shouting or

confusion in your home and the conflicts that burden your heart will cease I will

remove Wicked individuals those who steal love and Destroy peace from your

household I will uproot all sin and wrongdoing hiding in the corners seeking

to corrupt your faith and happiness I will take away your sorrow and you will see no misery or poverty at your table

you will have bread in its due season I will will open the windows of heaven and

blessings will re upon you more employment education and new growth

opportunities I will remove bad habits and vices from your home that threaten your integrity and

faith we will walk together and I will hold your hand firmly focus on the good pure and

marvelous things I want to bring into your life do not seek out negative

friendships and do not return to those who never rise from the ground I am your provider and I can also bring

you happiness therefore you do not need to seek acceptance or approval from

others just as I do not seek permission from anyone to bless you you should not

seek anyone else’s approval to love and serve me the answer is clear you can only find

pure and indestructible love in me it Comforts and heals you I’m the only one

in the this universe who died and rose again for you so you may have salvation

and eternal happiness ask me now beloved for this love to be granted to you forever the

miracle you await will come the matter that troubles you will be resolved your

prayer has been heard in my Celestial throne and your answer will arrive

soon but when you receive it do not do as others do receiving what they ask for

and forgetting who gave it to them I urge you to use these situations

that you have suffered to bring wisdom to your heart now that you see everything

resolved prepare yourself for a life of gratitude and prayer every day it cost you nothing to

open your eyes and simply say thank you God it is not a difficult task I am not

asking for your material possessions I do not want your offerings unless unless they come from your

sincere and grateful spirit that is how blessings truly multiply in your life

when you receive an answer to your prayer however if you forget the God who

saved you and believe that you have achieved everything through your own strength then I must warn you that your

blessings will gradually wither away like a flower without water water your prayers with praise

bring Thanksgiving to my altar value and appreciate everything you

receive even if it is something small although I may not give you exactly what

you ask for you must understand that I always provide something much

better I am your father and Creator I know what is best for your future your

family your spiritual life and your heart if you ask me for Prosperity I

will cancel your debts be thankful now you are living in Freedom perhaps at this moment you have

no money in your accounts but no one will come to your door to collect if you ask me for abundance I

will provide employment and dignified work for everyone in your household do not complain I am providing you with the

means and the way to earn your bread do not be afraid I will open doors

for you go to the place I send you for there you shall prosper with your

dedication and honor I desire to pour Abundant Blessings into your life because I want

you to learn how to manage them combine your grateful heart with

the wisdom you have received and you will receive many great and marvelous things I also want peace in your home

let the Miracles you witness serve to promote your spiritual growth however do not lose sight of my

word do not Focus solely on material things above all maintain a sincere

attitude of gratitude within you this is the first step toward a supernatural

life these are the keys that unlock the door to a time of

abundance your devotion worship Thanksgiving faith and your commitment

to bless those around you and your desire to receive my word your persistence in prayer your eagerness to

be an instrument of my grace to Build a Better World all of these things please me listen once more to the words I’ve

just spoken to you let them be etched into your soul for you will need to remember them when the tongues that seek

to discourage you attack you know that I am the one who heals you

prospers you and rescues your life from the pit I cover you with love and

mercy I open the door to assum Supernatural world it is my will that

you receive the Miracles you ask of me but I also command you to cherish them

you please me I appreciate your way of seeking me and I love hearing your

prayers and words of gratitude it makes me happy to see your courageous

attitude listen to these words once more for they shall remain inscribed in your

soul later when tongues that seek to dishearten en you assail you you will

need to recall them know that I am the one who heals you prospers you and

rescues your life from the pit I have covered you with love and mercy drawing

the very air you breathe from your heart your life and your family are a Divine

Testament to my love take a moment to reflect on the places and times the

pains and sufferings from which I have saved you you were not born surrounded

by luxury but from the day you first saw the light you became one of my

messengers one who would bring healing to this world however I come to reveal something

to you the enemy sought to snatch away your calling my heavenly Angelic armies

flew to defend you and it was a cruel battle you were struck by the Relentless

lashes of hatred attacking your very being but I arrived with love your true

father the only one who supports and lifts you up so that you may fulfill your purpose and Mission I myself came

and with the sword of my word I rebuked the enemy and his armies I poured out a holy anointing of

healing over you and set you on the path to your destiny I guided you traced a map with

countless dreams in your heart and opened up paths for you I bestowed upon

you gifts and talents and molded you into my warrior I breathed my breath

into your spirit igniting a flame within you that never Fades I equipped you to bring Solace to

Nations offering Soul capsules to those in distress take my hand and never

forget that I will walk beside you offering you the assurance that you can achieve all your dreams my deepest

desire is to see you happy and that’s why I am here to watch over you protect you and

provide you with peace my love for you is genuine and true therefore do not

fear for I shall never leave you alone I am your counselor your friend and your

protector I have moved the heavens and the Earth to ensure that you emerge Victorious I do not desire to witness

your failure for I have paid the price for all your sins now is the moment to

open your heart to my grace and embrace my forgiveness despite individuals

fervently Desiring your downfall they will soon witness how I can assist you in triumphing and achieving success

despite their ill intentions come with me now and we shall walk together place your unwavering

trust in me let my love Empower and transform you there is no room for

sorrow or fear when you are held in the palm of my hand for I forever watch over

you do not fear your adversaries I am your protector when you face those who

rise against you as a brave Warrior I shall extend my hand to you and raise you High granting you

Victory the time has come to entrust your future to me and Stand Tall today I

offer you an irrefutable plan surrender your life into my hands give me your

entire being whether there are mountains to climb or deep valleys to Traverse I

will guide you and clear your paths but I require you to exert effort and

display courage to take firm steps even as you tread through the valley of

Shadows walk in darkness or cross turbulent Waters do not fear do not seek

excuses to abandon your dreams you shall not falter you shall

persist and even when you feel weary exert yourself further for I have

bestowed upon you the power and capability to overcome despondency and rid your mind of the habit of blaming

others for everything you have a purpose a mission

and a commitment to me no one else is responsible do not wait for others to

come and Aid you when problems arise when difficulties emerge do not complain

that no one calls to uplift you I am with you and that shall suffice there

are those who criticize and reject you seeking ways to bring you down however

you need not seek love and acceptance from those who have forged alliances with your adversaries my love is sufficient for

you and my grace shall Propel you forward I shall bless and prosper your

Abode you have a calling and a mission my promise remains steadfast I shall surround you with

prosperity peace health and provision be upright in your dealings

with me fulfill your part of our covenant and witness the windows of Heaven opening with abundance and

provision for your life and home I love you and each day you shall love me

more tell me that you shall for today your storm ends and your tribulation

concludes my Divine breath sweeps across your Sky dispersing the clouds that concealed you my my light Heralds a new

day for you henceforth you shall tread only on firm ground leading to my blessings so

you may experience great peace and profound happiness my ears listen to you

affectionately and I remain silent out of love preferring to hear you for your

prayer is to me like a song of worship your tears shall be transformed into joy and moments of pain shall give

way to happiness nothing shall Cloud your mind for I shall always be there amidst your

thoughts filling you with beautiful and eternal Joy do not doubt my word when I make a

promise it is written and shall be fulfilled you cannot fathom the extent

to which I am willing to go for you my love transcends the limits of the

Universe I shall embrace you with tenderness bless your dwelling and send

my Divine Reign to n nourish your Fields you shall reap the fruits with gratitude

daily I shall make it such that when you awaken my birds shall sing for you

filling you with happiness for you shall recognize my blessings in every step you

take your life and that of your family shall no longer be the same for the time

to reap the rewards of your dedication and Valor has

arrived you have withstood a thousand obstacles and emerged from grave challenges through your faith and

determination you have witnessed many seemingly impossible things becoming possible due to the Persistence of your

faith and your decision to hold fast to my word and my love now answer me who

can stand against you I am the one who determines your destiny and my will is

for you to advance further to receive your spiritual inheritance on this Earth

I am a good and just God you are a cherished member of my flock a tenacious

person whom I am proud to call my beloved child I have sent my angels to guard you ensuring Your Peace and

Freedom from illness and worry you shall be so happy that you will leap for Joy at the favors you will witness in your

life remember that the blessings that shall shower upon you come from

above do not become prideful remain humble and I shall bless you even

more your confidence shall increase and you shall notice it because you will not hesitate when confronting your

adversaries I shall be by your side helping you to overcome they shall

Retreat upon witnessing my power within you the time has come to lift your face

leaving behind all past offenses and mistreatment you endured without losing faith in me cease lowering your gaze and

losing sight of all the that I have to show you raise your face and revel in the

blessings you shall receive for I your God have decided to share my beautiful

promises with you I am your creator the one who made all that is seen and

unseen therefore I give you my word that I shall always be with you and bestow

upon you my most beautiful blessings I love you for all

eternity you Astound me I instructed you to be strong yet you

have exerted yourself beyond my request you are an example of loyalty and

Fidelity I am delighted to see that all the seeds I planted within you have grown and borne such beautiful fruits

this is why better times and New Horizons are coming for you exceeding your desires and dreams you shall not

stop until you conquer that land where blessings and happiness abound

I know that at times you perceive things differently your emotions plummet when

you encounter envy and rejection from people even those who claim to love you instead of acknowledging your

virtues they seek ways to make you feel bad they delve into the past to bring

forth memories meant to hurt and shatter your spirit but today as you listen to

me make this decision just as you have demonstrated your faith and remain strong amidst pain

you shall now adopt a Victorious attitude do not allow anyone to undermine your

determination you shall place your trust solely in my word and be guided by the

promises I speak to you you know that you belong to me I

shall surround you with my love and I shall personally confront any enemy daring to oppose

you discard those thoughts that come when problems surround you if conflicts

pile up if you feel weary if you face numerous decisions and your spirit is

exhausted come and rest you can be certain that in my presence you shall find Solace and hope the sum of your

problems shall not diminish your protection by my love understand that I did not send

those situations to you I assure you that from where you stand you shall

emerge with my powerful hand I shall rescue you for I have never desired for

you to suffer beyond your capabilities I shall lift off your

shoulders all those heavy burdens it is not my will for you to dwell in solitude

and sadness your future is so wondrous that your enemies seek ways to hinder your

blessing but in this battle you hold the key and your faith is a sword that

shatters the obstacles in your path you shall only sink if you open the door to

negative thoughts and emotions that your enemies send your way however you shall Triumph if my Holy Spirit holds the

foremost place in your life and your heart I have done my part I have

provided salvation for you I have an inheritance of Victory and

blessing now you must remain steadfast as you have done I come to tell you this

just in time you are on the the verge of reaching a spiritual level where Miracles occur in your daily

Journey do not regress you have gained much ground do not discard the tears you

shed the sacrifices you made regardless of whether your family

appreciates your efforts focus on the goal your faith and your power of

decision are stronger than steel exert yourself and be

courageous many have abandoned their purpose and lament their circumstances but a different future

awaits you my presence surrounds you my spirit Reigns in your home the windows

of Heaven shall open over you bestowing blessings and gifts that shall fill your

home with joy repentant Hearts shall return even those who had

left it shall be a time of forgiveness and Harmony fear not for I am with you do

not be disheartened for I am your God I shall fortify you assist you and uphold

you with my Victorious right hand I have showered you with Abundant

Blessings In Heavenly Realms so that my glory May manifest within your family

extending this grace to your friends relatives and neighbors touching their lives and

homes you shall be the instrument through which healing shall flow to many

whom you know this marvelous work commences here which

is why I implore you to come every morning to listen remember all the Miracles I have

already performed in your life and how this word has materialized in those seemingly impossible situations that

once caused you to falter up to this point I have been your

Aid do not regress do not forfeit what you have gained henceforth significant

blessings are forthcoming yet I desire to see you each morning with a grateful heart receiving this word with

warmth there’s no need to fear for crises hold no sway the world’s threats

May deceive you portraying a path without an exit but I have come to breathe life into you strengthening your

faith and enlightening your spiritual vision witness the worth I bestow upon

you and the love I Harbor which shall not Wan due to your shortcomings or the

multitude of your troubles I shall rescue you from the pit into which you have fallen and extend my

hand to lift you into a new land of spiritual fortitude you are exceedingly valuable

to me I must convey this to you when the morning sun rises you shall remember me

as my Rays peep through your window you shall discern the freshness of my Mercy

feeling my spirit beckoning you to spend time in prayer share your feelings with me

confide your plans and fears and I shall reaffirm my word responding to your

requests most importantly understand that every moment you offer in sincere Faith you shall

Feel My Embrace filled with love and I shall provide the Assurance you require

to navigate your days I have incinerated the pages where your tears were recorded in Crimson

ink I have forgotten your transgressions and and erase the causes of your sorrow

from your heart forever you are free truly free affirm

your belief write these words on a piece of paper I am free forever because of

this love you have not paid for your freedom nor have you achieved it through

Perfection I understand that you cannot liberate yourself from Eternal punishment your freedom and debts are

settled your Victory is secured my promises are certain sealed with immense

profound and beautiful love do not seek to comprehend live it feel it resonate

with it this wondrous love inundates your heart you would cease to believe in

love due to others disappointments yet here I am the creator of the universe

seeking you out to express how deeply I love you I send these words to you through

the most unexpected means you need not journey to distant lands or Ascend mountains to hear my

voice I wish to touch your heart here and now in this

moment you already sense the immense love meant for you even if you initially

resist it I love you so profoundly that I will never allow you to drift away

from me therefore Embrace this new life without loneliness or fear fear cradled

in my affection sailing in the ocean of happiness with my love steering your course towards the harbor where you

shall receive the crown of Victory there you shall be blessed with

eternal joy prosperity and holy riches if you desire your life to change

you must relinquish all disbelief the enemy assails your mind with doubts as he does not wish for you

to know me better to see how all my promises come to fruition for yourself I seek your simple Faith

humility in your heart a Reliance not on your own Prudence but a commitment to

entrust your plans to me at the start of each day allow me to be your Shepherd guiding

you to the Lush Green Pastures you yearn for where your soul can finally witness

the blessings I have spoken of in this place my presence Reigns

Supreme it eclipsing your emotions here anxiety finds no refuge

and your heart dwells in Tranquility neither difficult days nor distressing news can disturb you

anticipate the day when you come to know me more into mod when you receive my

forgiving love and accept yourself as you are I love you unconditionally and

this sweet affection will transform you your character shall be refined and you

shall awaken each day without fear of what may transpire you are not feeble you are

strong you are not timid you are courageous you are not enslaved to

despondency for I have endowed you with a spirit of love and

power those unstable emotions which EB and flow shall yield to my

authority in place of anxiety and fear my strength shall fill your heart it is

done today you receive freedom and realize your true self I surround you with Grace and you

shine with my truth peace and blessings wherever you go your soul and heart find Solace and I

whisper words of affection to you strengthening and calming you you need not endure the storms in your mind day

after day there is no reason to suffer when others dictate it when I tell you that there is peace

in your spirit you must believe these powerful words that can heal you I want

to hear only gratitude from your lips forget none of the gifts blessings and

benefits I bestow upon you I forgive your sins and forget them I heal your

ailments and rescue you from the pit of despair I satiate your soul with mercy

and love if you entrust your heart to me today you will never hunger for

affection or attention nor will you seek the Friendship of deceitful companions or the approval of ungrateful traitors I

shall be your friend your companion your bread of life your God your king your

Shepherd your provider your healer I open your spiritual eyes so that you may understand it now enter

through this gate into a new Supernatural life and never return to the house of

pain I have Mighty and wondrous miracles in store for you even if if you do not

ask for them because of my unconditional and eternal love I shall envelop you in

blessings if you have surrendered your heart to me and are committed to following me with perseverance and

loyalty no one can snatch you from my hand however the cunning enemy patiently

waits for the moment you become distracted look back or are tempted to revisit the

past doubts may creep into your mind snar is and uncertainties that can

enslave you again no one can touch you or your family this is crucial you must not

forget the enemy attacks you to trample your faith and emotional stability the wicked and envious cannot

bear to witness someone as strong as you they know their demise is certain and

their assaults are feeble and futle when you do not exhibit fear or falter in your spirits when faced with with

trials you possess Serenity stability emotional maturity self-control and

Supernatural power these are the gifts bestowed upon your heart by my Holy Spirit there is no

room for cowardice or fear your legs do not tremble with Dread and anxiety does

not govern you maintain your Firm Stance do not make decisions under the sway of your

emotions remain calm and composed remember these words that I

speak to you come and listen to me allow My Embrace to provide you with the love

and peace you need in this moment I bestow upon you my grace and blessings I

fervently desire to witness your Triumph and prosperity alongside eternal life in

my Celestial Kingdom accept it live your life on this Earth as you deserve with enthusiasm and

passion pass purpose and vision unwavering desires to do good and to carry my word to the far reaches of the

universe for through your hands I shall work miracles offering encouragement and

Solace to seeking souls and spiritual nourishment to the needy walk with

confidence do not allow the Envy of the wicked to enslave your life place all your faith in me and you

shall experience great Tranquility remember my promises when threats arise and my Holy Spirit shall

cloak you in security it is my will for your family and you to be surrounded by

an indestructible Shield defended by my warrior Angels at all

times my protection is ever present lean on me and Temptation shall not Prevail

over you rejoice in the knowledge of my eternal love from which Abundant

Blessings flow you shall never lack my protection ction regardless of the

obstacles life presents do not forget this it is of

utmost importance the enemy waits for the moment when you become distracted when

you look back with temptation in your heart and doubt these words allow not your mind to be ens

snared by these traps and doubts which can once again enslave you no one can

harm you or your family this is a vital truth to remember

the enemy attacks you to trample your faith and emotional stability I am your

resurrection and your life even if you fall to the dust you shall rise again

for those who believe in me shall never die always stay humble and guard your

meekness be patient and do not be troubled by those who provoke you do not respond with loud outbursts

or submit to violence I grant you courage but I also wish for you to act

wisely if fear returns have faith and seek my presence I will protect you from

evil watch over your life’s journey and be with you from this day

forward remember before you start each day I am your God guiding you and

speaking to you with my Serene voice do not fear I am always with you I

will help you and I love you you should never feel alone or forgotten envious

individuals may remind you of past mistakes attempting to shame you with your sins pay them no heed do not let

bitterness and sadness consume you even if everyone else abandons you I will

always be here I will never leave your side no matter what the world says to me

you will forever be The beautiful tender and sincere person that I cherish do not waste time on idle

gossipers who know nothing about those they talk about seek my presence desire

my word and find refuge in my love I created all things with care the oceans

the skies the mountains and your soul so that you may dwell in My Kingdom

forever the time of the wicked is limited but your days will never

end I have given everyone the freedom to choose between life and Tru truth I

touched your heart and you responded with gratitude I will bless you abundantly

and we will always be together have faith and do not

fear cowardly people only waste time accusing you of past mistakes and

sins I’ve already forgiven you I do not remember them your sins have been cast

deep into the sea and now I am removing the weight and oppression from your mind

the secret sadness that still lingers in your heart I will change your attitude

give you even more courage and I want you to rise with great enthusiasm to

face life the greatest blessings in this world are reserved for those who truly

believe in me who hold my word with Humble Hearts not letting this power go

to their heads Heaven rejoices at your decision to allow me into your life to follow my

word and obey me I will repay you for everything that has been taken from you

walk confidently your destiny is in my hands all your enemies are

Defeated come now pray to me with faith and all the beautiful things you desire

in your heart I will lovingly Grant you I know how you feel I understand

your heart well and there is nothing you can hide from me you can always come to me with

confidence at any time to share your situation to tell me how you

are I am attentive to your feelings and your needs as I have always been how

could you doubt my care when I rescued you and gave you a new life you cannot expect love or understanding from this

world but here with me you have everything and more to satisfy your need

for peace to cover your life with my love and fill your heart with the

powerful emotion that comes from knowing and feeling deeply loved because I love you and that has

always been the truth even when you doubted in times of adversity my love for you never wavered

I loved you I love you and I continue to love you stop investing your affection

in people who betray you in those who do not value it do not prioritize those who have made

you cry they do not deserve the first place in your heart that place belongs to

me recognize me and respect me hold the reverence you owe me in your

life only I should be your God your lord your king and no one

else you have allowed someone else to take my place and that is one reason why

you have felt unwell in recent days you feel something in inside you but you do

not know how to explain it I will tell you what is happening there is a void in

your heart that will grow very large if you reject my love that is why you feel

sad that is why you wake up at night in tears you want to feel loved but you are

searching for it in the wrong place there is no one in this world who can love you as much as I can come to me

for peace love and rest what are you waiting for do you prefer

to continue giving your life and affection to those who make you suffer so much and then wait to be hurt again

before returning to me in tears I will still receive you because my love is

greater than your mistakes and bad decisions but you do not have to wait

for suffering to come before you approach me you can come to me now I

will embrace you lovingly and show you my love today I am waiting for you your

future your current situation will improve I will intervene in your life in

a supernatural way soon with your own eyes you will see the clear solution to

your difficulties do not be one of those who place their trust in negativity or the

opinions of those who want to dwell in spiritual misery if you are hearing or reading

these words it is because I have given you intelligence you have grown you are

ready the door will soon open I am not a false god who exists only in your

imagination you know me you know who I am do not doubt my word

anymore every time you have found yourself in trouble I have come to rescue you with my holy hand I have

embraced you with love given you life even though your past was a

disaster after I rescued you your present has always been better let this

fire in your heart burn the dream I have planted is growing and it will become a

tree that provides shade abundant provision and abundance for you and those you

love hold on to the life I have given you fill yourself with even more joy for

there are so many things I will do very soon that will change your perspective you will understand better

what I have planned for you although you have faltered before I have always been

by your side I have forgiven you lifted you up not left you defeated or

abandoned new days are coming your sadness will dissipate your heart will

be filled with infinite happiness and a miracle will happen soon through my

power you will see it with your own eyes declare your faith and commitment now

and tell me I believe it and as I always tell you I love you have faith you will

not sink I am testing you with small things to give you great things I know

your suffering your pain in the midst of your despair my spirit is consoling your

soul satisfying your thirsty heart sometimes you may think I am not

there that I have distanced myself that I do not want to speak with you that I

am angry but think do you believe that everything we have walked through

together has been in vain do you believe that all the blessings I have given you are

lost everything I have given you is very valuable my words are like diamonds and

your blessings are seeds some will fall to the ground and seem to die but they will Sprout and

grow into Lush trees bearing much fruit for you and your family

that’s why I say rest now take my peace fill yourself with patience you are in

the garden of my [Music] presence what is in your hands will grow

multiply and your weeping will end your deficiencies will cease everything you

need in your home will be abundantly filled just wait and give time to the

process if you are Weeping over a seed you think is dead weep then but with Joy

Soon by my power you will see how the blessing the greatest blessing that will

bring much prosperity to you and all those you love will Sprout from the fertile ground of your prayers so do not

fear for I am with you do not be troubled for I am your God I will

strengthen you help you and uphold you with my Victorious right hand

do not be afraid I will defend you from evil your future will not be like your

past I will take care of it I do not want you to go through those

things that hurt you and still continue to hurt you I do not want the story of your pain

to repeat itself it is time for those wounds that still bleed in your heart to

heal you will leave the past behind and only keep the lessons you have learned to never go

back I want you to trust me completely from now on I will lift you up onto a

better path I will always be present you can talk to me share

anything you want vent and cry in my presence when you have no strength left

I do not want you to confide your secrets in deceitful people who will tell you they love you but then turn

their backs and spread your Affairs to the world I ask you my child to read my

word learn more about me seek my presence rise and live out the purpose for which I chose you my presence will

always be by your side comforting you a new life awaits you where you will be

very happy no longer filled with sadness and tears when you cry again it will be

tears of joy for you will soon witness how I fulfill all my promises tell me that you believe in me

make an effort here here in my arms you are safe now no one will hurt

you and anyone who tries will have to deal with me I love you

amen my beloved I desire to speak with you and this holds great

significance the appointed times have come to fruition and the moment for you to rise in the heavens has

arrived Celestial trumpets ReSound and all things align themselves each finding

its right ful place so your Victory may be fulfilled your earnest prayers your

Mighty blessings they will not be in vain nor has your suffering been lost in

the void your anguish is inscribed in the book of my love alongside a record of

the reward that awaits you on your day of Liberation you’ve waited long for this

moment and now your eyes behold it in the skies rumors of Wars are heard and

the wicked tremble for they know the day of their judgment approaches those who took advantage of

you who smote your cheeks scorned and cast you aside those who believed I had

forsaken you they shall weep witness your Triumph and repent I am here and I am coming soon

bearing my reward with me keep your composure though multitudes weep in fear

I I hold you in my hands you who remain faithful strong loyal and Resolute do

not follow the masses or seek to please the foolish and The Reckless your character is robust and

true serving you steadfastly in your beliefs you will not be deceived nor

will you fall into the snares of the wicked seek peace bow your knees and

await with faith for me to defend you when your enemies surround you with strife do not raise your voice offer the

other cheek if they seek to harm you their attempts to injure you shall Wither in the air before reaching you

and their desires to harm you shall turn to dust and burn in the fire those who rise against you I am

speaking to you I am Jesus your savior and Redeemer the day of your transformation

draws near tune your ear and listen to my angels who sing

heralding my presence I love you and behold I am coming soon very

soon your past does not define your future even though your world seems to

be falling apart you’ve believed in me taken refuge in my arms and here you

shall always be secure fill yourself with peace and joy

for you dwell in the shadow of your almighty God believe in the power of my

blood to to cleanse and forgive you cling to this truth with all your heart open your eyes wide for I shall

soon work a mighty and a inspiring miracle in your life profess your love for me believe in my power and believe

that I have indeed forgiven you do not blame yourself or continue to

punish yourself for things of the past I have cast all your sins into the abyss

and they shall not return my my blood has cleansed you your

heart is new and your mind is renewed now fill yourself with my holy

word let words that please me flow from your lips full of life and

encouragement contemplate my promises and Commandments each day do not walk back into the shadows of

death you no longer walk aimlessly and your future does not depend on luck you

are in my hands under my wings I Shield you and even when you are attacked by the

world your mind remains strong firm and it shall strengthen further if you fill

it with what I am speaking to you distance yourself from those who strike

you with words and attitudes that discourage you do not return to friendships and

places that will lead you astray once more I do not want your spirit to grow

cold as ice again I have a future of Life peace and blessings for you free

from sorrow and depression if you place me first in your life if you remain steadfast in the word

I give you if you make me the king and Sovereign of your heart you have many

plans and your mind is filled with numerous things that is your nature fear nothing you are a highly

responsible and diligent individual you will do well if you put all your trust in me seek me every day

and pay attention to the guidance I provide in my word take confident steps

build your dreams upon the rock have your own family founded in my will and

counsel I know you understand this well I am not asking too much I only want you

to focus your Gaze on things of True Value so you do not waste your time and energy on fantasies and vain

Pursuits the most important thing for you is your relationship with me do not

disconnect from me I am always waiting for that moment when you will listen to

me in silence because I want to speak with you you have grown so much you have

become stronger and you truly make me happy when I see your dreams and all

your efforts I want to bless you abundantly and I want you to have no doubt that I have placed you in the

right time and place you are ready for me to open all

the doors I promis to open for you go and knock on each one one by

one do not be afraid if you face difficulties open your eyes wide because

behind that problem lies the land of blessings reserved for the courageous like you for those who understand their

worth who cast aside threats and words of failure or defeat I have created you

I have breathed my breath into you I have bestowed upon you a marvelous

Authority however if you do not want to progress because you do not believe what I am telling you and prefer to cling to

the misguided advice of false friends that is another matter I need your unwavering Faith to

prosper even more you need to firmly believe that I love you that I’m real

and that it is my will to love and bless you your life is in my hands your

Prosperity I love you and you must believe me I want to hear your belief in

me today I understand that your day may be filled with many tasks but I have taken

the first step to suggest that we share a special moment in prayer I simply want to remind your heart of the source of

all your blessings I don’t want you to lose your way amidst your responsibilities and end

up feeling exhausted and unsure of your path at the end of the day I long to

give you the strength to face challenges with unwavering

courage let your faith shine through your gaze and know that my presence is

with you I hope you believe in this for it will be so even if you have doubts doors will

still open but another may enter while you hesitate due to disbelief it’s vital for you to renew

your strength and the enthusiasm that drives you to dream and

work diligently with the faith you hold you know it guides you to a better place

you’ve believed and persevered on this path but the adversary prowls like a roaring lion seeking those who doubt and

are distracted your steps must be Resolute and your Champion spirit will help you

overcome and emerge Victorious I AP apologize to those who stand against you with deceit and

Advantage for they become my adversaries as well those who oppose you will be

defeated and they won’t retain what they believe they’ve taken from you do not fear you will not

lose even if it seems like you’ve lost have faith for everything happens for a

reason and I always have the best in store for you keep a Spirit of Courage and

conviction and don’t let fear or despair take hold your future is one of goodness and

blessing I know it wrapped in my eternal peace and love your family is also

protected I will greatly reward you for dedicating this time of your day to me

you will rise with Supernatural strength I will broaden your understanding and

spiritual vision allowing you to see and appreciate the wondrous blessings that await you

[Music] keep that smile on your face it brings me immense Joy when you appear well you

resemble me at the end of the day I want to see you here again for your own good you are

a beautiful soul and I admire your demeanor I am pleased with how you feel

when you converse with me when you close your eyes how I adore your tender heart

when it beats with the rhythm of joy filled with Divine happiness as I

satisfy your being removing any discomfort pain or

illness after listening to me I want you to feel deeply loved there’s no need to

walk with dragging feet disheartened or lamenting your circumstances I love you and today you

will feel it in many ways I will demonstrate it and with my powerful word

I will tell you if anyone comes to bring you conflicts you will immediately feel this Divine

love that fills you if any situation causes you sadness

My Embrace will cover you removing all anguish leaving your heart filled with

happiness your family and friends will be astonished asking what has happened to you why you are so

joyful your enemies will flee in Terror feeling powerless because you did not

fear them nor let them make you suffer there will be a supernatural wall

of divine protection around you outside your home thousands of angels will

encamp guarding your family day and night believe this with all your heart

this love I have for you is real as real as the air you breathe it is more

powerful and beautiful than any Miracle you could ask for my love surrounds you and gives you

life this is the greatest blessing you can receive which is why I admire your

grateful attitude every day when you awaken you express your gratitude for

your life placing your destiny and your days in my hands you are an Exemplar of

Faith even though Others May scoff at you for believing in an omnipotent God

whom you cannot see but you know well that I am real that I watch over you and am a attentive

to your needs with this Faith you possess you will rise living feeling and knowing

that you are a child of the creator of the universe with immense confidence in every

step you will radiate happiness my dear and it moves me deeply to witness your

unwavering character your gratitude and your beautiful heart come tomorrow I will be here

waiting to embrace you once again with my love in the Earth early hours of the day before the sun

rises you have just opened your eyes and I am already by your side showering you

with Abundant Blessings I give you the air you breathe the brilliant light that illuminates

your soul and the strength of character to Triumph and move forward despite the

limitations and obstacles you encounter in your life I am your omnipotent God and I

possess the power to help you navigate through all the mazes and entanglements that hinder your happiness if you allow

me to act according to my will I can strengthen your emotions dispel your

fears and convince your heart that you are not inferior to

anyone if you doubt your worth if the people around you are judging you because you do not please them in some

way if they criticize you for everything it is not a reason or excuse for me to

stop loving you you do not live under any ill fate nor do any sorcery evil

spirits or witchcraft hold power over you I hope you understand me well and if

you are not believing in me please read and listen again neither you nor your

loved ones are under the influence of any evil power all wickedness is defeated Every Chain has been broken and

every Bond destroyed I am speaking to you today because I have seen you Veer away from

your destiny and reject my path due to what people have told you that you are a

bad person and Unworthy of my love if you place more trust in them and believe

that their words hold more power it truly offends me repent I love you and I

am demonstrating it to you where you are right now your heart is crying because you know my word is

reaching you at the right moment decide to believe in me tomorrow when you wake

up you will no longer dwell on failure no one has you bound and you will not

fear anyone’s threats you are taking the first step towards a life of happiness and blessings of peace and holy

abundance there will be Bread on your table and sustenance for those you love Health in your family and peace in your

home wake up tomorrow to life again to happiness without fear with a smile

without anxiety with Serenity without trepidation with faith I am with you and

I love you separate yourself today from those who follow you with

disdain do it for your family accept my love give me the place I deserve in your

heart in your journey through this day let praise be your steadfast companion

lifting your spirit and anchoring your heart in the certainty of my

presence as you worship me you step into a realm where time and trials lose their

grip where you and I connect in a sacred dance of love and

reverence imagine if you will a space where the heavy cloak of depression the

shadows of fear and the chains of self-pity dissolve into

nothingness this is the power of heartfelt worship a forcey so potent that even the darkest forces cannot

withstand its light remember I dwell amidst your Praises in these moments of

adoration you draw nearer to the core of my being glimpsing the Majesty of my

power and the Splendor of my glory it’s a place where your soul finds

true freedom and your spirit sour but above all worship me because I am

worthy the scriptures a mosaic of divine wisdom Echo with the call to honor me to

give me the glory and praise that is rightfully mine this is not just an act of devotion but a profound truth that

resonates through the heavens and the Earth no matter how impenetrable the darkness of your day might seem the

radiant light of my presence will break through worship brings this light to the

Forefront glorifying me and empowering you to rise above your

circumstances in this light you find Victory not as the world gives but a

victory born of faith and steadfast love embrace the profound truth that a

cheerful heart is indeed a fountain of healing you are called to Joy for in my

overcoming of the world I have rendered it powerless to truly harm you you my victory on the cross was not just

a moment in history it’s an eternal promise of Freedom peace and unbreakable

love consider the magnitude of this Victory and what it means for you no

Force no circumstance no moment of Despair can ever sever the bond of my love for

you as you meditate on these truths let a wave of good cheer flood your being

lighting up your face and warming your heart a joyful heart doesn’t just lift the spirit it nourishes your whole being

spiritually emotionally and physically fill your mind with gratitude let your

thoughts dwell on the countless blessings I have bestowed upon you in doing so your heart will brim with joy a

joy that transcends fleeting happiness and Roots deeply in the knowledge of my

goodness praise me not just for what I do but for who I am the source of all

blessings The Giver of Life and Light My Desire is to fill you with my Essence to

have my light and life permeate every part of your being you were created to

be a vessel of heavenly glory to be filled with the Divine to reflect my love and Joy to the

World As you absorb these spiritual nutrients they will fortify you from

within they will enhance your health bring strength to your bones and resilience to your spirit so my dear one

be of good cheer in me you will find an unending source of Joy a joy that

strengthens a joy that heals a joy that endures in the midst of life’s

complexities and the battles you face remember I ask only for your trust

Moment by moment this trust simple yet profound is is your Fortress your

steadfast stance against the swirling spiritual storms each day navigated in communion

with me is a Triumph a testament to your faith and resilience seek me in the fleeting

moments in the quiet Whispers of your day let your focus on my presence be

your Shield guarding you against the snares of self-pity and the shadows of

depression I am calling you especially in the depths of Darkness to trust me

take steps one at a time holding tightly to my hand for guidance and

support know that I am ever close intimately aware of your struggles and

your needs even when the battle rages fiercest and your strength wanes

remember that your resources in me are boundless my spirit is always prepared

to assist you you need only to reach out to ask and to believe this holy helper

is a Wellspring of power and love ready to uplift and sustain you I too am eager

to Aid you call on my name with a heart full of trust for my love never fails it

surrounds you like a fortress unyielding and all-encompassing in your moments of

doubt in your hours of need let this truth be your anchor My unfailing Love

Is Your shest support in The Labyrinth of life where problems Loom large and

often it’s easy to fixate on these challenges letting them dominate our

vision and our thoughts this while a natural inclination can lead us into a spiral of

worry and despair but you beloved are cied to a different way of being a way

that transcends the ordinary you are invited to live supernaturally booed by the Holy Spirit

within you this divine presence enables you to rise above your natural

inclinations to see beyond the immediate troubles that cloud Your Horizon it’s a shift in focus from the

seen to the Unseen from the temporal to the Eternal to gaze at me and glance at

problems is to Anchor your soul in the Eternal truth of my presence and

power it means turning your full steady gaze towards me drawing upon my strength

wisdom and love while merely glancing at your problems acknowledging them but not

becoming ens snared by them this way of living is not just countercultural it’s a spiritual Act of

defiance against the forces that seek to distract and distress

you the evil one and his minions strive to pull your focus away from me to

entangle you in a web of worry and fear the world around you too often

reinforces this focus on problems urging you to dwell on what is wrong rather

than on the one who can make things right therefore I call you to this

challenging but rewarding discipline ask the Holy Spirit to help you redirect

your attention to me whenever you find yourself overly focused on your problems

it’s a continuous process a daily even hourly reorientation of your heart heart

and mind when difficulties arise as they inevitably will deal with them as

necessary but keep the bulk of your attention on me your constant companion in me you’ll find the

perspective peace and power to navigate life’s challenges not just with endurance but with

Victory with my spirit’s help you can learn to live with your gaze fixed on me and your problems in the peripheral view

this is the secret to living victoriously a life marked not by the absence of problems but by the

overwhelming presence of my love and power reflect upon that pivotal moment

when I was being arrested and Peter in his fervor drew his sword his Instinct

was to fight to fend off adversity through immediate forceful action he

could not yet comprehend that the father had a grander design in this adversity one that was crucial

not only for his Redemption but for the Salvation of all Humanity Peter’s reaction mirrors a

natural human tendency to escape trials as quickly as possible to find a swift

solution often through our own efforts yet in my journey the father’s

purpose was not in avoiding the trial but in enduring it this endurance was

not a passive submission but a purposeful active part participation in

the father’s plan likewise when You Face devastating trials Your Instinct might be to work

swiftly to resolve them but remember sometimes the father’s intentions go

beyond mere problem solving he may be weaving something far

greater something that aligns with an eternal perspective even if it’s not immediately

apparent as you walk with me understand that ultimate Victory is is assured even

in the face of death this Victory is not about circumventing challenges but about

transcending them through faith perseverance and Trust in my

plan When Trials descend upon you don’t surrender to despair instead turn to me

lay your burdens at my feet through prayer and fasting abide in my words which are a

source of strength and comfort listen attentively to the gentle guidance of the Holy Spirit know that

your trials however daunting they may seem are

temporary they are shaping you refining you and preparing you for the treasures

that await in heaven Treasures that are imperishable and eternal in these moments of trial your

faith is being fortified your character is being molded and your heart is being aligned more closely with

mine trust in the journey I have laid out for you even when the path seems clouded with uncertainty for in every

trial there is hidden a seed of Victory a victory that blossoms not from

avoiding challenges but from enduring and overcoming them with me by your

side when troubles arise in your life it’s common to be taken aback to wonder

why this is happening to you to question what you might have done to deserve such

trials these reactions are natural born of the human instinct to seek

understanding and control over our circumstances but remember as I told my

disciples on the night of my arrest in this world you will face troubles they

are as inevitable as the air you breathe and the water you drink yet in the midst of these challenges you possess a

comfort and a peace that is unknown to the rest of the world you have have me

in me you find a refuge a strength that transcends Earthly trials for I have

overcome the world this is not just a statement of triumph over a moment in history it’s a Perpetual truth that

reverberates through your life today your troubles no matter how sudden or severe never catch me by

surprise they do not have the power to defeat me nor can they thwart my eternal

purposes for you in your greatest trials my presence

prevails through these experiences my love Mercy Grace and power are not only

demonstrated to you but also radiate through you to others even when it seems

that Darkness has won when Satan appears to be victorious in his assaults against you trust that I am at

work I specialize in turning what seems to be defeat into true Victory a victory

that glorifies the father and advances his kingdom this is the mystery and the

Majesty of my ways remember nothing in this world no trial no adversity no

scheme of the enemy can ever separate you from my love and purpose in every

challenge hear my voice follow my lead I am your Shepherd your guide your savior

in me you are more than a conqueror not because you will avoid hardships but

because you will never navigate them with me emerging stronger deeper and more aligned with my heart and

purposes so when troubles come don’t be dismayed instead draw nearer to me cling

to my promises and walk in the confidence that in me you have everything you need to face and overcome

the challenges of this world [Music]


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